SpeedPAK Tracking

Track your SpeedPAK delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

If you’ve ever placed an order from China with eBay, chances are SpeedPak was responsible for delivery—as the leading eBay distributor to the US and Europe.

So It’s critical to know where your SpeedPak orders are to avoid the frustration of a missed delivery.

Below, I’ll define what SpeedPak tracking is and cover the difference between status updates. Then I’ll explain how to find any issues and resolve them.

About SpeedPak

eBay and Orange Connex fulfillment partnered to create SpeedPAK to simplify the process of buying from China.

So consumers and businesses can buy goods from China and send them to Europe, and the United States is easier than ever. 

You can send packages as Standard or Economy through SpeedPAK. Standard delivery takes eight to 12 days to travel from China to its destination. In contrast, the economy option doesn't have a set delivery.

As eBay is a partner of SpeedPAK, you can understand how the service simplifies online transactions. It also helps eCommerce shops quickly deliver products to their customers.

When you list an item on eBay, you can choose SpeedPAK as your sending option. The listing auto-calculates your sending fees and estimates the delivery date.

SpeedPAK tracking

Ordering goods online means you have to wait for your package delivery. With SpeedPAK package tracking, you can know where your package is every step of the way. 

So, how do I track my SpeedPAK package?

How to find your SpeedPAK tracking number

The tracking number might be in your confirmation email from the seller. Sometimes, they send you a receipt and will later send details about the order.

If you bought goods from a store in China, you might need to log in to your account on the store's site. You can check your orders on your profile and find sending information there.

You'll find a long number when you want to enter your SpeedPAK tracking shipment information. The tracking starts with EE or ES, followed by an assortment of 26 numbers and letters.

How to track your SpeedPAK location

You can go to the Circuit Package Tracker website or use the app to track your SpeedPAK location. Enter your SpeedPAK order tracking number to find the recent data.

You can find when the courier accepted the package and where it's gone. Employees scan the package for a new sending center, so you'll get regular updates.

With the Circuit Package Tracker, you can find how quickly your package has traveled. That helps you get an idea of when you can expect delivery.

Lost SpeedPAK tracking number

You might want to check your package status but realize you don't have your tracking number. There are a few troubleshooting tips to help with a lost Speedback tracking number.

How to track a SpeedPAK package without a tracking number

You need a number to use the Circuit Package Tracker app for a SpeedPAK tracking order. Check your emails about the order to determine if the seller included the information.

SpeedPAK tracking numbers start with EE or ES and have 26 letters and numbers following them. You can contact the seller or store if you don't find that information on your receipt.

In many cases, the seller sends a buyer confirmation before they send the package. Once they take the package to the courier, they get the tracking number and can forward it to you.

Sometimes the seller will forget to send you this information, so you can contact them to ask. They might forward the information or find the status themselves and update you.

If you can't contact the seller, consider contacting SpeedPAK directly. They might find your tracking number when you give your name, address, and information about the seller.

Solving SpeedPAK tracking issues

SpeedPAK package tracking is affordable and efficient, but you might have some issues. These tips can help you solve your problems and locate your package.

Why you can't track your SpeedPAK package

If you try to track a SpeedPAK shipment but can't find any data, you might have entered the tracking number incorrectly. It's a long number, so that you might have accidentally made a typo.

Please enter the number carefully to make sure you didn't get it wrong. If you have the tracking information from a receipt or sending confirmation, you can copy and paste it to prevent errors.

You can also contact the seller to verify that the tracking number is correct. They might have sent the wrong information and can give you an update about the package's status.

Sometimes the seller will send you tracking information because they've created a label but haven't yet sent the package. 

In that case, you're entering the correct number, but there's no package to track. Wait a day or two and give the seller time to take the package to SpeedPAK for processing.

It might also be the case that SpeedPAK has the package, but it hasn't moved yet. They have the goods from the seller but haven't added the package to international cargo.

Why your SpeedPAK package is not updating or moving

If you check your SpeedPAK order tracking and find it's not updating or moving, there's no need to worry. This issue can happen without it meaning that SpeedPAK has lost your package.

It can take several days to send a package internationally. Standard SpeedPAK orders take 8 to 12 days to arrive, so some of that time includes overseas travel.

Your package might be in the process of moving, but they're not scanning it at new locations. You can't find that it's on the way because there are no updates.

Be patient if you use the Circuit Package Tracker to check your package and it doesn't have recent updates. Check back in a day or two to determine if your package has moved.

SpeedPAK tracking status explained

You might find several different statuses when entering your SpeedPAK tracking order information. They all mean something different when it comes to your package's process.

In transit

If you use the Circuit Package Tracker to track a SpeedPAK order, you might find a status that says your package is "in transit." 

This status reflects a common tracking phrase, so you shouldn't worry when you find it.

Why your SpeedPAK package is still in transit

Finding that your SpeedPAK package is in transit means it's still moving. The status shows whether your package is coming overseas or moving from city to city domestically.

Even if you have an Economy order, your package will still be in transit when the last-mile courier takes over to bring the delivery to your door.

How long a SpeedPAK package can stay in transit

Standard SpeedPAK tracking can take 8 to 12 days, so your package will be in transit. If you use Economy sending, it might be in transit even longer.

Anytime you use the Circuit Package Tracker to find your SpeedPAK delivery, it will show your package as in transit. Only once it's delivered will the status change.


Sometimes you might find the status of "pending." This status can mean different things depending on where your package is in the overall delivery process.

Why your SpeedPAK package may be pending

When the seller creates your order, you can get a tracking number even though they haven't entered your package into the system.

You'll find the pending status if you check your tracking app before SpeedPAK accepts your package. That means your package isn't yet in motion.

Once SpeedPAK accepts your package, you'll find a change in status. The next time you track a SpeedPAK package, you'll find it changes to in transit as the courier puts it in motion.

SpeedPAK delivery times

SpeedPAK package tracking gives you an idea of what date to expect your package, but knowing their delivery times can help you plan your day when it's due.

SpeedPAK delivery times: What time will your package arrive

Using the Circuit Package Tracker helps you find your package throughout its journey. It can help you figure out what day your package will arrive. But it won't give you a specific time.

You must know SpeedPAK's delivery hours to know when your package will arrive. As with many courier services, SpeedPAK delivers during business hours.

You can check the tracking app to find when your package gets close to its destination. If SpeedPAK delivers the product to your door, it can come anytime during the day.

Economy delivery only uses SpeedPAK for the international process. Once it reaches domestic land, another service takes over.

In the United States, the post office accepts SpeedPAK deliveries. Your package will arrive during the times USPS typically delivers.

How late does SpeedPAK deliver

SpeedPAK delivers like many other couriers, often bringing packages later in the evenings and even on weekends. You can get packages during the day and into the evening hours.

You won't get a late-night delivery with SpeedPAK, so you don't have to worry about disruption. 

Using an app to track your package gives you an idea of how close it is to your home. SpeedPAK shipment tracking helps you understand when your package should arrive. 

International SpeedPAK delivery times

International SpeedPAK delivery times can vary depending on the service. Standard sending includes tracking that tells you the location of your SpeedPAK package.

Economy sending, however, only delivers to the country of your destination. At that point, another courier picks up the package for last-mile delivery.

Sometimes, you can still track your package with the SpeedPAK delivery number. Put that information into the Circuit Package Tracker to determine if you get the latest updates.

Otherwise, you might not have a new tracking number for your SpeedPAK package. The company is still strengthening the last-mile connections to give continual updates.

Lost and missed SpeedPAK deliveries

You can miss a SpeedPAK delivery, even using the Circuit Package Tracker app. You might expect it to arrive on a specific day, but a delay could change things.

While tracking your package gives you an idea of the expected delivery date, it doesn't give you an exact time. The time depends on your driver, their route, and other packages they have.

What happens if you miss a SpeedPAK delivery

You could miss the delivery even if you track a SpeedPAK package through the Circuit Package Tracker app or site. If that happens, you don't need to worry about missing your chance.

SpeedPAK delivery drivers often leave packages even if you're not home. Only valuable packages need a signature for delivery.

If you're waiting on a package that needs a signature, you'll find a missed delivery note on your door or in your mailbox. SpeedPAK will leave information about when they'll try again.

Economy sending means your package comes to your door from a third-party courier. You can learn about their missed delivery policies when you know what service it is.

USPS is the last-mile option for United States SpeedPAK deliveries so that you might get your package the next business day. Other companies have different delivery times.

How long will SpeedPAK hold a package?

If you miss a delivery, you don't have to worry about SpeedPAK sending your package back to the seller. They'll hold onto it and attempt delivery for several days.

People who continue missing delivery can contact SpeedPAK directly. They can help you arrange a specific time to get your package.

Economy delivery comes from another courier, so you'll have to contact that service if you keep missing deliveries.

What to do if you haven't gotten your SpeedPAK package

If you haven't gotten your SpeedPAK package, check the Circuit Package Tracker. The status will help you understand what happened.

For the status of delivery, make sure you didn't miss the package. Some drivers will try to hide the package from sight so it won't get stolen. Look around your door and porch.

If the status is still in transit, you can wait another day or two and find out if there are further updates. If it goes beyond your estimated delivery date, contact the seller or SpeedPAK.

SpeedPAK tracking FAQs

You've learned about the company and SpeedPAK package tracking. If you need further information, check out the answers to these frequently asked questions.

Is SpeedPAK delivery fast?

SpeedPAK delivery isn't the fastest international option. You can use another service for overnight or two-day delivery if you need your products immediately.

However, you'll pay more for those services, which are not as reliable as SpeedPAK.

SpeedPAK understands what needs to happen to send a package from China to the United States or Europe. It takes eight to 12 days, but it's a reliable and affordable service.

You can track SpeedPAK shipments with the Circuit Package Tracker for the latest information about delivery times.

Can I track SpeedPAK packages by address?

You can't track a Standard SpeedPAK package by an address. You need the EE or ES tracking number to locate your package.

If your product uses Economy sending, you might track a SpeedPAK package by an address. This change happens because SpeedPAK doesn't deliver Economy packages to your door.

Instead, the company only transports the package from China to Europe or the United States. At that point, a last-mile delivery service picks up the package to bring it to its destination.

Last-mile delivery couriers include sending services like FedEx, USPS, and UPS. Each of these three services allows you to track packages by address.

FedEx offers Delivery Manager, an online dashboard that gives you information about pending packages. You can specify where the driver should leave the package and when.

For USPS, you can sign up for Informed Delivery. Make an online account for your home address and get details about mail and packages on their way to your address.

UPS My Choice is a similar service that shows you tracking for packages you sent from your address and those you're getting. You can also find the delivery window.

How do I know if my SpeedPAK package is stuck in customs?

Packages from China to Europe or the United States can quickly get stuck in customs. Many sellers don't realize they must file paperwork to get customs approval.

SpeedPAK is a service that focuses on sending international packages. Since the company specializes in products coming from China, they know what customs needs.

It's rare for a SpeedPAK package to get stuck in customs because the company is familiar with the necessary paperwork. 

Check the last scanned location if you track a SpeedPAK package and don't find movement. A scan near an international border might mean your package is getting held up in customs.

You can contact customs with your name, address, and tracking number. They can find their records and tell you why your package is stuck.

Sometimes the seller didn't disclose what the package contained. In other cases, it pertains to customs duty, the tax you pay for international transportation.

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