Pony Express Tracking

Track your Pony Express delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

Pony Express is one of Russia's leading freight forwarding and Mail delivery companies. The company has services in more than 220 cities and countries worldwide. If you order a package, you can use a tracking service at Pony Express's official website.

About Pony Express package tracking

With package tracking, you can monitor every step of your item’s journey—from when the sender ships your package to when the courier company delivers it.

A package track number lets you monitor your package's progress and location. If your packages get lost, the courier can find the order, and you'll know where your package got lost along the delivery chain.

How to find your Pony Express package tracking number

How you check your package track number depends on the shipping method. If you ship your package, you can find the number on the mailing label record, self-service kiosk receipt, or sales receipt.

The tracking number should be on your order shipping confirmation if you ordered a package online. Confirm with your seller's website or customer service if you didn't get a confirmation email with the order details.

How to track your Pony Express package location

Different websites and applications offer tracking services for your Pony Express package.

For instance, our package tracker lets you find your order's progress. Once you have your tracking number, you type the number in a selected section on the site to check progress.

Lost Pony Express tracking number

Most tracking tools don't allow you to track a package without a tracking number. Yet, you can still find out about the progress of your package.

How to track my Pony Express package without a tracking number

If you have lost your tracking number, contact Pony Express customer care. Give details that you can find on the receipt or confirmation email. Then the courier company will find your package's location.

The courier company could recover if you lost your tracking number. So long as you have the correct order information. The company usually checks the transit location your package had the most recent scan to determine your package's progress.

You can also find some sites that let you track your package without a tracking number.

Alternative information you can use include:

  • Transportation control number (TCN)
  • Reference number
  • Door tag number
  • Service notice information for cases where the courier had already tried to deliver your package

Solving Pony Express package tracking issues

Package tracking issues always stem from an underlying problem. Below are some cases that could make tracking problematic and the appropriate solutions.

Why you can't track your Pony Express package

Sometimes the internet site doesn't give you correct results when you enter your tracking number. The reason behind the issue could be one of the following:

Typing error

If you type the wrong address, your Pony Express package tracking won't work. You could also have entered the order number instead of your tracking number. So, check that everything you have typed is correct and retype any incorrect details.

Damaged package

The courier can no longer scan your tracking number if your label faces damages. Staff in a Pony Express package center repackage packages that meet damage in transit. In such a scenario, you will have to wait a little longer for your package to get the necessary changes.

Unregistered package

When you order items, you get a tracking number immediately. Nonetheless, your package must be registered as an upcoming delivery with the courier. Thus, you can only track your package after dispatch, not after you have to get your tracking number.

Operational errors.

Advanced tracking devices and professionals are always available to handle your packages.

Yet, sometimes, staff don't scan your package due to technical or human error. Operational errors are beyond your control, but reputable operators always handle problems to get your package in transit.

Why your Pony Express package is not updating or moving

If your package isn't updating or moving, you will have to wait for your package for a longer time. Some reasons for your package not being in motion are as follows.

The package is not yet in motion

Sometimes, courier companies operate at maximum capacity, especially during holidays.

The influx of mail slows down the process a little bit. Also, a piece of mail upstream can block your package from being scanned. If your package hasn't started moving, you will find an update soon.

Harsh weather

One of the principal reasons your information lacks an update is because the weather slowed down the delivery process

 If you get a package across the country or internationally, the multiple stops increase the difference in the climate. So, your package can't move farther along the infrastructure.

Custom delays

A customs problem always causes delays affecting your tracking and movement status. Your order could get stuck in customs for one or more of the three reasons below:

  • The items in your package are restricted or prohibited. So customs may delay or destroy your package.
  • You owe taxes on the order. In such a case, you should pay before you get your package.
  • Custom clearance documentation isn't complete. So, you must coordinate with the shipper to gather the needed information.

Delivery without notice

The carriers can deliver your package to your address and delay updating its progress.

The odds of such an occurrence are low but not impossible. For example, mail carriers could forget or have a busy schedule and forget to scan your item. In such a case, you will still find your item at the delivery location.

You can seldom tell why your package isn't in motion unless you ask. So, contact the customer service team if you face such an issue. The team has easier access to your package status and will investigate the matter to pinpoint the exact problem.

Pony Express package tracking status explained

Your package goes through various levels from the order until you get your package. Below are some package track statuses and what each means.

In transit

In transit means your package is on the way to your delivery location. Your package could be anywhere between the warehouse and distribution centers, different shipping facilities, or between a facility and the final destination.

Why your Pony Express package is still in transit

While 'in transit' means your package is in motion, sometimes your package may no longer have any progress. One of the courier company's depots may keep your package for further checks. In most cases, the staff will release your package for continued transit once the problem is solved.

If your order is still in transit past the expected delivery time, the culprit could be one of the problems below.

Incomplete or wrong address

If you accidentally give the incorrect address, your package could stick in transit. Call your courier company if your package has been in transit for longer than expected. If your address has an issue, give the correct address, and your package will continue to you.

Lost package

Though rare and unfortunate, your package may get lost on the way. You can start a claim procedure and ask for a refund in such a situation. Most reputable companies will take responsibility for any lost package.

Overweight or oversized package

Your courier company could measure your package to ascertain the week. The company could return the item to the sender if your package is heavier than stated. Alternatively, you may have to pay additional surcharges to cover the extra weight.

Improper packaging

Your goods' safety and the staff handling your package during transit are paramount. Thus, the carrier will most likely stop its transit if your package has any sharp items or leakage.

How long a Pony Express package can stay in transit

How long your package stays in transit often depend on the factors below.

Whether the delivery is local or international

International deliveries usually take longer than local deliveries. Besides the distance, the increased number of checks and different rules make international deliveries take longer.

The courier company

Each courier company has an expected delivery period for different service types.Therefore, you could confirm with your courier company how long the delivery for each service type takes.

Unforefindn Circumstances

Delays can happen due to uncontrollable situations like bad weather and traffic.


When your package status reads 'pending,' the delivery commitments have changed due to delays. Your order remains in the courier's facility until the staff in charge finds a solution. You can contact customer care to get updated information about your package.

Why Your Pony Express Package May Be Pending

Just because your package status reads 'pending' doesn't mean your goods aren't in transit. The reason behind the situation could be any of the below factors.

Package management

Your order may already be processed, but your package is in a warehouse and ready to go. Once your package is scanned and shipped, your order status will change from pending.

The delivery schedule is not ready

Your package sometimes stays Prince on transit and then changes to pending. In such a scenario, it's usually almost at the delivery location. The courier company makes every effort to make the delivery happen.

Payment delays

You will have to make some payments before your package order starts. So, if your bank doesn't clear the cost, the courier company waits until the transaction is complete.

Package mixup

Occasionally, packages get mixed up, and your goods go to a different order. In such a scenario, the courier company reverts the order to your destination once the error becomes noticeable.

Pony Express delivery times

The Pony Express delivery time depends on various factors. In most cases, the destination and service type determines the delivery time and period.

Pony Express delivery times: what time will your package arrive?

You will most likely get your package within 1 to 3 business days after order. You could wait for 5 to 20 days if the delivery is international. International deliveries depend on how fast the customs clearance process happens in your country and other factors like import restrictions.

The shipping and delivery staff also use hand-held scanners to scan information about your package. The scanners depend on an internet connection. Delays of a few hours usually occur if the internet connection is poor as the delivery staff scan your package.

How late Pony Express delivers

Delivery time depends on how you place the order and your area of residence. For instance, Moscow's same-day deliveries by courier happen before 10 am if you order through the contact center. Nonetheless, if you order through the website and personal account, the delivery time is 9.30 am.

If you order before 2 pm, the acceptable delivery times for cities within 50 km from the Moscow ring road are 6 pm. However, if you order past 2 pm, you will get the delivery the following day.

If you live more than 50 km from the Moscow ring road, you get your package the day after you place the order. The arrival time for any courier is between 9 am to 6 pm.

International Pony Express delivery times

Pony Express has a full range of services for international orders. You will get assistance with delivery arrangements and custom clearance so you can rest easy and wait for delivery. The site also has an online calculator that allows you to calculate your package's cost and delivery time.

Pony Express international delivery times vary based on location. For instance, delivery to the US starts within two working days.

Lost and missed Pony Express deliveries

Sometimes, you can be away from home when the carriers arrive with your package. However, you always get a notification, so if you act fast, you will still get your package.

What happens if you miss a Pony Express delivery

An attempted delivery will be visible in the tracking system after a failed delivery. Also, the courier company attempts delivery to the given address more than once. Thus, if you miss both deliveries, you can contact and inform the courier company of a suitable time and date.

You can pick up your package if the courier company hub is nearby. However, don't fail to get or communicate about failed deliveries. If you do, the courier company will return your package to the sender, and you may not get compensation.

How long Pony Express will hold a package?

Sometimes carriers take packages back to the post office because of failed deliveries. If you missed your delivery, the courier company specifies how long your package will be in the post office or hub after the failed delivery. Yet, you will get a notice or two about the attempted delivery.

If your package came through priority mail, the courier service holds the items for a shorter time than for other services. If the holding period expires and you haven't claimed your package, the courier company mails the item back to the sender.

Some packages usually lack a return address. In such a scenario, the mail will go to the dead mail area or mail recovery center.

What to do if you haven't received your Pony Express package

Before you start your search, check your tracking status to confirm that the order isn't pending. Then, if you can't find detailed information, contact customer care. You may have to submit a missing mail search request.

  • You will need to give Pony Express the information below for the request.
  • Sender and recipient mailing addresses
  • Pictures that can identify your item
  • Description of what your package holds
  • Identification information such as your tracking number
  • Description of the envelope of container used

Once you submit the details, wait for a confirmation email from the courier company. If the company finds your package, you will get the goods at your delivery address. Nonetheless, if your package is unsafe to forward, you won't get your package.

Pony Express FAQs

Let’s take a look at some common questions regarding Pony Express:

Is Pony Express delivery fast?

Different courier companies allow you to choose delivery options based on your needs. The various services and the number of working days delivery take vary based on the service type. You will have to pay a little more than standard speeds if you want speedier services.

Can I track a Pony Express package by address?

You cannot track a Pony Express package with an address. Instead, you have to use the tracking number on your package. If you can't access the number, you can call customer care to ask about the delivery progress.

How do I know if my Pony Express package is stuck in customs?

If the US Customs and Border Protection department holds your package, you will get a letter. So, check your mail to find out if you have a custom detainment later. The department usually has a reason for the detainment and what you can do to have your package released.

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