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Track your Pakistan Post delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

Pakistan Post is a postal service with over 13,000 offices within Pakistan and serves over 20 million individuals, businesses, and communities.

They offer Express Post for consumers, containing urgent money order issues, fax money orders, fax mails, Urgent Mail Services, and Track and Trace.

To use services, you must keep in mind the process of sending, tracking, and delivering a package through this domestic and international mail service.

About Pakistan Post

Pakistan Post offers package tracking services for you to monitor the status of your packages through the collection, transit, and delivery phases.

How to find your Pakistan Post tracking number

You will get a number as an SMS after you place an or. You can then choose to collect it at home or a nearby Pakistan Post location.

After choosing the type of service, you will get a text or email with your package tracking number.

How to track your Pakistan Post package location

You can track your package using Circuit Package Tracker. Use the tracking code Pakistan Post sent to you in the search bar. This will tell you where your package is, where it has been, and an estimated delivery time.

You can also use your tracking number at the Pakistan post office.

Lost Pakistan Post tracking number

What happens if you lose your number? Don’t worry! You have some options.

How to track a Pakistan Post package without a tracking number

Firstly, you will get a tracking number by SMS, giving you regular updates about your package status. So, even if f you lose your number, you will still know where your package is.

Secondly, you can visit an in-person post office in Pakistan to learn more about your package. Visiting a location in person means you can speak with an employee and tell them the sender’s and recipient’s information.

Lastly, you can contact Pakistan Post

Solving Pakistan Post tracking issues

What happens if you can’t find your tracking number? In this case, the best option is to find out why you may not track your package, where it is in the transit prices, and who to contact. 

Why you can't track your Pakistan Post package

If you are having trouble tracking your Pakistan Post order, there are a few reasons for this.

Firstly, Pakistan Post may not have updated your order in the system. If there is an issue with the courier collecting your package and updating its status, it will not show up.

Secondly, if your courier did not pick up your package on time, then there will not be any updates. Even if Pakistan Post scheduled your collection for a specific time, they might be late, resulting in a lack of tracking updates.

Lastly, make sure you enter your tracking numbers and letters correctly to avoid any issues. 

Why your Pakistan Post package is not updating or moving

Is your tracking status unchanged? If your Pakistan Post package is at a standstill or not updating in the system, this could be due to a few reasons.

Firstly, the courier may not have registered your package in the system yet. In this case, give the tracking system a few hours to determine if the courier will update the system at the end of the collection process.

Secondly, the Pakistan Post package may still be at the collection point (whether that is your home collection address or the drop-off depot). Wait a few hours before collecting or registering your package before contacting an employee about your concerns.

Lastly, Pakistan Post packages may have a holdup in their delivery process. The delay could be due to courier error, unforeseen circumstances, or customs issues with cross-border or international sending.  

Pakistan Post tracking status explained

The status explains your package's location in the pick-up, transit, and delivery phases. After your package is collected from the pick-up point or dropped off at a local post office, it will have a package tracking status.

In transit

An ‘in transit’ status means your package has started its journey from pick-up to drop-off.

Whether your package is for international or domestic delivery, the ‘in transit status refers to the entire period in which the courier has your package out for delivery. 

Why your Pakistan Post package is still in transit

A Pakistan Post package could still be in transit for a few reasons.

Firstly, there could be road delays in the service if the courier finds delays, road closures, weather issues, or traffic jams, as examples.

Secondly, unforeseen circumstances, such as courier illness/injury or weather circumstances, could cause delays in the delivery process.

Lastly, your package may still be in transit if it is currently being held at customs or going through a longer cross-border verification process than usual. In this case, the best thing is to be patient and check the status periodically. 

How long a Pakistan post package can stay in transit

A Pakistan Post package usually remains in transit for around three days for domestic delivery. If you buy the PakPost service, the company usually gives an estimated delivery time and date.

Express Post Services offers fast and reliable overnight or 2nd-day services for documents or packages that Circuit Package Tracker can trace. These products are for Urgent Mail Services at a local level, city-to-city level, or counter collection. 


If your package is ‘pending,’ it is usually paused and at a standstill due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Why your Pakistan Post tracking may be pending

One of the main reasons why your Pakistan Post package is ‘pending’ could be due to customs clearance issues.

In this case, you may find your package is waiting at the border for export or import. You may need to pay import or export tax to keep your package moving.

Another reason your Pakistan Post package may be pending is due to sorting issues in the warehouse. Significant delays will occur if your package has been misplaced in the depot or lost during delivery.

Pakistan Post delivery times

Understanding the average Pakistan Post delivery times can offer you better peace of mind during the delivery process. Knowing the timeframe of deliveries also helps the recipient be prepared for delivery on the intended date. 

Pakistan Post tracking: What time will your package arrive ?

Standard domestic delivery with Pakistan Post takes an average of three working days within the country for domestic packages.

Standard international delivery takes an average of 5-6 days to deliver packages outside of the country.

Express Mail Services offers same-day or 2nd-day delivery within Pakistan and next-day international delivery to close international countries. 

How late Pakistan Post delivers

Domestic packages posted before 1 pm will arrive before midnight the same night. 

International Pakistan Post delivery times

International packages vary depending on the intended delivery location and the country. For example, Pakistan Post works with local couriers to fulfill shipments and orders in foreign countries. The delivery time is up to the local courier (ex: Post AG, UPS,and so on ).

If you are sending a package to an international destination, the sender of your package to any union country and the non-union country will track the delivery by paying a small fee upfront at the time of booking online or drop-off at a local post office

Once your package has been delivered to the foreign country, the sender willget advice on delivery for the foreign transaction. This makes it easy for  you to track a Pakistan Post order  

Lost and missed Pakistan Post deliveries

If your Pakistan Post package has been lost, returned to sender, missing, or damaged, you should find out the next steps to take so you canget compensation, find your package, or schedule redelivery to the intended location.

What happens if you miss a Pakistan Post delivery

If you miss a Pakistan Post delivery, they will hold your package at  your local sorting depot for up to 7 days. During this period, they will reach out to the sender to schedule a redelivery or collection from the postal office.

However, suppose you send any items prohibited from being sent by post or do not pay the inland and foreign letters tax. The items will be returned to the sender and not delivered to the intended recipient. 

How long will Pakistan Post hold a package?

If your package is undeliverable for some reason (contains prohibited items, wrong delivery address, packaged incorrectly, and so on ), Japan Post will send it to the Returned Letter Office or local depot.

Once this occurs, it will be redirected to a new recipient’s location or kept in deposit for seven days before sending it back to the original Returned Letter office or the sender. 

What to do if you haven't received your Pakistan Post package

What happens if your Pakistan Post package has not been delivered? In this case, it is best to reach out to the local post office or the company to determine the delay's reason.

Use the Contact Us page to contact the Directorates, Chief Accounts Officers, Director of International Postal Services, and Customer Complaints page.

You can also use the Locations page to find the local post office and go in person to speak with an employee about the status of your package. 

Pakistan Post tracking FAQs

Is Pakistan Post delivery fast?

In most cases, the Pakistan Post service is a fast and reliable network that offers same-day delivery, next-day delivery, and international sending to various countries.

Standard domestic delivery with Pakistan Post takes an average of 3 working days.

Standard international delivery takes an average of 5-6 days for packages outside the country.

Express Mail Services offers same-day or 2nd-day delivery. 

Can I track my Pakistan Post package by address?

You may feel stuck if you cannot find your tracking number for the online Track & Trace system. 

Firstly, you can gather the recipient and sender’s information. Typically, this includes the sender’s name and address and the recipient’s name and address.

Once you have this information, the next thing to do is visit an in-person post office or contact a worker by email or phone. Give the necessary information (sender’s info, recipient’s info, package info, and so on ) to get tracking data.

Lastly, you can speak with the intended recipient to find out if your package has been delivered but has not yet been updated in the online system. 

How do I know if my Pakistan Post package is stuck in customs?

Usually, you will know if your Pakistan Post is stuck in customs if you get a ‘pending’ notification about the tracking status of your package.

In this case, the best thing to do is contact the post office and find out if you need to pay a customs fee. You can also check your email to find out if you got a notice about an unpaid tax for exporting or importing goods. 

Should I use Pakistan Post?

Pakistan Post makes it possible for individuals and businesses to send packages internationally or domestically through the next-day delivery services, urgent mail, international services, second-day delivery, and much more.

You can select the correct type of mail service for your needs, from simple domestic mail collection to international package delivery to faraway countries.

But what if you want some more information about your package? If you wish for consistent updates and reliable information, the best thing to do is to use a third-party tracking app to keep an eye on your parcel at all times through the collection and delivery process.

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