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About Wahana

Wahana is an Indonesia to based logistics and packaging company. The sending company mostly stays within the country but ships over Asia, Africa, and Europe. Because Wahana uses air and land couriers, you can order through them from 210 countries.

Wahana Express is one of the cheapest and most reliable package tracking companies in Indonesia and continues to expand the company beyond the country's borders.

Wahana package tracking​​

Wahana is an Indonesian company focusing on delivering packages, logistics, and international sending. Through air and ground transportation, Wahana's couriers get packages from third to party vendors to their intended destination. 

Wahana owns three types of package Couriers: Wahana Express, Wahana Logistics, and Wahana Commerce.

Wahana Express is most commonly used for packages ordered online or through a company. If you have a package sent through Wahana, here is how to track it. 

​How to find your Wahana package tracking number

Your Wahana order tracking number should be on the email or receipt Wahana sent your order.

While it's likely not in your original order email, the company you ordered from will send you an update with a tracking number when your package ships. 

If you know that your package has been sent and you still haven't got a tracking number, contact the company from which you ordered. They should have a tracking number from Wahana and can relay that information to you. It will be easier to talk to them than Wahana at this stage.

​​How to track your Wahana package location

Once you have a tracking number, you can go to the Wahana website and enter the number into their tracking system. It will update every time your package is scanned, and you'll track your Wahana package from the warehouse to your front porch. 

On the Wahana website, you can enter up to ten tracking numbers simultaneously, separated by commas.

Tracking is easy to find and access, and you can save the website to check on updates on your package. 

​​Lost Wahana tracking number​​

Finding your email or receipt and your tracking number is not always possible. If you've lost your tracking number, the first step is to contact the company from which you ordered the item. They should replace your tracking number. 

If it's impossible to find your tracking number and the ordering company won't give it to you, it might be challenging to track your package. You can contact Wahana's customer support for further options. 

​How to track a Wahana package without a tracking number​

Wahana doesn't offer tracking by address, so a valid tracking number is essential to find out where your package is and how long it will take to get to you. If you've lost your Wahana tracking order number or were never given one, it can cause issues. 

Contact customer service for the third to party company first.

If the sender did not get a tracking number, you can talk to Wahana's customer service and find out if they have the records. With those records, you should track your package. 

Solving Wahana package tracking issues​​

Of course, no company runs perfectly, and Wahana is no exception. If you are attempting to track an order placed through the company and it's not working, there are a few potential reasons why. 

Wahana Express is mostly for in to country deliveries but can ship to over 200 countries worldwide. If you live outside of Indonesia, you're more likely to experience delays because of customs, weather, transfers, and other factors outside the company's control. 

​​Why you can’t track your Wahana package

It is straightforward to track Wahana orders, so if you're having trouble, it's probably an issue with your tracking number. The company may have given you the incorrect tracking number through a simple mistake. Reach out for confirmation and find out if something has gone wrong on their end. 

Otherwise, it could be that your package was mishandled or someone or something removed the tracking scanner somehow.

This issue with supply lines and couriers is an infrequent problem. If your tracking number is coming up as not available, the most common answer is that you were given the incorrect number. 

​​Why your Wahana package is not updating or moving​

Sometimes, tracking takes longer than expected. If you like to check your tracking number daily for updates, you might be disappointed in the lack of movement you're finding.  there are several potential reasons for this. 

The most common reason a package doesn't update is that the staff doesn't scan it properly.

For example, your package could be on the move, but it wasn't checked at the last office. Another explanation is that there is a long distance between the two scans, and the trip has taken a while. 

Of course, an overseas or international package could be caught in customs, which isn't likely but can happen. 

Wahana package tracking status explained​​

Wahana package tracking is relatively simple. It's easy to tell when a package has been sent and when it will arrive. The system updates nearly daily and scans the box at every sending location.  there are a few different terms that may be confusing. 

The main terms that you should know are "not yet sent," "in transit," "pending," and "out for delivery."

If a package is not yet sent, it hasn't left the warehouse. If it's out for delivery, it's on the last leg of its journey and headed toward your house.  the two in the middle can get more complicated. 

​In transit

When a package is in transit, it has been sent and is on its way. With no complications, your package will be marked as "in transit" for the entirety of its journey.

There should be no vast delays, and everything should be as planned. After a few days, you'll find an "out for delivery" notification and get your order. 

In transit usually means that your package is between two offices. The tracking number is scanned at every packing location so your package tracking can be updated. When it's in transit, it's between two offices and two scans. 

​​Why your Wahana package is still in transit

If you have been watching your tracking, but your package has been in transit for a while with no updates, there could be something wrong

 There are a few reasons, but the most common is that there has been an extra long leg in the journey, flight, or drive without your package getting scanned. 

​How long a Wahana package can stay in transit

Usually, a Wahana package will only be marked as "in transit" until it is delivered or caught in customs. It usually takes a few days if you live in Indonesia and from two to three weeks if you are an international customer. 

Sometimes, a Wahana package still says "in transit" after it's been delivered because if you are there when your package is delivered, the delivery person cannot scan the box as delivered.  this is rare. 


If your package no longer says "in transit" and now says "pending," there has likely been some kind of delay. Usually, this happens after being in transit for a while and not having any updates. There are several reasons for a pending delivery.

For packages left "pending," it's likely a customs delay or another issue.  it's not always a huge deal and can resolve within hours or days. If you find this on your tracking and it doesn't go away after a few days, you should contact customer support to discover the issue. 

​​​Why your Wahana package may be pending

There are several reasons why your package may be pending. Here are the most common ones: 

  • Wahana internal issues are delaying the delivery
  • The package was lost
  • The package was stopped at customs
  • Wahana has attempted to deliver your package to you a few times
  • The box hasn't been sent yet
  • The package was damaged and needed a new sending label

All of these are possible.  If your package is labeled pending does not mean it's lost or destroyed. Customer service can help you if you're worried, but sometimes patience is the best option. 

Wahana delivery times​​

Wahana is a fast and efficient courier service with some of the lowest prices in Indonesia

 They deliver within regular daytime hours and have some extended evening hours in larger cities.  there are usually no specific times that your package will arrive, as they are calculated by the most efficient sending routes available. 

​Wahana delivery times: what time will your package arrive?

Once you've tracked your package to the city you live in, you simply have to wait until the local delivery truck stops by your house.

Most tracking numbers are updated with an "out for delivery" status once they are on the truck. After this, it depends on when the car arrives. 

Delivery routes are determined by efficiency. If you are lucky, you might live near the office or warehouse and be first on the list.  some people might have an "out for delivery" notification on their package all day and get it in the evening because it's one of the final packages. 

​​How late Wahana delivers​

Wahana delivers in 210 countries, and the company policy varies depending on the laws and customs of the country.

For Indonesian deliveries, Wahana Express deliveries can be as late as 7 pm in the evening. 

Usually, they are between regular business hours so the delivery truck drivers can get home to their families

 If a delivery driver is running behind schedule, some branches require that they finish their route.  others maintain a strict hourly wage and will push any extra deliveries out to the next day. 

​International Wahana delivery times​

International Wahana deliveries vary based on the country. Usually, they align with each country's standards for postal service and working hours.

You can check with your local Wahana office or warehouse or find out which courier service will deliver your package. Those hours are usually posted on their website. 

Lost and missed Wahana deliveries​​

It's impossible to know exactly when a delivery will happen, especially if the tracking process has been difficult or delayed.  Wahana generally has an "out for delivery" notification.

Your tracking should record what day the delivery will be made but not what time of day. 

Even with the most careful planning, it's possible to be out of the house when the delivery truck comes or miss the courier entirely.  that doesn't mean that you won't get your package or that they lost it. Here is what to do if your package was delivered while you were gone. 

​What happens if you miss a Wahana delivery​

If you are out of town or at work when Wahana Express delivers your package, most couriers will leave it on your doorstep or in your mailbox.  in some cases, Wahana needs a signature or has the policy to deliver in person. 

If you miss an in to person delivery, the courier will likely leave a note in your box or on your door informing you that they were there.

The note will say whether the driver will attempt another delivery or hold your package at the office for you to pick up within a few days. Either way, you will have a chance to get your package. 

​How long will Wahana hold a package​?

If you miss a Wahana Express delivery and get a notification that the courier is holding your package for you, they should denote how long the office will keep your package. It usually depends on the size and rules of your local postal service. 

Generally, a courier will hold a package for up to a week.  if you are out of town or unable to retrieve the box, you can call them and ask for an extension. They will likely be willing to hold it for you if they know you are coming to get it. 

​​What to do if you haven’t got your Wahana package​

Call your local courier if you still haven't got your package after the tracking says it's been delivered.

Outside Indonesia, Wahana might have hired a local courier or postal carrier to finish the delivery. They might be holding it, or it was delivered to a different address. 

Indonesian residents and those with a local Wahana office should call the office to find out if they're holding your package.

Otherwise, it could be that your package was stolen after being delivered. If this is the case, contact the local police and the company to find out what to do next.

Wahana FAQs​​

If your questions were not answered above, here are a few more commonly asked questions about Wahana and the company's package tracking.

​Is Wahana delivery fast?​

In Indonesia, Wahana is one of the fastest deliveries available in its price range. Anywhere in the country, a Wahana package will arrive within 2 to 3 days of being ordered. Outside the country, of course, it takes a little longer. 

If you order a Wahana package outside of Indonesia, the delivery times depend on how far away you are and your country's customs. On average, international orders take about 15 to 20 days to arrive. 

​Can I track Wahana package by address?​

Wahana does not offer address tracking. The system is not equipped for such a complicated tracking method, and tracking numbers are much quicker to scan and smoother for a website. 

You can use your address or order number to find the tracking number if you have lost it. Call customer service, and they should find your package information.

​​How do I know if my Wahana package is stuck in customs?

Your Wahana package may get caught in customs between countries. If you ordered your package from Indonesia, this is extremely unlikely, and you should get your package soon. 

 in any of the 210 countries that Wahana ships to, a package may get trapped in customs or another unpreventable delay. So if your package hasn't moved on the tracking website for a while, it might be stuck in customs. You can contact Wahana to find out. 

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