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PostNord’s official founding date is 2009 because in that year they merged two much older companies to create PostNord as we know it today. However, PostNord has been delivering mail since the 1600s. Post Danmark was founded in 1624 and PostNord Sverige was founded in 1636, these were the state-owned companies that merged to create PostNord as we know it today. Since then, PostNord has grown from a company shipping throughout the European Union to an international courier shipping personal and commercial packages to over 220 countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Track a PostNord Package Without a Tracking Number?

It is not possible to track your package without the package tracking number, however, there are a few places you might find the tracking number. Most merchants and online storefronts nowadays send a confirmation of your order email with the tracking number in it. Sometimes they will also send an SMS to your mobile phone. If you have an account with the merchant or online storefront, check your recent purchase history to see if the tracking information is already there. If all else fails, call the merchant and online storefront for your tracking information.

Does Circuit Offer Better Tracking Than PostNord?

With Circuit Package Tracker, you can track your postage and packages all over the world while it is on its way to you. All you need to do is enter your tracking number. This works even if you do not know your courier’s name, we will find it for you. The Circuit Package Tracker app makes the process even simpler, putting all your package tracking needs into one app so you can track your valuable packages on the go. Circuit understands your worries and fears regarding your package’s safety and we strive to take at least a little bit of stress off your shoulders making sure you know exactly where your things are.

How Late Does PostNord Deliver?

In Nordic countries, PostNord delivers every business day no later than 6 PM local time. They also offer three domestic express options that will affect delivery times. The first is PostNord Express Same Day, meaning your package will arrive within 6 to 12 hours of being picked up. Next is PostNord Express Next Day, meaning your package will arrive the next business day before 10 AM local time. Lastly, NordPost Express Logistics, typically used for companies. 

Internationally, PostNord sees your package through customs before handing it off to your local courier, meaning you will have to check your local courier’s delivery times for more information. PostNord is not available for delivery on weekends or national holidays.

How Long Does It Usually Take to Ship a Package Internationally with PostNord?

PostNord packages may take up to 14 business days when shipping to the European Union, with that time going down the closer to the Nordic region you are. For packages shipping internationally, packages can day 18 or more business days to arrive in the destination country.

How Long PostNord Will Hold a Package?

Domestically, PostNord will hold packages for 7 business days before shipping your package back to the sender. However, internationally, PostNord passes your package off to your local courier after they have seen it through customs. Check with your local courier to see how long they typically hold packages before returning to sender.

How Do I Sign for a PostNord Package?

Some packages require signatures, such as packages that are high value, have insurance on them, or contain sensitive information. If your PostNord package requires a signature, PostNord’s delivery driver will have an electronic device for you to sign on with a tablet pen. If your package requires a signature and you are not home for the delivery, they will either leave your package with your neighbor with a note or they will hold the package at the nearest post office. They will hold your package for up to 7 business days before returning it to the sender.

How Do I Track a PostNord Package with Circuit?

To track a PostNord package with Circuit, enter your tracking number into the Circuit Package Tracker app to find out where your package is at any time. You can also download the Circuit Package Tracker app in your mobile device’s app store for easy tracking on the go from anywhere in the world. You do not even need to know your courier’s name, just your tracking number.

What Do I Do If I Have Not Received My Package from PostNord?

If you have not received your package and it says it has been delivered, use the Circuit Package Tracker to find out your package’s last location. If your package was last outside of its destination country, contact PostNord’s customer service to either find your package or report it lost. If your package had reached your destination country, it falls under the liability of your local courier.

If your package does not say it has been delivered but is past the expected delivery date, your package may have been delayed by weather events, operational backlogs, or national holidays.

What Happens If PostNord Loses My Package?

In the case PostNord loses your package, they ask that the sender files the loss complaint, as they have all of the package information. If your package is damaged, they ask that the person receiving the parcel files the complaint, as they have the damaged goods. PostNord does not insure all packages, unfortunately, and asks that you contact them to find out if your package is insured or not. However, this only applies if your package was being sent within the Nordic region, if your package was shipped internationally, you will have to check with your local courier for more information.

What Happens If I Miss My PostNord Package Delivery?

If you miss your PostNord package delivery and they are unable to leave it on your doorstep, they will leave a note on your door saying they have left your package with your neighbor. If they are unable to leave your package with your neighbor or your package required a signature, they will return it to the postal office where it will be held for up to 7 business days before being returned to sender. If your package was shipping internationally, check with your local courier.

What Time Will My PostNord Package Arrive?

In the Nordic region, your package’s arrival time depends on the package service you requested, but either way, your package will never arrive later than 6 PM local time, on a national holiday, or a weekend. If you chose PostNord’s same-day service, your package arrives 6 to 12 hours from when PostNord picks it up. If you choose their next-day service, your package will arrive the next business day before 10 AM local time. International package arrival times depend on your local courier and where your address is on your courier’s driver’s route.

Where Is My PostNord Package?

By entering your PostNord package tracking number into the Circuit Package Tracker, you can have peace of mind knowing your package’s location as it makes its way to you. If you are on the go, try the Circuit Package Tracker app available in your mobile device’s app store for easy tracking on the move. If your package appears as pending, it only means it has not been shipped yet. If your package appears as delivered and you have not received it yet, contact PostNord customer service to file a loss report.

Where Is My PostNord Package Tracking Number?

Merchants and online storefronts will often send purchasers an automated confirmation of order email with the tracking information inside. Other times, they may send you an SMS on your mobile device with your shipping information. If your tracking number is not in either of these places and you have an account with the merchant or online storefront, check your recent purchase history for your tracking information. If all else fails, call the merchant or online storefront for your tracking information.

Why Is My PostNord Package Not Moving?

Couriers like PostNord will often use milestone tracking for packages, especially when shipping internationally. This means your package will often look like it is not moving, when in fact it is moving across an ocean or country on its way to you. Packages may be delays in countries on weekends or national holidays, as most work comes to a standstill on these days, including couriers.

Why Is My PostNord Package Pending?

Typically, a pending package simply means your package has not been shipped out yet. Whether PostNord has not been by yet to pick it up for delivery or they have yet to load it on the ship or plane taking it to you. Keep in mind your package will be pending for longer if you ordered on a weekend, national holiday, or during busy postage seasons such as the winter holidays. If your package has been pending an unusual amount of time, call, email, or online chat with PostNord customer service for more information.

If you’re sending or waiting for a package with Post Nord and you want to know exactly where it is, try Circuit Package Tracker for free.