Veho package tracker

What is Veho?

A logistics company based in Colorado, Veho was founded in 2016 to solve some of the most challenging package delivery issues. Such as missing your package on its delivery day or having it stolen.

Veho deals directly with eCommerce businesses, giving them control over your delivery experience. However, they do not serve the consumer market directly.

Companies that use Veho to deliver their products to customers will ask you when, where and how you want the order delivered.

What do Veho deliver?

Veho serves a wide variety of vendors. The sizes of the packages can range from small padded mailers to medium-sized boxes, and in some cases, irregularly shaped packages. Packages vary in weight and can weigh over 40 pounds.

Veho will not deliver cash, instruments, stamps, coins, jewellery, precious metals, original artwork, antiques, one-of-a-kind items, furs, live animals, alcohol, fuel, tobacco, hazardous goods, bodily fluids, medical marijuana, or fragile items.

Where does Veho deliver?

You can get same-day and next-day local delivery in the Denver Metropolitan area, as well as returns pickups. The carrier also operates in Dallas and Chicago, Atlanta, Austin, Central Maryland, Charlotte, Colorado Springs, Columbus, Fort Worth, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Northern Virginia and Philadelphia.

You cannot get Veho to deliver outside of the United States.

Frequently asked questions

Can I track a Veho package without a tracking number?

Yes, you can. To track a Veho package without a tracking number, you will have to download the Veho package tracking app. The app is available for Android and Apple users from the app store. The package tracking app will allow you to get minute-by-minute updates on your delivery process as well as its exact location. You can also communicate directly with the driver.

Does Circuit Package Tracker offer better tracking than Veho?

Circuit Package Tracker and the Veho package tracker both allow you to know where your Veho package is along its route and what its status is.

However, the Circuit Package Tracker app also lets you track more than one courier at any one time. Making it far more convenient if you are expecting more than one order from different sellers. In addition, Circuit also lets you set up notifications to tell you exactly when your order will arrive so can plan your day around it.

How late does Veho deliver?

When a retailer uses Veho, you get to decide what day or time you want to have your package, including weekends. The time can even be agreed by you and the driver. However, Veho will not deliver packages after 6 pm.

How long does it usually take to deliver an international package with Veho?

You can only get Veho delivery in some U.S. states and they do not deliver internationally.

How long will Veho hold a package?

Veho will not hold your package as you do not need to be there to collect it. Veho’s delivery drivers take photos to confirm deliveries. You will then get the photo by automatic text once delivery is completed.

How to sign for a Veho package

You do not need to sign for a Veho package. The Veho driver will take a photo of the package when it is delivered to record the delivery. Veho will only take a photo of the package at the delivery location.

How to track a Veho package with Circuit Package Tracker

Just enter your Veho tracking number into the search above and select ‘track my package’. You will then get a detailed overview of where your package is and where it has been.

What do I do if I haven't received my package from Veho?

First, contact your driver through the Veho app to find out where your package is. If you cannot resolve it and there is a problem with your Veho package delivery, you can contact Veho.

What happens if Veho loses my package?

If you suspect Veho has lost your package, you should wait 24 hours after the agreed delivery time. If you still do not get your package, you can contact Veho.

What happens if I miss my Veho delivery?

You won’t have to worry about missing your delivery if you use the Veho app as you can decide when, where and how you want your package.

You can also speak directly with your delivery driver. Also, you do not need to sign for your package. Your driver will leave the package at the agreed location and take a photo of its location for delivery confirmation.

What time will my Veho package arrive?

The time your Veho package arrives is up to you as you coordinate the delivery with your delivery driver.

You can decide which day, where, and what time you receive your package. This includes on weekends. However, Veho drivers will not deliver a package after 6 pm.

Where is my Veho package?

Find out where your Veho package is by downloading the Veho app or by using Circuit Package Tracker. Both will show you where your package is in real-time.

You can get an updated location of your package by entering the tracking number into the package tracker and selecting ‘track my package’. Each time your package moves through a tracker event, it will be scanned and its location updated in the tracker. This way you can see where your package is as well as when its last movement was updated. You can also contact your delivery driver to get their location and the location of the package.

Where is my Veho tracking number?

You can find your tracking number in your emailed order confirmation from the seller or the manufacturer when your package was shipped.

Why is my Veho package not moving?

Your package may not be moving because there could be a delay with your package, or it is currently in transit.

You can track your package with Circuit Package Tracker by entering the tracking number you were sent after your package was shipped.

If your package has not moved in over 24 hours, you can contact Veho.

Why is my Veho package pending?

Your package may be pending because it is awaiting an update from the sender or courier.

You can track your package with Circuit Package Tracker by entering the tracker number you got after your package was shipped. If your package has not moved in over 24 hours, you can contact Veho.

Find your Veho delivery, anywhere in the world. Follow your package from the store to your door and download Circuit Package Tracker for free now.