XPO Logistics Tracking

Track your XPO Logistics shipment anywhere in the world, in seconds.

If you’ve ever sent freight within North America, chances are you’ve used XPO Logistics— the leading less-than-truckload (LTL) delivery service for eCommerce businesses worldwide.

So it’s critical to know where your XPO Logistics shipment is to avoid the frustration of a missed customer delivery.

Below, we’ll define XPO Logistics tracking and cover the difference between status updates. Then we’ll explain how long they take to deliver and what to do if something goes wrong.

XPO package tracking guide

There are many ways that you can track XPO Logistics shipments. For less-than-truckload deliveries, XPO Logistics uses what's known as a PRO number to trace your package.  

To determine the location of your package, you'll have to enter this number into the search bar. It has nine digits and can identify the freight bill. 

The recipient should get all of this information upon sending  

The tracking numbers can vary for the other types of loads that XPO Logistics sends, consisting of numbers and letters. 

How to find your XPO Logistics package tracking number

The PRO number is scannable; you'll find it attached to the order as a barcode sticker.

For other orders with a different tracking number, you should have got this code from the sender once they give your package or cargo to XPO Logistics. 

Often your tracking number is on a receipt or in an email you got. These are the first places you want to start your search, and if you are still looking for what you need, contact the merchant directly. 

If you've created an online account with the sender, you should also find the details of your order and sending process listed on the account. 

This information is under your account's order history or order tracking section. 

How to track your XPO Logistics package location

There are a few ways to trace your XPO Logistics package with your tracking number, but the easiest is to search at the top of this page.

To use Circuit Package Tracker, copy and paste the number from your confirmation email into the search above and hit “Track package” or enter to get your package's status.

Lost XPO Logistics tracking number 

The XPO Logistics tracking order number is critical when looking for the location of your package. You need it to get the information quickly. 

If you can't find the number and you're wondering, "how can I track my XPO Logistics package without it?" no worries; we have a couple of solutions for you below. 

How to track an XPO Logistics package without a tracking number 

Though you might not have your tracking number, XPO Logistics has other ways that you can figure out the order location. 

You can use your PRO number, booking number, or even the BL number given to you by the freight company to track your package. 

The receipt the sender gets after sending the load should have all this relevant information for your convenience. 

Solving XPO Logistics package tracking issues

Because XPO Logistics sends domestically and internationally, there are different common problems and solutions for each. 

If you're waiting for a local order experiencing issues, it's usually something as simple as an incorrect address, poor weather conditions, or you missed the delivery attempt. 

It could also be loss, damage, or delayed processing by the courier. In that case, you would need help finding the proper updates because the worker still needs to update the system. 

International packages have other problems that come into play, such as customs duties, content legality, and so on. Global deliveries are also subject to incorrect addresses and poor weather. 

Since XPO Logistics is not the last-mile courier in some of these options, they wouldn't be responsible for non-movement after they reach your destination country. 

Why you can't track your XPO Logistics package 

The most common reason you can't text your package is that the sending company still needs to update its systems. 

The reason behind this might be a higher number of packages to process during peak sending seasons, waiting to process orders to the same destination and more.

Why your XPO Logistics package is not updating or moving 

A package that needs to be updated or moved is likely the result of delayed scanning, or your package is between couriers. 

Sometimes, when a package is transferred from one company to another, it takes time for everything to get processed. 

For international deliveries, once your package goes to the last-mile courier, you may get updates once it's time for delivery. 

Domestic packages are the same once they get to the last branch before they go out on the delivery truck. 

Often, the situation is correct if you wait 48-72 hours. 

XPO Logistics package tracking status explained 

When tracking packages, there are two statuses that you'll commonly come across. If you're unsure what they mean, it could cause you to worry, even if there's no problem. 

So, we've given brief explanations of what the statuses mean and how long the tracking updates should reflect this status before it causes concern. 

In transit

"In transit" has two primary meanings; first, it could mean that your package is with the last-mile courier and should arrive soon. 

It may also reflect that your package is transferred from one warehouse to another. When your package is between hubs, it is considered traveling, and you won't get a new update until it reaches the next courier. 

Why your XPO Logistics package is still in transit

There are a few reasons your package could be in transit for longer than expected. 

There needs to be a way for a sending company to know everything that will happen during a standard delivery. 

However, they usually consider traveling time from point A to point B if all goes according to plan. Other factors they must contend with include the weather and customer delays previously mentioned. 

These factors are outside their control but can drastically change your estimated delivery date. 

Holiday peaks are usually a consideration, but they can only anticipate how many packages they'll have to process. 

You might notice a few extra days added to the delivery date, but that needs to account for how backed up they can get when trying to update their systems with the influx. 

The proximity from the country of origin to the destination country may be further than you anticipated, but the couriers also consider this aspect, so it should be fine. 

How long an XPO Logistics package can stay in transit

You can expect your XPO Logistics package to arrive in at most ten days. However, this estimation depends heavily on several factors, some of which are outside the company's control.

Your package can be in transit for up to a month. When this happens, it's usually a result of custom issues.


When you find that the status of your package reads "pending," the courier must scan your package.

In other words, your package is transitioning from one courier to another, and the new courier hasn't scanned your package into their database—this process can take a few days.

Why your XPO Logistics package may be pending

There are many viable reasons why your package could be "pending" for many days.

For instance, vital information could be erroneous or missing, which must be present for your package to be delivered.

Suppose the prerequisite information does not accompany your package. In that case, it can get delayed until the current courier receives the correct information to move your package to the next phase in the delivery process.

Also, all your information may be correct; however, your package still needs clearance.

Consequently, if a few days pass by without you getting new updates, contact the local post office if you know your package has arrived in the country.

If the post office claims they do not possess your package, contact the XPO Logistics customer service and ask for their help immediately.

XPO Logistics delivery times 

XPO Logistics's transportation services include freight brokerage, intermodal, less-than-truckload (LTL), global forwarding, drayage, and last mile.

However, XPO Logistics's LTL unit is their most used delivery service, sending freight on pallets using their hub-and-spoke distribution system.

Usually, customers elect to have their packages transported together to make the transport more cost-effective.

XPO Logistics's multi-client facility allows them to deliver last-mile consumer goods in bulk, including fitness equipment, mattresses, appliances, recreational goods, home improvement, and furniture.

The company offers various services, including porch drop-off, assembly, and installation. Their estimated delivery times depend on the weight, size, and final destination address.

XPO Logistics delivery times: What time will your package arrive?

XPO Logistics deliveries have an estimated delivery time of two to six business days.

This time can become longer depending on your package s destination country and its size, regardless if the delivery is national or international.

How late does XPO Logistics deliver 

XPO Logistics deliveries usually happen between 8 am and 5 pm. However, you can choose an option that'll get your package to you in 14 hours or another option to customize the delivery time slot altogether.

International XPO Logistics delivery times 

XPO Logistics boasts a vast network of over 100 Ltl locations, with over 60,000 pallets delivered daily in the domestic network and 10,000 pallets in the broader European network.

Global Forwarding: This service is for international deliveries and is ideal for various packages in terms of kind, shape, weight, and size.

The company can give this service thanks to the international network of XPO Logistics, which consists of Europe, Russia, America, and Asia. The company is responsible for consolidating imports and eXPO Logisticsrts in these areas.

XPO Logistics makes over 220,000 deliveries globally annually by air, road, and sea. Additionally, you can find the packages at any time during transport.

Last Mile: This service specializes in the delivery of smaller packages of B2c and B2b. Approximately 85,000 deliveries get made for companies and 560,000 for individuals yearly. The company achieves this with 85 delivery centers.

The service is accessible to over 500 markets in North America and is available in the United Kingdom, France, and Iberia; this service is popular with eCommerce deliveries.

Lost and missed XPO Logistics deliveries

If your XPO Logistics package gets held up or lost while in transit, here are some things you can do to remedy the problem.

What happens if you miss an XPO Logistics delivery?

The answer to this question depends on whether XPO Logistics delivers your package locally or internationally. 

It also depends on whether they're personally transporting your package to your door or handing it off to another courier. Last-mile delivery is only available at some destinations. 

Generally speaking, the XPO Logistics employee or local courier will leave a note if you miss the first attempt at delivery. The message will tell you that they attempted to deliver your package.

The post office may attempt to deliver your package again or ask you to retrieve your package directly from the office.

After two failed attempts at delivering your package, the courier will notify you by email that they're returning your package to the sender. XPO Logistics operates according to the same policy.

Afterward, you must wait for the sender to get your package again before asking them to ship it a second time.

This process can take up to a month or more before your package gets delivered again.

How long will XPO Logistics hold a package?

XPO Logistics does not explicitly state that their packages are for local deliveries. Standard procedures for situations vary depending on the couriers and the local post office.

For example, if you are on vacation and won't be home in time to get your package, you can contact them and ask them to keep your package until you get back. 

However, XPO Logistics will only hold your package when the ask-for is made during their initial order.

What to do if you haven't got your XPO shipment

If your XPO Logistics shipment is far past its delivery date, contact XPO Logistics or the local courier immediately, whichever courier had your package last.

If you feel your pact got lost on its way to you, open a claim and ask for a reimbursement.

Consider buying insurance on your packages, and such incidents get covered by it.

XPO Logistics FAQs

Below are the responses to commonly asked questions concerning XPO Logistics packages and tracking:

Is XPO Logistics delivery fast? 

XPO Logistics is a worldwide service that offers a swift delivery service. You can expect to get international and domestic packages within one week.

You can choose various sending options from XPO Logistics that allow faster air, sea, and land service. 

Can I track an XPO Logistics shipment by address? 

For XPO Logistics package tracking, if you don't have your tracking number, you'll need at least one of these details to trace your order: 

  • Destination address
  • Reference code
  • Contact name 

How do I know if my XPO shipment is stuck in customs?

Suppose your package gets stuck in customs. Your tracking number will have information detailing that this happened.

Here are a few reasons why this could happen: an incorrect delivery address, unpaid fees, an item not permissible for import, and more.

Call customs and ask them if there's anything that you can give or do to move the process along. If you are uncertain about what to do next, contact XPO Logistics and ask for help.

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