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Track your Poste Italiane delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

If you’ve ever considered sending mail within Italy, chances are you’ve used Poste Italiane. The largest postal service across the country—transporting mail and packages to every region.

However, it’s critical to know where your Poste Italiane package is to avoid the frustration of a missed delivery.

Below, we’ll define Poste Italiane tracking and cover the difference between status updates. Then we’ll explain how to find any issues and resolve them.

Poste Italiane tracking

With Poste Italiane tracking, you can trace your package’s journey from the sender to your doorstep, including where it is and at what status—meaning you’ll always be available to collect your package or fix any tracking issues.

How to find your Poste Italiane tracking number

Poste Italiane gives senders a tracking number for all domestic package delivery, mail, and international shipping. Either as a receipt at the post office or by email.

If you’ve placed an online order from a website, the seller should send you a confirmation email with your India Post tracking number. Otherwise, contact the sender and ask them for it.

Your tracking number usually consists of 14 characters like this:

  • RA1234567890A

How to track your Poste Italiane location

Once you have your tracking number, Poste Italiane tracking is easy. The fastest way is to enter your code in the Circuit Package Tracker search above.

You can also head to the Poste Italiane website and enter your tracking number into their tracking tool—just remember to change the language to English for international deliveries!

Lost Poste Italiane tracking number

Have you lost your Poste Italiane tracking number? Don’t worry; there are a few easy ways to try and recover it.

First, contact the sender and ask them for it since Poste Italiane gave them a tracking number when they accepted the package.

If the sender cannot help, you can contact your local Poste Italiane post office with your name, address, and order history to get the information.

Finally, you can contact Poste Italiane online for help.

Solving Poste Italiane tracking issues

Poste Italiane delivers thousands of packages a day. So it’s no surprise that from time to time, packages get lost or delayed for different reasons at different stages of delivery.

The good news is there are a few ways to use your tracking number to determine and fix any problems. Read on to find out how.

Why can't you track your Poste Italiane package?

As with any technology, Poste Italiane tracking issues can happen. Here’s what to do if you cannot track your Poste Italiane delivery for two days or more.

First, check for typing errors with your tracking number in Circuit Package Tracker. 

Still, having trouble? Then wait a few more days. For your package to show up on Poste Italiane's tracking system, they must first scan it.

Sometimes there is a delay between when you place an order and when Postale Italiane starts tracking your package, or there may be an issue with the tracking system.

Contact Poste Italiane for help after three or more days.

Why your Poste Italiane package is not updating or moving

Your Poste Italiane package may not be updated or moving for a few reasons.

For international deliveries from Italy, the most likely cause is rough weather, road closures, or poor traffic in the destination country.

Suppose you’re expecting a delivery from another country to Italy. In that case, customs may hold your package for checks at the border—although usually clear packages within a few hours and will send you a letter if this isn’t the case.

Domestic Poste Italiane customers report that delivery times can be slow—especially during busy postal periods, such as local holidays—and Poste Italiane doesn’t always give a reason.

One of the best ways to track your Poste Italiane package is to stay aware of its progress with Circuit Package Tracker.

Poste Italiane tracking statuses explained

Your Poste Italiane tracking status will change a few times throughout the package delivery, helping you understand where your package is and when to expect it.

Here are a few of the most common Poste Italiane tracking statuses to know, translated from Italian:

  • “Taking Charge”—Poste Italiane has registered your package on their system.
  • “Under Process”—your package is in transit and on the way.
  • “Waiting for Customs”—your package arrived from another country. A customs official will contact the sender if they need more information.
  • “Departed from the International Exchange Center”—your package has entered another country, and another postal or courier service will complete the delivery.
  • “Return to Sender”—the courier couldn’t make the delivery. Reasons may be that you haven’t missed or refused the delivery or that the address was wrong.
  • “An Unregistered Product”—your tracking code is incorrect, damaged, expired, or invalid. In this case, contact Poste Italiane Customer Service for help.

In transit

In transit means Poste Italiane has started sending your package, and it is on the way! 

Depending on your package's starting point and destination, it will reach specific stops along its journey, like a distribution center or sorting facility.

Poste Italiane scans the tracking number at each checkpoint to update your package’s location. A package is considered "in transit" while it is in between checkpoints.

Why your Poste Italiane package is still in transit

Being in transit is good. It means your package is moving through the Poste Italiane network from one destination to the next until it reaches its destination.

Sometimes your package appears only to move if it is in transit. There are a couple of likely reasons for this.

Firstly, your tracking status may be “In transit” for days if your package needs to move across the country. Italy is sparsely populated in rural areas, often leading to longer delivery times.

Secondly, if you’re expecting a package from another country, your package might show as “in transit” if customs delays it at the border. Customs usually clear packages in hours, so give it a day or two before expecting your package to show up.

Ask the sender or contact Poste Italiane for an update if your package is in transit for several days.

How long a Poste Italiane package can stay in transit

Poste Italiane delivers standard domestic packages weighing less than two kilograms in four days.

Post Delivery Express offers a faster turnaround in one to four days (excluding Saturdays and holidays), but package sizes are limited to 30 kilograms.

International Standard deliveries with Poste Italiane take 10 to 15 days to complete, but your package contents and size can delay this.

Be aware that international packages must go through customs (Excise and Taxes) and might experience longer delays. Customs will contact you in this case.


A pending status usually means Poste Italiane must update your package on the tracking system or there is a delay.

Poste Italiane doesn’t specifically use the term “pending,” instead preferring to say your package is “under processing.”

Why your Poste Italiane package is under processing

When Poste Italiane processes a package, it may be "under processing" for many reasons. For example, if the sender ordered the wrong type of shipping or needed to remember to say where the package should be delivered.

The most likely reasons are:

  • Poste Italiane needs more documentation from the sender
  • The address is undeliverable or incorrect
  • Too many failed delivery attempts
  • The package was lost or damaged

For international packages, other reasons are weather delays or road closures. In this instance, the best thing to do is wait for a few days and check Circuit Package Tracker for an update.

Contact Poste Italiane for help if your package is “under processing” for two or more days.

Poste Italiane delivery times

Domestically, Poste Italiane tries to complete delivery in three working days from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 8 pm.

Be aware that working days in Italy exclude weekends and holidays, and the local post office has a cut-off hour.  However, you can get weekend deliveries through International Express.

For international packages, specific exceptions to the three-day window apply. For non-EU countries (UK, Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland), expect delays in transit and customs. 

Poste Italiane delivery times: What time will your package arrive

Most Poste Italiane deliveries happen Monday to Friday between 9 am and 8 pm (not including holidays. Domestic weekend deliveries are available through International Express Services.

How late does Poste Italiane deliver?

Expect your delivery to arrive between 9 am and 8 pm during regular weekdays. Poste Italiane wouldn’t deliver on weekends unless your sender paid for specific weekend deliveries.

International Poste Italiane delivery times

International Standard delivery for European destination timelines is between 10 to 15 days.

For international orders beyond the continent, expect 10 to 25 days.

This timeline is often subject to external factors like traffic, volume, weather, and customs delays. To avoid delays, follow the guidelines and give all the necessary documents.

Missed Poste Italiane deliveries

Missed domestic deliveries

Poste Italiane delivers packages throughout Italy (excluding San Marino, Livigno-Trepalle, Campione D'Italia, and Vatican City).

It uses international partners to make secure worldwide transactions.

Poste Italiane drivers make two delivery attempts. They will let you know if you miss the first attempt and try again on the next working day.

If you are unavailable on the second attempt, the Poste Italiane driver will give your package to a Punto Poste collection point, where they hold it for up to ten days.

Poste Italiane (Punto Poste) will ship your package back to the sender if you still need to collect it after ten days.

You can also arrange to use a Punto Poste locker. You’ll need a mobile phone to get a code to access the locker with an SMS code.

Missed international deliveries

Poste Italiane sends to over 200 countries and relies on the service of 700,000 post offices and couriers to make international orders.

If the destination country has a postal service, Poste Italiane delivers through them. Be aware that any country’s post office might also use independent couriers to make the final delivery.

Each courier has its rules and guidelines. However, most courier companies deliver from 8 am to 10 pm and hold undelivered packages for up to 15 days.

How long will Poste Italiane hold a package?

After two failed delivery attempts, the Poste Italiane driver will give your package to a Punto Poste collection point, where they hold it for up to ten days.

Poste Italiane tracking FAQs

Whether you are waiting for a package or want to send one, there are more questions you may have about Poste Italiane tracking. Below, we’ve answered some of the most common questions.

Is Poste Italiane delivery fast?

Within Italy, Poste Italiane usually has a delivery time of between three and five days—depending on the service you choose and the destination address.

International Standard delivery for European destination timelines is between 10 to 15 days.

For international orders beyond the continent, expect 10 to 25 days.

Keep in mind this timeline is subject to external factors like traffic, volume, weather, and customs delays.

Can I track Poste Italiane package by address?

You cannot track your Poste Italiane delivery by address. Either contact the sender and ask them or contact Poste Italiane for help finding your tracking number.

How do I know if my Poste Italiane package is stuck in customs?

Check your Poste Italiane tracking number in Circuit Package Tracker if you suspect customs are holding your cargo. 

Customs should send you a letter if this is the case. Customs generally take one day to clear but can hold cargo for weeks.

Contact your local customs office for help if customs do not notify you of the reason they are holding your shipment.

You can also contact Poste Italiane for further help.

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