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MaltaPost is the national postal company on the Mediterranean island of Malta, offering residents and businesses mail forwarding, courier deliveries, registered mail, and more.

They also work with many international couriers to deliver worldwide.

MaltaPost tracking

How to find your MaltaPost tracking number

When you place an online order, the seller will send your MaltaPost tracking number in your confirmation email. Remember to check your junk folder if you cannot find it.

If you live in Malta and send a package, you can visit your local Post Office and use Parcel Post to get a tracking number. Alternatively, MaltaPost will send you a confirmation email if you book through an online courier (Next Day Service, Express Courier Service, or same Day Service). 

Contact MaltaPost customer services for help if you cannot find your tracking number.

How to track your MaltaPost package location

You can track your MaltaPost package location using the above search or the MaltaPost tracking tool. You can also visit your local Post Office if you're a Maltese resident.

Lost MaltaPost tracking number

No matter how careful you are with the information, a lost MaltaPost tracking number can happen. Luckily, you have a few options to fix this. 

How to track a MaltaPost package without a tracking number

Your Maltese Post tracking number tells you where your package is located, if there are any delays, and when MaltaPost will attempt delivery. 

If you cannot find your tracking number, you can visit a Post Office or contact MaltaPost customer services for help.

Make sure you have the necessary information, like your package dimensions, sending date, sender address, recipient address, and a form of ID. 

Solving MaltaPost tracking issues

You can track a MaltaPost incoming package, registered item, or EMS item through the online tool

you can monitor international goods through the tracking tool or the MaltaPost Express International Item tool

But what if you are having trouble finding your package? Maybe your tracking number is not working, your package is missing in action, or the online system is not updating. What now?

Why you can’t track your MaltaPost package

There are a few reasons why you cannot track your MaltaPost package. 

Firstly, if you put your tracking number incorrectly, it will not show up on the MaltaPost tracking tool. Double-check your information and put the numbers and letters in the correct order.

Secondly, you may not track your package if the online website tracking tool is not working. 

Sometimes, the MaltaPost online service may have technical difficulties. If this happens, the system may take a few minutes or hours to restore access.

Alternatively, you might have issues with MaltaPost tracking if your items have yet to be collected. While it may have been scheduled for collection at a defined time, the courier could be late for collection.

Lastly, there might be issues in the delivery process that make it impossible for you to track your package. The system may not be updated in real-time if there are courier issues or delays. 

Why your MaltaPost package is not updating or moving

If your MaltaPost package is not updating, your package may not have been collected yet, this means your package will not be updated on the online tracking system. 

Make sure to check your package s status often to find if the local courier has picked it up. 

There could also be an online glitch with the system that is causing the tracking tool to stall and not offer any updates. 

While uncommon, another possible reason could be driver or courier error. If your driver made a mistake with your package (i.e., left it at the wrong place, lost it, and so on ), it could lead to your items no longer moving or updating.

A “pending status” can sometimes be caused by customs-related delays. In this case, you may need to pay an import or export tax for your MaltaPost tracking order before it can continue. 

MaltaPost tracking status explained

Are you curious about how the MaltaPost tracking system works? Understanding the company's various tracking statuses can give you peace of mind during the delivery process.

So, let’s find out why your package might have an “in transit” or “pending” status. 

In transit

An “in transit” status means that your package has yet to arrive at its destination. 

The “in transit” phase covers all the steps between when your package is collected and when it is changed to “delivered,” with the recipient in possession of your goods.

Why your MaltaPost package is still in transit

Your MaltaPost package may still be in transit if there are delays during the delivery process, perhaps due to unforeseen circumstances. 

If there are issues with the courier, such as a road accident, road closures, or extreme weather, there could be long delays in your package getting to its destination. 

Furthermore, a company-wide shutdown or issues at the border through customs would lead to your package staying “in transit.” 

How long a MaltaPost package can stay in transit

A MaltaPost package usually is delivered between ten to 20 working days, depending on the destination and signature of the recipient upon delivery. 


“Pending” status means that your MaltaPost package is delayed. Pending shows your package is “stuck” in a specific location.

Typically, delays could happen at customs, the warehouse, or in the courier’s van due to issues beyond the driver’s control. 

Why your MaltaPost package may be pending

Your MaltaPost package may get a “pending” status due to road conditions, weather, customs, and company staffing concerns. 

A shortage of workers for many reasons can have a highly disruptive effect on services. 

In particular, staffing issues could slow the delivery process, causing your package to be “pending” at the local distribution center.

One common reason for a “pending” status is customs. Your delivery might be stuck waiting on payment of import or export tax, or it might be held due to the contents of your package. 

MaltaPost delivery times

MaltaPost delivers single-piece mail posted before 17.15 pm on a weekday and 12.30 pm on Saturday the next working day. 

Inbound cross-border mail landing before 16.30 pm on weekdays and 13.30 pm on Saturday will be delivered the next working day.

Local couriers can deliver mail to an Easipik Parcel Locker for people to collect throughout the week at your discretion. 

MaltaPost delivery times. What time will your package arrive?

International mail that arrives in Malta before 16.30 pm on weekdays and 13.30 pm on Saturdays will be delivered the next day before the end of the day (roughly 7 pm). 

Single-piece mail collected before 17.15 pm on weekdays and 12.30 pm on Saturdays is delivered on the next day (before 7 pm).

How late MaltaPost delivers

MaltaPost will deliver as late as 7 pm between Monday and Friday and before 17.30 pm on Saturdays. 

International MaltaPost delivery times

MaltaPost delivers international packages within ten to 20 working days, depending on the destination country and the recipient’s address. 

Plus, MaltaPost international mail offers an outbound letter mail service to over 190 countries for you to dispatch mail the next working day. 

If your destination country is not on the list of MaltaPost next-day countries, the courier will deliver your MaltaPost mail on a twice-weekly schedule. 

Lost and missed MaltaPost deliveries

Can’t find your package? Have you been searching for how to “track my MaltaPost package?” This section will explain your options if you have missed, lost, or damaged goods.

What happens if you miss a MaltaPost delivery

If you are out of the house and miss a MaltaPost delivery, don’t worry—you can use the ”Missed Delivery Form” to retrieve your package. 

The MaltaPost courier will leave a “Missed Delivery Form” on your doorstep or posted to the front of your door that states the date and package information. 

Once you get this notification, visit the MaltaPost website and use the “Missed Delivery Form” to start. 

Enter the notification's color (green, orange, pink, white, yellow, or blue), the date of notification, and an image of the copy of the notice file. 

After you complete these steps, you can choose to have your package redelivered to the same address, a local Post Office, or an Easipik Parcel Locker. 

How long will MaltaPost hold a package?

If your package is held at one of the MaltaPost local post offices, you can expect them to keep your goods for up to 14 days. 

For delivery to an Easipik locker, you’ll need to collect your package within two days. 

What to do if you haven’t got your MaltaPost package

For domestic post, contact MaltaPost if they fail to deliver your package on the estimated date. To do this, you can contact MaltaPost customer services or visit your local Post Office for help.

For international packages, you must contact the couriers making the final delivery. They should have sent you an email to confirm if this is the case.

MaltaPost FAQs

Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions about MaltaPost, including delivery times, tracking information, contact details, and more. 

Is MaltaPost delivery fast?

MaltaPost is faster than other local postal services offering domestic and international services from Malta.

MaltaPost delivers single-piece mail posted before 17.15 pm on a working day or 12.30 pm on Saturday on the next working day.

MaltaPost's next-day delivery is the standard timeframe for all European countries, Australia, the United States, and Canada.

MaltaPost delivers cross-border and international mail with a final destination of Malta on the next working day if it is processed before 16.30 on a weekday or 13.30 on a Saturday. 

Lastly, international mail is delivered in ten to 20 working days, depending on the destination. 

Can I track a MaltaPost package by address?

If you lost your tracking number or need to track a MaltaPost package by the address, you will need to follow several steps to get results.

You may need to contact a customer support team member to speak with them and say why you don’t have your tracking number. 

Use the company’s online contact form to contact a MaltaPost employee and give your MaltaPost tracking order information.

This information includes package dimensions, sending date, collection address, and recipient address. The data will show the employee you are verified to get the tracking information. 

Furthermore, you can visit one of the local post offices to ask an employee in person about the status of your package. 

How do I know if my MaltaPost package is stuck in customs?

If your MaltaPost package is stuck at the border of Malta or another country due to customs clearance, you may get an update in your tracking status stating your package is “Pending.” 

In this case, you may need to pay the import or export tax for your package. You will get an email from MaltaPost with a link that takes you to the payment form for the tax. The sender is responsible for paying the tax.

MaltaPost tracking final thoughts

MaltaPost tracking makes sure you stay updated on where your package is, and its status, whether it’s international mail, local courier services, or express mail.

Using Circuit Package Tracker means you won’t have to worry about where your MaltaPost package is, or when to expect it.

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