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Safexpress is the global leader in India’s supply chain and logistics for eCommerce. So, if you’ve ever bought an item online within India, the chances are that Safexpress has delivered it.

For businesses, Safexpress offers many delivery services—including nationwide express distribution, to ship to every corner of India.

As a customer, just place an order through a partner eCommerce site, and you’ll get Safexpress tracking to know exactly where it is. It also means you’ll always be available to collect your package.

Below, we’ll define what Safexpress tracking is and cover the difference between the most common status updates. Then we’ll explain how to find any issues and resolve them.

About Safexpress

Safexpress can deliver anything quickly and reliably through their Safextension Service, a network of 730 delivery gateways covering “every square inch of India.”

Along with supplying full-service logistics and large-scale eCommerce distribution, Safexpress also offers individual services—such as delivering packages.

With a fleet of ground distribution vehicles and shipments by air, Safexpress can even help move the contents of your home across the country.

Safexpress tracking

Safexpress tracking comes as standard with most orders and is easy to use with Circuit Package Tracker, so you'll always know when to expect delivery.

Here's what you need to do to track your order:

Find your Safexpress tracking number

You can find your Safexpress tracking number by checking your confirmation email from the seller. That email should arrive after Safexpress collects your order from the merchant, or dispatches it from a warehouse facility.

Track your Safexpress package location

Circuit Package Tracker makes finding your Safexpress deliveries easy. Just copy and paste your tracking number from your confirmation email into the search above.

Circuit Package Tracker will show you where your package is and give you an accurate delivery estimate and time on the day.

Lost Safexpress tracking number

Everyone loses a tracking number from time to time. Sadly, you cannot track your Safexpress package without one, so follow the steps below to find yours.

How to track a Safexpress package without a tracking number

You cannot track a Safexpress package without your tracking number. Here are some quick ways to find it:

  1. Check your email inbox and spam folders and search for your confirmation email.
  2. Message the sender and let them know—probably your fastest option.
  3. Contact Safexpress—likely your slowest option.

Solving Safexpress tracking issues

Even with Safexpress, your package may hit unforeseen complications or delays. Most of the time, Safexpress resolves issues quickly, and you won’t need to do anything yourself.

Read on to find answers to the most common tracking issues and how you can fix them.

Why Safexpress tracking isn’t working

There are a few reasons you might struggle to track your Safexpress package. Firstly, placing your order and shipping your package can take a day or two.

If you order something online, the merchant may not have the package ready for pickup immediately. Allow a few days for Safexpress to put the tracking information in their system.

Secondly, be sure you have typed the correct tracking number and double-check that you have the correct information.

The issue may be with the merchant if more than a day or two has passed. They may have problems filling your order quickly, so Safexpress does not yet have your package. You can contact the merchant directly to check. 

Thirdly, if the merchant has handed your package to Safexpress, your tracking information may be unavailable because the Safexpress system is broken. Allow a few days for them to fix it.

Most businesses will send two messages, one confirming your order and the other letting you know your package has been sent. After which, it is the responsibility of Safexpress to get your package to its destination.

Why your Safexpress package is not updating or moving

Deliveries are prone to any number of delays beyond the drivers’ control. Be mindful of how far your package is traveling. Extreme weather, road traffic, and local holidays may slow down your delivery. 

During delays, it may seem as though your package is not updating. You can be sure the delivery team is trained to handle unexpected delays and work on resolving the issue. 

Safexpress tracking explained

Once the merchant has prepared your order, Safexpress will collect and process the order. This step can take about 24 hours.

Typically, your order status will say one of two things: “In transit” or “Pending.” Here’s a guide to what those mean.

In transit

If your status says “in transit,” your package has left the warehouse and is on its way. You can use Circuit Package Tracker with your Safexpress tracking number to find where it is and at what status.

As your package travels along its route, Safexpress won’t give you precise, real-time locations. Instead, you will find the last place that Safexpress scanned it.

When your status changes from “in transit” to “out for delivery,” that means your package should arrive that day.

Why is your Safexpress package still in transit?

Your Safexpress tracking information will estimate when your package should arrive. There are several reasons why your package may be delayed past the estimate.

Severe weather, traffic, labor shortages, or truck malfunctions could play a role in any delays. Unusually large sending volumes may also slow the process as warehouses and drivers must manage more packages.

Shipping delays are fairly standard in India. Traffic jams are the leading cause of delays. For time-sensitive deliveries, it’s best to send by air across far distances. Safexpress offers expedited air sending for an additional cost.

How long a Safexpress package can stay in transit


Your package status will be pending before your package is in transit. “Pending” means your order is likely still with the merchant and Safexpress has yet to collect it.

It may also take a day or two for Safexpress to update your package in their system. In this case, your status will stay “Pending.”

Why your Safexpress package may be pending

If your status remains pending for more than a few days, there may be an issue with your package  It may not be packed correctly, or it may contain something Safexpress is unable to ship.

In most cases, Safexpress will work directly with the merchant to resolve the issue. Contact Safexpress for help if the pending status stays for several days after the merchant sent your package.

Safexpress delivery times

Safexpress Delivery times vary based on how far your package is traveling and whether it is by ground or air. However, domestic deliveries usually arrive by 8 pm, from Monday to Saturday.

Most packages arrive between seven and 14 days. However, if your destination is across India  or not on the Indian mainland, Safexpress may take longer to deliver.

Safexpress will hand your package to another courier if your delivery is international. In this case, the other courier will be responsible for the delivery times and any delays, like customs.

Clogged roadways, extreme weather, and other local events may slow your sending time. So use Circuit Package Tracker to keep up to date.

Safexpress delivery times: What time will your package arrive

Deliveries usually arrive by 8 pm, Monday to Saturday. 

Check your tracking status often to make sure you are available when your package arrives to avoid delays. If your status says your package will arrive by the end of the day, you can expect your package before 8 pm.

How late Safexpress delivers

Safexpress offers custom sending depending on your needs. If your delivery is urgent, you can expedite your order for a higher cost.

In some cases, you may schedule an evening delivery instead of waiting until the following day. However, this will only be possible if Safexpress workers are available. Contact Safexpress to schedule a late delivery.

International Safexpress deliveries

Safexpress does not operate outside of India. However, they may hand off your delivery to a company that operates internationally. In that case, the local courier will give your delivery date.

Lost and missed Safexpress deliveries

If your package is out for delivery but never arrives that day, you may have missed the courier when they tried to deliver. Depending on your preferences and the contents of your package,  the courier may leave it at your door.

Check your tracking status with Circuit Package Tracker for updates.

What happens if you miss a Safexpress delivery

If you miss your delivery, Safexpress will try to deliver your package the following day. If you’re not available on that day, contact Safexpress or visit your local postal office to arrange a collection.

How long will Safexpress hold a package?

Safexpress will hold your package for one week and then return your package to the sender. You can either contact Safexpress to arrange a time to redeliver your package or collect it in person at your nearest Safexpress branch.

What to do if you haven’t got your Safexpress package

Check your tracking status with Circuit Package Tracker. There will likely be a note about what has happened to your package.

Contact Safexpress to schedule another attempt or collect your package in person if the status says the delivery failed

If your package is out for delivery, allow some more time for your package to arrive. Your package is close by and could arrive at any moment. Make sure you or someone else is available to accept your package 

If your package is listed as having been delivered but you don’t have it, contact Safexpress immediately. It’s possible your package was left with a neighbor or mistakenly dropped at a nearby address. Safexpress may help.

Safexpress tracking FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Safexpress that may answer further tracking questions.

Is Safexpress fast?

Safexpress has one of the most extensive delivery networks in India, with standard delivery within 14 days to all parts of the country. You can also choose to use Safexpress by air for faster delivery times.

Can I track a Safexpress package by address?

The only way to track a Safexpress package is with your tracking, Waybill, or invoice number. It is not possible to track your package using the destination address.

How do I know if my Safexpress package is stuck in customs?

Your Safexpress tracking status will state if customs has your package. You can check this using your tracking number and Circuit Package Tracker.

Customs usually clear packages within hours and sends you a notification if they choose to hold your package for longer. Contact your local customs office for help if they hold your package for longer than two business days without sending you a notification.

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