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About SFC

SendfromChina (SFC) is a Chinese logistics company that can prepare, ship, and store packages for its customers.

SendfromChina is a comprehensive solution for companies' and individuals' packaging and delivery needs. They can handle small packages to massive orders, and many trust them because they’re reliable and fast. 

SFC's intention is to make international and fast shipping affordable and accessible. 

SFC package tracking is relatively easy, and you can also track your SFC order through other package tracking services. Continue for more details about SFC services and their delivery process. 

SFC package tracking

If you want information on SFC package tracking, this section discusses how to track your packages and find a tracking number. 

How to find your SFC package tracking number

SFC will send your package tracking number in an email or as an e-receipt when you place your order with a seller. 

If you have lost this email and did not record the tracking number for your records, you will either have to wait for your order's arrival without being able to track it or log in to your SFC account.

To track orders associated with your account, go to the SFC account login page and enter your credentials.

If you did not register and activate your account before placing the order, you might not find the tracking number within your account. If you did not set up an account, creating one now will not give you access to your tracking number. 

In summary, if you did not save your tracking number and did not create and activate an account, you cannot track where your package is. 

How to track your SFC package location

If you have your tracking number, SFC tracking is easy and fast! To track an order through SFC, you need to have the tracking number and the destination address of the delivery. If you have this information, follow the steps below to track an order:

  1. Go to the User Center on the SFC website and select Order Management. 
  2. Under the Order Management tab, select Shipped Orders. 
  3. Click the order you want to track if you have an account. Otherwise, enter the inquiry address and the tracking number. 
  4. Click on Delivery Details, and you can find the location and journey of your package. 

SFC tracking is easy as long as you have the necessary information. If you lose your tracking number or neglect to make an account, finding the delivery details can be much more challenging. 

Lost SFC tracking number

Finding the delivery details for your SendfromChina delivery is almost impossible If you have lost your SFC tracking number.

SFC only allows you to track orders if you have the tracking number for privacy reasons and to make sure packages or customer information are not stolen

Even if you contactSFC customer service, they are unlikely to give you the tracking number unless it’s necessary. There is a slim chance they will resend the tracking information if you give enough personal information to verify the package is yours or intended for you. 

So it’s important to save your e-receipt when you place your order.

This e-receipt will contain the tracking number, and it’s the easiest way to track your package. Plus, if anything goes awry with your delivery, the e-receipt is extremely helpful when getting a refund or communicating with SFC customer service. 

If you take anything away from this informational article, let it be this: save your e-receipt and tracking number! To be extra safe, write down the tracking number too, and keep it in a safe place. 

How to track an SFC package without a tracking number

The odds of finding your delivery and tracking details without your tracking number are low. SFC would rather have you wait for your package to arrive than release sensitive information to the wrong party. 

The best way to track an SFC package if you misplaced your tracking number is to sign into your SFC user account if you have one.

There is a small possibility that if you contact SFC customer service, they may send you your tracking number or update you on your package location. However, there is no guarantee. 

Solving SFC package tracking issues

It is unlikely that you can track your SFC order if you do not have your tracking number.

If you have your tracking number and cannot find your delivery details, you must call SendfromChina customer service for help.

The safest thing to do is copy and paste your tracking number from your SFC user account or your SFC e-receipt. Once you are 100 percent sure you entered the correct tracking number, contact customer service.

Why you can’t track your SFC package

There are two main reasons you cannot track your package:

  1. You have the wrong tracking number
  2. Your package is not in the tracking system yet

Even if you can’t track your package, you can likely trust SFC to deliver it anyway. If you feel confident you have the correct tracking number and it still isn’t working, give it a day or two and try again. 

You can contact customer service, but if you wait until the expected delivery date, you can expect the package to arrive on time. In high-priority and emergencies, you can contact customer service immediately to fix the tracking problem. 

If you try to check your package delivery details immediately after placing an order, you may be checking too early. It usually takes a few hours up to 24 hours for SendfromChina to update your tracking information. 

Why your SFC package is not updating or moving

Short delays in the system information or the delivery process are standard. If your package does not move or update for 24 hours, it’s likely still processing.

But, if days pass and your package has no updates or changes, it may be lost or stuck at a certain location. 

Watch for changes in your delivery tracking. If your package status has keeped the same for an extended period, contact SFC or the person who sent the package to you.

Packages get lost sometimes, so someone may have misplaced your package accidentally. 

To find out the problem, you’ll have to contact SFC and explain the situation. If the expected delivery date passes and there are still no updates, there is likely something wrong, and you should reach out as soon as possible to remedy the situation. 

SFC package tracking status explained

The tracking status of your package under your delivery details can be confusing.

SFC order tracking will show various order statuses, so here, we’ll explain the two most commonly confused package statuses you may have. 

In transit

An ‘'In Transit'’ status for your SFC tracking order status means your package is on the way. But, it won’t yet tell you where the package is, or how much of its journey has been completed.

Why your SFC package is still in transit

Your package is likely still 'In Transit' because there weren’t many updates needed. Packages that travel a shorter distance with SFC don’t have many updates. 

There are many possible reasons your package is still 'In Transit', but it usually means your package is on its way, so you don’t need to stress. You can always contact SFC customer service if you are worried. 

How long an SFC package can stay in transit

Your SFC package should not stay 'In Transit' for more than a few days, depending on the delivery window. Technically, the package status can keep as 'In Transit' until the package arrives at its destination. 

But if the expected delivery date passes and the package status is still 'In Transit', contact customer service for help. 


‘Pending’ usually means your package has not yet entered the SFC tracking system. Usually, the SendfromChina system will update along the way. So keep checking back to find your delivery status. 

A long-term 'Pending' status can show a problem with your package delivery. If you place your order and the status stays 'Pending' for more than 48 hours, you may want to contact customer service. Below are possible reasons your package is ‘Pending’. 

Why your SFC package may be pending

‘Pending’ sometimes means payment issues.

If you placed an order and there was an issue with your payment, your delivery will keep 'Pending' until you fix the issue. Usually, SFC or a courier will contact you if this is the problem. 

Another problem with SendfromChina is that the package never makes it into the system.

A 'Pending' status could mean the package was scanned incorrectly. So it doesn’t show the correct delivery updates. 

If your package shows a 'Pending' status for more than a day or two after placing the order, there is likely something wrong with the order or the tracking system. Contact customer service for the status of your package. 

SFC delivery times

Some people want to know what time of day to expect their package delivered from SFC.

SFC is not a courier service, so your package will be delivered by one of their courier partners.

This means SendfromChina will deliver your package within business hours. Usually, between 8 am and 6 pm. However, depending on the delivery courier, you should expect your package to arrive up to 8 pm. 

SFC delivery times: What time will your package arrive?

SFC has decent delivery speeds, with most people getting their packages within five to seven business days. Often, people get their packages in three to five working days, as five days or less is the timeframe SFC aims for with all packages. 

Sometimes, SFC will even deliver a standard package in under 48 hours. This depends on the location of the destination and where the package originated from. SFC does not guarantee 48-hour delivery for standard shipping. 

Your order may have an issue if your SFC package takes more than seven business days. Even for international orders, this is the longest SFC report their packages to take. 

Express shipping

Even better than SFC’s standard shipping is their express shipping option. Express shipping services with SFC are outstanding, arriving at the destination within a 24 to 48-hour window. 

SFC guarantees you will have your express order within 48 hours of completing the order, making this a popular choice for people who need fast and reliable shipping services

Domestic or continental express orders usually arrive just after 24 hours following the order placement. Express orders that must travel farther usually take between 40 and 48 hours to arrive.   

International SFC delivery times

SFC is one of the best package carriers for international orders because they deliver them in the same time frame they deliver domestic and continental packages. Even if your package ships internationally, it should still arrive within three to seven business days. 

International orders can arrive as early as three days, depending on the destination and origin.

SFC offers the same standard shipping guarantee for international orders and comparable prices. For these reasons, SFC is a popular choice for international orders because they’re prompt and affordable. 

Lost and missed SFC deliveries

You need to contact customer service if you believe your SFC delivery was lost.

To do this, go to ‘Track My SFC Shipment’ on the website dashboard and double-check your package status before contacting the SendfromChina customer service team.

SFC will usually issue a refund and possibly a credit if they cannot find your package. First, they’ll launch an investigation into where your package is. The good news is that SFC customers rarely report lost packages. 

How long will SFC hold a package?

If SFC packages your order in their distribution center, they will hold onto it for 30 days.

SFC will not hold your shipment If you choose to package it. SendfromChina will start your delivery process after you place an order with them.

What to do if you haven’t received your SFC package

If you have not received your SFC package after seven business days, you should check its delivery details and contact the SendfromChina customer service team. 

Use your SFC tracking number and address to find the status of your order. Contact SFC customer service if your status stays the same for more than three days. 

SendfromChina (SFC) FAQs

Check out the frequently asked questions about SFC below for more information. 

Is SFC delivery reliable?

SFC delivery is a very reliable carrier. They claim to rarely lose packages, and customer reviews show how they love how speedy delivery with SendfromChina is. 

Can I track SFC packages by address?

You cannot track your package with SFC If you only have an address. You must also have your SendfromChina tracking number. Check your inbox for a confirmation email. 

How do I know if my SFC package is stuck in customs?

If your package is stuck in customs, you will get a letter from a customs officer explaining why the package was stopped and what choices you have. SFC will not contact you if this is the case. 

What is the SFC Warehouse?

Like Amazon, SFC allows sellers to use their SFC Warehouse to fulfill orders. Here, SFC will package, prepare, and send your orders for delivery.

In addition to packaging services, the SFC Warehouse will hold onto your order for 30 days if you’re not ready to collect it.

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