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Qxpress leads the way in Singapore's logistics and courier industry—offering international delivery in Asia—including Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, and China.

If you order a package through Qxpress, knowing what to expect and when your order will arrive is essential. Read on to learn about Qxpress tracking, including common tracking issues and how to resolve them.

About Qxpress tracking

You can use Qxpress tracking online or Circuit Package Tracker to know where your package is and when to expect it.

Qxpress tracking

Typically, a Qxpress tracking number consists of 12 characters. It can deviate depending on the location that it's going to, but it's always a combination of letters and numbers.

Here's an example: QBP154581678

How to find your Qxpress tracking number

After purchasing your package, it'll take several days for the online retailer to process the order and send it to a courier.

Next, Qxpress will send the retailer record of your tracking number. The merchant will send the recipient a notice that your package has been sent with your tracking number and the name of the courier. 

Aside from the email, you'll likely have the option to find this information using the store's website.

If you've misplaced your tracking number, try calling the online retailer's customer service department and ask for help. 

How to track your Qxpress package location

To track your Qexpress package, use Circuit Package Tracker, or create an account on the Qxpress website. Enter the tracking number into the search to find where your package has been, where it is, and when you expect it to arrive.

Be aware that once your package leaves Qxpress, your tracking number may change. 

Lost Qxpress tracking number 

Have trouble finding your tracking number? Try searching through your recent emails; check your spam folder to find if it's there too. It's within the realm of possibility that you got the number but deleted it accidentally.

If you cannot find it, try contacting Qxpress directly by email or phone—don't forget to select the English option. The email customer service team is excellent and will get back to you within two or three days.

How to track a Qxpress package without a tracking number 

If you don't have your tracking number, it's almost impossible to track Qxpress shipments.

The tracking number is crucial for any system to identify and determine your package's location as it moves from warehouse to warehouse.

At any rate, contact Qxpress directly and give them your personal information such as an address, name, address, and so on. 

Qxpress can then use this information to give you the tracking number they stored in their database.

Solving Qxpress tracking issues

Because Qxpress sends locally and internationally, pinpointing where your sending issues began is crucial to determine the likely cause of the problem.

On the local level, the problem could be that you weren't home for the first delivery, bad weather, a wrong address, and so on. 

Since Qxpress behaves as more of a middleman between retailers and carriers in all destination countries with global shipments, there are many reasons that you can experience issues tracking your packages through Qxpress.

Why you can't track your Qxpress package 

Sometimes, after a few days, you can ask yourself, "why can't I track my Qxpress package even with your tracking number."

Don't fret; the issue likely stems from a logistics problem. It can take some time for your information to be placed into the system.

Other times, you may be unable to track your Qxpress package because there's no package to track, and the system can't trace the number.

It may take a few days for the company to enter the details into their database after they've got your package, so you can't track your package immediately.

Why your Qxpress package is not updating or moving 

If you were tracking your package swimmingly and it pauses, the problem may be that your tracking number stops at a certain point. 

For example, after Qxpress gives your package to the last-mile delivery carrier, chances are you won't get any more updates until the day that it gets delivered.

We recommend waiting for three business days from the last time you had an update before contacting the company with your package.

Qxpress tracking status explained 

Remember that there are several statuses you can find when you enter your tracking number to find the state of your order. Below are two common statuses that may cause concern if you're unsure why they haven't changed after a few days. 

In transit 

When you use your tracking number and find it's in "In transit," this is a good thing. It communicates that your package is on its way and there aren't any problems.

There's no reason to worry about an "in transit" status as long as it is within the sending window,

Why your Qxpress package is still in transit

Choosing a cheaper sending option will take longer for your package to get sent. You can expect your package to stay in transit longer than express shipping the next day, the same day, and so on. 

The transit time varies according to the distance between the origin and destination countries.

If you find that you're having complications, you can contact Qxpress directly if you think your package won't arrive on time.

How long a Qxpress package can stay in transit

Since Qxpress specializes in large cargo shipments, there aren't usually instances where your package will be in transit longer than necessary. 

Because they're in charge of certain types of special goods like radioactive materials, machinery, and more, they must reach the destination as quickly as possible. Their efficient sending services are reliable. 

If your package is still in transit, contact Qxpress customer service immediately for help. 


A package that reads "pending" can indicate that your package is getting passed to the last mile carrier once it arrives at the airport for pickup. 

The new courier service can take some time to register your package into their system. 

Why your Qxpress tracking may be pending

There are a few reasons for your Qxpress tracking order to say "pending" after multiple days. It usually doesn't take longer than two to three days for the carrier to update their system. 

Since air cargo companies are using aircraft to transport your orders, any problems that may arise might not be directly related to your package. It could be that the weather is dangerous, causing the plane to get delayed as it waits for clearance to travel. 

This type of delay doesn't usually happen unexpectedly, so the company will have informed the sender that there's a possibility the order could arrive later than expected. In that case, they'll give you a delivery window instead of a specific date and time. 

Other reasons for statuses that read "pending" for too long can be that there was a problem with the order in terms of improper documentation, but that doesn't generally occur. 

You can contact Qxpress customer service if you have concerns, as they are always available to help. More often than not, this status changes within 24 hours. 

Qxpress delivery times 

How long it takes for your Qxpress delivery to arrive is contingent on when and where the pickup and dropoff occurs and whether your package is an international or domestic order. 

Qxpress delivery times: What time will your package arrive? 

Here's an example of the time frame offered by Qxpress on their website:

  • Next-day pickup: If the recipient places the order before 9.30 pm, they can pick it up between 8 am and 11 pm The following business day. 
  • Scheduled delivery: Within one to two business days to the specified coverage areas, the carrier delivers between 8 am and 11 pm 

How late Qxpress delivers 

For situations where you must get your package immediately, Qxpress permits customers to get their shipments with pickup services. From 9 am to 6 pm on business days and from 9 am to 1 pm on Saturdays. 

They deliver all packages from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 6 pm. There are no deliveries on holidays and weekends. 

International Qxpress delivery times 

With Qxpress, international deliveries occur within seven to ten business days to most destinations worldwide. 

They don't have a specified time to deliver the cargo, depending on your location, customs clearance, the heavy order, and if you pay for standard or valuable services. 

Of course, the closer you are to the pickup hub, the quicker you'll get the freight. 

Lost and missed Qxpress deliveries

Since Qxpress works with such large shipments, it's not usually an issue of your package getting lost in the mail. However, it's not impossible, just unlikely. 

You could contact their customer service department directly for further help and file a claim if your package gets lost.

If it gets lost after the point of dropoff, you'll have to contact the last known carrier for more information.

What happens if you miss a Qxpress delivery?

There are two protocols for dealing with a missed domestic delivery and a missed international delivery. 


If you're not at home or your warehouse when a delivery attempt occurs, you'll have to contact the carrier that tried to make the delivery. 

They may instruct you where you can pick it up if there is a nearby depot, or they might attempt to redeliver your package the following day. 

You must communicate clearly and understand when they're going to arrive so that you don't continue to miss the order and it gets returned to the sender. 


For home deliveries within the Qxpress coverage area, if you're not available when Qxpress arrives, they'll try up to three times to deliver your package. 

They're willing to do this over five working days from the expected delivery date when your package reaches your country. 

That means that if your tracking number shows that your delivery should occur tomorrow, and you're not home, you have five business days from then to accept your package. 

If they cannot contact you or coordinate a time to get your package, it goes back to the warehouse of origin, where you'll have to make arrangements to pick it up. 

How long will Qxpress hold a package?

Qxpress doesn't hold international packages. They arrange to transfer the order to the next delivery company, and it's their responsibility to deliver your goods. 

For domestic packages, the company doesn't mention on their website whether they'll hold your package. 

However, standard procedure is that a company will try a few times to deliver a package before they return it to the sender or take it to the nearest depot. 

Depending on your location, they'll give you a set time to come to get the order. 

What to do if you haven't got your Qxpress package 

If you didn't get your Qxpress package and a few days have passed beyond the expected delivery date, give them contact for domestic freight shipments. 

They should let you know more details about why it's taking longer than usual or what you can expect moving forward. 

For international deliveries, contact the company that had your package Qxpress reached the destination country. 

Qxpress tracking FAQs

If you're short on time, check out the responses to a few of the most commonly asked questions about Qxpress tracking.

Is Qxpress delivery fast? 

Qxpress delivery is speedy and efficient. On average, they can deliver domestic packages as soon as the same day or the next day and large international cargo shipments within two weeks. Often the cargo will arrive within ten days or less, depending on your location. 

Can I track a Qxpress package by address? 

You can't figure out where your cargo order is using an address. The purpose of your tracking number is to serve as a unique identifier that can find your order wherever it is in the world. 

With all the packages and freight shipments that move worldwide daily, every one of them must have a specific number that keeps track of its movement. 

Qxpress can assist you with domestic packages if you give them your address to find your tracking number. They may use the information to find your details in their database. 

For international shipments, it's more difficult once the order leaves its possession. 

How do I know if my Qxpress package is stuck in customs?

Your Qxpress order tracking number will display information related to your package, including if it doesn't meet the standards for customs clearance. In these situations, you might find notes accompanying the notification, such as "incorrect address" or "unpaid fees."

If this occurs, contact the customs office to inquire about why your package has been held and what you must do for them to release it. 

Typically, shipments go through customs within 48 hours. The sender might assist you if it's a documentation issue; otherwise, you'll have to coordinate with the local customs authorities. 

Qxpress tracking conclusion

Qxpress tracking is simple with Circuit Package Tracker, which will give you all the latest information about where your package is.

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