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About RR Donnelley logistics

RR Donnelley offers multichannel business and marketing communications solutions. In 2020, TFWW, or TForce Worldwide, bought RR Donnelley and Sons-owned DLS Worldwide (DLS).

The TFI International Logistics Connect system took over all of the logistics operations under TFI International following the purchase of DLS Worldwide.

RR Donnelley Package Tracker is now part of the TFWW Connect, the platform for tracking information and logistic services from TFI International.

The TFI International group of companies is Canada's leader in transportation and logistics. They collaborate with over 140 agent stations worldwide, including Canpar Express, ICS Courier, Loomis Express, and TForce Integrated Solutions.

They are a leader in full freight service to the US, Mexico, Canada, and over 220 countries around the world.

What TFI International (RR Donnelley) deliver

Regardless of a shipment’s point of origin, destination or dimensions, TFI International offer same-day package services to every major US and Canadian city.

TFI International (RR Donnelley) seamlessly merge air, land, sea, and combination logistics options to ship nearly anything to almost any point in the world.

However, you may not be able to ship some items due to customs laws and other prohibited materials and products.

Where TFI International (RR Donnelley) deliver

TFI International delivers to all points in Canada, the continental US, Mexico, and over 220 other countries globally, essentially shipping to nearly every part of the world.

Frequently asked questions

You can find answers to many of the frequently asked questions about TFWW Connect and TFI International (formerly RR Donnelley) here. For package-specific questions, you will need to speak with TFI International customer services.

Can I track a TFI International (RR Donnelley) package without a tracking number?

Yes. TFWW Connect does allow searching under other means than just the tracking number.

A bill of lading number, purchase order number, or PRO number can also be searched to find information on a shipment through TFI International.

Simply enter the information into the appropriate search field, and Circuit Package Tracker will locate real-time information on the shipment within moments.

Does Circuit Package Tracker offer better tracking than TFWW Connect?

TFWW Connect and Circuit work in very much the same fashion as one another.

TFWW Connect allows you to track and trace shipments, get quotes for shipping almost instantaneously, access your whole shipping history, and run reports on business shipping.

Circuit Package Tracker works in much the same way, and both have been applauded for their ease of use.

How late does TFI International (RR Donnelley) deliver?

TFI International offers many different courier solutions to shipping, and they may not follow the corporate business model.

Because of the differences in carrier business hours, TFI International cannot guarantee that they will be arriving with the package at a particular time.

Once the shipper has confirmed the shipment, your estimated delivery date and time should have been issued by the freight agent.

Within a few hours of the freight being picked up by the shipper, or the shipper dropping the package off at the terminal, information on your package should be available in TFWW Connect.

If it is outside of your freight delivery window, and there is no information in the system about the package, reach out to TFI International customer service for further updates.

How long does it usually take to deliver an international package with TFI International (RR Donnelley)? 

This is dependent on the shipper,  consignee locations, and last-mile courier (the final part of the journey from the warehouse to you). It also is dependent on the type of package that is shipped.

If your shipment is packaged unusually, or the package needs special clearance through customs, it will take longer to process.

Also, be aware that you may get your shipment faster through some direct routes, even if your package is geographically closer.

How long will TFI International (RR Donnelley) hold a package?

There is no hard and fast rule as to the length of the hold by TFI International on a missed delivery.

The reason is that TFI International is a group of many smaller logistics and delivery companies now under the same umbrella of the TFI umbrella. So, any number of couriers could be delivering your package, and they have different policies about holding a package.

If you missed a delivery, you should contact TFI International customer service, and they will be able to help you to set up redelivery with the correct courier.

You can also use TFWW Connect to understand if there is any updated information about your delivery in their system.

How do I sign for a TFI International (RR Donnelley) package?

You won’t always need to sign for your package. However, this also depends on your courier and what their policy on delivery is.

You can either find out who they are through TFWW Connect or by using Circuit Package Tracker once the information is known.

If you do need to sign for the delivery, only a person over 18 with a valid government-issued ID can sign for the package.

How do I track a TFI International (RR Donnelley) package with Circuit?

Just use the Circuit Package Tracker, and put the TFI International tracking number in the search field. You will then get accurate information on the location of your package and estimated delivery date.

What should I do if I haven’t received my package from TFI International (RR Donnelley)?

If it is outside of the delivery window given by TFI International, you should check the online package tracking system, TFWW Connect.

If it doesn’t show your package, you need to contact TFI International customer service.

If your package is stuck somewhere for any reason, the system should show you where, for what reason, and for how long.

If you cannot get those answers from the TFWW Connect system, contact TFI International customer service for assistance.

What happens if TFI International (RR Donnelley) loses my package?

If TFI International loses your package, you will need to follow a  process to file a claim:

  1. Have your shipper and receivers' details ready, along with the claim payable information, details, and the reason for the claim.
  2. Go online to the TFWW Connect system and file the claim directly from the tracking platform.
  3. Include pictures and documents to support your claim, along with a vendor invoice showing the value of the item that was lost.
  4. Once the form has been completed, submit it and your documentation to the online claim system so that TFI International can begin resolving it.

What happens if I miss my TFI International (RR Donnelley) delivery?

You need to contact their customer service department to arrange the redelivery of your package.

This is because four different package delivery services could have your package assigned to them for delivery. TFI International customer service will arrange the redelivery of your package.

What time will my TFI International (RR Donnelley) package arrive?

Because TFI International uses different package services to deliver packages, there isn’t a set delivery time for most ground package deliveries.

However, most of the overnight and 1-day shipments do have a set delivery time. You can check the TFWW Connect package tracking system to see if a delivery date and time have been set for your package to arrive.

The information in TFWW Connect is updated in real-time and reflects the most recent updates. If there isn’t any information about your delivery in the TFWW Connect system, you can contact TFI International customer service to ask about the anticipated time and date your package should arrive.

Where is my TFI International (RR Donnelley) package?

For current information on your package, either check the tracking number in Circuit Package Tracker or visit the TFWW Connect tracking portal.

You should get your tracking number from the shipper, and enter the number into the space. The package tracker will show you the current shipment status, detailed shipping history, and any important notes or changes in the arrival dates and times.

Where is my TFI International (RR Donnelley) tracking number?

The location of the tracking number will vary based on your carrier. For package shipping, TFI International uses the following carriers:

Each carrier has a specific spot designated for the tracking number. You can locate it on the bill of lading, or on the shipping confirmation form that comes with your order verification from the supplier you bought the goods from.

If you do not have your TFI International tracking number, ask the seller you purchased the goods from, and ask them for it.

Why is my TFI International (RR Donnelley) package not moving?

The TFWW Connect package tracking system should show the current status of the package.

There are many reasons that your international package could be stalled. It could be weather, lack of couriers, or a national holiday; the list is quite long

However, if you find that your international package has been at a certain location for over 48 hours with no movement, contact TFI International to see what is holding up the movement of your package.

Why is my TFI International (RR Donnelley) package pending?

Packages are shown as “pending” before they have any tracking data loaded into the package tracking platform.

However, a few hours after pickup, your package information on either Circuit Package Tracker, or TFWW Connect should be available. If it isn’t showing in the system after about four hours, you should call TFI International customer service and speak with someone about its status.

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