Orange Connex Tracking

Track your Orange Connex delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

Orange Connex is a technology company specializing in the global e-commerce market. It offers services in the finance, big data, and logistics sectors of the worldwide e-commerce industry. 

About Orange Connex tracking 

Orange Connex relies on its extensive innovative technology, systems development, and market analysis to offer financial and logistics services. It is a leader in China's investment market and private industry.

The company's logistics solutions are affordable, fast, and sustainable. They are also sustainable and in line with the commercial clients' needs.

Orange Connex is currently a provider of direct mail services covering more than 51 regions and countries worldwide. Its reach goes beyond 185 cities in China to include France, the US, and Australia.

Orange Connex tracking

The package tracking service provided by Orange Connex allows clients to track their orders in real-time. As such, it helps guarantee that a product is in a particular location headed toward the client's location.

Recipients get an Orange Connex tracking number from the sender of their package. You can use the number to track your package that is in transit.

Orange Connex allows you to use a maximum of 20 tracking numbers on its online tracking platform. Once you enter the numbers, expect the location details regarding the package to appear. 

How to find your Orange Connex tracking number

Once the seller confirms that your package is ready for shipping, you should get a tracking number by email. So, check your email for the receipt, which will have the Orange Connex tracking number.

If you purchased items from a retailer based in China, sign into the e-commerce account. Look for orders linked to your account, and you will see the shipping information.

How to track your Orange Connex order location

Enter your order tracking number at the top of this page, or on the Circuit Package tracker. If the information matches what is in the system, you will find relevant tracking details.

From the website, you can check the date the carrier accepted your package and shipped it. You can also learn more about the places the package traveled. The online service allows you to track several packages at a time. Copy their respective tracking numbers and paste them into the input field.

There isn't a limit to the number of times you can track your package. The searches are also quick and yield precise results. 

Lost Orange Connex tracking number

You may lose your tracking number due to certain reasons. For instance, it may happen when you accidentally delete the email containing the shipping information. If you can't access the email, contact your seller's customer support representative. Ask the representative whether they can resend it.

Use the details on the contact us page of the seller's website. Alternatively, you can call or email the last warehouse that handled the package if you know it. If it is taking too long to reach the seller, contact Orange Connex by phone. You may also send the company's customer support team an email explaining the issue. 

How to track an Orange Connex package without a tracking number

It's difficult to track a package without a tracking number. The process will require going through the warehouse records, which is quite impossible. Orange Connex relies on a user-friendly service to monitor packages. For the service to work, you need to key in a valid tracking number.

Without the tracking number, the tracking service won't help you to know the actual status of your package. You will have to contact customer support for further help.

You can count on the Circuit Package tracker when checking the status of your order. Once you key in the number for the first time, the system will give you several options to choose from.

Select Orange Connex from the carrier list on the Circuit Package tracker. If you already have an account on the platform, it will send you updates on the package. 

Solving Orange Connex tracking issues

Orange Connex's freight service is reliable for merchants looking to ship items from China to other countries. However, you can run into some tracking issues when using it. For example,  you can’t track your package using the freight service. Or, the package may not move or update on the website as expected.

Why you can't track your Orange Connex package

If you are having difficulties tracking your shipment, the problem may stem from the tracking number. Entering it incorrectly may make it difficult to find the package. Re-enter the tracking information as indicated in your receipt. You may copy and paste it into the input if you keep getting errors.

If the problem persists, contact the merchant and ask whether the information is accurate. The merchant should share an updated tracking number if the previous one was incorrect.

You may also experience problems with the tracking system if the merchant is yet to send the package. In this scenario, you won't have any orders to track.

Confirm with the merchant that the order is in transit. You should also ask them to send you a confirmation email once it is ready for shipping. The problem may also stem from Orange Connex’s freight service. If the company has the item but is yet to ship it, you can’t track it.

Why your Orange Connex package is not updating or moving

In normal circumstances, the freight service should indicate that your package is moving. It should also give updates on the package’s location. If it is unresponsive, then there is possibly an issue with the freight service. It doesn’t mean that Orange Connex lost your goods.

Orange Connex takes several days to facilitate shipping worldwide. The longer distances may take a while to reflect on the tracking system. It is also possible that your items are in transit, but the handlers didn't scan them at new locations. As such, you won't see any updates on the tracker.

The Circuit Package Tracker can help you double-check the package's status. You can refresh the tracker in two days to see if the order is moving or updating.

Orange Connex tracking status explained

While Orange Connex is shipping your package, its freight service will notify you regarding the package’s status severally. These statuses include ‘in transit’ and ‘pending.’

Understanding what each status means can help you know what to expect. It can also assure you that you will get the package within a specified amount of time.

In transit

The ‘in transit’ status usually suggests that the freight service is shipping your order. Your order will travel through different locations before getting to the final destination. You may want to know why the order is taking so long to arrive. And the amount of time you will have to wait for it to arrive.

Why your Orange Connex package is still in transit

The main reason your goods are still in transit is that they are moving. Expect this status to remain this way for a while if the shipment is traveling a long distance to get to you. Your order will still have the ‘in transit’ even when it arrives in your country. The status will only change once the carrier delivers it to your doorstep.

How long an Orange Connex package can stay in transit

On average, Orange Connex’s speedy freight service takes between 8 and 12 days. So, expect the package to have the ‘in transit’ status within this period. It may take longer for the carrier to deliver the goods. For the Economic service, you may have to wait 10 to 15 days.


The 'pending' status can suggest many things. It depends on the order's location and the efficiency of shipping. Your carrier will alert you of any delays that may affect this status. They may also give you a timeline for when this status will change.

Why your Orange Connex package may be pending

You may have a pending package if the freight service is yet to enter it into their system. However, the merchant will email you a tracking number of the order once they send it. Once the freight service processes your order, its status will change to ‘in transit.’ You can then estimate the shipping time.

Orange Connex delivery times

With Orange Connex tracking service, you can know when to expect your goods. Estimating the delivery times can give you peace of mind.

The freight service takes between ten and fifteen business days to deliver a package. Its delivery times depend on the order’s destination. You may also have to wait for 22 to 55 days for your order to arrive. However, the company will communicate in advance in case of any delays.

Orange Connex delivery times: What time will your package arrive

The distance between your merchant and your house may determine the delivery time. Either way, the Circuit Package Tracker can give you time estimates.

You can’t accurately show the exact date of the delivery. Package trackers rely on estimates given by freight services. Orange Connex prides itself as a reputable logistics company. So, expect minimal delays with your order.’

How late Orange Connex delivers

The last-mile delivery service can deliver your package at set times. They may deliver it in the evening or during the day, depending on their workload. Most deliveries only happen during business days. But the company can make an exception after communicating with you.

There are no late-night deliveries with the last-mile delivery service. Your package will also arrive at your doorstep once the delivery service notifies you. It’s a good idea to track the order when it arrives in the country. This way, you will avoid unexpected deliveries and disruptions in your schedule.

International Orange Connex delivery times

The international delivery times for Orange Connex vary with the distance. However, expect the company’s freight tracking system to inform you regarding the delivery time. You can have Orange Connex deliver a package to the country of your choice. But once it arrives at the destination, a different carrier will handle its delivery.

Your order’s tracking information won’t change as it passes through the two carriers. So, you can use the original tracking number to indicate its location. The Circuit Package Tracker can help you figure out the order’s location locally. You simply have to enter the tracking details into the tracker.

Lost and missed Orange Connex deliveries

Missed or lost deliveries are not common with Orange Connex’s freight service. But when they happen, you should know what to expect. The tracker should help you estimate the delivery date. It won’t inform you regarding missed or lost deliveries.

Orange Connex usually takes full responsibility for packages in transit. So, merchants won't have to refund buyers if something happens to the goods.

What happens if you miss an Orange Connex delivery

You shouldn’t panic when you miss a delivery by Orange Connex. The company may have valid reasons for the lost or missed items. Contact the company's customer support team for help with this issue. Give them the correct tracking information for them to advise you on the steps to take.

You may miss the goods if the delivery driver leaves them outside your property without informing you. In such a scenario, the driver may only need your signature if the package is valuable.

If you have a pending order that requires your signature, the driver will leave a note to inform you regarding the missed delivery. The last-mile delivery service will contact you regarding the next delivery date.

To avoid lost or missed deliveries, always review the carrier's missed delivery terms. Ask them to clarify anything that you don't understand before agreeing with them.

How long Orange Connex will hold a package

Orange Connex’s freight service holds on to missed deliveries for a few days. It won’t send it back to the merchant. However, if you keep having missed or lost deliveries, contact the company. You can agree with them on the right schedule for the goods to get to you.

What to do if you haven't received your Orange Connex package

Check the package tracker if you are yet to get your order. The status indicated on the tracker can shed light on the underlying problem. If the tracker suggests that the carrier delivered the order, you will have to check your property. It’s common for delivery drivers to hide packages when the owner isn’t home.

Wait until the package arrives if the tracker suggests that it is still in transit. But if the estimated arrival date passes, inform Orange Connex regarding the problem.

Orange Connex tracking FAQs

In addition to the information covered above, you may want to know other things regarding Orange Connex. Here are the frequently asked questions regarding the company’s freight service:

Is Orange Connex delivery fast?

Orange Connex stands out for its inexpensive international shipping services. However, its speed doesn’t match other carriers that facilitate two-day or overnight deliveries.

So, look elsewhere if you want a fast freight service. Note that these carriers are more expensive and not as reputable as Orange Connex.

You may opt for the company’s delivery service if waiting for 8 to 12 days isn’t an issue. The Circuit Package tracking platform can inform you regarding your package’s status as you wait.

Can I track Orange Connex package by address?

The carrier’s basic freight service only uses tracking numbers to locate packages. You can’t use an address for this purpose. But if the package is under the last-mile delivery service, it's possible to track it with an address. This way, you can learn more about its delivery status.

Orange Connex only ships from China to the US or Europe. Once the package arrives at the port, a last-mile delivery company will bring it to you. Examples of last-mile delivery carriers in the country include UPS, FedEx, and USPS. These carriers allow package tracking by address.

UPS My Choice can show the list of orders scheduled for your address. It can also give you a delivery timeline. Delivery Manager by FedEx can inform you regarding pending deliveries. It allows you to instruct the driver where to leave the item and when.

Lastly, USPS’ Informed delivery can help you track orders by address. You can also use it to track pending deliveries.

How do I know if my Orange Connex package is stuck in customs?

It’s quite rare to have your package stuck in customs when using Orange Connex as a carrier. The company usually handles all the paperwork required at customs. Some items may capture the attention of customs officers during processing. As such, they may require you to file appropriate paperwork to get them.

If the package tracker suggests that your order is close to an international border, you may have to deal with customs officers. When you contact them, share your details and the order’s tracking number.

The customs office will give you reasons for holding on to your order. Unless you meet their conditions, it may take a while to get it to the specified destination.

You may experience such a problem if the merchant fails to mention the contents of the package. The officers may also hold on to the package if they want you to pay customs duty. That’s all you should know regarding Orange Connex.

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