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Turkey Post, also known as the Turkish Post and Posta ve Telgraf Teskilati (PTT), is the national postal service of Turkey. It is a state-run postal service and runs the standard post. With PTT, you can send mail nationwide using legal or registered mail (EMS).

International shipping is an option, but expect a local courier to deliver the package to your doorstep instead of the Turkish Post.

If you ordered a package with PTT tracking, you might wonder how soon your package will arrive. Here’s your essential guide to the Turkish Post and how to track your package. 

About PTT tracking

Turkish Post (PTT) offers standard package tracking with bar codes and tracking numbers. This is the easiest way to track a package. When a Turkish postal worker scans the bar code, your PTT tracking information gets updated. 

As long as you have your tracking number, you should know exactly where your package is and the estimated delivery date.

First, you will need access to your PTT tracking number and know where you can track it.

​​How to find your PTT tracking number​

You should get an email with your order number and receipt if you bought something online. After a few days, another email will include your tracking number. This means that the Turkish Post has sent your package, and you can start to track it. 

You might want to contact the vendor if you haven't had your order's tracking number. Some orders, such as stickers or other small products to fit in envelopes, won't come with tracking.

However, most items are large enough to need a package with a bar code, so you can use PTT tracking to check its progress. 

​​How to track your Turkey Post package location​

Once you've found your PTT tracking number, you can either go to the official Turkey Post website and enter it there or simply use the search above this article.

This will give you a detailed description of your order's location and where it will be next. Usually, this tracking information will also have an estimated delivery date. 

Lost PTT tracking number​​

If you've lost your PTT tracking number, deleted the confirmation email, or can't find your receipt, there are a few things you can do. 

The Turkish Post does not let you track your package with personal information such as your address. Instead, you'll have to contact the sender and ask them to resend your tracking information.

​How to track your PTT package without a tracking number​

Getting updates on your Turkish Post tracking is difficult if you can't find your tracking number.

You must contact the company you ordered from with your order number for international orders. They should match your order to a PTT tracking number.

You can also contact the Turkish Post directly for domestic packages.

Solving PTT tracking issues​​

There are some common issues with PTT tracking. Some of these can be fixed with troubleshooting, while others need patience and contact with the company.

Here is a guide on what to do if your PTT tracking isn't working. 

​Why you can't track your Turkish Post package​

There are several reasons why your PTT tracking may be challenging.

For instance, the seller may have sent you the wrong tracking number, or you may have entered inaccurate information into the package tracker–so double-check this first.

If this isn’t the case, contact the seller and tell them your tracking number isn't working. They should fix the problem so you can find live updates on your PTT package. 

​Why your Turkey Post package is not updating or moving​

A common issue with Turkish Post is packages that stay in one place and don't move. If you find a lack of movement in your PTT tracking, it's likely a post office issue.

The workers may not have yet scanned your package, or there could be a backlog at the office, causing them to delay many packages. 

Another reason package tracking software doesn't update is that your package is stuck in customs or experiencing a different kind of delay. You will eventually be aware of the situation if this is the case. You'll just have to be patient and keep checking back. 

PTT tracking status explained​​

With PTT tracking, there are a few statuses you might find. The first is usually “Sending label created." This shows that your package hasn't been sent yet, but is ready to go. The most common label is "in transit." 

If all goes well, your Turkish Post package should switch from "in transit" to "out for delivery."

Once it's out for delivery, the following status is "delivered." By then, you should have your package in hand.

However, other labels mean a slight delay in delivery. Here is a guide to the basic Turkish Post tracking statuses. 

​In transit​

"In transit" is the most common sending term and is often applied to packages on the move.

Most packages are scanned at a Turkish postal office or if they have reached the next sorting facility on the way to you. Your PTT package is labeled as "in transit" when traveling from one place to the next. This is good news, as it means your item is on the way!

​​​Why your PTT package is still in transit

You might be concerned if your Turkey Post package has been in transit for a while with no updates. However, unless it changes to "pending" or "undeliverable," you don’t have to be concerned.

An "in transit" label from PTT simply means that your package is on the move.

The location will update every time a PTT postal worker scans it, and the status "in transit" will likely stay the same. It might take longer than usual in some countries or international borders, but it won't be a problem unless the status changes. 

​​​How long a PTT package can stay in transit

A package will be in transit for as long as necessary. The time your package stays in transit depends on many factors, including customs, weather, sending delays, and how far away it is from your destination.

You shouldn't worry about a package labeled "in transit" unless there are no location updates for several days to a week. 


Although "in transit" is a legal status for PTT tracking, "pending" is also common.

However, this can cause a little worry. If you find "pending" on your Turkish Post package, you can ask what is holding up the delivery. 

​​Why your PTT package may be pending

If your package has changed from "in transit" to "pending," something has happened to delay delivery.

Usually, this is because your PTT has not updated your tracking number for several days, and the PTT courier partner switches the status to "pending" until they can discover what's happening. 

However, customs may be the reason for other pending status issues. If you've ordered an international delivery and you find a "pending" label while it's at the border, you'll have to be patient until customs is through with your package.

PTT delivery times​​

Once your package has made it to your local post office, it's time for the last step of the journey: delivery!

At this point, PTT tracking or one of their delivery partners will update your package to "out for delivery.”

Once you find this status, you can expect your package to arrive that day or very early the next morning. 

However, you should be prepared for your package anytime. It is almost impossible to tell precisely when the delivery driver will arrive at your house, as it depends on each driver's route and where your address falls on that trip. Here are some further details on PTT delivery times. 

PTT delivery times: What time will your package arrive​?

PTT delivery times vary depending on the day of the week and each delivery driver's route. If you live in Turkey, you will likely get your Turkish Post package along with the mail. 

However, international customers must wait a little longer to get their packages and rely on their local PTT delivery partner. If you live outside of Turkey, you will need to check the delivery times of your local postal service to find out when you will get your package. 

​How late does PTT deliver​

Although the Turkish Post can experience significant delays in sending, you won't get a package later than 8 pm.

If you ordered a package with priority sending, there's a chance you might get your package a little later than usual. However, this will still be an early evening at the latest. Weekend deliveries are even earlier and depend on the local schedule of your postal workers. 

​International PTT delivery times​

Once your package leaves Turkey, the courier company will change.

Because the Turkish Post doesn't deliver outside the country, you will get your package from a different international courier. The delivery times for this courier depend on their drivers' opening hours and route length.

Although every courier has slightly different hours, they will all fall within daylight hours. You'll most likely get your package between regular working hours of 9 am and 6 pm on weekdays.

Some courier companies deliver later in the day or on the weekends, and they should give you notification of this. 

​Lost and missed PTT deliveries​​

Sometimes, you might not be home when your package arrives.

Turkey Post may use another delivery service to complete the delivery. However, most delivery services will either leave your package on your front porch or a note with further instructions. 

However, packages are sometimes stolen from porches or lost in the mail. If this happens, you should seek compensation from the Turkish Post or the item's original owner. Many online shops will offer a delivery guarantee and send a refund if your package is lost. Read on for what to do in this situation. 

​What happens if you miss a PTT delivery​

Missing a delivery is a pain. However, for domestic orders, you can pick up your package from the nearest postal service or wait until PTT attempts delivery again.

If you've missed delivery and need to sign for your package, Turkey Post will leave a note or email with further instructions. Usually, they will try the next day and then hold your package for you to pick up when you can.

​​How long will PTT hold a package?​

If you've missed a delivery three times, PTT will send you a final notification telling you where your package is and how long they will hold it. The Turkish Post will destroy or recycle your package if you don't pick it up before this time ends. 

For international deliveries, most courier companies keep packages for two or three weeks before returning them to the sender.

However, suppose you cannot collect your PTT delivery. In that case, you can contact your local post PTT office or the courier company responsible for the final delivery and let them know when you will be back.

​What to do if you haven't got your PTT package​

Missing a delivery is an easy problem to fix. Losing a package, on the other hand, can be highly frustrating.

You may be the victim of theft if your PTT tracking states "delivered" and you did not receive it. In this case, report this to your local law enforcement and the PTT postal service or delivery courier. 

Sometimes, packages get lost in the mail – especially when passed through several couriers or overseas.

If months have passed and you still haven't received your package, contact the Turkish Post and the seller of your item. You are likely to get a refund or replacement. 

PTT tracking FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about PTT and their help you track your Turkish Post package quickly. ​​

​Is PTT delivery fast?​

Over the past few years, the Turkish Post (PTT) has made considerable strides to fix its reputation after many complaints about its unreliable delivery and slow delivery times.

If you live in Turkey, you will get your package much quicker than an international customer. However, recipients still report most international PTT deliveries as being extremely slow. 

​​Can I track the PTT package by address?​

The Turkish Post is a limited postal service and focuses on national and international deliveries.

Because of this, you can't track a package by the address where it will be delivered. Instead, you'll need to find a PTT tracking number to check on your package. 

​​How do I know if my Turkey Post package is stuck in customs?

If your package has had a "pending" status for several days and the last place it moved was near the border, customs may be holding it.

You can contact Turkey Post, but your best solution is to wait for customs to finish with it.

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