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XDE Logistics Tracking

XDE Logistics is a leading logistics company that gives reliable and efficient transport services across the Philippines. The company was founded in 1988 by Mr. Jerome S. Ibañez in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, and started as a local transport service.

However, due to its commitment to excellence and quality service, XDE Logistics expanded its operations nationwide in just two years. This achievement led to the rebranding of the company, now known as XDE Logistics.

Today, XDE Logistics is known for its innovative logistics solutions, customer-centric approach, and state-of-the-art tracking technology.

About XDE Logistics

XDE Logistics is a top-tier logistics company in the Philippines that offers a wide range of services, including land, air, and sea freight, contract logistics, and special projects.

With branches in Visayas, Mindanao, Luzon, and Metro Manila, XDE Logistics has become a leading logistics solutions across the country.

The company boasts an impressive fleet of 1,000 vehicles, making over 500 Roro trips monthly, and operates 24 warehouses nationwide.

They have completed over 350,000 domestic orders, making them a trusted partner for businesses looking to streamline their supply chain management.

XDE Logistics is committed to giving its clients efficient and reliable logistics services tailored to their needs.

XDE Logistics tracking

Tracking your package with XDE Logistics is easy, so you’ll never have to worry about its safety and current location along the route to the shipping destination. 

How to find your XDE Logistics tracking number

Finding your XDE Logistics tracking number is crucial in monitoring your order's progress. Once you place an order with XDE Logistics, you will get the tracking number from the delivery service. Usually, the number is sent to you by email, given you have an email account.

The tracking number is frequently accompanied by a link that directs you to the delivery service's website, where you can track your order's whereabouts. You will get a notification once the package has been assigned a tracking number.

As your package moves through the delivery process, it will be scanned at various points to determine its location. This information is then transmitted to the delivery page on the website, allowing you to track your package in real-time.

In summary, watch for an email from XDE Logistics containing your tracking number, and follow the link given so that you can monitor your order's progress.

How to track your XDE Logistics location              

To track your package, enter your tracking number on the XDE Logistics Track and Trace page. This will give you with up-to-date information about the status of your order, including its current location, expected delivery date, and any delivery exceptions.

You should check the tracking information regularly to make sure you are aware of any delays or issues with your order. If you have any concerns or questions about the delivery of your package, don't hesitate to contact XDE Logistics customer service for help.

Lost XDE Logistics tracking number

Losing your XDE Logistics tracking number can be frustrating, but there are steps you can take to recover it. If you've lost your tracking number, the first thing you should do is contact the merchant's customer service to find out if they can resend the number.

If you cannot retrieve your tracking number, contact XDE Logistics directly. You can email your concerns to XDE Logistics Customer Care, and their customer service team will assist you in locating your package and give you with the necessary tracking information.

It's essential to act quickly if you still need to get your tracking number to make sure the delivery of your package is on time. By contacting the merchant's customer service or XDE Logistics directly, you can make sure that your package is still on track for timely delivery.           

How to track an XDE Logistics package without a tracking number          

Tracking an XDE Logistics package without a tracking number can be challenging, but there are steps you can take to obtain the necessary information. The first step is to contact XDE Logistics' Customer Care Support to retrieve your tracking number.

Once you have your tracking number, keeping it safe and secure is important. Consider using Circuit Package Tracker, which allows you to save and manage all your tracking numbers in one place. This can help you keep track of your packages and avoid losing your tracking number again.

Additionally, Circuit Package Tracker offers an app to download and create an account to get updates on your delivery and track your package in real time. By using the app, you can stay up-to-date on the status of your package and be notified of any delivery exceptions or delays.

Solving XDE Logistics tracking issues   

While XDE Logistics strives to make sure that all packages are delivered on time and without incident, issues may occasionally arise that can impact the tracking and delivery of your package.

Why you can't track your XDE Logistics package

If you're having trouble tracking your XDE Logistics package, there could be several reasons you're unable to track it.

One of the most common reasons is that the tracking number needed to be put correctly. Make sure that you have entered the tracking number correctly, and try again. It's also possible that the system is down or updating, so you may need to wait and try again later.

If you cannot track your package after checking the tracking number and waiting for updates, it's important to contact XDE Logistics' customer service team for help. They can help you determine the cause of the issue and work with you to resolve it as quickly as possible.   

Why your XDE Logistics package is not updating or moving      

If you're having trouble tracking your XDE Logistics package, there could be several reasons you're unable to track it.

In some cases, your package may be stuck at a sorting or mail center, which could cause a delay in tracking updates. Alternatively, the barcode on your package may need to be fixed or readable, preventing the tracking information from being updated.

Weather conditions can also impact the tracking of your package. Severe weather events such as storms, typhoons, or floods can cause delays in delivery and tracking updates.

XDE Logistics tracking status explained

When tracking your XDE Logistics package, you may notice different tracking statuses depending on the speed of your bought service.      

In transit

If your XDE Logistics package is still in transit, the delivery is en route. Depending on the status update that you find, it could mean different things.

For example, if the tracking status says "in transit" or "out for delivery," the package is currently on its way to the delivery address and should be delivered soon.

Why your XDE Logistics package is still in transit

If the status says "departed" or "picked up," the package has just left the pickup warehouse and is on its way to the destination.

If the status says "in transit, arriving late" or "delayed," this could mean that the package is halfway between two hubs and may be experiencing a delay due to weather conditions, unexpected circumstances, or other factors.  

How long an XDE Logistics package can stay in transit

The amount of time that an XDE Logistics package can stay in transit will depend on several factors, such as the distance it needs to travel, the sending method you’ve chosen, and any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the delivery process.

For local deliveries, an XDE Logistics package is usually expected to be delivered within 24 to 48 hours, assuming there are no unexpected delays or issues that arise during transit.

However, the transit time can vary widely for packages coming from overseas. It can take 7 to 14 days or more for a package to be delivered, depending on the origin and destination countries, customs clearance procedures, and other factors.

It's worth noting that the transit time given by XDE Logistics is an estimate, and unforeseen circumstances such as weather events, unexpected delays, or issues with customs clearance can impact the delivery timeline.

XDE Logistics delivery times

XDE Logistics gives a range of delivery options to meet the needs of its customers. Delivery times depend on the selected sending method, destination, and other factors that may affect delivery.

XDE Logistics offers same-day, next-day, and two-day delivery options for local deliveries. Same-day delivery is available for orders within Metro Manila, while next-day and two-day delivery are available for orders to other parts of the Philippines.

For international orders, delivery times vary widely depending on the destination and selected sending method. XDE Logistics offers air and sea freight options for international orders, with delivery times ranging from a few days to several weeks, depending on the sending method chosen.  

XDE Logistics delivery times: What time will your package arrive

Usually, XDE Logistics delivers packages from Monday to Saturday, between 8 am and 6 pm. However, please note that these delivery times may vary based on weather conditions, traffic congestion, and other unforeseen circumstances.

To get your package's most accurate delivery time, please check your tracking information regularly, as it will give you with the latest updates on your package's location and estimated delivery time. 

How late does XDE Logistics deliver

There may be instances where the courier may deliver packages in the evening due to many deliveries, traffic, or difficulty finding the location.

In such cases, the courier will likely tell you that your package will be delivered late. It's best to keep in touch with the courier or contact XDE Logistics customer service to get updates on the delivery of your package.

International XDE Logistics delivery times       

When it comes to international orders, XDE Logistics offers both air and sea freight options. The delivery time for international orders can vary significantly, depending on the sending method chosen.

Air freight is usually faster, with delivery times ranging from a few days to a week, depending on the destination country. However, this option can be more expensive than sea freight.

On the other hand, sea freight is a more cost-effective option for international orders, but delivery times can be longer. It can take several weeks for an order to arrive at its destination, especially for destinations far from the Philippines.

If an urgent order needs to be delivered quickly, air freight may be the better option. However, if cost is a concern and you have time to spare, sea freight can be a more economical choice.

Lost and missed XDE Logistics deliveries              

Lost and missed XDE Logistics deliveries can happen for various reasons. Most commonly, the package receiver might have been away during the delivery window, or the delivery personnel needed help finding the location.

If the delivery personnel cannot find the receiver, they may attempt to contact the receiver using the contact information given. However, the package may be returned to the sender if the receiver cannot be contacted.

If you still need to get your XDE Logistics delivery, you could contact their customer service to schedule a redelivery or to pick up the package from the nearest XDE Logistics branch. However, if the package is lost or cannot be found, you should contact XDE Logistics customer service immediately to file a claim and get help locating the package.          

What happens if you miss an XDE Logistics delivery

If you miss a delivery from XDE Logistics, the courier will usually make a second attempt to deliver your package. If you miss the delivery again or you're not available to get it, the package may be returned to the sender.

To avoid this, you can contact XDE Logistics to reschedule the delivery or arrange for someone to get the package on your behalf. Alternatively, you can have the package delivered to a nearby XDE Logistics branch for pickup.

If the package is returned to the sender, you can still contact XDE Logistics to have it redelivered, but you may need to pay additional fees for the reorder. It's best to make sure you can get the package on the scheduled delivery date to avoid any inconvenience and additional charges.               

How long XDE Logistics will hold a package 

In general, the length of time that XDE Logistics will hold a package will depend on the specific shipping service that was selected when the package was sent.

For example, if the package was shipped using a standard delivery service, it may be held at the XDE Logistics facility for a few days before it is delivered to the recipient. Alternatively, if the package was shipped using an expedited delivery service, it may be delivered to the recipient more quickly or held for a shorter period of time.

What to do if you haven't received your XDE Logistics package 

If you have yet to get your XDE Logistics package, you can do a few things. First, check the status of your package by entering the tracking number on XDE Logistics' website. This will give you an idea of your package's location and when it will be delivered.

If the status shows that the package is still in transit, it is best to wait for the courier to update the delivery status. Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances can cause delays in delivery, such as traffic or weather conditions.

Suppose it has been longer than the expected delivery time, and you have yet to get your package. In that case, you can contact a customer care representative at XDE Logistics to ask about the status of your delivery. They can give more information and help you track down your package.

XDE Logistics tracking FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions on XDE Logistics.                 

Is XDE Logistics delivery fast?

XDE Logistics is a reliable logistics partner that makes sure your package is delivered safely. The delivery speed of XDE Logistics can vary depending on the sending method and destination. However, they offer various sending options to cater to the different delivery needs of their customers.

Whether you need same-day, overnight, two-day, standard, or media delivery, XDE Logistics has covered you. They consider the distance and speed of the service bought to determine the delivery time.

Can I track the XDE Logistics package by address?

XDE Logistics does not offer the option to track a package by the address. The only way to track your package is by using the tracking number given at the time of order.

The tracking number allows you to follow your package's journey from when it leaves the sender's location until it arrives at its destination.

It's always important to keep your tracking number safe and accessible, as it is the key to tracking your package and receiving timely updates on its delivery status.

How do I know if my XDE Logistics package is stuck in customs?

If you suspect that your XDE Logistics package is stuck in customs, the first step is to check your tracking number.

During transit, you can usually track the location and status of your package, and you may find an update that shows your package is in customs.

This can happen if your package is being sent internationally and must go through customs clearance before delivery.

If your package is stuck in customs, you can try contacting XDE Logistics or the customs agency to ask about the delay and find out if you can do anything to expedite the process.

However, remember that customs clearance can take time, so it's best to be patient and wait for the package to clear before it can be delivered to you.

Final thoughts - XDE Logistics tracking

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