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About Parcelforce

Parcelforce is a leading eCommerce logistics service and part of the Royal Mail Group. They offer a wide range of solutions to help businesses and consumers get their packages to their destinations quickly, easily, and securely.

With more than 500 depots in over 50 countries worldwide, they offer one of the largest international networks in the industry.

Parcelforce tracking

Parcelforce tracking makes it easy for you to always know where your package is. However, finding your tracking number or knowing what to do with your status can still be a struggle. Here’s everything you need to know.            

How to find your Parcelforce tracking number

Your Parcelforce tracking number is the key to understanding where your package is. 

Each Parcelforce tracking code is unique and may include numbers and letters that vary in length—anywhere between 9 to 21 characters.

If you send a package through Parcelforce or place an order online, they will send your tracking number in a confirmation email.   

How to track your Parcelforce location

The easiest way to find your Parcelforce package is to use your tracking number in the Circuit Package Tracker search above. This will give you the status of your package, where it is, and where it has been.

We answer some of the most common tracking status questions below, including what are “in transit” and “pending” and how to find a lost tracking number.

Lost Parcelforce tracking number

The only way to get Parcelforce tracking is with your tracking number.        

How to track a Parcelforce package without a tracking number

There is no way to track a Parcelforce package without your tracking number. The easiest way to find your tracking number is to ask the seller to resend it. You can also contact the Parcelforce Customer Service team.

Solving Parcelforce tracking issues

Your tracking number will only work when Parcelforce enters it into their tracking system.

For example, suppose you placed an online order. In that case, when the seller passes your package to Parcelforce for delivery, you will get a confirmation email with your tracking number.

If the Parcelforce courier cannot scan the box at pick-up, this will cause a tracking delay during the handover, and you may not immediately get a status.

Luckily, resolving this is easy. Wait 24 hours, and you should track your order without issue.

Why you can't track your Parcelforce package

Sometimes, it might seem your package is stalled in the delivery or sending process. That could happen for many reasons.

Delivery with Parcelforce gives you live service updates. These updates help tell you about delays in sending across the country and worldwide.

Why your Parcelforce package is not updating or moving

There may be many reasons for your Parcelforce tracking not updating or moving. Two of the most common issues are heavy traffic and poor weather in the destination country that cause delays. Industrial strikes can also happen.

Parcelforce tracking status explained

There are many different tracking status updates to consider. Here we describe the most common:                

In transit  

When a Parcelforce courier collects your package, they scan it into the Parcelforce tracking system as an "active" package. 

When the status of your package is "in transit," it means it is in the system and on the way.

Why your Parcelforce package is still in transit

Parcelforce gives every package an estimated delivery date and time. There are many reasons why your package might still be “in transit” beyond then or during its journey.

Packages go through many phases on their route. Heavy traffic and poor weather in the destination location are two of the most common causes of longer “in transit times.” In this case, your package will stay “in transit” until the package clears the delay.

You can track your package with Circuit Package Tracker at any point to get an update on when you can expect delivery. Parcelforce live service updates are also helpful in giving you more information about why your package is in transit.

How long a Parcelforce package can stay in transit

In 2021, a container ship was infamously trapped in the Suez Canal. That incident triggered delivery delays throughout the Middle East and Europe. 

On a smaller scale, a traffic accident on the delivery route can also start a delay. That doesn't mean your package will not be delivered. It just might be beyond your Parcelforce estimate.


With the “pending” status, there is a delay that could be causing your package to miss its estimated delivery time (ETA). Hopefully, the Parcelforce tracking system can identify the issue and adjust their ETA. 

Why your Parcelforce package may be pending

There are many reasons why your Parcelforce package may be pending. It starts with the point of origin.

If your package goes through customs, there could be delays with inspections at the transit port. Sometimes that might mean a payment is needed to process your package delivery further. If that happens, customs will send you an email or text notification.

There could also be issues with an address. For example, it might be the wrong address was put on your package in the first place. 

Perhaps there is no one at the address to accept your package at the delivery time. These issues will generate a notification to the sender and often the recipient.

Parcelforce delivery times

Parcelforce offers various delivery times for its packages. Choosing the delivery time depends on how urgent that delivery might be. 

Here are the available options for delivery times to consider:

  • Next morning delivery
  • Next day delivery
  • Two-day delivery
  • Large package delivery

Each of those delivery options depends on your package size and the distance it must travel             

Parcelforce delivery times: What time will your package arrive?

You can find out when your package will arrive using the Circuit tracking system. That will also tell you the chosen type of delivery. 

For domestic packages, the Parcelforce next-day services include

  • expressAM for delivery by 9 am, 10 am, or 12 pm on the next working day.
  • expressPM, for delivery the next working afternoon.
  • express24, for delivery by the end of the next working day.

You can get next-day delivery with Parcelforce for the whole of the UK and in some extended areas. They also offer many more delivery options depending on the package size, and how fast you need them to deliver it.

How late does Parcelforce deliver

Parcelforce delivers during regular office hours from Monday through Friday. You can also get a Saturday delivery service for selected packages.

International Parcelforce delivery times

You can choose many options for international delivery through Parcelforce depending on your need. Here are their choices:

  • Global Express for Parcelforce delivery on the next working day from the pickup.
  • Ireland Express for Parcelforce delivery on the next working day from the pickup from Northern to the Republic of Ireland.
  • Global Priority for Parcelforce delivery within three working days of pickup.
  • Global Value for Parcelforce delivery within five to eight days of the pickup.
  • Global Economy for Parcelforce delivery within 28 to 46 days of pickup.

The longer it takes to deliver a package, the less it will cost. Keep in mind that international packages can also face external problems with the delivery, such as issues at customs or poor weather delays.           

Lost and missed Parcelforce deliveries

Sometimes, Parcelforce loses a package. The Circuit Package Tracker app can alert you if this happens. In this case, Parcelforce will continue to look for it and contact the sender if they find it. You can also contact Parcelforce Customer Services.

What happens if you miss a Parcelforce delivery

If you miss your delivery, Parcelforce will make a second attempt on the next working day. If you miss that attempt, your package may be left at your nearest post office or with one of your neighbors. 

You can also arrange for alternate Parcelforce delivery.             

How long will Parcelforce hold a package?

Parcelforce can hold your package for many different reasons. The most common is that the sender needs to add further instructions.

Parcelforce can also hold your package if they damaged it in transit. If that happens, the depot will try and repackage and deliver it. Parcelforce will contact you if that cannot happen.   

What to do if you haven't got your Parcelforce package

If you have not got your package and Parcelforce has not told you they attempted delivery, then you must contact Parcelforce as soon as possible.

You will need the following:

  • Your package tracking number.
  • When it was picked up and its tracking status.
  • The names of anyone you have previously contacted for help.
  • The delivery name, address, and phone number.
  • The sender's name, address, and phone number.
  • A description of your package contents. 
  • A description of your package s box or container, including any logos or labels.
  • Your email address and a daytime contact phone number.    

Parcelforce tracking FAQs

If this is the first time you have considered sending a package through Parcelforce, you might have questions. Here are answers to some of the most common.

Is Parcelforce the same company as Royal Mail?

Parcelforce Worldwide is part of the UK Royal Mail Group. In 1990,  Royal Mail Parcels rebranded as Parcelforce.

Can Parcelforce pick up a package from my post office?

Yes! As a part of the Royal Mail Group, you can set your local post office as the driver's pickup point for any domestic Parcelforce delivery.

Who handles the actual delivery of Parcelforce packages?

Parcelforce is a GLS partner. The European network consists of 23 individual package delivery companies across 41 countries.

Do you need to sign for a Parcelforce package?

You must sign to confirm the successful delivery of a package from Parcelforce.

If you miss your first Parcelforce delivery, they will try and deliver it again on the next working day.  You may also ask a neighbor to sign for your package if you are not there to collect it.                     

Is Parcelforce delivery tracking fast?

Parcelforce is one of the fastest delivery services worldwide. The Global Express service delivers to any destination in the US, Canada, and Europe within the next working day from the pickup.

In addition, Parcelforce can deliver within two working days to the rest of the world.     

Can I track the Parcelforce package by address?

You cannot follow a Parcelforce package with a home or business address. So if you are expecting a package, you will need to contact the sender to get your tracking number.

How do I know if my Parcelforce package is stuck in customs?

Sometimes, customs can hold your package because a customs declaration is missing.

In this case, the customs agents will make an assessment and return your package to the sender If they cannot get the correct statement.

TLDR; Parcelforce tracking

Parcelforce has built its reputation on giving exceptional package-sending services. Parcelforce can deliver a package to every address in the UK and over 99% of global destinations.

In addition, Parcelforce has established many international partnerships to help, including working with over 11,000 local post office branches worldwide.

As a customer, Parcelforce gives you complete control over your delivery. For example, as the sender, you can choose for a package to be picked up from your front door or your nearest post office.

Plus, you can confidently track any Parcelforce delivery from the store to your door with Circuit Package Tracker.

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