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About The Courier Guy

The Courier Guy is a package delivery company based in South Africa that started in 2000.

They try to build long-lasting close relationships with customers by offering fast and reliable deliveries to businesses across South Africa and internationally. Many sites say The Courier Guy is one the best or fastest couriers in South Africa.

The Courier Guy package tracking

When you choose The Courier Guy for your package deliveries and sign up for an account, you get access to their client portal. The Courier Guy’s client portal tries to give you the most control over all of your orders. 

The client portal offers easy control over tracking, canceling, or changing any of your orders. It also gives you control over your billing and payment information. You can even set up a custom tracking number for each order for easier management when ordering multiple orders. 

The Courier Guy has branch and franchise locations throughout most suburbs and regions of South Africa. Each branch offers convenient collection locations and outstanding service for all your package delivery needs.

How to find your package tracking number with The Courier Guy

Once you send your information and finalize your order, you will get a waybill. The number on your waybill will be what you use to track The Courier Guy order worldwide. The waybill number’s location is beneath the barcode.

You can find your Courier Guy tracking order information, including your waybill number, through The Courier Guy’s client portal. 

You can also enter a custom The Courier Guy order tracking number for each order during the setup process. Using custom tracking numbers can help you better manage and track the progress of each order.

How to track the location of your package from The Courier Guy

You can track your package location by logging into The Courier Guy’s client portal and selecting the track my The Courier Guy package option. Enter your waybill number into the tracking box and select the track button.

Alternatively, you can sign into your account and find all your active orders and their status updates. Simply use the order you wish to track and select the option from the drop-down menu.

You can also set up e-mail alerts through the client portal, allowing you to get notifications when your package reaches each step through the delivery process.

Lost The Courier Guy tracking number

Like most delivery services, you will need a tracking number to track your package with The Courier Guy as it travels to its destination.

When you send your order information and pay the sending fees, you should get a waybill that will need to be printed and attached to your package. The number on that waybill is your tracking number.

If you lose your printed copy of your waybill, you should not worry about how to track your package. You can find your waybill number through The Courier Guy’s client portal. 

The Courier Guy’s client portal allows you to control and track each order you make with their company. You can always find your lost information receipt through this service.

If you did not set up a client account and used their one-off service instead, you should contact the customer service department for help. The support team can use your e-mail address and other order information to help find your package.

How to track a package from The Courier Guy without a tracking number

In short, you can’t. The Courier Guy’s package tracking system only works with active waybill numbers. So they recommend you to set up a client account instead of using their one-off order portal. 

Opening a client account will allow you access to the client portal where you can manage and track all of your orders with The Courier Guy. 

If necessary, The Courier Guy offers outstanding customer support as well. Give them a call or e-mail, and they may help you find your waybill number if you are having trouble on your own.

Solving The courier guy package tracking issues

The Courier Guy’s mission involves offering the best, most reliable delivery services worldwide. However, problems during the sending process are sometimes unavoidable, especially when dealing with international packages.

If you find any issues with your order from The Courier Guy, contact their outstanding customer support for help. Their support team can assist you with e-mail, phone calls, or their website’s help kiosk.

Why you can't track your package from The Courier Guy

A few problems during the order process could prevent your package from being tracked. If you find an error with your order’s tracking, check that you are entering the correct waybill number first.

Check that the order details are correct and that the payment has not found any processing errors. If you still can not track your order, contact the customer support help desk. 

You should have no issues tracking your orders through The Courier guy’s client portal.  Here you should track all your orders at once and create custom tracking numbers for each package to help manage them easily.

Errors with tracking could also be due to the system malfunctioning. If you find issues shortly after placing the order or at any point in the sending process, simply try the application agent later.

If the errors persist, contact your local branch or the customer support line for more information on the specific errors you may be experiencing.

Why your package from The Courier Guy is not updating or moving

There are a few reasons why your order may not get status updates or does not appear to be moving through the sending process. Most of the time, order delays or status delays are due to an issue with the tracking system.

Suppose your order status has not changed for two or three days. In that case, you may want to contact The Courier Guy’s customer service department for help, as there may be a problem with the order or delivery.

Why collections might get rejected from The Courier Guy

Collections do not get rejected often. However, when they do, it could be for several reasons, including incomplete information, late or lack of payment, an order containing an unacceptable item, and many others. 

If your collection gets rejected, contact your local branch office for information regarding the rejection. Once the problems with the order are solved, The Courier Guy would love to ship your package worldwide.

The Courier Guy package tracking status explained:

As your package moves through the delivery process, your tracker should update its status from pending to delivered. With each status update, you should track your package right to your door from the sender.

Set up e-mail updates through the client portal to get notifications when your package reaches the next part of its journey. Keep track of every location along the way.

In transit

An in-transit status on your delivery means that the package is moving between destinations. Most tracking statuses will update at the end of each business day with the exact location of your package. 

In transit is the tracking status you will likely find for most of your order’s journey.

Why your package from The Courier Guy is still in transit

When a package gets stuck in transit, this simply means that the order is no longer progressing or moving towards its destination. There are many reasons why your order may have been delayed or stuck in transit. 

If you find delays with international delivery, it could mean that your package is just stuck going through customs. There could also be other delays due to weather, issues with the packing, or your delivery is simply still traveling to its destination.

How long a package from The Courier Guy can stay in transit

Order from The Courier Guy could stay in transit for quite a few days, depending on where the order’s final destination is and the delivery speed. However, a package should not be in transit for more than four to five days. 

If your delivery is local, you’ll likely only find it sitting in transit for up to two to three days. The delivery time can vary based on collection times.


A pending tracking status could mean the order is still being processed at the order facility and has not yet begun its journey to its final destination. 

Why your package from The Courier Guy may be pending

If your order shows as pending for more than one to two days, you may want to contact The Courier Guy’s customer service. A long pending status on your delivery could indicate delays in processing your order. 

Processing delays could include technical errors or delays within the tracking system. Pending statuses might also indicate a problem with collecting information on your order.

Additionally, pending statuses could show on your tracker as your order moves through customs if the delivery is international. 

Out for delivery

When your order status updates as out for delivery, your package is on the delivery truck and will arrive by the end of business that day. If the driver in your area experiences delays, this status could change back to in transit, and your package will be delivered the next business day.

The Courier Guy delivery times

Delivery times for The Courier Guy vary between the different sending options. 

Delivery times for The Courier Guy are as follows:

  • Economy delivery: Central: 3-4 business days
  • Economy delivery: Regional: 4-5 business days
  • Local Overnight: 8-16 hours
  • Local Same-day: 1-6 hours
  • Overnight: Central: 1-2 business days
  • Overnight: Regional: 2-3 business days
  • Pudo: 3-4 business days
  • International: 5-7 business days

What time will your package arrive?

Your order’s delivery time will depend on the time of collection and the order type. An overnight order should arrive by 11 if collected by 13 the previous day.

If your delivery is for the same day, you should expect it within one to six hours. The Courier Guy has award-winning speed and reliability as a delivery service giver.

If your order is Economy class, you should expect it in approximately two to three business days. International orders may take even longer due to customs.

How late does The Courier Guy deliver?

The Courier Guy’s hours of operation are from 08 to 17, Monday through Friday. Your package will arrive before the end of business on those days. Branch hours may vary by location and on weekends or holidays.

International delivery times for The Courier Guy

International orders will always take a little longer to arrive than local or regional deliveries. These delays are mainly because each order has to undergo checks through customs in the country of its destination. 

The Courier Guy’s international delivery time will vary based on the order's final destination. However, the delivery time for international deliveries is about five to seven business days.

Lost and missed deliveries from The Courier Guy

If your package goes missing while in the care of The Courier Guy, contact the company’s customer support help desk for help locating your order.

Suppose your items go missing or are damaged after they are out of The Courier Guy’s care. In that case, the company is not responsible, and you will likely have to replace the lost items.

What happens if you miss a delivery from The Courier Guy

The Courier Guy uses one-time PINs as a signature upon delivery. Only the gear of the delivery will have access to this PIN.

Your order will return to a storage facility if it arrives while you are not at home or cannot accept it. Delivery will be attempted again on the following business day.

How long will, The Courier Guy hold my package?

Like many delivery services, The Courier Guy will hold onto your package at the nearest branch location for up to a week.

After multiple failed deliveries, The Courier Guy will return the item to the sender or the nearest collection location for pickup. The Courier Guy will then send you a notification to retrieve your package from the collection site.

What to do if you haven't received your package from The Courier Guy

Suppose you have not got your delivery within The Courier Guy’s delivery timetable. In that case, you may need to contact their customer support. Your order may have run into difficulties during the sending process.

The customer support team can help you track down your missing package. If the delivery went missing while in the care of The Courier Guy, the company would assist you with a refund of your money, and you will need to replace the lost items.

The Courier Guy FAQs

Let’s take a find at some common questions regarding The Courier Guy:

What is the difference between central and regional?

Central refers to any area that is within range of an official airport. These areas experience daily service and will have the fastest delivery times. These locations include Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, George, Bloemfontein, and East London. 

On the other hand, regional refers to areas with airports that do not get daily services. Delivery times are longer in these places, and delays will occur more frequently.

Is The Courier Guy delivery fast?

Yes, The Courier Guy is number one on many lists as the fastest courier service in South Africa. The Courier Guy offers same-day delivery in under six hours for most local areas. 

The Courier Guy has won multiple awards for excellent service. Most recently, The Courier Guy was awarded Best Courier Service in the Star Readers’ Choice awards. 

Can I track my package from The Courier Guy by address?

No, you will need the waybill number on the receipt to track your order with The Courier Guy. However, suppose you lose your waybill number and do not have a client account. In that case, you can contact the customer service help desk or your nearest branch’s location. 

The staff there can use your order information to track your package and give you verbal updates on its location.

How do I know if my package from The Courier Guy is stuck in customs?

If you suspect your package may be stuck in customs, the first thing you should do is contact The Courier Guy. Their customer support should walk you through finding your package and what to do next. 

You may need to contact the customs department in your country as well. There are many reasons why your package might get stuck in customs. However, delays are usually due to heavy traffic flow.

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