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About Mexico Post 

Mexico Post is also known as Correos de Mexico and Servicio Postal Mexicano. It's the national postal service in Mexico and handles the collection, transport, and delivery of packages and mail in Mexico and several other countries.

This courier service is one of North America's oldest, originating in 1580. Despite being around since 1580, it wasn't until 1907 that the Mexican government took over running the organization. They handle most of the mail service in Mexico but are also responsible for mailing international packages.

Mexico Post has hundreds of post offices throughout Mexico, serving over a million people annually. They are Mexico's most reliable, affordable, and efficient postal service and still provide pretty quick international service. 

Mexico Post tracking

No matter what you order online nowadays, you will be able to track the location of your package throughout the process. It's one of the best things about online ordering. You can plan when your items will arrive and if someone needs to be home to retrieve the delivery.

Mexico Post offers tracking numbers for their package services within Mexico and the other countries they serve. While tracking a package is standard across most courier services, some slight differences exist. Understanding how to track your Mexico Post package is helpful when waiting for a delivery.

How to find your Mexico Post tracking number

Once you order something online, you'll receive a tracking number via the email you provided when placing your order. You'll need this tracking number to track your package, whether you're tracking it via Mexico Post's website or a third-party courier tracker.

The good news is that finding your Mexico Post tracking number is easy. You'll receive an email informing you that your package is coming. Somewhere within that email will be a tracking number for said order.

Remember, you won't get a tracking number immediately after placing your order. Courier companies don't send out a tracking number until they create a label for your order and are actually getting ready to start the shipping process. 

How to track your Mexico Post location

Tracking your Mexico Post package is simple. You'll need your tracking number to see the location and status of your package. There are two ways you can track your package. The first is to visit the Mexico Post website and use their tracking system.

You must copy and paste or enter the tracking number into the tracking system and hit enter. The location and tracking status should appear shortly after you enter the number.

Another option you have is to use a third-party tracking service like Circuit package tracker. This option is great when you have several packages coming at once. You can enter multiple tracking numbers at a time and see all their tracking statuses simultaneously. The best part is that all the tracking numbers don't need to be from the same courier service.

You can track something coming with Mexico Post at the same time as another package coming with USPS or another courier, for example.

Lost Mexico Post tracking number

If you have your Mexico Post tracking number, tracking the package is a breeze. But nothing is always that easy. If you don't have your tracking number, can't find it, or believe it wasn't sent to you, there's still a way to track your Mexico Post package. It will take a little more legwork, but it's possible.

How to track a Mexico Post package without a tracking number

Even though you don't have your tracking number, you can still track your Mexico Post package. At the end of the day, whatever method you choose from below will require you to find your tracking number in one way or another.

The first thing you can try is to contact the company you ordered your items from. Many of these online stores ask you to make accounts or use an email to sign in as a guest to place an order. If they do, you can log in and check for your "orders" page and see if they offer a way to track your order there.

Usually, they'll provide the tracking number there if you cannot find the email with the tracking number or if they never sent it. If that doesn't work, you can try contacting the company's customer service to see if they can help you track your order or send you the tracking number to an email you can check.

You can try and contact Mexico Post's customer service. This might not be as simple as going through the company you ordered from, but it's still an option. We recommend double-checking your emails in case you missed them before putting yourself through customer service calls. 

Solving Mexico Post tracking issues

As the national postal service in Mexico, Mexico Post has favorable reviews. They have timely service and take care of packages to ensure they're hardly ever damaged in the shipping process. Even though they're a reputable courier service, that doesn't mean problems can happen. Here's how to solve some Mexico Post tracking issues.

Why you can't track your Mexico Post package

One of the best things about ordering something online is knowing where your package is and when it will arrive. You can't track your Mexico Post package for a few potential reasons.

The first reason is that your tracking number isn't available yet. Mexico Post and other courier companies won't send out a tracking number until your order is ready to ship. While this can be frustrating, it's not as disappointing as sending the tracking number immediately and seeing it not move for several days or a week because it wasn't ready to ship.

There are several potential reasons if you have your tracking number and still can't track it. The first is that you entered the tracking number incorrectly. The best way to avoid this is to copy and paste the number into the tracker. Another reason is that the system you're trying to track your order is down.

The last option is rare but still happens. The company may have forgotten to send you the tracking number or sent you the wrong one. The best way to fix this is to ensure you provided them with the correct email address, and if you did, contact them about the correct tracking number.

Why your Mexico Post package is not updating or moving

If you've been tracking your Mexico Post package and see that it's not moving, there are a few reasons. It could be that your package literally isn't moving. Sometimes packages will stay at a facility for a day or so before resuming their journey to you.

Another option is that it's stuck in the customs of the country you live in. Customs tend to move quickly for smaller packages, but it can vary. Customs should notify you that your package is stuck there, but if they didn't, you can contact them to see the delay.

Mexico Post tracking status explained

When it comes to package tracking statuses, most of them are easy to understand. For example, delivery means the package was left at the address. That being said, a few statuses are more confusing for people, so let's look at those with Mexico Post.

In transit

If you check the status of your Mexico Post package and see that it's in transit, you're probably wondering what that means. Essentially, it means your package is on its way to you and should show you an expected delivery date.

Something important to note is that even if it says in transit, it doesn't mean your package is out for delivery. It means it's on its way to its final destination, but it could be at a holding facility, in customs, or on a plane, boat, or truck on its way.

Why your Mexico Post package is still in transit

Your Mexico Post package can still be in transit for a few reasons. The most simple one is that it's taking a little longer to get to you. You should expect to see your package in transit for several days, depending on the shipping speed you paid for. 

How long a Mexico Post package can stay in transit

How long a package coming with Mexico Post can stay in transit will depend. It depends on where it's coming from, its final destination, shipping delays, and potential customs. If you pay for expedited shipping, it shouldn't stay in transit very long, but if you paid for standard shipping, it can stay for several days. 


Pending is by far one of the most confusing tracking statuses you can see. When you see this, frustration can grow, but here's what it could mean.

Why your Mexico Post package may be pending

Your package from Mexico Post can be pending because they've created the shipping label for your package, but it's still at its original destination. They put this status to let people know they're starting their shipping process, but it's not yet in transit. 

Mexico Post delivery times

Even though most courier services work on a similar schedule, there are times when things can vary. If you're expecting a package coming via Mexico Post, here's a look at some of their delivery times.

Mexico Post delivery times: What time will your package arrive

What time your Mexico Post package will arrive depends on several factors. Typically, your package will come between 9 am and 6 pm, Monday through Friday, and before 1 pm on Saturday.

This can vary, so the best thing to do is keep up with your package's tracking status to understand better when to expect your items to arrive.

How late Mexico Post delivers

Mexico Post has a typical delivery window compared to other courier services of a similar structure. They typically deliver during business hours, Monday through Friday. This tends to be 9 am to 6 pm.

They also deliver on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm. Packages will often come after these times because delivery drivers are stuck in traffic but need to complete their route.  

International Mexico Post delivery times

Mexico Post ships internationally, but the international delivery times will vary depending on the country it's going to and the type of shipping you pay for. You can pay for standard or express international shipping when purchasing something from Mexico Post.

Their standard international shipping delivery times usually are between six to 20 days, depending on the package's destination country. It can even be longer if there are shipping delays or it gets stuck in customs.

If you want to use express shipping with Mexico Post, you can use Express Mail Service (EMS). These can be as short as three to five days for shipments to Canada and the United States and longer for other countries, but it'll still be quicker than standard shipping. 

Lost and missed Mexico Post deliveries

The last thing you want to do when you're expecting a package that requires a signature or someone to be home is to miss it. Whether ordering a new phone or something else, being home during the delivery window can be challenging when you have other obligations.

Since delivery windows aren't always accurate, it's standard for people to miss their Mexico Post delivery. If you do, there are a few things you can do.

What happens if you miss a Mexico Post delivery

Don't freak out if you miss your Mexico Post package's delivery window. When this happens, the driver will leave a note on your door or another way to let you know they attempted the delivery. Usually, this note will let you know they'll be trying to deliver the package the following day and offer a delivery window.

Since the delivery window for the following day tends to be the same as the day they missed you, if you cannot be there or have someone there to sign, then you can request that the package be held at a facility where you can pick it up on your own time. 

How long Mexico Post will hold a package

If you miss your Mexico Post delivery, they'll take the package to a facility to wait for a driver to try and re-deliver it or for you to pick it up.

When they do this, they'll hold your package for some time before they give up and return it to the sender or discard it.

For packages that don't require a signature, they will hold the package for up to 15 days, while those that require a signature will typically be held for five to ten days. This can vary, so contacting Mexico Post with questions is best. 

What to do if you haven't received your Mexico Post package

If you haven't gotten your Mexico Post package yet, it's not an immediate cause for alarm. Depending on why you haven't received your package and the situation, there are a few things that you can do.

First, you'll want to double-check that you entered the correct shipping address. If you see an error in the shipping address and it's been delivered already, there's nothing you can do. If it's in transit, you can try to get in touch with Mexico Post about rerouting it to the correct address.

You'll want to see the tracking status if your address is correct. If there is a pending or in transit tracking status, you'll need to be a little patient because it's on its way. Now, if it says delivered but you haven't received it, you'll want to contact Mexico Post customer service to see what's going on. 

Mexico Post tracking FAQs

Mexico Post is a prominent courier service, but not everyone has used it. If you still have questions about using Mexico Post, here's what some other people are wondering. 

Is Mexico Post delivery fast?

Most people who've used Mexico Post to receive a package would say that the delivery service is quick. There are some cases where people don't think Mexico Post delivery is as fast as possible, but that's usually due to factors out of anyone's control, like shipping delays and customs. 

Can I track Mexico Post packages by address?

Unfortunately, you cannot track your Mexico Post package using your address. You'll need the courier's official tracking number or to contact customer service for help tracking your package. 

How do I know if my Mexico Post package is stuck in customs?

If you have something coming from another country via Mexico Post, you should get a notification by mail from customs. Usually, customs aren't a problem for most people, but the larger your package or depending on your order, it can get stuck.

Customs will notify you by mail, but if you didn't receive any notification, you can track your Mexico Post package with the tracking number, and it should state that it's in customs if it is.

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