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Track your SF Express delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

If you’ve ever placed an order from or within China, chances are you’ve used SF Express. The leading logistics and delivery services in the country and worldwide.

However, It’s critical to know where your SF Express order is to avoid the frustration of a missed delivery.

Below, I’ll define SF Express tracking and the difference between status updates. Then I’ll explain how to find any issues and resolve them.

SF Express tracking guide

SF Express delivers to many international countries, including the US, Canada, Brazil, South Korea, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Mexico, Indonesia, and more.

With SF Express package tracking, you can monitor your package throughout its journey. Including where it has been, where it is now, and at what status.

How to find your SF Express tracking number

Like most delivery logistics services, SF Express uses a barcode and tracking number system. The first thing you need to follow a package is an SF Express tracking number.

All SF Express tracking numbers combine letters and numbers and vary depending on where your order is going and the contents.

The sender will send your SF Express tracking number in a confirmation email. Contact the seller if they need to send you one.

After you get an SF Express tracking number, you can use it to stay updated throughout your package's journey—including where it is and at what status.

How does SF Express tracking work?

Depending on where it's going from and to, your package may travel through many checkpoints to its destination. SF Express will scan it at each scheduled stop.

When someone from SF Express scans your package, your tracking number will update Circuit Package Tracker with the location and status.

Now you know how to find your SF Express tracking number, finding your order should be easy—here is how to do that!

How to track your SF Express package location

There are a few ways to trace your SF Express package with your tracking number, but the easiest is to search at the top of this page.

To use Circuit Package Tracker, copy and paste the number from your confirmation email into the search above and hit “Track package” or enter to get your package's status.

You can also use the SF Express track and trace tool.

Lost SF Express tracking number

There are many ways in which package delivery can face problems.

For example, traffic on the road can lead to delays at the airport, or customs can hold your package and cause a hold-up.

Here we explore some of the most common reasons and what you can do to help.

Solving SF Express tracking issues

Not knowing where your SF Express package is can be difficult. The good news is there are a few possible reasons that you can quickly fix.

For instance, traffic on the road can lead to delays at the airport, or customs can hold your package and cause hold-ups for an unknown time.

Use our troubleshooting guide below to help diagnose and fix the most common SF Express tracking issues.

Along with typos in entering your tracking number, other reasons you can’t track your SF Express packages may include network problems or technical difficulties. SF Express quickly resolves these.

Try tracing your package too soon after the seller sends you confirmation. In this case, wait up to 24 hours for SF Express to scan the package.

Why your SF Express package is not updating or moving

After the seller sends you a tracking number, there may be a lack of progress on the route for a few reasons.

The first (and most likely) is after SF Express collects your package, they can only update your tracking information when they scan it. Sometimes you can experience a delay between your package pickup and when the courier scans it into the next facility on the route.

Technical problems can also cause tracking information to stop updating. If this happens, contact SF Express, and they will help you solve the problem.

SF Express tracking status explained

SF Express uses several statuses to describe the state of your package on its route. These include “package information obtained,” “imported to the destination country,” several customs-related statuses, and more. 

However, the two most common SF Express tracking order statuses are "in transit" and "pending."

In transit

Many think ‘in transit’ means the same thing as "out for delivery," but that’s not usually the case. SF Express and most other couriers use "in transit" when your package travels most of its distance on a boat, cargo plane, or truck. 

"Out for delivery" is usually only used when a package has reached its last few miles of delivery distance, while ‘in transit’ describes the rest of its travel distance. 

Sometimes couriers like SF will partner with more local couriers for the last few miles of a package’s journey. If this is the case, the ‘out for delivery’ status usually says when SF Express handed off the package to your local courier. 

Why your SF package is still in transit

Your SF package could still be in transit for several reasons, but import/export and customs laws are one of the most common with international packages. Each country has somewhat different rules and regulations that must be followed. 

Additional factors impacting the "in transit" status of your package could include the weather and any civil or economic unrest in the current country. Port issues, for example, can keep your parcel in transit or customs for long periods. 

Alternatively, a simple glitch in the system may cause your SF package to stay "in transit."

How long can an SF package stay in transit?

Generally, the length of time an SF package can stay in transit depends on where your package originates. For example, deliveries within mainland China won’t take as long as a delivery to the United States. 

A package being sent overseas could take up to two weeks, depending on the selected method. However, SF packages usually take an average of four to six days, depending on the region of China it originates from. 

If your package is stuck in transit for longer than two weeks, contact SF or your seller to identify any issues that may be holding it up. 


SF Express will update your tracking information from “in transit” to "pending" when it arrives at a hub. At this stage, SF Express is sorting and preparing your package for delivery or the next step of your delivery route.

Why your SF Express package may be pending

There are many reasons why your SF package may be pending for longer than you expect, including customs checks and restrictions in the destination country.

Contact SF Express if your package has been pending for more than 72 hours and you are concerned about its “pending” status.

SF Express delivery times

SF delivery depends on your package s start point and destination. For example, domestic packages within China will arrive quickly, but international packages take longer. 

Generally, SF Express packages sent internationally take an average of seven working days to arrive. Keep the many factors that affect this timeline in mind.

Additionally, SF may hand off packages to more local couriers for the last few miles of the journey. In this case, delivery time is dependent on the chosen delivery partner. 

SF Express delivery times

The exact timing of your package’s arrival depends on several factors, including whether SF Express transferred your package to a local courier. 

For example, UPS offers a great example of one of these local couriers in the United States.

UPS delivery hours are 9 am to 9 pm local time on weekdays and 9 am to 7 pm on Saturdays. Sunday deliveries are only available to those who pay extra. 

So, if your SF delivery status says your package will be delivered by the end of the day, it should come before 9 pm on a weekday or 7 pm on a Saturday. 

How late SF Express delivers

SF Express delivers until 6.30 pm local time in Singapore and 6 pm in Thailand, Mongolia, the United States, South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Russia, India, and Mexico. 

SF delivers until 7 pm in Japan and 5.30 pm in Myanmar, Australia, and Indonesia.

Meanwhile, deliveries in Canada and Cambodia happen until 5 pm local time. 

If your package has an out-for-delivery status, it should arrive by the times above. Recheck your tracking number to find any updates or whether your package was delivered.

International SF Express delivery times

Many factors impact international SF Express delivery times. Including the weight and size of your package, customs, and package handling laws of the destination country.

Sending a package from China to the United States can take between three to seven working days, depending on whether you paid for express delivery.  

Packages from China to Mexico or Canada take five to seven working days. 

Packages from China to South Korea or Malaysia take between one and five working days, depending on where in China your package originates from. 

An SF Express package takes between two and four working days to reach Singapore and Japan, while it would take between three and five working days to arrive in Myanmar, India, Mongolia, Thailand, and Vietnam. 

Allow between three and six working days for an SF Express package to get to Australia, Cambodia, or Indonesia. 

Finally, an SF package to Russia will take six to ten working days. 

Lost and missed SF Express deliveries

Sometimes deliveries go missing—SF Express is no exception. You can consider your package lost if it has been more than ten days since your estimated delivery date and SF Express has not updated your tracking status.

Here’s what you need to do.

What happens if you miss an SF delivery?

If you miss your SF delivery, they will leave a “Delivery Absence Notice” and make another delivery attempt.

You can also contact SF Express and reschedule the delivery.

How long will SF Express hold a package?

SF will hold your package at their facilities for two days. After two days, they will hold your package indefinitely. However, you will be charged an SF Express Retention Service Fee for every working day they hold it. 

The fee increases daily, but weekends and public holidays don’t count. In this case, you must contact SF Express to reschedule delivery or pickup. 

What to do if you haven’t got your SF Express package

SF Express tracking means they will unlikely lose your order, but you will be alerted if this happens. In any case, there are a few steps you can take:

  1. Use Circuit Package Tracker to check customs aren’t holding the package or that you did not miss the delivery.
  2. Contact the sender to ask if they have any extra information.
  3. If the sender cannot help, contact SF Express and ask them to investigate.

SF Express tracking FAQs

Whether you are waiting for a package or are a merchant sending orders through SF Express, there are a lot more questions you might have about SF Express tracking.

Below, we’ve answered some of your most common tracking questions. You can also check the SF Express FAQ for more general help.

Is SF Express delivery fast?

SF Express delivery takes no longer than ten working days whether you’re shipping to the United States, Mexico, Canada, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Myanmar, India, Mongolia, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Cambodia, Indonesia, or Russia. 

Can I track SF Express packages by address?

You cannot track your SF Express package by the address. If you lose your SF Express tracking number, the fastest way to find it is by contacting the sender.

You can also contact SF Express if the sender cannot help.

How do I know if my SF Express package is stuck in customs?

Your SF Express tracking status will state if customs has your package. You can check this using your tracking number and Circuit Package Tracker.

Usually, the customs office clears your package within a few hours and notifies you if they choose to hold it for longer. Contact your local customs office if they hold it for more than two days without sending you a notification.

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