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Thailand Post is a large delivery company specializing in domestic and international shipping to more than 100 countries and online sites such as AliExpress, Joom, and DHGate

Once your package gets handed off from the merchant to this courier, it's essential to know what to expect, how long you'll have to wait, and what to do if something goes wrong. 

However, if you experience issues like your package getting stuck in customs, in transit or not updating, we'll show you how to resolve the problem.

About Thailand Post tracking

Thailand Post follows a specific format for the tracking numbers assigned to each order. It consists of 13 characters, which usually start with two letters from A to Z. 

After, there are nine numerical digits, and your tracking number ends with the Thailandese country code, "TH."


  • GB274529498TH
  • EE416374994TH
  • RU243651783TH

How to find your Thailand Post tracking number

Once you've ordered an item online, you'll get payment confirmation from the seller. They will then prepare all the documents and organize logistics with Thailand Post, who will get a notification that there's an order ready for pickup. 

You will get an email once this happens with your Thailand Post tracking number. Make sure not to delete the email as you need it as a reference during delivery. 

Contact customer services for the online store if you don’t have a tracking number.

How to track your Thailand Post package location

One option for Thailand Post tracking is the Thailand Post website. For international orders, however, you cannot track your package once it reaches its destination.

In this case, you will get confirmation of a new tracking number from the courier Thailand Post passes your package to for the final delivery. Circuit Package Tracker can follow your delivery from the store to your door.

Lost Thailand Post tracking number 

"I can't track my Thailand Post package" is a common query for those who have lost their tracking numbers and don't know whether their package is on course. 

Start by searching through your email inbox to find your tracking number. You may have deleted the sending confirmation by accident. 

If you still don't have any luck, you can contact the merchant directly and ask for help with the location of your tracking number in their system. 

Have an online account? Try logging in and checking the order section to determine if the courier uploaded your tracking number.

How to track a Thailand Post package without a tracking number 

You likely won't track Thailand Post shipments without your tracking number  

However, other methods might be available to help you determine where your package is in the sending process. 

The first option is to contact Thailand Post and explain the situation. Tell them you had been tracing your package successfully, and now you've lost the number. 

This approach might need personal details such as your name, email address, and phone number associated with the order.  

Or, you can try asking the retailer for help. This route can be challenging for international packages, but it's worth exhausting all avenues to figure out your tracking number.  

Solving Thailand Post tracking issues

Thailand Post will deliver domestically and internationally. When you're having problems with local delivery, it's usually a quick fix, especially if it’s only a matter of miswriting the address. 

A simple error like that can result in a lengthy delay if the delivery worker is unaware of where to go. 

For international deliveries, Thailand Post gives your package to the local courier in the city, and it will be their responsibility to get your package to your door. 

Therefore, it's harder to figure out where the problem lies when it's an international delivery. 

Why you can't track your Thailand Post package 

While inconvenient, it's probably a logistics issue if you can't track your package with your tracking number.  

There are various explanations for why it may take an extra day or two for you to find any updates to the tracking status. 

One of the main reasons you can’t find your Thailand Post tracking order moving forward is that the courier hasn't loaded the details into their system. 

Give it 72 hours before you start to worry about your package. 

Why your Thailand Post package is not updating or moving 

It's possible that your Thailand Post package is not editing or moving because it has reached the destination country. 

Commonly, your tracking number may only work until the original courier no longer has it. 

Then, the status may reflect it being in transit for a while as the local courier in your city prepares to deliver it to your residence. 

Thailand Post tracking status explained. 

Using our efficient tracking system, you'll come across various statuses for Thailand Post. 

The two most common are when your package is in transit and pending. Here's what that could mean for your order  

In transit 

"In transit" signifies that your package is moving along just fine, and it's headed to your home or business. 

Why your Thailand Post package is still in transit

There are a few reasons your Thailand Post package may stay in transit longer than usual. 

Did you select a slower sending method? 

While these routes are usually less expensive, they also take longer to transport your package to your door. Airmail is always the quickest. 

For international deliveries, customs delays, bad weather, a lack of proper documentation, and other obstacles may prevent your package from arriving on time. 

As the company that has possession of your package gets any inaccurate details or issues sorted, your package will continue to say that it's in transit. 

Thailand Post may not assist you once they have reached the final destination. 

Nevertheless, you can contact the local delivery company for further help on the status of your package. 

How long a Thailand Post package can stay in transit

Your package can stay in transit for as long as four to six weeks if it's an international delivery. 

Local deliveries can take up to ten days, depending on if you live in an area that's hard to access. 


If you have a status that reads "Pending," it usually means that your package hasn't gotten scanned into the system yet.

If you notice that it has been pending for several days, it could mean that a problem arose that the system has yet to identify.

Why your Thailand Post package may be pending

Couriers such as DHL, Royal Mail, FedEx, and similar delivery services cannot pick up every package during major holidays.

The courier will indicate this when the holidays delay your package by posting the " Pending " status. However, a "pending" status usually suggests that your package is in a queue to get a label scan.

You should note that it takes the logistics system one to two days to scan packages. In some circumstances, you could wait for your package for a week or more. 

The time of the year can affect the amount of time it takes to get your package. During the holiday, couriers usually handle many packages.

Also, remember that Thailand Post has many more packages to process during special shopping days like Black Friday.

Contact the courier and ask why there's a delay in your package If it has been pending for ten days or more.

Lastly, ask the courier if there's anything that you can do to move the process along. If your package has been pending for too long, it may have gotten lost.

Thailand Post delivery times 

Delivery times for Thailand Post vary. Domestic packages from the Thailand Post take about three to 14 days to get delivered—it could take longer, depending on the city's location.

On the other hand, international packages for Thailand Post can take 14-45 days to get delivered. 

All international deliveries, on average, take longer to get delivered because they need more processing time for things like clearing customs.

Thailand Post delivery times: What time will your package arrive? 

Thailand Post offices are open from Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm. Your package will generally arrive within this timeframe, on a business day. 

They do not work weekends, so you must account for this when calculating the days your package could get delivered. 

In rural areas, offices tend to close even earlier due to low customer demand.

How late Thailand Post delivers

Thailand Post will not deliver beyond 4:30 pm, the official closing time at their local offices. 

Most packages go out for delivery in the morning and reach their domestic locations by 1 pm. 

International Thailand Post delivery times 

When sending internationally, delivery times can vary from one country to the next. Thailand Post provides international services around the world to over 200 destinations

In most instances, it's slower with Thailand Post when compared to other couriers that handle international shipments. 

In addition, what kind of service you choose may also influence how quickly a package arrives. 

For example, if you are in the United States or Canada, you can choose their EMS service, which takes about two to four working days but is the most expensive.

Alternatively, you can opt for the standard air freight service that takes between eight and 14 days.

If you don't mind waiting, you could go with the cheapest option, the sea freight sending service, which needs 50 to 54 days. 

With this method, you'd want to order whatever you need well in advance. 

From Thailand Post to various European destinations, it takes three to five business days for their fastest services, ten to 15 days for airmail, and 30 to 45 days for sending by sea. 

Lost and missed Thailand Post deliveries

If your package happens to be delayed or last in the Thailand Post Office, you'll find a few solutions to the problem below.

What happens if you miss a Thailand Post delivery?

If you miss your delivery, you should expect your package to come from a local courier instead of the Thailand Post.

No matter the reason for missing it, you can contact the postal center and ask that they deliver your package again the next day.

Usually, the postal worker will leave a message telling you they tried to deliver your package. 

The message will likely note when they tried and include a time and date they'll attempt to deliver your package again.

After a few failed attempts, the local courier will return your package to the sender. It will take about a month before you get your package again.

How long will Thailand Post hold a package?

Thailand Post does not keep international packages—their job is to deliver packages to the recipient as quickly as possible.

If you suspect the last mile courier had your package, contact your local office to learn your package's whereabouts.

What to do if you haven't got your Thailand Post package 

There are many moving parts about Thailand Post order tracking, which includes transporting, service, sorting, localizing packages, and timely deliveries.

Various factors, such as poor weather conditions, local regulations, and so on, can delay the delivery of your package. 

Consequently, it's best to use package tracking to know all about your package.

After all, if you have difficulty finding information about your package, it simplifies the search for everyone involved. 

For instance, you can give your tracking number to the post office, and they may have access to information unavailable on the site itself. 

Thailand Post FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions concerning Thailand Post delivery:

Is Thailand Post delivery fast? 

In general, Thailand's mail service is efficient and swift. However, make sure you send all your packages registered by mail.

If you elect to use Thailand Post, you should choose express or airmail if you want to get your package in less than two weeks.

Can I track a Thailand Post package by address? 

It's practically impossible to track your Thailand Post with just an address. 

You need your tracking number because it uniquely identifies your package and allows you to trace it anywhere at any time.

If you can't find your tracking number, your only recourse is to contact the customer service department for Thailand Post and ask if there's any way to find your package.

By giving them your address, there's a chance that they can find your tracking number in their database.

How do I know if my Thailand Post package is stuck in customs?

If your package does not clear customs, it will relay this information to you when you go to use your tracking number.

Afterward, contact customs to ask if there are any unresolved fees you must pay or if there's any missing documentation.

Typically, customs will keep your package for 48 hours or less when everything is fine. When there are complications, customs can hold your items for a week or more.

If the issue persists and you can't push your package through customs, customs will return your package to the sender. 

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