Uganda Post Tracking

Track your Uganda Post delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

Uganda Post, or Posta Uganda Tracking

Dating back to 1951, Uganda Post Limited was the first name of this courier. They changed the name to Posta Uganda in 1997.

About Uganda Post

The government fully controls Uganda Post tracking, the primary postal service of Uganda. They deliver to thousands of locations within the country.

The Uganda Post also maintains an international service that sets up orders and forwards control of delivery to other couriers who maintain international sending routes.

Uganda Post tracking

Uganda Post package tracking is a simple process but you'll need to have an account and log in first.

How to find your Uganda Post tracking number

You can find Posta Uganda tracking order numbers by different methods depending on whether or not you are the sender or the receiver.

Senders will set up the order, pay the money, and get a receipt. The receipt can be in person or exist completely online and may also use a paper invoice.

Either way, you will get a confirmation notification, electronically or on paper, when placing the order.

The sender must never lose or throw away a piece of paper issued when buying an order. Likewise, do not delete any messages or confirmation screens.

One of the primary responsibilities of the sender is to give the tracking number to the package receiver.

The receiver should expect to get a message by email, SMS, or on whatever social media chat service you use to contact the sender.

Make sure you never delete any messages you get from the sender. The good thing about emails and message services is that everything you do not delete stays in your inbox by default. 

If you get a confirmation screen that can disappear, take the time to take a photo or a screen capture to help find your tracking number later.

How to track your Uganda Post location

You can find the track Uganda Post order tool on their website. Once you log in, copy and paste your tracking number, and you will find your package location in real time.

When you search for Uganda Post and land on the homepage, a tracking tool takes up the whole page.

If you land somewhere else on the website and need to find the tracking tool, you can choose the “Home” button or find the red bar on top of the page. 

The right side of the red bar reads “Home, About, Services, FAQs” and “Contact.” Choose “Services,” and you will land on a new page.

This page contains three rows of rectangles. Skip the first row and find “Track Your Items” on the second row. You must have an account and be able to log in to move further.

Once you are in, paste your tracking number, and you should get all the tracking data up to the present.

Lost Uganda Post tracking number

Fortunately, Uganda Post order tracking numbers do not get lost very often in modern times, thanks to messages and emails that only disappear if deleted.

How to track a Uganda Post package without a tracking number

When a day or two passes since you placed an order and you think, ‘I need to track my Uganda Post package today,’ you will try to find your tracking number.

Sometimes people still lose tracking numbers, but the odds of losing a number have been low for many years now. Almost everybody gets an email confirmation for any kind of order. 

The email will have the tracking number and will never delete automatically.

Should you lose your tracking number anyway, you will need the number to track your order. Your two main options are to contact support or the package sender.

Contacting the sender is usually the best option. The reason is that support departments make you wait, and they have to put calls on hold or return calls.

The sender is usually a single entrepreneur or a small team of workers running a business who can get a message notification and respond quickly. You might get a message with your confirmation number within minutes.

You will often get your message returned within an hour or a few hours, even when such a fast response is impossible. You can use the sender as a valuable resource for many different problems, such as launching investigations into missing orders. 

Furthermore, the sender has to give the best customer service possible because many of these small businesses rely on good ratings and positive comments on their merchant accounts online.

Their business will suffer if they cannot help you solve any problems that arise. Always turn to the sender first if you have any questions. Customer support is the backup option.

Solving Uganda Post tracking issues

Tracking issues usually happen because of minor problems such as a delay or human error that fails to update the location of an order. 

More serious issues, such as lost packages, can arise but are rare.

Why you can't track your Uganda Post package

When you cannot track your Uganda Post package, the first step is to double-check your tracking number for accuracy. Make sure to copy the number without any extra spaces so that you paste only the code.

The possibility also exists that you got an invalid code that will never work. Contact the sender to verify the code if nothing comes up after two business days.

The most likely scenario is that you used the correct code, and your code is valid. You cannot find any tracking information because tracking has yet to start.

Tracking usually starts once someone at an office, hub, or facility physically scans the barcode on the label. With many companies, you will only find statuses once the first scan happens.

There are several reasons that no scan has happened yet. The most likely is that the sender still has the package. The sender could still have the package because the timing of the order means that the order cannot go out yet.

The other possibility is that the sender asked for the pickup service, and the driver has not arrived yet. 

Factor in whether or not you placed an order on a Friday or Saturday. Nothing may happen until Monday.

Monday could be when the sender returns to work and processes your order. Monday could also be when a pickup or delivery to a post office happens.

Allow for drivers to have many packages to pick up during many stops. Sometimes a driver has a long day, and all the packages get scanned for the first time after getting to an office in the late afternoon or evening.

Whatever the steps are, when the first scan finally happens, you should be able to track your order normally from that point forward.

Why your Uganda Post package is not updating or moving

In a similar but slightly different scenario as the one above, packages sometimes start transit normally and suddenly appear to stop moving.

The reason is usually the same, that nobody scanned the package. However, a different set of circumstances leads to this reason. Remember that other factors, such as a customs office, can cause delays when transit starts.

Most of the time, you get the perception that the package is not updating or moving in transit because the driver has not reached a point yet where a barcode scan will happen.

For security purposes, you cannot track your package in a delivery truck and know where the driver is on the road. All the orders will have to leave an office, hub, or facility and get scanned again upon arrival at the next hub or facility.

A simple scenario that might cause you to think your package stopped moving during transit is when a driver pulls into a busy facility. The first delay might happen when waiting for workers to unload the truck.

Since the facility is busy, many people are loading and unloading cargo while others are sorting and stacking packages. 

Once your package gets put in an organized place, such as a specific stack, somebody can scan the barcode. If there are not enough workers to scan the barcodes efficiently, stacks and containers might build up.

Someone will eventually scan the barcode, and you will find that your package is moving normally. Couriers know how to account for such delays when creating estimated delivery times.

If you get an estimated delivery time of 3-5 days, you may still get the package in three days, even with a facility delay like the one described above. Five days are the timeframe for severe delays from things like natural disasters.

Uganda Post tracking status explained

Uganda Post uses very few tracking statuses that employ simple wording to be clear. Companies that use too many tracking statuses can be confusing, but Uganda Post could benefit from having a few different statuses to address more situations.

In transit

Most companies describe transit in one of two ways. They either use the word “transit” or describe transit in terms of departures and arrivals. 

Uganda Post does the latter. The transit starts after every departure and ends upon arrival at the following location.

Then another departure happens, probably from a hub, followed by arrival at another hub or facility. The exception is customs. 

There is a notification for arrival at customs, but after your package clears, you will get an update about arrival at another facility.

Why your Uganda Post package is still in transit

A package that remains in transit for an unusually long time could have stopped at any one of various types of security checkpoints that the tracking status does not explain.

Another possibility is that the package stopped at a hub or facility for a long time and will start moving again soon.

When you see a departure that does not get followed up by an arrival for an unusually long time, check the news for the areas where your package was traveling. You might find that there was a local problem or a natural disaster.

Sometimes customs departments temporarily hold items that they end up clearing. If customs places a hold, your package will appear to stay in transit and may start moving again soon.

How long a Uganda Post package can stay in transit

Uganda Post has a wide range of delivery times depending on whether the recipient lives in a city or rural location. Same-day delivery is possible in the capital city of Kampala.

Delivery time can potentially extend to weeks in many rural locations.

Most couriers in any country who are successful and stay in business maintain similar delivery times. There may be great differences in international and domestic delivery times.

Domestic delivery times usually fall within 1-2, 2-3, and 3-5-day delivery times. Some countries have challenging terrains, environments, and conditions that cause delivery times that take two weeks or slightly more.

International delivery times are usually only slightly longer than domestic delivery times and usually fall within 3-10 day delivery times. 

However, the most crucial factor to remember about international delivery times is that they can experience extreme delays in rare cases that can drive delivery times to as many as 40 days.

The reasons may be logistical disasters but are usually due to a decision made by a customs office. A customs office may hold something to collect duty. Many weeks may have passed by the time they collect the tax and release the package.


A pending status can happen for several reasons, but security is usually the cause. The most common security-related stop with a pending status is a customs office on an international order.

Why your Uganda Post package may be pending

As stated above, waiting for an international order to clear customs is one of the most common pending statuses. A failed delivery attempt is another common pending delivery status where successful delivery might happen after another attempt.

Uganda Post has different types of deliveries. Missed deliveries practically do not exist with their ePosta service, which gives people a mailing address similar to a post office box. 

A courier can always deliver to this type of location except in rare instances.

A pending status for deliveries where Uganda Post delivers to residences and offices will likely mean that a delivery attempt failed and is pending until the next attempt.

Uganda Post delivery times

Uganda Post delivery times depend on the location of the delivery relative to Kampala more than anything else. Other considerations depend on whether or not there are main or mini offices in the delivery area.

Uganda Post delivery times: What time will your package arrive

With Uganda Post, determining the time of day your package will arrive is almost impossible. You can know the day and the office hours. According to office hours, deliveries happen between 8:30 am to 4 pm.

How late does Uganda Post delivers

As stated above, Uganda Post offices shut down at 4 pm. The final deliveries should roughly coincide with this closing time.

International Uganda Post delivery times

The international delivery times will work the same as the domestic, so the closing time of 4 pm applies.

Lost and missed Uganda Post deliveries

Lost deliveries are something couriers must try to avoid at every turn so as to maintain customer confidence. Missed deliveries are rarely a serious concern.

What happens if you miss a Uganda Post delivery

If you miss a delivery Uganda Post will leave a card with instructions about how to get your package.

How long Uganda Post will hold a package

The maximum amount of time Uganda Post will hold a package is two months.

What to do if you haven't received your Uganda Post package

Check with customs for international orders. Always contact the sender. The sender is the best person to launch an investigation into what happened.

Uganda Post tracking FAQs

Uganda Post does not maintain the most sophisticated list of FAQs, but you may find more answers on their website.

Is Uganda Post delivery fast?

Uganda Post is only fast if you live in the capital city of Kampala. The further you go outside the city, the delivery times get progressively slower and sometimes take several weeks.

Can I track a Uganda Post package by address?

While you can use your address when contacting support, the tracking tool only accepts a valid number. Contact the sender if you need another tracking number.

How do I know if my Uganda Post package is stuck in customs?

Customs should send you a notification. You can also find a notification in your tracking status that your package entered a customs office. 

Contact the customs office or the sender if your package stays in the customs office for over a week.

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