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About UK Mail Tracking

UK Mail is not the same as UK Post (Royal Mail). UK Mail is a DHL UK Ltd company and postal service that has competed with Royal Mail for the mail delivery and collection business since the UK government deregulated the postal service in 2006.

UK Mail began in 1971 as a taxi company. Deutsche Post AG now owns and operates it under the new name DHL Parcel UK (2018). UK Mail is still the brand name for mail and package service. Its distribution hub delivers mail to Royal Mail sorting facilities for the ‘last mile’ of the delivery journey.

UK Mail tracking

UK Mail tracking is available for services and products handled by this mail management business partner. Customers can choose from personal transactions and opt for bulk mail business solutions.

UK Mail offers services in the financial segment and public sector for approved Crown Commercial Services, customized mail service, telecom, retail, eCommerce, utilities, leisure and entertainment, and charity or mailing house campaigns.

The company, formerly operated by Business Post, has over 2300 fleet vehicles and over 50 logistics sites. It differentiates its business model by offering better delivery services to the professional industry and using specific on-time secure deliveries.

One of the key features is their UK Mail package tracking option for large corporations, and it works in part with Royal Mail to complete the last mile. Customers who send or expect ‘parcel post’ can use the online UK Mail shipment tracking tool.

This helpful tracking tool allows customers to watch the entire journey from the collection point until it enters the UK Mail system. The package status updates throughout the trip, whether in the distribution center or ‘out for delivery.’

UK Mail tracking with Circuit Package Tracker

Both the UK Mail Package Tracker and the Circuit Package Tracker app provide you with the location of your order and delivery updates. Yet, the free Circuit Package Tracker app has the added advantage of tracking multiple packages simultaneously, a useful feature if you're awaiting several deliveries and prefer not to toggle between apps.

Customers can track a UK Mail shipment for incomplete deliveries and make arrangements on the website. Customers can also use their mobile phone app and reschedule by text messaging. This feature allows the courier to alert expecting businesses of the incoming item or goods.

Customers need the consignment or customer reference number for the tracking system. A unique evening delivery tracker kicks in for deliveries between 6 pm and 10 pm.

How to find your UK Mail tracking number

UK Mail uses integrated 10 to 39-character codes, most often 10 numerical digits. Visit the DHL parcel tracker for UK Mail tracking numbers containing letters and numbers.

You can find your UK Mail tracking number in several ways. Look at our official cash register receipt, an online email confirming your transaction and delivery, and SMS messages sent to your phone.

For persons expecting a package from a vendor or other business, check the UK Mail tracking number with the sender.

Not all tracking numbers are 10 digits. Here’s what to look for:

However, not all packages have a tracking code.

How to track your UK Mail package location

To track a UK Mail shipment, you can quickly check by filling in the digits into the blank window on a UK Mail tracking shipment finder. You can also copy and paste if you have the tracking number online.

If you must find more than one order, enter the number and press enter after each complete sequence. This window will give an instant update about your delivery journey and when you can expect it to arrive at its destination.

Lost UK Mail tracking number

Many lose or temporarily misfile their tracking numbers or leave them at an inconvenient location. A great way to keep track of order numbers is to create an account and organize the numbers in Circuit package tracker.

That way, the tracking codes are always with you.

If you lost the original receipt, check your email or text messages. You will get a tracking number on the ticket or electronic document or from your vendor.

How to track a UK Mail package without a tracking number

Tracking a package without a tracking number and barcode in the modern courier industry that relies on codes to keep the logistics of monitoring goods on track is problematic.

Without this critical piece of information, it’s virtually impossible to find a package. If you have a reference number and know which DHL subsidiary (DHL Express or DHL Freight) manages the package, they might help you locate the missing item.

Solving UK Mail tracking issues

UK Mail is part of the DHL network and has advanced logistics and tracking systems to make the processes efficient. The courier industry is vulnerable to outside factors like third-party couriers, weather, infrastructure, and staffing.

If you have any concerns about a UK Mail delivery contact their customer service line for unexpected problems. 

Why you can’t track your UK Mail package

One of the most common reasons you can’t track your UK Mail courier order is incorrect number input. UK Mail (DHL numbers) are long and sometimes difficult to read. If you fail on the first try, recheck the keying sequence. If you use the wrong number, the tracking portal will prompt you with an error message or remain blank.

Another reason for not getting a response could be a UK Mail internal problem. Their busy logistics system may lag or be down for a system update. Instead of getting frustrated, return in a few hours, or have their customer service team look into the problem.

For customers ordering from overseas or highly customized products, there might be a delay from the vendor. Vendors need time to fill their orders; if they’re in a different time zone, it will delay the process.

If there is no response on the tracking systems with your order or tracking number, it could simply be that the vendor generated the tracking label but hasn’t notified UK Mail for a pick-up.

The tracking system can’t start until UK Mail logs the number into their system.

Vendors often send customers an alert that the transaction is complete and another alert when the item leaves their facility.

Why your UK Mail package is not updating or moving

Packages are constantly moving, even if the status update shows it’s stuck in transit. This might indicate a software problem, or the company updating the network.

Since DHL and UK Mail are part of the same courier company, any package competes with millions of others hoping to get on the next delivery vehicle to your destination. This process is sometimes stalled because of bad weather, road conditions, and traffic, or a courier vehicle breaks down.

Keeping an eye on your package movement is a great way to stay connected to the process. Also, be fair and allow the system the estimated time allowance, as many packages have to travel great distances to reach their destination.

UK Mail tracking status explained

UK Mail and DHL have access to some of the best logistics in the industry. Tracking a UK Mail delivery isn’t very complicated. Once the package falls into the hands of the UK Mail courier location, staff can start the order and send phase, which is usually a fast turnaround.

Peak season with high volumes might delay the process, but UK Mail prepares well in advance to accommodate the rush.

UK Mail updates the package tracking status with milestone events. Even if the status remains unchanged online, it doesn’t mean it’s not moving in the system. Packages traveling great distances overseas or ground might not update as frequently.

To get an update, a package must make its destination point, whether that’s a warehouse or a staff member that scans the code. Also, some countries have limited tracking stops, so the system has nothing to update.

When you check on the progress of your package, you’ll likely come across in transit and pending stops on the tracking portal.

In transit

This term is widespread in the courier industry and is often confused with “out for delivery”. In transit or progress means the items are en route to the recipient. It could mean the package is on a ship, train, plane, or cargo vehicle. It’s moving toward its end destination.

Why your UK Mail package is still in transit

In transit is the longest part of the journey for many packages. Many packages come from overseas, and that can take several weeks. Packages moving through foreign countries must also meet export and import regulations.

Customs in the final destination can also create a holdup. Each package must have the correct documents and contain safe and legal goods. All taxes and duties are payable upfront.

How long a UK Mail package can stay in transit

An in transit notice is a good thing. It means the package is moving and can be in transit for several hours if it’s local or up to several weeks for overseas orders.

One of the best ways to speed up the delivery of international goods is to have all the correct and necessary documents with the package.

Another reason goods get stuck in transit is when the product is dangerous or poorly packaged or the measurement needs to be corrected.


Pending is a classic definition used by courier companies, but it’s not used by UK Mail or DHL. Pending means that something happened with the package or item and interrupted the package’s journey. 

Why your UK Mail package may be pending

UK Mail doesn’t flag their packages as pending. UK Mail might update the status to delayed if something unexpected happens with the contents.

When UK Mail staff handle packages that are damaged, improperly marked, or don’t meet other criteria, they have a process and will contact the sender or recipient.

UK Mail delivery times

UK Mail works on a Monday-to-Friday schedule. Their outlets and delivery service operates from 8 am to 6 pm. You can expect your delivery within those hours.

UK Mail offers a next-day UK delivery as a standard service. It means that items collected on a Monday will make a delivery drop off on Tuesday between 8 am and 6 pm. Friday collections become part of the Monday delivery schedule.

Clients can also buy a special Saturday delivery service or ask for a package delivered at a particular time for an extra fee.

UK Mail delivery times: What time will your package arrive

UK Mail couriers deliver between approximately 8 am and 6 pm Monday through Friday. However, you can ask for Saturday deliveries if you buy an overnight service or urgent delivery.

How late UK Mail delivers

Most UK Mail couriers deliver before 6 pm. Drivers stick to their schedule as best as possible, and if your package misses the delivery window, it will be rescheduled for the next available window.

In the event of a delay, the tracking status should update in the system.

International UK Mail delivery times

Regardless of a package’s origin, it doesn’t affect the delivery schedule once it’s on UK soil. A UK Mail courier will deliver it between 8 am and 6 pm, Monday to Friday.

Since UK Mail is part of the DHL network, your international package has the advantage of having a global courier with an outstanding 98.5% SLA (service level agreement). Once your package leaves UK soil, the network relies on international partners like Deutsche Post and services over 200 countries.

UK Mail can ship to international long-distance deliveries within up to 20 days, and deliver to neighboring countries in two to three days.

Lost and missed UK Mail deliveries

UK Mail is an efficient courier company that tries to get your delivery on time and within your scheduled delivery.

If your delivery is lost or has other issues, contact the customer service line at 02476 937770. They can help you from Monday to Friday, 7 am to 8 pm, and Saturday, 8 am to 6 pm.

Have your tracking number and postcode ready.

For packages requiring signatures, the driver will leave a calling card or text so you can make alternate arrangements.

If you must make a re-delivery, use the track a parcel option and follow the prompts. You can choose one or more of these options for the driver:

  • Leave in a safe, less visible location 
  • Drop the package with a neighbor
  • Collect from a DHL Parcel UK ServicePoint or DHL Parcel Depot
  • Change delivery day

What happens if you miss a UK Mail delivery

Everyone misses deliveries, and UK Mail has several options for rescheduling. Follow the driver’s instructions for a convenient re-delivery.

You can also ask the driver to text you with a ‘You’re next” alert, meaning they’re about 5-15 minutes away. This service is available on the 1-hour delivery window alert or by choosing it as an option on the ‘track a parcel’ prompt.

How long UK Mail will hold a package

UK Mail will make every attempt to get your package delivered on time. They offer several convenient ways to make alternate arrangements to have it rescheduled.

UK Mail will hold your package for ten days. The driver will leave a notice with you for how or where to pick it up.

If you can’t be there and need the package delivered to another address, the sender must make those arrangements for security reasons.

What to do if you haven’t received your UK Mail package

Before you panic or file a complaint, get a tracking status update. If the message says the package was delivered, it might also tell you where it was left. Wait until the end of the day and then take action online or through customer service.

Ask your neighbors, family, or business members if they intercepted the package on your behalf. Innocent misunderstandings are sometimes the root of the problem.

Some couriers include a photo of where they left the package, but if your package is missing, you must contact UK Mail to start the tracing. When you contact them, have all the tracking numbers, address details, and contact details ready. They might also need a physical description or photo of the missing item.

Also, alert the sender that the package is missing. Your vendor might have a process to help you recover your package or get a refund. You can also contact your credit card company to get your money back.

UK Mail tracking FAQs

UK Mail is not the same as UK Post or Royal Mail. Here are some tips to help you better track your UK Mail DHL package.

Is UK Mail delivery fast?

UK Mail has reasonably fast service. Since they also work with Royal Mail on the last mile of delivery, the exact delivery time is sometimes beyond their control. They have a convenient next-day service.

Can I track UK Mail package by address?

Modern technology makes tracking packages with just an address impossible. You need a tracking number or barcode. If you need help, contact customer service.

How do I know if my UK Mail package is stuck in customs?

Customs will hold your package if it has missing declaration documents, unpaid taxes, and duties, or it contains prohibited goods. A customs official will contact you and make arrangements.

Customs duties and VAT (value-added taxes) for certain products from abroad are payable at customs or the post office. Visit the detailed customs declarations and information website.


Using the right UK Mail tracking tools for small and large-scale packages is easy.

Follow your UK Mail package from the store to your door and download Circuit Package Tracker for free now.