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About XpressBees

Founded in 2015, XpressBees is a logistics and courier service in India. They are the fastest-growing eCommerce service in the country, handling over 3 million packages every day at over 3000 service centers across India. 

Their services include package collection and storage, transportation, and doorstep delivery.

XpressBees usually delivers large orders to and for businesses—handling both the first and last mile as they work with many international partners.

XpressBees package tracking 

Whether you’re a business or individual customer, XpressBees will give you a tracking number to know exactly where your package is on the route.

This helps businesses keep their customers updated on when their packages will arrive.

For customers, XpressBees will track your order until it is delivered domestically, or when it is transferred to their courier partners for international delivery.

How to find your XpressBees package tracking number

To find your XpressBees package tracking number, you must find the air waybill (AWB) number. You can use the AWB for tracking large orders. Even if you did not order a large order, XpressBees usually sends their tracking numbers in the form of AWB. 

XpressBees will give you your tracking number when the order has been sent or as soon as they have created the sending label. For XpressBees clients, check your account periodically for tracking number updates. 

How to track your XpressBees package location

To track the location of your XpressBees package, go to the XpressBees website and use Track Shipment.

Next, take your package tracking number from the previous step and copy it into the AWB number selection. If you do not yet have a tracking number, you can use your order number and copy it into the Order ID selection.

Top tip: You can track multiple orders at once by inserting each AWB number into the search bar, separated by a comma.  

In addition to tracking your order directly through the XpressBees website, you can also track your order through the Circuit Package Tracker app by typing in your XpressBees tracking number. Then, you will track every move your order makes.

XpressBees works with other international partners to complete orders as quickly as possible. Due to this, their website may not have all the tracking updates you are finding for.

The Circuit Package Tracker app is more accessible than going directly through the XpressBees website. Find your tracking number from XpressBees, then use the Circuit Package Tracker app to follow the order to your doorstep. 

Lost XpressBees tracking number

If an XpressBees tracking number is lost, forgotten, or was never got, there are other ways to track an order, even without your tracking number. There are also ways to get a new tracking number or to recover the lost tracking number.            

How to track an XpressBees package without a tracking number     

To track your XpressBees package without a tracking number, you can instead track your order with your Order ID number through the XpressBees website

In place of your tracking number, insert your Order ID into the Order ID selection on the previously mentioned Track Shipment website. You can also contact XpressBees directly to get a sending number or to find out why you never got one.

By doing this, XpressBees will also give you the tracking number you must track your package through other services, such as the Circuit Package Tracker app. 

How to replace a lost tracking number

If you have lost your XpressBees tracking number, you can contact XpressBees with your order number to retrieve your tracking number. If you are a client of XpressBees, you can log in to your account through their website to find your complete order information. 

Solving XpressBees package tracking issues

Sometimes, you can not track or find updates on your package even after adding your tracking number into the appropriate site or the Circuit Package Tracker app. This problem could be due to a few factors with your courier service.

Why you can't track your XpressBees package

If you cannot track your XpressBees package, XpressBees may not have sent your package yet.

Usually, it can take anywhere from three to five business days for XpressBees to create the proper sending label. Once XpressBees creates the sending label, you will get your tracking number. 

If your tracking number is not working, you can track your package with your Order ID number to find out if your package has sent. 

If you still have issues, contact XpressBees directly for an updated tracking number. It is possible the number you got does not work or was a mistake. Other times, XpressBees may still be waiting on your package from the client before they can ship it to its next destination. 

The tracking number may not be available until XpressBees gets the order. Regardless, if you contact them directly you will  obtain the information about your specific order. 

Why your XpressBees package is not updating or moving  

When your XpressBees package has not updated or moved, it could mean there is a delay in the order. However, sometimes there are natural delays in the order of your package. 

Sometimes it takes a day or two for your package tracking to update. Other times, the courier may be delayed and unable to process your request. If your package has not updated or moved in more than three days, contact XpressBees for an update. 

XpressBees package tracking status explained 

Below we will take a find at all the possible problems which might arise with tracking your order. We will also find at proper solutions.               

In Transit

If your XpressBees package is showing as “in transit,” that means it is on its way to its destination. The order tracking status will change to “out for delivery” on the expected delivery date of your package. 

However, if your package stays “in transit” longer than it is supposed to, it could mean there is a delay in the sending. As previously mentioned, these delays can range from natural delays to courier back ups. 

Why your XpressBees package is still in transit

Typically, your XpressBees package should be in transit for 24-48 hours after it is sent but before it is delivered. For international orders outside of India, transit could take anywhere from three to seven business days. 

If your XpressBees package is still in transit after these windows of time, it may be delayed due to high demand or delivery traffic.

If your package is still showing up as in transit after two weeks or it has passed the estimated delivery date, contact XpressBees directly for an update on your package.

Packages can become lost or damaged in transit. In that case, XpressBees can resend your package as soon as possible. 

How Long an XpressBees Package Can Stay in Transit

The average transit time for XpressBees packages is anywhere between 24 hours to seven business days.

However, your package could be in transit longer than that, especially if it is an international order. There are no guaranteed delivery dates with XpressBees sending and delivery. 

To know the estimated transit time of your package, check your XpressBees account or contact XpressBees directly to learn more about the expected transit time and any potential delays. 


Why your XpressBees package may be pending

If your XpressBees package is showing as pending order or pending delivery, something unforefindn has delayed the order and interfered with the delivery process.

This problem could mean your package has been lost or damaged, or the carrier is simply behind on deliveries and travel due to large volumes of orders. 

Contact XpressBees to learn the full details of your order. You should  find when it will be delivered online.

XpressBees delivery times    

Below are some more common questions you might have about XpressBees delivery times.                   

XpressBees delivery times: what time your package will arrive

XpressBees delivers orders seven days a week. You can expect your XpressBees delivery between 9 am and 8 pm Monday through Friday. The delivery window is between 10 am and 7 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Exact delivery times may vary. If you must schedule a specific delivery time, contact XpressBees for more information on how to set that up. It may not be possible for all orders.

For larger orders, this may be necessary. You can track your order to learn when your package will arrive through the Circuit Package Tracker app. 

How late XpressBees delivers

XpressBees delivers later than most delivery services, delivering orders as late as 8 pm on weekdays and 7 pm on weekends. This flexibility allows for longer windows of delivery, meaning less delivery days are needed.   

International XpressBees delivery times

For incoming international orders to India, XpressBees delivers at the previously listed times: from 9 am to 8 pm Monday through Friday, and 10 am to 7 pm on weekends.

For outgoing international orders, delivery times vary as XpressBees works with international delivery partners to complete international orders.

Lost and missed XpressBees deliveries

It is unusual for courier services like XpressBees to lose or miss deliveries. However, sometimes these instances can occur due to inaccurate addresses, issues with customs, or other logistic issues. Check your tracking number to find if there’s an issue with your delivery.   

What happens if you miss an XpressBees delivery

If you miss an XpressBees delivery, you will need to contact XpressBees as soon as possible to reschedule a delivery time where you can get your order.

Depending on the order size, XpressBees may return the next day to attempt to deliver your order again. 

However, it is best to contact them immediately to make sure there is a delivery time rescheduled for when you can get the order.

It is also best to contact XpressBees to make sure there wasn't a mistake with the delivery or delivery address. Incorrect addresses can delay delivery; ensuring a correct address when placing orders can prevent this.   

How long XpressBees will hold a package

If XpressBees is unable to deliver a order or package, they will hold onto your package for one to two weeks.

During this time, they will contact you to try and find a new delivery or pick up time. However, there is a chance that XpressBees will return the order to the original sender if you do not claim your order.

This possibility is why you must track your package. Tracking your packages make sures you are prepared for the delivery date and get your package on time. A returned order could result in the buyer having to reorder their order or in a canceled order.

What to do if you haven't received your XpressBees package

If you have not got your package, first check the estimated delivery time and date through the Circuit Package Tracker app or the XpressBees website to find if anything has changed or if there are relevant status updates regarding your order. 

It is possible that the delivery date and/or time got pushed back due to reported delays. In this case, the Circuit Package Tracker app will  tell you the new estimated delivery date if it is available. 

If your package has not been delivered and the delivery date has passed, contact XpressBees immediately for an update on your order. XpressBees will tell you if there is a new delivery date or if a larger issue has occurred with your package.

XpressBees FAQs       

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions people have about XpressBees.

Is XpressBees delivery fast?

XpressBees delivery is very fast. As one of the largest delivery networks in India, XpressBees delivery has grown to be one of the most efficient courier services in the country. Some orders arrive as quickly as 24 hours after they have been sent. 

Depending on the sending that you pay for with XpressBees, sending speed varies. However, if you pay for the fastest option, you will get your domestic order in one or two days after the order has been processed.

For international delivery, XpressBees’ commitment to fast sending allows international orders to arrive quickly. They have several partners that work internationally to complete orders.         

Can I track an XpressBees package by address?

You can't track an XpressBees package only by the address of the order.

To track your XpressBees package, you must have your tracking number or Order ID number. Contact XpressBees to find your tracking number.

How do I know if my XpressBees package is stuck in customs?

Check the XpressBees Track Shipment page to find out if your package is stuck in customs.

If there is a delay in your international order, there's a chance your package is stuck in customs. Circuit Package Tracker can give you a more detailed understanding of where your order is and may  tell you if your order is stuck in customs. 

XpressBees may not always have this information because they work with outside partners to send out and get international orders. This may result in the buyer having to contact customs’ representatives directly.

Sometimes, customers will get a notice from customs alerting them of your package that is stuck in customs under their name. In this case, find out for a letter in the mail with instructions and updates from customs. 

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