Philippines Post Tracking

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Philippines Post Package Tracking

If you choose to use Philippines Post delivery services, it would be best to thoroughly understand that delivery process.

It would be best if you were privy to certain details, such as when your package should arrive and how to contact the company in the event of complications with the delivery.

Please keep reading to learn about Philippines Post tracking and its method of operation.

About Philippines Post

The PHLPost, or the Philippine Postal Corporation, happens to be a government-owned corporation. The company offers many postal services, making them the largest postal operator in the Philippines and a crucial part of the country's infrastructure.

Thanks to the growth of eCommerce and online shopping, PHLPost has expanded to approximately 1,300 post offices across the Philippines to accommodate the constantly growing demands in delivery and logistics solutions.

Additionally, PHLPost also connects with many worldwide leading courier companies and builds international networks to provide necessary logistics solutions for inbound and outbound mail in the Philippines; this is performed by facilitating deliveries abroad and providing a last-mile delivery service for some regions. 

Philippines Post package tracking

Every PHLPost tracking number will consist of a different combination of numbers and letters, and these patterns will primarily get determined by the weight package's weight.

For example, a small package weighing less than two kilograms will begin with RX and end in PH; conversely, packages over two kilograms will likely begin with CX and finish with PH.

On the other hand, Express delivery options for PHLPost Express will typically begin with EX and end in PH.

Once you acquire your tracking number, make sure to keep it readily available so that you can check the status of your package at any given time.

How to find your Philippines Post package tracking number

After you purchase your items, the courier will send you a confirmation that says that your order is getting processed right before it gets sent out for delivery.

After a few days, they'll send you a notification saying that your package has gotten sent and is on its way to you.

Next, the online seller will use your documentation to hand off your package to the correct channels in their delivery system.

Once Philippines Post retrieves your package, they'll send you an email with your tracking number; this number will allow you to track any PHLPost Express anywhere in the world.

How to track your Philippines Post package location

You can always use the official website to trace your package. It's an efficient service that you can use to determine where your package is and what's happening daily.

Customers should note that packages sent with PHLPost may be untraceable, depending on the kind of service offered when determining whether or not tracking your package will be possible.

Some packages weighing under two kilograms and unregistered packages do not have tracking as part of their delivery cost. With that said, all PHLPost tracking services can be tracked from beginning to end using CPT.

An alternative to tracking your Philippines Post delivery is by using Circuit Package Tracker. You don't have to make an account or divulge your personal information, which is a plus for those who value their privacy.

Lost Philippines Post tracking number  

If you have lost your PHLPost delivery tracking number, you should look for it inside your emails from the online merchant.

If you still have no luck, try rummaging through your trash and spam folder to ensure that you absolutely don't have it.

If you have an account with the online seller at their store, you should have access to pertinent details concerning your package, including the tracking number.

If you are still unable to find the number, try calling the online seller and ask them for their help in this regard.

How to track a Philippines Post package without a tracking number 

It's nearly impossible to track a package without a tracking number. You'll always have to contact the courier to get help if you have misplaced the tracking code.

If you tell them your name, address, email address, and phone number, they can likely find you in the system to tell you the tracking number again. Put it in a safe place so you will have access to your package location at all times.  

Solving Philippines Post package tracking issues

Since the Philippines Post delivers both locally and internationally, there are different sets of problems that you may experience.

The company is always willing to help you if you don't have a local branch in your city, but it's more challenging if you're in another country.

For local delays, often the courier had the incorrect address, and they're trying to find out how to get in contact with the recipient to rectify the situation.

When they give the package to the next courier for international delivery, they are absolved of any responsibility for delays with another courier. 

Why you can't track your Philippines Post package 

"Why can't I track my Philippines Post package?"

After the sender takes your package to the post office, there is usually a short delay between the first update you get and when they have taken the package into their possession.

This is because the courier needs time to process your package. It doesn't usually take very long for this to happen, as most couriers have already registered the package within 24 hours.

If your order has already been registered and has traveled to your door, but you're not getting updates, two primary issues may have happened. 

Tracking number invalid

First, if you're waiting for international delivery, your order will be given to another courier at some point. Your tracking number may have stopped working if PHLPost no longer has it.

The company works with couriers such as USPS, FedEx, UPS, and China Post and offers regularly. In many instances, once the new courier takes the package, you don't get an update until it's time for delivery.

Customs delay

The second reason is that your package had not passed customs clearance. You will have to intervene to determine why your package isn't moving. Philippines Post is not responsible once the package goes to another courier. 

Why your Philippines Post package is not updating or moving 

The Philippines Post tracking number may be stagnant for a few reasons:

  • The courier issued a tracking number but hasn't picked up the package yet
  • The courier has the package but didn't scan it yet (Wait for one to two days)
  • You typed the tracking number into the system incorrectly
  • Poor weather conditions have slowed down the delivery process
  • The package got lost during transit

Contact PHLPost customer service if the package hasn't been updated after a few days. 

Philippines Post package tracking status explained

Here are two statuses that you want to keep an eye on when you're doing Philippines Post package tracking. They can be confusing if you're not sure what to expect or how it works if your package gets stalled. 

In transit 

When your package is "in transit," you shouldn't be experiencing any problems with it getting delivered on time. This status is a good sign that your package is moving according to schedule. 

Why your Philippines Post package is still in transit

Here are the most common reasons why your Philippines Post tracking shipment is still in transit:

Slow delivery method

First, the sender could have chosen a slow method to deliver the package, which is often the case with international orders.

Not only may the transportation method be slower, but your package could get delayed because of unexpected issues. 


Or, if, for some reason, you didn't offer all of the crucial details needed for your package to pass through customs successfully, there would be a delay.

If you're aware that your package is with the customs office, you will have to contact that agency immediately to find out how to release your package.

Remember to verify that the contents you want to import are permissible in your country beforehand. All illegal content will get rejected and returned to the country of origin.

Again, make sure that you have given the seller all of the necessary information for the package to go through customs without getting held. 

Bad weather 

Lastly, sometimes poor weather conditions can be the culprit, preventing you from getting your package when you expected. Nonetheless, all of these issues can get resolved within a few days.

Contact the Philippines Post customer service department if you're unsure what's happening and would like some guidance on what to do if your package seems stuck in transit for an extended period. 

How long a Philippines Post package can stay in transit

It's not unusual for a Philippines Post package to be in transit for three to four days when it's a local delivery. Depending on your proximity to the post office, it can reach you within one to two days.

At times, it will take a bit longer for you to get an international order since the package goes through multiple couriers. In this case, it could be a few weeks before you get any updates, and it doesn't necessarily mean there's a  problem with your package. 


If you track Philippines Post shipment and see the status "Pending," it usually means you have to wait for the package to get scanned into the courier's database. 

Why your Philippines Post package may be pending

If the package is getting transferred from one country to the next, it will change couriers. So, it can take about a day or two to register it in their system, especially during busy periods of the year.

This delay can also happen at the beginning of the delivery cycle when you're waiting for the courier to enter your package details in the system before they get ready to send it into transit.

During the holidays, in particular, it can also take extra time because the courier deals with a high volume of packages simultaneously.

Since they're expecting large numbers, they wait until they get all the orders to a specific destination and register them at once.

You can contact Philippines Post right away if the order has been pending for more than three days, as the courier system usually updates within one to two days after they get the package in their possession. 

Philippines Post delivery times 

How long it takes for Philippines Post to deliver your package depends on which delivery service the sender paid for and the size, weight, and destination of the package.

These factors influence which mode of transportation the company uses to send the package.

Philippines Post delivery times: What time your package will arrive  

Regarding domestic delivery services, here are the time frames based on the selected sending method:

Within locality

  • Ordinary: Three to five business days 
  • Registered Mail: Three to five business days 
  • Express: Two business days
  • Epacket: Two business days 


  • Ordinary: Seven business days 
  • Registered Mail: Eight business days
  • Express: Five business days
  • Epacket: Three business days

Intra regional

  • Ordinary: Ten to fifteen business days 
  • Registered Mail: Ten to fifteen business days
  • Express: Seven to ten business days 
  • Epacket: Five business days

How late Philippines Post delivers

There are no specific delivery hours mentioned on the company's website. However, standard business hours for most couriers are between 8 am and 6 pm. Contact your local PHLPost office for more details. 

International Philippines Post delivery times 

Philippines Post delivers to over 200 countries worldwide. They also have services for importing mail from other countries, serving as the last-mile courier in those situations.

Here's a detailed breakdown of their services:

Asia Pacific/Asia

  • Ordinary: 13 to 15 business days
  • Registered: 13 to 15 business days
  • Express: 13 to 15 business days 
  • Surface Air: 30 to 90 business days
  • Surface Mail: 30 to 90 business days

Middle East/Europe 

  • Ordinary: 15 to 17 business days
  • Registered: 15 to 17 business days
  • Express: 15 to 17 business days
  • Surface Air: 30 to 90 business days
  • Surface Mail: 30 to 90 business days


  • Ordinary: 15 to 19 business days 
  • Registered: 15 to 19 business days
  • Express: 15 to 19 business days
  • Surface Air: 30 to 90 business days
  • Surface Mail: 30 to 90 business days


  • Ordinary: 17 to 21 business days
  • Registered: 17 to 21 business days
  • Express: 17 to 21 business days
  • Surface Air: 30 to 90 business days
  • Surface Mail: 30 to 90 business days

Lost and missed Philippines Post deliveries

Here's what to do if you aren't home to accept your delivery or if you suspect it got lost in transit:

What happens if you miss a Philippines Post delivery?

It's essential to be home when you know your package is arriving because it can cause unnecessary delays if the driver has to keep reattempting the delivery.

Usually, the driver will perform one of the following actions if you're unavailable:

  • Leave a note to tell you that they tried to deliver the package, and they'll try the next business day again
  • Leave the package with a neighbor who can sign for the order

After multiple failed attempts, they'll take the package to the nearest warehouse, where you must arrange a pickup. 

How long Philippines Post will hold a package

Philippines Post does not advertise that they'll hold your package. However, if you call to ask them about special arrangements, they may be willing to take it to the local post office for a set period until you can get it.  

What to do if you haven't received your Philippines Post package 

If you didn't get the Philippines Post package, call customer service to ask for help on the next steps you can take, such as filing a claim.

Please make sure you're aware of the last update you got about the package, whether it was pending, in transit, or any other details that could help the courier figure out what happened. 

Philippines Post FAQs

Here are a few quick answers to common inquiries about Philippines Post package tracking:

Is Philippines Post delivery fast? 

Philippines Post is a fast courier service that delivers packages within a few days for domestic orders and a few weeks for international orders.

They take pride in excellent customer service and the fastest turnaround times possible. 

Can I track a Philippines Post package by address? 

It is not possible to do Philippines Post shipment tracking if you only have your address available.

You need the tracking number to get accurate details about the precise location of the order. Contact customer service for help with tracing your package. 

How do I know if my Philippines Post package is stuck in customs?

If your package got stuck in customs, you should have gotten a notification through your chosen tracking service. At that point, you have to call the office to find out what you need to do to get it released.  

Final thoughts on Philippines Post tracking

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