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Track your New Zealand Post delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

The New Zealand Post has a rich history, dating back to when the small island had to rely on passing sends for message delivery.

Eventually, they were one of the few state-owned enterprises that made up New Zealand's postal service. When the system changed in 1998, New Zealand Post took the challenge of competition in stride.

Over the years, they have perfected their dedication to serving New Zealand's residents.

They also sincerely respect the country's natural beauty as one of the most sustainable delivery services. Their company boasts carbon neutrality and sustainable packaging. Soon, they will have entirely electric delivery vans.

They have perfected their delivery service throughout the years, so if you have recently got a New Zealand Post tracking number, you can feel confident it's in good hands.

Below is a detailed find on how to track your package and other helpful tips.

New Zealand Post tracking​​

New Zealand Post tracking is a convenient way to check on your item as it sends to keep it safe and prepare for delivery.

To track a New Zealand Post order, follow the below instructions to find your tracking number and the status of your package.

​How to find your New Zealand Post tracking number​

Finding your tracking number should be simple. You'll likely find it in an email, text, or receipt.

The tracking number is crucial for tracking a New Zealand Post order, so keep it safe once you find it.

Usually, if you've recently ordered a package, you'll get a tracking number in an email confirmation. The email may come a few days after the order when the retailer sends the item.

If you've given them your phone number, you may also get the sending information through text.

Either way, your vendor or New Zealand Post should reach out with a tracking number. If you haven't heard from them, consider asking the shipper for more information about the status.

Alternatively, if you are the one sending your package or someone is personally sending it to you, your tracking number will be on the receipt.

​​How to track your New Zealand Post package location​

It’s easy to track your New Zealand Post order once you have your tracking number.

You can go onto the New Zealand Post website and enter the number into the tracking tool. You could also download the app for your phone.

If you create a New Zealand Post tracking account, you'll save the tracking information and sign up for email or text updates.

New Zealand Post accounts also offer benefits like redirecting orders or adding special delivery instructions.

Otherwise, you could paste the information directly into Circuit Package Tracker to automatically find your package status.

Either way, you will soon know the location and status of your item.

​Lost New Zealand Post tracking number​​

With so much information passing through your hands daily, it can sometimes be easy to lose track of small details. If you lose a tracking number, your options can be limited.

However, you may still recover the information.

​​How to track a New Zealand Post package without a tracking number​

New Zealand Post tracking needs you to have your tracking number. There is no other way to find your package within the system.

However, if you can't find your tracking number, some typical methods may help you find it or get a duplicate.

First, check that your email service didn't accidentally sort the tracking confirmation as spam. You can also check to find out if you can restore the email if you accidentally deleted it.

Next, you can try to contact the person sending you your package to resend the information. They should have a copy of your tracking number on their receipt.

Finally, if you sent your package from a local New Zealand PostShop but lost your receipt, you have 90 days to return to the office and get a duplicate.

​Solving New Zealand Post tracking issues​​

Every system occasionally experiences issues, and New Zealand Post is no different.

Delays and issues with tracking can be frustrating, but it can help to understand why these problems occur.

You can take a few actions to know that your New Zealand Post order is safe and on its way to you, no matter the other minor issues.

​​Why you can't track your New Zealand Post package​

If you have your tracking number but still can't find any tracking information from the New Zealand Post, the most likely explanation is an issue with the system.

New Zealand Post tracking order numbers are long, so the first problem could be an issue with copying the number. Double-check that you have accurately put the number into the system.

After, if you're still having issues, it could be related to the internet connection. A poor connection may prevent you from connecting to New Zealand Post's tracking system.

Finally, New Zealand Post may not have your package yet. Sometimes vendors prepay for labels before they drop off the item.

In these instances, you may get the label's tracking number before the item begins sending. Try waiting a few days, and your package may appear when the shipper has brought it to the New Zealand Post.

If it takes too long and you're concerned about the lack of information, consider contacting the New Zealand Post directly.

​​Why your New Zealand Post package is not updating or moving​

Excitement for a package can lead to annoyance when it finds that the item is moving slowly or stopping.

It may seem like New Zealand Post isn't working quickly to get your package, but there are a few potential reasons why tracking may slow.

International orders are a unique case. When a package travels between countries, the item doesn't get an update at every remote location where it stops.

In this case, it may seem like your package isn't moving when it is. You will only get updates when the item reaches landmark destinations or larger distribution centers.

Holidays, weather conditions, and other unexpected events can lead to temporary delays.

If the tracking for your New Zealand Post order seems to stop for multiple days and you're concerned, reaching out to the company will give you the best information about the current status.

​New Zealand Post tracking status explained​​.

For New Zealand Post tracking, orders will show different statuses throughout their trip to update you on their travel.

Understanding these statuses is crucial to stay aware of your package's every move and take full advantage of the benefits of New Zealand Post tracking.

​​In transit​

The "In transit" status is where your package will spend most of its time, as New Zealand Post has your item and has begun the sending process.

Your package has successfully entered the New Zealand Post tracking system and should be safe on its way to your home.

The first status will start at the original destination, and you'll soon find updates as it travels toward you.

Any issues from this point forward should be directly handled with New Zealand Post, as they're now responsible for your item.

​​​Why your New Zealand Post package is still in transit

A package should be in transit for a long time, as New Zealand Post handles most of the travel during this section.

Especially keep this in mind for international orders, which always take longer than local deliveries.

However, issues with your package weight, a miswritten address, or other internal problems could lead to an order stuck in transit for longer than it should.

If you feel these issues could be at play, consider contacting the New Zealand Post for updates.

​​​How long a New Zealand Post package can stay in transit

New Zealand Post has quick delivery times that range depending on the service.

Standard packages sent between local New Zealand addresses will usually take three days.

International packages have some delays, but they should still ship within 7-10 business days.

Weekends, holidays, or other weather issues could cause minor delays and add to this timing.


Simply put, a "Pending" status will display for a package that the New Zealand Post hasn't yet.

They're waiting for your package from the shipper and will soon start the delivery process.

​​​Why your New Zealand Post package may be pending

There are a few potential reasons why New Zealand Post tracking may display a pending status.

First, the vendor sending your package may have bought a label but didn't give New Zealand Post the item. The New Zealand Post is waiting and will be ready to start sending once they have it.

Alternatively, the New Zealand Post warehouse may have an overflow in their warehouse. They could have your package but haven't gotten a chance to process it yet, and are working hard to get there.

Finally, your package may have gotten to the New Zealand Post during the weekend or holiday when they can't start sending it due to business hours.

​New Zealand Post Delivery times​​

New Zealand Post tracking will likely give you an expected day of delivery so you can prepare, but it can be helpful to know the time range a package should arrive.

The delivery times for New Zealand Post can change depending on local or international deliveries. Some services, like Express sending, can also impact how late they deliver.

​​New Zealand Post delivery times: What time will your package arrive​?

New Zealand Post tracking will let you know the day of delivery, but being at home for an item can be crucial for sensitive packages.

In New Zealand, the New Zealand Post usually delivers between 7 am and 40.3 pm.

You can also have your item sent to a New Zealand PostShop or other package pick-up location that you can access during business hours.

How late New Zealand Post delivers

New Zealand Post will deliver at the latest around 40.3 pm for most standard packages.

However, they also offer an express sending option that delivers items within 24 hours. In this case, they can make an exception, and your item may arrive between 6 and 9 pm, Monday through Friday.

​​International New Zealand Post delivery times​

 it can be challenging to determine when an international order will arrive.

New Zealand Post will likely transfer your package to a local courier. This transfer means that your item should arrive at the time of your mail.

If you know the exact courier New Zealand Post gave your package to, you can try to find their delivery times.

​Lost and missed New Zealand Post deliveries​​

You may miss your delivery, even when you track a New Zealand Post order. Or an issue in the process may have you suspect your package was lost.

In either scenario, tracking the item allows you to address the problem quickly and find a solution. Usually, you can still safely get your item.

​​What happens if you miss a New Zealand Post delivery​

Sometimes you may miss a delivery, but you can still get your item.

For international deliveries, this process depends on your local courier. They will usually leave a slip with information on how to follow up.

New Zealand Post operates similarly, leaving a note with a tracking code and instructions that lead to their site. From there, you can choose a redelivery method.

You can pick up your package, have it sent on a different day, or change the delivery address. 

With a New Zealand Post account, you can set a safe location for them to leave packages in case you miss the delivery window. Some packages may be left on porches if they don't need a signature.

​​How long New Zealand Post will hold a package​

New Zealand Post has local shops and stations that may hold your package if you miss a delivery. Typicontacty, they will only keep an item for ten days.

During this, you can try to reschedule the delivery or send it to another, closer location to pick up the order.

​​What to do if you haven't got your New Zealand Post package​

One serious issue you may have when tracking a New Zealand Post order is if the status says delivered, but you haven't had your item.

Sadly, many people are victims of stolen packages. Theft could be the issue if you don't have your item, but the New Zealand Post has delivered it.

It may also be days past the expected delivery date with no updates. In this scenario, New Zealand Post may have lost your item.

Either way, you should immediately try to contact the New Zealand Post. They will find the most up-to-date information about your package and clarify any issues.

Be prepared for your contact to New Zealand Post by keeping your tracking number nearby, as this information is usually necessary for any customer support.

​New Zealand Post FAQs​​

The New Zealand Post tracking system is helpful, but the delivery process is complex.

Here are the answers to a few more frequently asked questions about tracking New Zealand Post orders.

​​Is New Zealand Post delivery fast?​

New Zealand Post has quick delivery times, especially within the country. Their local deliveries usually only take three days or five with delays.

If that isn't quick enough, Express packages can arrive the same night you send them or within 24 hours.

International sending can be challenging with customs, but New Zealand Post still boasts a 10-day average travel time.

Of course, all deliveries can be subject to unexpected weather delays or issues with holidays and weekends.

Can I track the New Zealand Post package by address?​

 New Zealand Post tracking doesn't offer the option to find packages by address.

You must have your tracking number to keep updated on your order. If you're struggling to find it, consider contacting your shipper or checking receipts.

If you miss the delivery, New Zealand Post will leave a slip with tracking information to work out redelivery.

How do I know if my New Zealand Post package is stuck in customs?

Customs can seem like a hassle, but these strict regulations help keep everyone safe. When a package travels across country borders, it can often take some time to pass customs.

You can expect updates limited to significant destinations or major distribution centers for international deliveries. This process often makes it seem like your package is already moving slower than it is.

If you pay attention to the New Zealand Post order tracking and notice that the item seems stuck near a border, it's a good sign that it is going through customs.

Patiently wait a few days, and you may find an update in the new country.

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