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Track your Toll IPEC delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

The Interstate Parcel Express Company (Toll IPEC) is a leading service for express road freight within Australia and internationally, delivering to 36 countries worldwide.

About Toll IPEC tracking

No matter what package or Toll IPEC cargo you're waiting for, the wait can be daunting, especially when you have no clue where your items are.

As with any courier, you'll need your Toll IPEC tracking number to find out where your items are, where they’ve been, and when they’ll arrive. 

How to find your Toll IPEC tracking number

If you’re expecting a shipment from Toll IPEC, they will email you a tracking number when they have your order. If you cannot find your IPEC tracking number, contact customer services for help.

How to track your Toll IPEC package location

You'll get a Toll IPEC tracking number by email. The easiest way to track your package from Toll IPEC is with Circuit Package Tracker.

Copy and paste your Toll IPEC tracking number from the confirmation email into the search above to find where your package is, its status, and when it’s likely to arrive.

Lost Toll IPEC tracking number

Tracking any package is always easier with a tracking number. There are times when you don't have your tracking number for various reasons. 

It could be that you misplaced the email and cannot find it, or there was a mishap with the courier, and you never got it in the first place. Or maybe you entered your email address wrong in the first place.

If you cannot find your Toll IPEC tracking number, there are still ways to track your shipment.

How to track a Toll IPEC package without a tracking number

First, contact the company where you placed the order. They should have details of your Toll IPEC tracking number.

Another option is to get in touch with Toll IPEC directly. You can contact their customer service and find out if they can help you. Be aware that this might take a while.

Solving Toll IPEC tracking issues

While most people don't have issues when ordering with Toll IPEC, it doesn't mean that accidents and mishaps can’t happen.

Why you can't track your Toll IPEC package

There are several reasons why you might not track your Toll IPEC package. Most of them are out of your control, but understanding why you can't track your package can help ease your mind while you wait until you can. 

The first reason you can't track your package is that your tracking number isn't available yet.

Your unavailable tracking number doesn't mean your package is lost; your items haven't reached the stage where the courier facility would create a sending label. Without a sending label, you won't have a tracking number. 

Another reason is that you're not using the correct tracking number. You might be typing in the number incorrectly, or you missed a digit when you tried to copy the number. Either way, you'll want to double-check that you have the correct tracking number and try again. 

Why your Toll IPEC tracking is not updating or moving

Once you have your Toll IPEC tracking number, the tracking information only updates when it reaches a new courier facility. 

In that case, it may still be on the boat, plane, or delivery truck. So your package hasn't reached a new courier facility where the location will update.

Toll IPEC tracking status explained.

When you track your Toll IPEC package, you'll find various tracking statuses depending on where your item is. Here are answers to the most common.

In transit

When you find your package in transit, it's a good sign. In transit essentially means that it's on its way to the address you inputted when you ordered the product in the first place. 

You need to remember that just because it's in transit doesn't necessarily mean it's on the truck, plane, or boat at that moment. It could be at a courier facility as a stop on the way to you. 

Why your Toll IPEC package is still in transit

There are many reasons why your Toll IPEC package may be in transit. It can depend on where you live and the item’s origin. Regardless of delays, you'll find your package in transit until it reaches its final destination and is delivered. 

How long a Toll IPEC package can stay in transit

If you're sending domestically within Australia, your Toll IPEC package can stay in transit from several days to a week.

Toll IPEC international shipments can take a month or more if the items get stuck in customs or have unavoidable delays, such as poor weather conditions.


The most confusing tracking status you'll find on your Toll IPEC tracking page is that it's pending. Unlike when your package is in transit, there's usually only one reason your package is showing a pending status. 

Why your Toll IPEC package may be pending

When you find your package is pending, it's usually because Toll IPEC has handed it to the next delivery partner, but they haven’t yet scanned it into their facility as arrived. This can take time, especially during busy periods like the holidays.

Wait a few days, and the pending status should update.

Toll IPEC delivery times

Toll IPEC delivery times: What time will your package arrive

Standard Toll IPEC domestic services take three to seven business days from Monday to Saturday. If you want to express mail your package, you can get it as quickly as one to two days.

International Toll IPEC delivery times

International Toll IPEC deliveries can take weeks as many delays can happen. Such as your package getting stuck in customs or poor weather conditions in the destination country.

If your package gets stuck in customs, they should notify you. 

Lost and missed Toll IPEC deliveries

Life happens, and there will be times when you miss your package deliveries at least once in your life.

The good news is that if you miss your delivery from Toll IPEC or they cannot find your package – all is not lost. Here's everything you must know about failed and missing Toll IPEC deliveries.

What happens if you miss a Toll IPEC delivery

Sometimes you need a signature for your Toll IPEC delivery. They won't leave your package with you when you're not there to sign for it or someone else. They'll let you know they tried to deliver it and will attempt the delivery again the following day. 

If Toll IPEC try to deliver your package when you're not home, they’ll leave a missed delivery slip to arrange a better delivery time or arrange to pick it up.

How long will Toll IPEC hold a package?

Toll IPEC will only hold a package for 30 days if they cannot deliver it to your address. Holding times can vary depending on the courier facility and your package. Contact Toll IPEC customer services to find out how long they can hold it for you. 

What to do if you haven't got your Toll IPEC package

First, use your Toll IPEC tracking number with Circuit Package Tracker.

If it says delivered, but you don't have your package, the best thing you can do is contact Toll IPEC customer services.

Toll IPEC tracking FAQs

Do you still have questions about Toll IPEC tracking? Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked.

Is Toll IPEC delivery fast?

Toll IPEC offers fast delivery within Australia, with their domestic send times only a few business days to a week.

For international shipments, the times are comparable with other freight and logistics services, which depend on many domestic and international factors.

Can I track Toll IPEC packages by address?

You cannot track your Toll IPEC package with your address. You'll need your Toll IPEC tracking number.

How do I know if my Toll IPEC package is stuck in customs?

First, check your Toll IPEC tracking status with Circuit Package Tracker, as it should tell you if your package is stuck in customs.

If your status does not show your package is in customs, you can also check your email inbox and junk folder as a customs agent will email you if this is the case.

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