Swiss Post Tracking

Track your Swiss Post delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

Swiss Post is the public postal service of Switzerland, owned by the Swiss Confederation and based in Bern, with branches in 25 countries.

If you’re using Swiss Post tracking, it will keep you up-to-date on where your item is and how long it’ll take to arrive.

About Swiss Post tracking

When sending, whether it is domestic or abroad, there are times when packages don't arrive on time or at the right destination.

Having a transparent and streamlined platform to track your package is invaluable. Luckily, Swiss Post has a reliable post-tracking system that’s easy to navigate.

Swiss Post tracking will let you know where your mail is at any stage in the order process. They offer to track domestic, international, and business-class packages. 

How to find your Swiss Post tracking number

Every package is assigned a Swiss Post tracking ID number. It is a combination of letters and numbers that is on the receipt, and it also gets sent to your email. 

Copy and paste your Swiss Post tracking number into the Swiss Post tracking tool to find where your package is, where it has been, and when it will arrive.

How to track your Swiss Post package location

Swiss Post tracking location is simple. Once you put your consignment code into the consignment page on the Swiss Post official website, you will find exactly where your mail is.

Each stage of your package’s order is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Lost Swiss Post tracking number

You must keep your receipt with your Swiss Post tracking number on it. If you misplace this number, tracking your package is difficult.

However, if your consignment number is lost, the first course of action would be to contact the sender. 

At the time of sending, a tracking number is generated. So, the sender should have your tracking number for you.

This strategy is the only way to track your package after losing your tracking number. Tracking by address or any other information is next to impossible. 

If you have misplaced your tracking number and the sender does not have it, contact Swiss Post customer service for further help 

How to track a Swiss Post package without a tracking number

There is no way to track your Swiss Post package without a tracking number. Contact the sender to get the number if you cannot find it.

Solving Swiss Post order tracking issues​​

If you have a package that needs tracking and cannot find it, the first thing you want to find out is the package type and the sending method. 

These two factors greatly determine the sending times.

Why you can’t track your Swiss Post package

There are different ways to send mail from the Swiss Post. A and B mail does not come with tracking services. So there will be no tracking number to trace these packages.

So, if the sender sent your package by either one of these categories, this is a reason you can't track it.

Another possibility is that the tracking website’s updates may be delayed, or the delivery time may be delayed.

Why your Swiss Post package is not updating or moving

If your package is international, there may be delays at customs. Usually, it takes two to three business days to clear customs, but large and environmental items may take longer.

Each country has different customs requirements, and some may hold your package for over a week.

Additionally, there may be delays in transportation transfers or other factors out of Swiss Post's control.

Some factors influencing delivery time include holidays, busy periods, and extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain. 

Busy periods include days with increased eCommerce sales, such as Black Friday, and holidays such as Christmas.

Swiss Post order tracking does not start until several hours after the order process begins. If you check tracking before this time, likely, you will not find an available update.

If you key in your consignment number and don't find an update or find that it has been in the same status for a long time, do not panic, there is probably a reasonable explanation for this.

Swiss Post has reliable customer support, so if you’re worried about a package that isn’t updating or moving, contact customer service for help in locating your package.

Swiss Post tracking status explained

Have you ordered a package that’s getting delivered by Swiss Post, but you’re struggling to understand your Swiss Post tracking order statuses? 

Here’s a rundown of the various tracking statuses.

In transit

If you go to track your Swiss Post order and find the “In transit” label, it means your package has left Swiss Post’s holding station and is on the way to its final destination. 

There are several in-transit statuses in the order process.

Package in transit

This status means that your order is getting sorted for delivery.

In transit – arrived at the waypoint

If you find this label when tracking your package, it means your item has arrived at a collection center and is ready to be collected by the delivery team.

In transit – departed the waypoint 

This status shows you that your item has departed the transit country or location.

Package in transit to the destination city 

This label means your order is en route to the Swiss Post destination.

Why your Swiss Post package is still in transit

Your package may still be in transit for a few reasons. The package is scanned at each checkpoint in the sending process. 

It is possible that scanning issues took place, like, incorrect scanning at one of the posts or no scanning at all.

There could be a long distance between one scanning point and the other, especially on international shipments.

Another reason your package may still be in transit because it has been delayed in customs.

Swiss Post does have its own customs facility, which decreases the wait time.

Packages usually clear customs within two to three business days. This clearance time doesn’t include weekends. However, it depends on what you send. 

For example, environmental and large packages take longer to clear.

How long a Swiss Post package can stay in transit

Delivery in domestic areas takes anywhere from one to three business days, so the in-transit time ranges from several hours to a couple of days.

Delivery in Europe takes about 3-10 business days, but in other parts of the world, it takes 10-15 business days.

Although this is the general delivery time, packages can be in transit for up to 30 days.


Pending is not one of the sending statuses used by Swiss Post. If you find this status, you may be on a scammer’s website that looks similar to Swiss Post.

Why your Swiss Post package may be pending

In 2022, fake text messages were sent to Swiss Post customers stating their packages were pending additional costs before the item could be delivered.

In these text messages, there was a link. If the customer clicks this link, it leads to a website similar to Swiss Post’s homepage.

This page is a website geared towards taking your payment information and stealing money from you. 

Do not use any links that aren’t sent from Swiss Post’s official platforms and report them to the necessary authorities.

If you have already given your credit card information by a text message or email, make your credit card company aware and report it to the police.

Swiss Post delivery times

Swiss Post delivery times vary. It depends on whether you send something domestically or internationally. After that, there are different levels of order services.  

Most domestic packages are delivered the next working day. But B class mail is delivered in two to three working days. International packages arrive in 3-10 business days

Business class customers can arrange the day and time of delivery with Swiss Post.

Swiss Post delivery times: what time will your package arrive?

Your package will generally arrive during working hours on a weekday, depending on your country.

How late Swiss Post delivers

For domestic deliveries, the delivery time differs according to the principality. In some cities, the latest Swiss Post delivery is 2 pm, while in others, the latest delivery is 9 pm.

Missed packages get delivered before 4.30 pm. Any packages missed after this time carry over to the next day.

International Swiss Post delivery times

For international deliveries, the latest delivery varies according to the standard delivery times in the recipient country.   

Lost and missed Swiss Post deliveries

Most of the time, deliveries come exactly when expected. But, sometimes, deliveries get lost in the mail, or you miss the delivery time. What do you do in this situation?

What happens if you miss a Swiss Post delivery?

If Swiss Post delivers and you are not at home, the delivery person will leave a collection note. The note has days and times you can pick up your package at the local branch's office. 

Your collection note will also let you know how long they can hold your package. You can also handle your order by the My Consignment section of the Swiss Post website or by the app. 

Either option will allow you to schedule another delivery date and time, forward the delivery to a different location, extend the time, or authorize someone else to get your package. 

If the person picking up your package has the same surname on the label and a government-issued ID, this is all required for pickup.

If the person you want to pick up your package has a different last name, you must give their name in a formal ask for  they must have an ID with the exact name on it, and they must have a notarized letter.

How long will Swiss Post hold a package?

If you cannot get your mail, there is another option. For a small fee, you can have Swiss Post hold your mail. 

You can arrange with Swiss Post how long you want them to retain your mail.

What to do if you haven't got your Swiss Post package

The recipient or sender must process a complaint if your post gets lost in the mail. These are the conditions for filing an inquiry for your lost package:

  • Consignment delivered is missing on the track and trace section of the website
  • It is two days after the expected delivery time
  • If you confirm that you have not got your package (verbally or in writing)

Damaged deliveries

If you get your package and it is damaged, you have eight days from the delivery time to report it to the Swiss Post. 

You can report online by e-reporting, on the app under report damage, or by physically taking your package into a branch as proof of damage.

Domestic customers have a year to report damaged packages, and international customers have six months to flag them.

If your package is damaged, you are entitled to compensation once all procedures have been followed.

Swiss Post tracking FAQs

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about Swiss Post tracking, sending, and delivery services.

Is Swiss Post delivery fast?

The short answer is yes. However, the rate you get your package depends on how it was sent. A, A+, and registered domestic letters have a next business day delivery. 

On the other hand, B class letters have a three business day delivery time.

Items sent domestically throughout Switzerland are trackable and have two different types.

PostPac and Bulky Items Goods Economy is an inexpensive way to send items. These packages have a two-business-day sending time. 

If you must track your Swiss Post order take the consignment number of your order and enter it in the tracking section of the official Swiss Post website.

PostPac Priority is more expensive than PostPac Economy but has a shorter delivery time. 

This service has a next business day delivery with a possible Saturday delivery. It is trackable by the Swiss Post tracking system.

A signature requirement can be added on to make the order more secure.

International delivery times are slightly different because of the distance your items have to be sent  Swiss Post has been sending internationally since around 1919. 

International documents have three types of sending services: Registered Mail, Priority Plus, and Urgent Documents.

All categories are sent and delivered with a signature required upon delivery. Delivery time is 3-10 business days, depending on the receiving country and customs clearance times.

Can I track a Swiss Post package by address? 

No, you cannot track your package by the address. When you get your consignment number, it is best to store it somewhere safe so that you can track your package later.

How do I know if my Swiss Post package is stuck in customs?

You can check the status of your package when you track it. If your package is stuck in customs, the status will say customs clearance in progress.

Swiss Post efficiently delivers documents and items regardless of where you send or get a package.

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