Sweden Posten Tracking

Track your Sweden Posten delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

About Sweden Posten

Sweden Posten, also known as PostNord AB, is the postal services operator in the Nordic countries — Sweden and Denmark. Sweden and Denmark own PostNord, with the Swedish entity changing its name to PostNord Group AB in 2015 to distinguish itself as the Swedish branch of PostNord.

PostNord Sweden is a reputable national postal delivery service that offers fast and reliable service to all Swedish residents. Understanding how this business works can give customers critical information on sending and getting packages in the mail. 

Sweden Posten Tracking

How can I find my Sweden Posten tracking number? Understanding the basics of how to track a Sweden Posten package is crucial in avoiding any missed deliveries and staying on top of packages in the mail. We'll show you how to find your Sweden Posten tracking number below.

How to find your Sweden Posten tracking number

You can find your Sweden Posten tracking number and track shipment by looking at the receipt or e-mail from the sender. This receipt is usually sent to the user by a text, e-mail, or barcode on the receipt from the sender or message in the mailbox to the receiver.

The tracking number is usually 13 characters and must be fully inputted to track the order. If you do not have a tracking number and did not get one when booking, contact the sender to find out if the package was sent through Sweden Posten. 

How to track your Sweden Posten location

The quickest way to track your Sweden Posten package location is to use the Postnord website

Visit the home page and enter the order ID number into the space bar under where it says ‘Track your parcel, letter, or pallet.’ Then, use the ‘Track’ button to find out where your package is in transit. 

Lost Sweden Posten Tracking Number

If you lost your Sweden Posten tracking number, it might feel like there is nothing you can do to find your package. However, Sweden Posten offers troubleshooting tips to help you identify your order's location and track shipment. 

How to track a Sweden Posten package without a tracking number

If you do not have your tracking number, you can find a service point to contact a customer service worker in person. Use the ‘Tools’ button and choose ‘Search mailbox or service point.’ Then, enter the address or ‘postnummer’ to find an in-person location and your tracking number.

Suppose the worker cannot give you your tracking number. In that case, you can use other verification information (ex: sender’s address, recipient address, name, order info, etc.) when speaking with the customer service representative to find your package’s status and track shipment. 

Solving Sweden Posten Tracking Issues

Being able to troubleshoot, identify, and fix Sweden Posten tracking issues is essential to recipients and senders who want to figure out the location of their packages via tracking shipment facilities. 

Why you can’t track your Sweden Posten package

There are a few key reasons why you can’t track your package using the barcode and ‘track and trace tool on the Posten website:

  • Incorrect tracking number — If you put the wrong number or miss a number/letter in the sequence, it will not appear in the system. Double-check the code to make sure you are putting the code incorrectly.
  • Website malfunctioning — The second reason you can’t track your package is that the website could be down. This is an internal issue with Sweden Posten will make it hard to track your package online.
  • Lost the tracking number — If you lose the tracking number, it will be harder to track your package. You can’t use the online ‘track and trace’ tool. However, you can verify your identity in person at a Sweden Posten rather than tracking the shipment. 
  • Hasn’t been collected — Another reason why you can’t track your package is that it has not yet been collected from the pick-up location. Even though the pick-up may have been scheduled for a specific time, the driver could be late on their route. 
  • Damaged label — If the label is damaged during the pick-up or transit process, the courier can’t enter the label into the tracking system. Or, the label may be damaged and not scannable by the machine during the pick-up. 

Why your Sweden Posten package is not updating or moving

In addition to why your Sweden Posten package might not be ‘trackable’ in the online system, there is a common cause for why your package might not be moving or updating online when tracking the shipment.

Sweden Posten does not scan orders or packages between terminals or distribution centers, so the tracking may be unavailable at certain moments in the delivery process. This means there is usually a 1-4 day gap when there is no updated tracking information after the initial collection at the sender’s address.

Sweden Posten Tracking Status Explained

Understanding the Sweden Posten tracking statuses can give senders and recipients more updated information about the location of their package in the transit process. 

In transit

If your package is ‘in transit,’ the courier collects it and is en route to its final destination. The final destination is either a domestic delivery within Sweden or an international delivery to another country. 

Why your Sweden Posten package is still in transit

There are usually a few common reasons why a package is in transit for longer than expected:

  • Courier delays — Sometimes, courier delays are due to driver issues, such as missed directions, road closures, or mistaken delivery. If your package is in transit for longer than the initial delivery estimate, consider contacting Sweden Posten ASAP to determine where it is. 
  • Unforeseen circumstances — Extreme weather, political unrest, war, accidents, or border closures can all cause unexpected delays in the delivery process that are out of the hands of the courier. 
  • Border delays — Your package may still be in transit longer than expected if there are delays at the border due to heightened security, improper packaging, or unfinished customs documents. 

How long a Sweden Posten package can stay in transit

The fixed retention time for a package is seven working days. The retention time can extend to 14 days if the customer requests it during domestic deliveries. 


A ‘pending’ package means a delay in the delivery process. 

Why your Sweden Posten package may be pending

There are a few common reasons why your Sweden Posten package is ‘pending’:

  • Courier error — In some instances, the courier, or the driver, made an error with entering the package into the system, package delivery, or sorting the package in the distribution center. In this case, it will be classified as ‘pending’ while the problem is fixed.
  • Border control — A package stuck at border control is considered ‘pending’ since it is delayed and not currently moving in transit to the final destination. Customers should complete the proper documentation and pay necessary import/export fees when sending a package, especially over international borders. 

Sweden Posten Delivery Times

Understanding the basic time frames for Sweden Posten's domestic and international delivery times can give recipients and senders time frames about the estimate for their package. 

Sweden Posten delivery times: What time will your package arrive

The average Postnord delivery time is between 8 am and 4 pm, although packages can sometimes arrive as late as 6 pm on certain days. 

How late Sweden Posten delivers

Sweden Posten delivers packages every day of the week. Most arrive before 6 p.m., ensuring customers in the country get fast, prompt service. Thanks to a streamlined delivery process, everyone can rest assured that goods will be delivered shortly after ordering. Their commitment to short product delivery cycles has kept them at the top of their industry.

However, sometimes packages may take an extra day for delivery. This could be because certain areas have local holidays, which the usual delivery schedules respect. On Sundays, none of the standard routes take place, causing a slight delay in getting the item to you.

All of this is perfectly standard procedure in getting your parcel to its destination!

International Sweden Posten delivery times

There are a few different methods private customers can use for sending packages internationally while using Sweden Posten:

  • EMS International Express — EMS International Express offers private customers fast and safe distribution of important or government-issued documents or goods to the recipient’s door. EMS states that delivery times vary based on the destination country, with most packages delivered in 1-2 weeks. 
  • International Tracked Letter — Sweden Posten offers an ‘international tracked letter’ service, which offers tracked and consistent information for senders and recipients. This service is usable in over 50 countries, giving secure coverage through the transit process. 
  • Letter — Sweden Posten offers a standard ‘letter’ service that allows senders to mail letters up to 2 kilograms to customers within the country and the rest of the world. The average delivery time for international letter sending is 2-5 days. 
  • Parcel Post International — Customers can send packages up to 20 kilograms to other countries in Europe and globally, with most packages arriving at the final destination within 2-5 days.

International delivery also depends on the destination country. Delivery times change based on where the package is delivered globally, with closer countries taking less time than countries geographically farther away. 

  • Nordic Countries — 1-4 days
  • Europe — 4 days-2 weeks
  • United States — 9 days-27 days 
  • Rest of the world — 1 week-3 weeks 

Lost And Missed Sweden Posten Deliveries

Did you miss your Sweden Posten delivery? If so, it is helpful to understand what to do so you can reclaim your package and avoid any ‘return to sender’ items.

Fortunately, Sweden Posten offers alternatives for customers who have misused their deliveries or need to extend their pick-up window. 

What happens if you miss a Sweden Posten delivery

If you miss a Sweden Posten delivery, there are other alternatives you can do to make sure you get your package safely and securely.

Sweden Posten offers troubleshooting solutions and communication possibilities in the Nordic region to help customers retrieve their items.

Sweden Posten provides a comprehensive postal service for all individuals and businesses in Denmark and Sweden. That is why Sweden Posten is dedicated to giving consistent, high-quality customer service.

If you missed your Sweden Posten package but think it was not the sender's or receiver's fault, you can submit a complaint to Sweden Posten. For those who believe PostNord made a mistake, submitting a complaint can help determine your delivery's location.

The fastest way to submit customer feedback or complaints is to contact Sweden Posten by Twitter, Facebook, email, or telephone. You can also use a public claims form to submit feedback or ask questions about a missing package.\

On this form, you must enter your Item ID, product type, sender/receiver/third party status, sender address and name, and other information to give Sweden Posten enough information to find your package.

Lastly, if you missed your Sweden Posten delivery, you can have your package re-sent to a red mailbox for collection whenever you want. You can choose the location for your re-delivery so you can pick up your package when convenient. 

How long Sweden Posten will hold a package

Sweden Posten will hold a package for six days in their specific location. If the sender or receiver has not contacted the customer service agent in time, the package is returned to the sender on day 7.

If customers contact Sweden Posten before one week has expired, they can extend the holding time to 14 days. This is a wise option if customers are traveling and cannot pick up their package.

In some instances, customers may need even longer to retrieve their package. Sweden Posten offers customers the chance to pay extra per day for the postal service to hold their package.

For those who need to pick up their Posten package from the local Post location, you will need a form of ID to pick it up. We recommend bringing a bank card, passport, travel document, or ID card.

What to do if you haven’t received your Sweden Posten package

If you can’t find your Sweden Posten package or do not have it yet, the best thing to do is to contact the company directly with the tracking number. You can give the agent your personal and package information if you do not have your tracking number.

For those who need help tracking their package, especially those who find their status is not updating or have lost their package tracking number, the quickest way to find a package is to use the tracking help page.

If you want to speak to someone immediately, you can also use the customer service phone number, 0771-33 33 10. If you are calling from outside of Sweden, use +46 771 33 33 10.

Customers can also email the company at [email protected]

Sweden Posten Tracking Faqs

Knowing the answers to a few commonly asked questions by Sweden Posten users can give customers an idea of what they can expect from this postal service. 

Is Sweden Posten delivery fast?

Sweden Posten is speedy for domestic and international delivery.

Sweden Posten offers same-day or 1-day delivery for packages and letters within the country and 2-5 day delivery for packages sent internationally (based on the type of service chosen). 

Can I track the Sweden Posten package by address?

Although the tracking number is the easiest way to track a Sweden Posten package, customers can use their or the recipient’s address to track a package.

The best way to do so is to visit a Sweden Post Office in person and explain the situation. Many customer service agents will need the sender’s or recipient’s name, address, and package information before verifying the person’s identity. 

How do I know if my Sweden Posten package is stuck in customs?

Suppose a package is still ‘pending’ in the system for multiple days or weeks. In that case, this indicates the package is currently stuck in the transit process.

Verify the sender or recipient has paid the necessary taxes. For international deliveries, customers can assume this means it is stuck at the border or in the customs process. If this is the case, customers may need to pay an import or export fee for the package to continue. 


Are you worried about the status of your package? Well, don’t be! Sweden Posten offers consistent and reliable package tracking on their online website.

Suppose you can’t remember your tracking number, or it got lost in the shuffle. In that case, you can contact a representative in person to find the status of your package in the pick-up, transit, and delivery process.

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