Quantium Solutions Tracking

Track your Quantium Solutions delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

About Quantium Solutions

Quantium Solutions is a provider of eCommerce fulfillment based in Singapore. This company aims to provide established, reputable, and connected infrastructure to Asia Pacific. Quantium Solutions has multiple partners in various countries, helping to establish a well-connected network.

Quantium Solutions delivers to over 220 countries globally, providing domestic and international shipping, warehouse, and fulfillment services, last-mile delivery, and returns management. 

Quantium Solutions tracking

Knowing how to track your Quantium Solutions parcel is essential to monitoring your shipment and avoiding missed delivery attempts.

How to find your Quantum Solutions tracking number

Customers can find their Quantium Solutions tracking number by looking at their receipt or email receipt after booking online. Customers who do not remember their tracking number can reach out to a customer service agent.

Customers can find a local service agent by looking at the office locations on the website. They can also use the contact form to speak with an agent regarding their package’s tracking information. 

How to track your Quantium Solutions package location

The most efficient way to track your package from Quantium Solutions is to use their online tracking tool. Head to the home page and use the ‘Track and Trace’ button at the top.

You can either enter the ‘Tracking/Reference number’ or the ‘Master Airway Bill number’ into the track and trace bar. Users can enter 25 reference numbers simultaneously using a comma to separate entries.

After entering the shipments, use ‘Track’ to find your package's location in the delivery process. 

Lost Quantium Solutions tracking number

In some cases, mistakes occur. If you lost your tracking number, like you can’t find your receipt or email, other solutions help keep an eye on your shipment. In this section, we’ll describe some of those techniques.

How to track a Quantium Solutions package without a tracking number

There are a few ways to track a Quantium Solutions package if you do not have your tracking number.

Firstly, you can get in touch using the Customer Support button or the Business Enquiry button. We recommend using the Customer Support button to fill out the ‘Need Help?’ form.

Use the form to enter your name, email, phone number, inquiry reason, tracking number (if applicable), and message. Then, use ‘Submit’ to send the message to customer support members.

Secondly, customers can use the provided (800) number to speak with a customer service representative. Use +1 800-021-333 to reach out to a business representative to find your tracking number.

Thirdly, you can visit an in-person location to speak with a customer service representative to help with your tracking concerns.

Quantium Solutions has office locations in Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Thailand, and Taiwan for customers who want to speak with a worker in person.

The website also provides contact information and an address for each business location. Customers can go in person or call using the provided phone number.

Customers must remember to have other information when speaking with a Quantium Solutions worker to verify their identity.

Customers should provide the following:

  • The sender’s name and address.
  • Recipient’s name and address.
  • Booking date.
  • Other key information. 

Solving Quantium Solutions tracking issues

Knowing the most common tracking issues can help customers troubleshoot issues when using Quantium Solutions for sending or receiving packages.

Why you can't track your Quantium Solutions package

Customers might be unable to track their Quantium Solutions package due to an incorrect tracking number, incorrect addition to the online system, or an uncollected package.

Firstly, if you enter the tracking number incorrectly, it will not appear on the website. Double-check with your email or receipt to verify the correct number to enter on the Track & Trace page.

Secondly, suppose the courier inputted the package incorrectly into the system. In that case, this can cause an issue with the online tracking system. For those who cannot track their package, consider reaching out to the courier to see where it is currently in transit.

Lastly, the package might still be at the sender’s address. In this case, you cannot use your tracking number to see the status update. The parcel’s status only changes after the courier collects the package from the sender’s pick-up location.

Why your Quantium Solutions package is not updating or moving

Is your Quantium Solutions package not updating or stuck in transit? If so, there are a few common reasons why.

One of the main reasons your package is not updating could be due to incorrectly inputting the tracking number. This could be either on the end of the Quantium Solutions worker or the sender/receiver.

Another reason your package is not updating could be a system error. You can only track your package if the online track and tracing tool is operating properly on the website.

Furthermore, customers may find their package is stuck in transit. Packages are typically stuck due to courier issues delivering the package, unforeseen circumstances (weather or traffic), or delays at the customs clearance or border.

Lastly, a package is not updating or moving in the system if the online website is currently down. There are instances in which the Quantium Solutions’ website could be experiencing technical glitches or issues.

If the website is not operating correctly, the package tracking service will not work. 

Quantium Solutions tracking status explained

Understanding the different package tracking statuses can help customers know where their shipment is at each stage in the process.

In transit

An ‘in transit’ package status means that your package is picked up from the sender’s location and is currently en route to the recipient. 

Why your Quantium Solutions package is still in transit

There are a few reasons why your Quantium Solutions package is in transit.

First, there may be a delay in the delivery process. If the courier gets lost, goes to the wrong address, or experiences issues during transit (such as traffic, weather, or unforeseen circumstances), this can lead to a longer ‘in transit’ time.

Second, your package may still be in transit if there are courier shortages. If Quantium Solutions has driver shortages or blockages within the route, this can lead to a longer transit time.

Furthermore, an incomplete delivery address (or ineligible delivery address) can lead to deliveries at the wrong address or holding the package in transit for an extra day. Plus, poorly packaged shipments, such as incomplete, falling apart, or missing a label, can cause a longer package transit time.

Lastly, a failed delivery attempt means your package is still ‘in transit.’ Your package is not ‘delivered’ until the recipient has claimed the package and paid any necessary fees. 

How long a Quantium Solutions package can stay in transit

The average transit time for Quantium Solutions packages is between 1 and 17 days, depending on the recipient’s location and the specific service. For example, a Q-Simple package can be in transit for 17 days, whereas a Q-Sure delivery is typically in transit for 2-5 days. 


A ‘pending’ package status means your shipment is delayed for various reasons. 

Why your Quantium Solutions package may be pending

There are a few reasons why your Quantium Solutions package is still pending.

One of the leading causes of why a package is pending is due to goods or shipments that cannot be sent through the postal service.

If the shipment is not ready for service, does not comply with weight or size requirements, does not stipulate the address, or contains prohibited goods, Quantium may hold the package indefinitely.

Furthermore, a recipient may want to avoid receiving the package. If the recipient does not sign for the package, Quantium Solutions will keep it in their possession.

If the recipient does not want to pay for the delivery fees (if applicable) or accept the delivery, Quantium will send the shipment back to the original sender. Also, if the customer wants to abandon the package, the shipment will be disposed of or sold by Quantium. 

Quantium Solutions delivery times

Understanding when your package may arrive can help customers avoid miscommunication with the courier, sender, or recipient.

Quantium Solutions delivery times: What time will your package arrive

Quantium Solutions offers last-mile delivery services and domestic delivery for customers and businesses. Quantium operates in 10 countries for domestic shipping, post-office and self-service drop-off and pick-up, doorstep delivery and pickup, and 24/7 collection and return points.

There are a few different delivery methods for customers and businesses to use:

  • Regular — Regular shipping is a fully-tracked domestic delivery service that guarantees 2-4 day delivery for packages up to 30 kgs. 
  • Next Day — Next-day delivery is a fully-tracked domestic delivery service that guarantees 1-day delivery for packages up to 30 kgs. 
  • Same Day — Same-day delivery is a fully tracked service for packages up to 30 kgs. 
  • Time Definite — Time-definite delivery is a predetermined and timed service that offers full tracking for packages up to 30 kilos. 

How late Quantium Solutions delivers

Quantium Solutions offers 24/7 pick-up options at parcel lockers at over 2,000 access points in Asia. These self-service lockers allow customers to pick up shipments outside normal business hours, such as evenings, holidays, and weekends. 

International Quantum Solutions delivery times

Quantium Solutions prides itself on offering a wide range of international shipping options to customers who want to send items across the border. Quantium Solutions enables customers to ship goods anywhere in the world with a global network of more than 220 participating countries.

As one of the largest networks in the industry, Quantium Solutions has extended its reach further across continents. With experienced professionals managing each end of shipments worldwide, customers can reap the benefits of faster processing and customizable shipping options at affordable prices.

Quantium Solutions provides:

  • Real-time delivery updates.
  • Distribution centers.
  • Inclusive door-to-door delivery rates.
  • Cross-border processing efficiency.
  • Established routes. 

There are a few different international shipping services a customer can use:

  • Q-Simple — Q-Simple is an untracked, cost-effective service that estimates delivery time between 4-17 days. This method uses the local postal network to deliver packages to up to 220 countries. Customers can send packages less than 2 kilos in weight. The receiver must pay the destination country’s customs fees. 
  • Q-Smart — Q-Smart is a low-cost tracked service that guarantees delivery between 4-10 days. Customers can send packages up to 2 kilos to over 220 countries. The receiver must pay the destination country’s customs fees. 
  • Q-Speed — Q-Speed is a tracked priority service that delivers packages faster than the economical methods. This shipping service guarantees international delivery within 3-7 days. Customers can send packages up to 30 kilos to over 220 countries. The receiver must pay the custom’s taxes and fees. 
  • Q-Sure — Lastly, Q-Sure is a tracked, high-speed service that guarantees international delivery in 2-5 days. Quantium Solutions uses commercial delivery channels to guarantee faster delivery. Customers can send packages of up to 30 kgs to network countries. The sender and receiver may both need to pay custom’s clearance taxes. 

Lost and missed Quantium Solutions deliveries

Did you miss a delivery? If so, there are a few things to do to help reschedule your delivery to the recipient. 

What happens if you miss a Quantium Solutions delivery

Suppose the recipient is not home during a Quantium Solutions delivery. In that case, Quantium Solutions may try to re-deliver the parcel at another time during business hours.

For recipients who are not home multiple times during delivery, Quantium may return the shipment to its origin.

However, if Quantium decides the parcel is unsafe to send through the mail, they may destroy, hold, or sell it instead of returning it to the sender or re-trying delivery to the recipient. 

How long Quantium Solutions will hold a package

Quantium Solutions states they are not obliged to hold a returned shipment for an indefinite amount of time. Quantium will decide what is considered reasonable or ‘desirable’ based on the goods and the parcel's content.

What to do if you haven't received your Quantium Solutions package

Suppose you have not received your Quantium Solutions package. In that case, the best thing to do is to reach out to customer service, use the tracking number, or reach out to the sender.

Use the ‘Get in Touch’ button on the website to find contact information for the local office closest to your location.

Customers can also use their tracking number on the ‘Track and Trace’ page to see the current shipment status.

Lastly, recipients can reach out to the sender to see when the package was sent. This can give the recipient an idea of when to expect the package. 

Quantium Solutions Tracking FAQs

Customers should understand the most commonly asked questions to see when they may receive a package through domestic or international shipping methods. 

Is Quantium Solutions delivery fast?

The average domestic delivery shipping times for most local postal services fluctuate between 2 and 11 business days.

Compared to the average, Quantium Solutions is moderate/fairly fast. Quantium Solutions offers an express service that guarantees same-day delivery or economy delivery that guarantees delivery within 17 days.

Customers who want fast delivery should select a tracked and express option. 

Can I track the Quantium Solutions package by address?

Quantium Solutions makes it possible to track a parcel by address.

Customers can use the contact information to speak with a customer service representative at their local office. Multiple offices in various countries globally provide on-the-ground assistance to clients.

This is extremely helpful if a customer does not have their tracking information. If a customer loses their tracking info, they can reach out to a professional employee who can verify their identity to provide a status update on a parcel. 

How do I know if my Quantium Solutions package is stuck in customs?

One of the main signs that a package is stuck in customs is due to ‘pending’ status.

Customers may track their parcel online or speak with a customer service representative to see that it is currently ‘pending’ due to an unforeseen delay.

Secondly, a customer may know their parcel is stuck at customs if they receive a notice regarding a payment or necessary fee that is unpaid. Customers can pay their fees online or over the phone to release their parcels from cross-border security.

Lastly, customers know their parcel is stuck at customs if they do not complete the necessary paperwork or documents before sending a parcel. If a customer uses international shipping, they need to fill out the required documentation before sending. 


Are you trying to figure out where your parcel is during transit? We don’t blame you! 

Luckily for senders and recipients, Quantium Solutions provides a ‘Track and Trace’ method to provide peace of mind for customers.

Those using Quantium Solutions can use the track and trace tool, contact form, or in-person office to find out the status of a package.

Quantium Solutions offers domestic and international shipping for customers, providing various services suitable for various needs.

Follow your Quantium Solutions package from the store to your door and download Circuit Package Tracker for free now.