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Track your Sendle delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

About Sendle

Sendle are an Australian package logistics company servicing over 220 countries worldwide and Australia's first delivery company that’s 100% carbon neutral.

Sendle uses a global network of courier partners to deliver packages and goods within the final mile. They do not have a courier network – preferring to focus on developing the logistics and software for retailers.

If you’re still wondering, “How do I track my Sendle package?” find out below.

Sendle package tracking

Sendle tracking order features are easy to use, and you can track your package online. Every package they send has a reference number to help identify where it is in the delivery process. 

Plus, you can send a Sendle package from anywhere with their free label printing and pick-up or drop-off service.

You should get an email notification when Sendle delivers your package.

How to find your Sendle package tracking number

To track Sendle orders, you will need to find your tracking number. Sendle will send you a unique tracking number in your confirmation email.

If you’re responsible for sending the package, it is a good idea to add your recipient’s email address so they also get the tracking information and notification emails. 

Your Sendle tracking number is six to eight characters and will begin with the letter ‘S’.

How to track your Sendle package location

To track your Sendle order, just enter your unique Sendle tracking number in the search box on the Sendle tracking tool and hit "Track my parcel" to get a quick post-tracking snapshot.

Your Sendle courier will scan the package each time it is moved. This will update your tracking information to show you where your package is – and where it has been – on its route.

Your tracking information will also show your package's delivery stage. For example, whether it is on its way to its destination or out for delivery.

Lastly, you can find your possible delivery date. The delivery date is not a guarantee and is only an estimate.

Your estimated delivery date will only show up with the tracking information when it is available.

Lost Sendle tracking number

Sendle sends your tracking information in your confirmation email. 

If you have lost your tracking information, you can do the following:

How to track a Sendle package without a tracking number

If you have lost your tracking number for your Sendle package, as long as you have access to your online Sendle account, you can still find your package information. 

Your recent packages will be available on your dashboard on Sendle's website. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Sendle account online 
  2. Head over to the dashboard
  3. Check the list of your recent orders
  4. Take down the accompanying tracking information

You can contact Sendle customer support if you cannot access your account or for more help.

Solving Sendle package tracking issues

A few things may happen when you track a Sendle package. Here’s what they most likely are, and what you can do about them.

Why you can't track your Sendle package

If you cannot track your Sendle package, it may just be too soon. 

Although the tracking information is available almost immediately, this doesn't mean your package has already begun moving towards its destination. 

Having a tracking number available means that it is registered in the Sendle system or with a local courier. Updates will usually start as soon as your package moves.

Another other possibility is that the courier may have missed scanning your package. It is especially easy to forget to scan a package or two when working with 1000s of packages daily.

Why your Sendle package is not updating or moving

If you haven't found an update in a while, Sendle packages can take up to 24 hours for the tracking information to update.

The other issue is the impact of factors such as seasonal weather and events on travel times.

Sendle package tracking status explained

Sometimes, your tracking status may sound confusing. There are terms like "in transit," "pending," and "undeliverable," but what do they even mean?

In transit

You may find your delivery status is "In Transit.” This status means that your package is on the move towards its destination. 

Why your Sendle package is still in transit

Your package will still be considered "in transit" until it is delivered.

Sometimes the Sendle may miss a package when scanning due to human error. There have even been times that a package arrived before the status of your package was updated.

Contact customer support if it has been more than two days past the estimated arrival time and there are no recent updates. 

Usually, if your package hasn't arrived, it means that the order is just delayed and may be taking longer than expected. A delayed package does not mean it is lost.

How long a Sendle package can stay in transit

A package will stay “in transit” until it is out for delivery. The time it takes to deliver a package will vary based on where it came from and where it will go.

There is no guarantee of how long it will take for your package to be delivered. You will get an estimated delivery date when it is sent, but this is not a guarantee. The actual delivery can be off by a day or two. 

Usually, Sendle packages are only in transit for a few days, but they can take up to ten days. Transit times may take up to 30 days for international packages.

Sometimes, you may find that your Sendle package is "pending."


A “Pending” status means that Sendle has not yet processed your package.

Why your Sendle package may be pending

A "pending" status on your Sendle package usually means that your package is in the system but has not yet been sent.

So, if you're finding this status when trying to track your Sendle package, chances are that you just checked too soon. 

Check back in a day or two to find if any progress has been made. If there is no progress after two business days, contact Sendle customer support.

Sendle delivery times

Sendle has various delivery times depending on your chosen service.

Sendle delivery times: what time your package will arrive

Sendle offers a two-day and same-day express option for packages within Australia. Your packages must be collected by noon for express sending to be delivered on time.

Sendle also offers a standard delivery service, where delivery will take around four to six business days.

Sendle uses a network of courier partners to deliver packages for the final mile. This means delivery times can vary based on the courier’s route, hours of operation, and standard delivery times.

To have your package arrive at an exact time, use the Sendle express service. 

How late Sendle delivers

Since Sendle uses delivery partners for the last mile of delivery, how late they deliver depends on the courier and their delivery schedule.

Sendle's delivery partners generally pick up or deliver packages between 8 am and 6 pm Monday to Friday, not including holidays.

The timing of the deliveries also will depend on whether your package was sent within Australia or if it is international. Some international delivery partners may have later delivery hours.

International Sendle delivery times

Like Australia, Sendle uses delivery partners for international delivery.

The times the courier will deliver your packages internationally depend on the local delivery courier. Each delivery service has its own hours of operation.

Lost and missed Sendle deliveries

Sometimes Sendle may miss or fail your delivery. Here’s why that is and what you can do about it.

What happens if you miss a Sendle delivery

Sometimes, the Sendle delivery partner may attempt your delivery and mark it as undeliverable. A status marked "undeliverable" can happen if the courier doesn't feel comfortable leaving your package or they cannot reach the location.

Some reasons for this may be:

  • If the courier is concerned that your package could get stolen or it is damaged;
  • if they had restricted or blocked access, such as a locked gate or loose dog; or
  • you have given Sendle the wrong address.

If you missed your delivery, this does not mean you won’t get your package. 

Sendle will notify you by email if you miss your package delivery. The driver may also leave a card, or Sendle may notify you on your account dashboard. 

Depending on the Sendle delivery partner, they will likely attempt to redeliver your package.

How long will Sendle hold a package?

Sometimes, a package must be held temporarily after the courier has tried to deliver it. If your package is deemed undeliverable, Sendle will hold your package while waiting for more information from you.

If Sendle does not hear from the sender within five days, your package will be automatically returned to the sender for safety. 

What to do if you haven't got your Sendle package

If it is past the estimated delivery date and your package has not arrived, contact Sendle. 

You will need to contact their customer support if more than two days have passed since the expected arrival date. The package may just be delayed, but packages sometimes go missing.

Sendle offers free insurance covering lost or damaged packages. The coverage Sendle offers insures packages up to $100, plus the cost of sending per package that has been lost or damaged.

You must contact Sendle to start a claim if your package is damaged or lost. You may need to include proof of value when you send your claim.

Sendle FAQs

Is Sendle delivery fast?

Sendle can be pretty quick, with most orders taking one to four business days to arrive at their destination. You will be given an estimated arrival day before placing the order.

Express options are available if your package needs to be delivered before the estimated delivery day. Sendle can deliver some packages as quickly as the same day.

Is Sendle cheaper than Auspost?

Sendle guarantees that their prices are lower than Auspost rates, based on packages weighing between 500 grams and 25 kilograms sent within the same city and national zones.

How do I know if my Sendle package is stuck in customs?

Sendle will mark your package with the status if it is stuck in customs. You must contact customs directly to find out why this is the case.

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