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About Russian Post

Russia's national post service is Pochta Rossii (Russian Post), with headquarters in Moscow.

Russian Post works with Gearbest, Joom, Amazon, and AliExpress, amongst others, to meet the boom in global delivery demands. Plus, they partner with many logistics and courier companies worldwide.

If you need Russian Post tracking, here's a complete guide and what each tracking status means.

Russian Post tracking

When you order a product through an online shop with Russian Post, you can use the Russian Post tracking service to track where your package is. 

Domestic orders with Russia Post usually have tracking numbers consisting of 14 digits. For instance: 784778431335.

Some Russian Post tracking numbers consist of 13 characters (letters and numbers). For example: CF128756721NK.

Russia Post's international packages appear like this:

  • Small packages start with the letter “R,” like “RK747374824RH.”
  • Orders start with the letter “C,” like “CW374311334RO.”
  • EMS Epackets start with the letter “E,” such as “ER088882345RE.”

How to find your Russian Post tracking number

After you buy from an online merchant, it'll take a few days for the seller to process the order and deliver your package to the courier.

Next, you'll get an email once Russian Post sends the merchant a unique tracking number. 

Finally, the retailer will tell you that they have sent your package and your Russian Post tracking number. You'll also usually find this information on the seller’s website.

If you have trouble finding your Russian Post tracking number, you must contact the customer services of your online retailer and ask for their help.

How to track your Russian Post package location

After the seller sends you your tracking number, you can use the Russian Post tracking website to find where your package is and at what status.

Lost Russian Post tracking number 

Can’t find your Russian Post tracking number? Try searching for it in your recent emails and spam folder.

Contact Russian Post directly if you are unable to find it. You can send them an email in Russian or choose the English option to speak to someone in English.

How to track a Russian Post package without a tracking number 

The truth is that it's hard to get Russian Post tracking without your tracking number. This is because Russian Post adds this information to their system each time your package is scanned along its route. If you don't have a tracking number, you won't know when or where it was scanned.

The good news is that you can contact Russian Post for help. They will try to find your tracking code with the information about your order in their records.

Solving Russian Post tracking issues

Russian Post delivers locally and internationally. So, finding out where the issue started is vital if you have a Russian Post tracking issue.

On the local level, the problem could stem from an incorrect address, rough weather, you weren't home for the first delivery, and more.

For global orders, the Russian Post is an intermediary between the couriers and the retailers in every destination country.

There can be several reasons you are having complications tracking your packages through Russian Post.

Why you can't track your Russian Post package 

Concerned your Russian post tracking number doesn’t get any results? You might even ask yourself, "why can't I track my Russian Post package if I've waited several days after it was sent?" 

It could just be a simple logistics issue. Your package doesn't become instantly traceable once the merchant sends you a notice that they have sent it. 

Wait for up to one week after Russian Post has processed your order, sent it out from their warehouse, and sent you an email confirmation before you contact customer services.

Why your Russian Post tracking is not updating or moving 

Your Russian Post tracking might not update for several reasons. You should get regular updates if your package is still in Russia, as they do a good job keeping the system up to date. 

You may have issues once your shipment reaches its destination country and Russian Post hands it off to another courier to complete the route.

In this case, your courier may notify you that your package is with them for delivery. Be aware that it may take some time until your Russian Post tracking starts moving again. 

It's best to wait three to four days after it reaches the destination country before you contact Russian Post. It often takes this long for the local company to process your package. 

Depending on the time of year, busy seasons, and holidays, this can also have an imp[act on why your Russian Post tracking may not be moving. Sometimes it can take up to one week, depending on how busy the office is at the time. 

You can always contact the local country’s post office and ask for clarification on whether they have your package and are preparing it for delivery. 

Russian Post tracking status explained 

Here are two primary statuses that you'll notice when you use our system to track your packages and what it means if they stop updating:

In transit 

You might track your Russian Post package and find it says it's "In transit." That means it's now traveling to your home or business, so you don’t need to worry. 

Why your Russian Post package is still in transit

The most common reason your Russian Post package is still in transit is that it’s a busy time of the year. 

In addition, Russian Post updates depend on how quickly and consistently each following courier updates its systems. 

Also, keep in mind the distance between your country, and the country's origin, as this also affects the transit time.

Be sure to contact the Russian Post or your local carrier if you think your package is in transit longer than it should be. Small packages may experience this issue more than larger orders. 

It's essential to get ahead of it before you spend too much time waiting past the expected delivery date.

How long a Russian Post package can stay in transit

Your Russian Post package won't be in transit for longer than one month. However, depending on multiple factors, some people have experienced packages in transit for nearly two to three months. 

This time frame is not what usually happens, but it can if your couriers have logistical issues. 

If your package gets sent during a busy season, or if the information listed on the documents to import it isn't correct, it can cause long delays.


When you check your package and find that the status says "Pending," it means that it has not been scanned into a new warehouse system. 

If your package has been signed out from one courier's system and has not gotten checked into a new database, it may show as pending. 

Why your Russian Post package may be pending

If you notice that your package is still pending after a few days, several reasons might be why your package hasn't moved forward. 

One example is missing information pertinent to the delivery of your package. If the essential details aren't listed, your package could stay pending until the current carrier has enough information to push it through to the next destination. 

Or, it could be that your package has entered the system and the information is correct, but it simply has not had clearance for delivery. 

At any rate, if it's been two or three days and there aren't any updates, try contacting the local post office if you know your package has reached your country.

If they do not have your package, contact Russian Post customer service for help. 

Russian Post delivery times 

Russian Post makes deliveries to their local territory and many countries internationally. 

Russian Post makes deliveries between three to thirty days for standard sending services, depending on your location. Below, we'll give you a breakdown of the specific time frame for domestic versus international orders. 

Your estimated delivery time depends on the type of product sent, how large it is, how much it weighs, where it's going, and the selected sending method. 

Additionally, you'll have to consider other factors outside of the carrier's control, such as public holidays, customs delays, poor weather, and more. All of these situations can increase the expected delivery date.

Russian Post delivery times: What time will your package arrive?

Russia can deliver packages to most cities within three days for standard sending services. This time extends to five days if you live in a more remote country area. 

Most post offices in Russia make deliveries to large towns on standard weekdays, with shorter hours of operation on Saturday and no deliveries on Sundays. 

For smaller cities, the typical hours for delivery are Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 8 pm. They often take a break for lunch between 1 pm to 2 pm so that you wouldn't get a package during this hour. 

How late Russian Post delivers 

Your Russian Post order will usually arrive by 4 pm each day, though they state that they can deliver a package as late as 8 pm. This information is for local deliveries only, as international deliveries are the responsibility of that city's local carrier. 

International Russian Post delivery times 

Russian Post offers Standard and Express International sending.

While Russian Post generally gets packages to international countries in the European Union within 10 to 15 days, other destinations can take 10 to 25 days. 

How long it takes for your package to reach you depends on your proximity to a Russian Post office near you. 

Russian Post also offers a service known as EMS epacket. This premium international service offers guaranteed sending within five business days for certain types of products. 

Lost and missed Russian Post deliveries

In case your order gets stuck or lost on its way to you, there are several options you can try before seeking a refund. 

What happens if you miss a Russian Post delivery?

For local deliveries, if you miss the first attempt by the postal worker, they will leave a notice to tell you that they tried to deliver your package. 

Though it can vary from region to region, the post office may make another attempt the following day or tell you that you can come directly to the office to retrieve your package. 

After two unsuccessful attempts to deliver your package, the carrier will email you that they're returning the order to the sender. 

You'll have to wait until the sender gets your package and ask them to resend it. This process can take up to a month or more for you to get your package delivered again.

How long will Russian Post hold a package?

The company doesn't explicitly state that they hold packages for local deliveries. However, standard procedure in these cases can vary depending on the local office. 

For example, if you're out of town and know your package is reaching the carrier, you can call and ask that they hold it until you return. 

They'll likely honor your request or ask if they can give it to a trusted neighbor to alleviate the responsibility of keeping your package. 

What to do if you haven't got your Russian Post package 

If you haven't got your package from a Russian Post, and it's well beyond your delivery date, contact the local carrier first to find if they can offer any details.

If you believe your package has gotten lost in transit, open a claim with the post office and ask for a refund. It helps if you bought insurance on your package, as it covers such incidents. 

Your tracking number is helpful because it makes the process smoother and quicker to find the last known location. 

Russian Post FAQs

Check out the answers to questions people usually have regarding their Russian Post packages:

Is Russian Post delivery fast? 

Domestic Russian Post packages take between three to five days for delivery, while international packages will reach their destination on average, from 10 to 30 days. 

Can I track a Russian Post package by address? 

It's impossible to find your Russian Post tracking order with your address. The tracking number is unique and makes it seamless to find where your package is each day. 

You can contact Russian Post to ask for help finding your tracking number if you give your personal details. 

Your address, name, and email address may be enough to help them find your tracking number so that you can get exact details about your package. 

How do I know if my Russian Post package is stuck in customs?

You'll know that your package didn't clear customers because your tracking number will display an update letting you know it has not passed this phase. 

There are multiple reasons for this, ranging from unpaid fees, an item not permissible for import, an incorrect delivery address, and more. 

It's essential to contact the office and ask if there is anything you can do to push your package along. Contact Russian Post for help with this situation if you're not sure how to proceed. 

Russian Post tracking summary

Russian Post has an online system where you can track your package. Keep your tracking number in a safe place so that you can get notifications about your package every step of the way. You can also use our package tracking service for convenience. 

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