Speed Post Tracking

Track your Speed Post delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

Speed Post is an India to based sending company that has been working to serve every section of the country since 1870. This makes the company older than the current Republic of India, which began in 1950.

India isn't the only focus of Speed Post, as they deliver packages to 100 countries worldwide, including Europe and the United States of America.

The company has a dedication to quick deliveries and keeping the customer informed with Speed Post package tracking. Their 155,015 mail stations create an expansive network that keeps items moving efficiently.

Even remote areas where mail carriers must use alternative delivery methods like biking or walking are reachable for Speed Post.

If you've recently ordered an item and have a Speed Post tracking number, here's all the information you need for smooth delivery.

Speed Post package tracking 

It can be helpful and easy to track a Speed Post order if you've recently ordered a package and it's arriving from this courier. Package tracking keeps you informed as your item safely travels.

For Speed Post tracking, there's a number code you'll need. Then you can check your package's location and status.   

How to find your Speed Post package tracking number

Nowadays, you'll often get tracking numbers in email confirmations. The email will be from the vendor where you ordered the item, or it may come directly from Speed Post. 

Never give personal information or follow links to an email you don't recognize.

Alternatively, if you were the one who sent out a package, you'll likely find your tracking number on your receipt.

If you're struggling to find it, you may find it written as a post consignment number.

For Speed Post package tracking, there is also a chance that your item is a registered post. This premium mail service offers extra security for sensitive or valuable packages.

On registered posts, both the sender and you will give a secure email address where all information will be sent, including your tracking number.

How to track your Speed Post package location 

After finding your Speed Post package tracking number, locating the item should be simple.

On the Speed Post website, you can type in your number and quickly find the exact status of your order.

You'll need to return to this website and retype the information when you want to check for updates. You can also download the Speed Post app for a more convenient experience. 

Alternatively, you can paste the information directly into Circuit Package Tracker. Whichever you choose will give you the most up to to to date information on your item.

You can likely follow a link through a Speed Post email if you have a registered post. You can also go to the registered post tracking page to enter the numbers.

Lost Speed Post tracking number

If you lose your Speed Post package tracking number, you may not enjoy the full benefits of order tracking.

However, there are ways that you can still try to stay updated on your upcoming deliveries.

How to track a Speed Post package without a tracking number

How can I track my Speed Post package? To fully track Speed Post orders, you will need your tracking number.

If you've lost it, you can try to search through old email archives and trash to restore the digital number. If you think you've never got it, try to check spam, as emails can accidentally be flagged.

After searching your email, you can attempt to contact the person sending your package to find if they have a copy they can give.

Without your tracking number, you can't track every movement of your package, but you may find if you have packages coming.

If you have a local India Post Office, you can go inside and ask for information about any pending packages coming towards your address. You'll need to have a form of ID.

This method won't give you the complete range of Speed Post order tracking, but it can keep you in the loop about your deliveries.    

Solving Speed Post package tracking issues 

Speed Post tries to get your package to you safely and quickly, but issues can sometimes arise.

Items in sending can be the wrong weight, get lost in sending, or become held up in customs. Whatever the case, it's good to know how to identify the issues and be aware of what you can do about them.

Why you can't track your Speed Post package

One potential issue relates to being unable to track your Speed Post order, even with your tracking number.

This likely points to an issue with the system. You can try to refresh your browser and check your internet connection first.

There is also the chance that Speed Post hasn't gotten your item yet. Sometimes, vendors will print sending labels before they drop your packages off.

In this case, you may have to wait a few days for Speed Post to get your order before tracking begins.

Additionally, if you manually entered your number to track a Speed Post order, double to check that you typed all the numbers and symbols correctly. They're often long lines of complex text to copy, and a single mistake could result in no tracking.

If there hasn't been any update and you feel there's an issue, consider directly reaching out to Speed Post for help.

Why your Speed Post package is not updating or moving

Once you begin tracking a Speed Post order, you might be disappointed if the progress slows.

There are a few possible explanations for this:

For international orders, companies can't give as detailed updates as they do for smaller journeys.

Even when your item moves between local hubs, you'll likely only find updates when it reaches large centers or moves between countries. During the days between, it may seem to have stopped travel.

However, there is the chance that your item has had a temporary delay or stop. Local weather events, emergencies, and holidays can lead to your package stopping when you may not expect it.

If your item goes longer than a few days without any updates, you can consider reaching out to Speed Post to find if they can give you more information.

Speed Post package tracking status explained

While tracking a Speed Post order, you may find different statuses. These statuses help you monitor which stage of progress your package is going through.

Below are the possible Speed Post statuses to help you keep updated and informed.

In transit    

If your Speed Post package tracking displays "In transit," that means they have your package and have begun to process it.

In other words, your item has started to go through Speed Post facilities and is making its way to your location. It should be safe and arrive quickly.

When you have issues during this phase, you'll want to contact Speed Post directly, as they're solely in charge of it from here.

Why your Speed Post package is still in transit

Packages are in transit for a lengthy period because it is the phase where Speed Post gets most of the traveling done.

Your package might be in transit for a long time for international orders as it travels through countries and customs. There are likely no issues if it takes a while.

Still, occasional hold to ups can occur while you track a Speed Post order. The item could have order updates, weight issues, or address problems that keep it in transit for too long.

If you suspect any issues, contact Speed Post for updates about your item's status in their facilities.

How long a Speed Post package can stay in transit

Speed Post tries to keep deliveries quick, but international sending can still take a while.

For orders from India to the US, you can expect it to take around 15 to 20 days. Registered post is more secure but travels slower at 35 to 40 days.

If your Speed Post package tracking is going between locations in India, it will usually be 2 to 3 days, occasionally reaching 5 with delays or remote destinations.

For registered posts within India, you may get your order in 2 to 5 days or up to 7 days if there are issues.

Remember that your Speed Post order tracking may also have slight delays from holidays, weekends, or local weather occurrences.  


A "Pending" status shows that Speed Post doesn't have your package yet.  

Speed Post is aware that you have an item incoming, and they're prepared to deliver. You can think of pending as a waiting status. 

Why your Speed Post package may be pending

When you track a Speed Post order and find pending, there are a few potential explanations.

First, your vendor or shipper could have bought a sending label but hasn't dropped the item off. Speed Post is simply waiting to begin.

Second, Speed Post may have a warehouse that is overfull. In this case, they have your package but haven't had a chance to process it yet. It's safely waiting in the location until they can get to it.

Finally, your vendor may have dropped your package at Speed Post at an odd business hour or weekend. Speed Post hasn't gotten a chance to work through it yet, but they will probably get to it soon.

Speed Post Delivery times 

Speed Post delivery times vary based on if the order is local or international. They are a fast courier that works hard to deliver items efficiently.

Your Speed Post tracking will likely give an expected day of delivery so you can prepare.

This date is usually the best indicator of how long your package may take to ship and can update throughout the process.

Otherwise, Speed Post has set hours of delivery that you can expect.   

Speed Post delivery times: What time will your package arrive?

For Speed Post order tracking locally, they tend to have deliveries from 9 am to  6 pm. These can vary slightly depending on how remote your location is from the nearest post office.

If you're local to India, you can likely expect your Speed Post item with your regular mail.

Speed Post offers express and priority mail, where the sender can choose a specific time range they'd like the delivery. These options are great if you must be home for essential items.  

How late Speed Post delivers

In local times for deliveries between Indian locations, Speed Post will deliver as late as 6 pm.

If your Speed Post order is tracking internationally, you'll probably have to refer to local courier delivery times for an estimate.    

International Speed Post delivery times 

Speed Post doesn't have individual couriers in other nations, so it's a different story for these items.

For international Speed Post package tracking, they will likely transfer your item to a local courier. You may get a new tracking number to find local progress, or you can expect it with local mail.

Lost and missed Speed Post deliveries  

Errors or mistakes can occasionally lead to your Speed Post package becoming lost, or you may miss the delivery.

Luckily, there are a few solutions to these issues. Most of the time, you can still get your item safely.

Speed Post package tracking is ideal because it can help you watch for issues and work on solving them before they become neglected.  

What happens if you miss a Speed Post delivery  

Despite the updates from Speed Post package tracking, there might still be times that you miss the delivery day of your item.

If you're international, the courier may leave a slip that they tried to deliver and give you a way to contact the courier to reschedule or a timeframe for when you can expect a reattempt.

For local deliveries, Speed Post has a few options they may try if you miss it. Depending on your package, they may leave it at your door or mailbox.

Speed Post will sometimes try to go to your neighbors to find if they will hold the item for you. They try to come back the next morning to redeliver for express deliveries.

Finally, Speed Post will bring your item to the local post office and hold it.  

How long will Speed Post hold a package?

When you miss a delivery from Speed Post, they may hold your package at a local post office. Typically, they will keep it for up to 18 days if your shipper has paid all the postage properly.

Speed Post holds it for a bit longer, up to 21 days for special packages with custom charges.   

What to do if you haven't got your Speed Post package

If you find that your Speed Post package tracking hasn't come yet, but the status says delivered, or it's past the expected arrival date, you may have a serious issue.

Speed Post may have lost your package in transit. Alternatively, other people may have stolen your item while outside your home.

In either case, you must contact Speed Post to get information about the order. They'll give you a complete update from their end.

Keep your tracking information handy for any calls to Speed Post to help the process.    

Speed Post FAQs  

You may still have a few questions if you know a few basics about the Speed Post order tracking process.

Below are some frequently asked questions to help keep you in the loop about your delivery.   

Is Speed Post delivery fast? 

Speed Post's primary goal is quick delivery, as you may tell from the name. They differ from the basic Indian postal service for this reason.

In the large country of India, they can usually deliver anywhere in just 2 to 3 days. They often max out at seven days for long to distance and secured packages.

International sending is a bit different and can take up to 20 days. In some cases, this time can even last 40 days.   

Can I track Speed Post packages by address? 

The only way to properly track a Speed Post order is with a tracking number. This method gives you progress updates as it travels.

If you don't have a tracking number and live locally in India, you can give your address to the nearest Post Office. 

With an ID, they can tell you if any packages are coming, but you won't track them.   

How do I know if my Speed Post package is stuck in customs?

Customs is the process that international orders must pass through to guarantee safety for each country. While it's frustrating, it is a crucial step.

You may notice your international order doesn't have many updates as it usually only shows changes between significant landmarks.

Often a significant portion of in transit times for international packages is spent in customs. If you notice that your package is stuck at a hub near a border, it's a good sign it's in the middle of a customs process.

Try patiently waiting a few days for any updates to find if it switches countries.

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