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Magyar Posta is the official postal service of Hungary. Founded in 1867, the company has changed hands several times. Once a government institution, Magyar Posta is now a privately owned corporation.

However, the company is still in charge of the postal service for the country of Hungary and sends internationally.

Magyar Posta will likely send your package if you've ordered a package from a Hungarian business. Here is a complete guide to Magyar Posta tracking from the box's origin to your doorstep.

Magyar Posta tracking​​

Tracking your package is relatively simple. First, all boxes and packages get a Magyar Posta tracking number attached to a bar code.

Then, as your package moves throughout the country and beyond, postal workers scan the barcode, and your package s location is automatically updated.

If you have your Magyar Posta tracking number, you will find exactly where your package is and how long it should take to get to you. However, it can get more complicated than that at times.

​​How to find your Magyar Posta tracking number​

Your vendor will update your Magyar Posta tracking by email. If you've ordered from a store in Hungary, the store will send you an order confirmation. Once they ship your package, you will get another email with your tracking number.

If your Magyar Posta tracking number isn't in the sending confirmation email, you should contact the seller and find out if they can give you a tracking number. This number is the only way to find your package and get an estimated delivery date.

​​How to track your Magyar Posta package location​

Once you have your Magyar Posta tracking number, there are a few ways you can track your package. The most common way is to go to the Magyar Posta website and enter your number, which is the official website for the postal service and will give you the quickest updates on your package.

You can also follow the link in your email. Some online stores give a separate tracking link, so you won't have to leave their website.

If your email has a tracking button instead of a number, you can use this to find where your package is. There are also multiple independent package tracking websites.

Lastly, you can copy and paste your Magyar Posta tracking number into the search above, and Circuit Route Planner will tell you where your package is and its latest status.

Lost Magyar Posta tracking number​​

Your tracking number can get easily lost. If you've deleted your Magyar Posta tracking number email or lost your receipt, you might not find the correct number for your package. Here is a guide on what to do if you've lost your tracking number and can no longer track your Magyar Posta package.

​How to track a Magyar Posta package without a tracking number​

Without a tracking number, it's challenging to track a Magyar Posta package. The postal service doesn't offer address-based tracking to protect personal information. The best way to track a package is to assign it a unique tracking number and allow the customer to find the updates.

If you've lost your Magyar Posta tracking number, you should contact the store where you bought the item. Use your order number or name and address, and customer service at that store should match your information with your tracking number  Then, they can send it to you, and you'll track your package again.

Solving Magyar Posta tracking issues​​

 Magyar Posta isn't always the most reliable package tracking, especially if you order from a country outside of Hungary. Customers complain about the accuracy of the tracking numbers and issues with customs, waiting weeks for a package, or never hearing back about their package.

You're not alone if you're struggling to track your Magyar Posta package properly. Here are some common issues with Magyar Posta tracking and how to address them.

​Why you can't track your Magyar Posta package​

If you can't track your package, it could be because it wasn't given a Magyar Posta tracking number, which usually happens when you order something small enough to be sent in a regular envelope. If this is the case, you'll likely get your package sooner rather than later.

However, a larger item without a tracking number is an oversight on the company's part. Every Magyar Posta tracking order should have a tracking number, so you can contact the store you ordered from and ask for one.

However, you might have the wrong tracking number if it's another tracking issue. Double-check that you've entered the correct number.

​Why your Magyar Posta package is not updating or moving​

You might find a delay in your package's movement, even with a valid Magyar Posta tracking number. If you've checked up on the tracking several times and your package hasn't been updated or moved, there are a few potential reasons for this.

The most common cause is simple human error. So, your tracking number hasn't been updated while it's moving toward you.

However, there could also be a delay in sending for internal reasons, or your package could be caught in customs at the country's border.

Magyar Posta tracking status explained​​

Like any package tracking, Magyar Posta has several status updates for each package. Most packages start with a "preparing for sending  label, which means the sending label has been created, but your package hasn't been sent  After that, the most common label is "in transit."

If all goes well, it should transfer from "in transit" to "out for delivery" or "delivered." However, sometimes other labels appear, which may cause you to worry. Here is a complete explanation of the tracking status changes that might happen with your Magyar Posta package.

​In transit​

The most common Magyar Posta sending status is the "in transit" label. Packages are labeled as "in transit" when they are moving. You can find where your package has been most recently scanned and where it will head next. As long as your package is in transit, you can be sure it's moving toward you.

Of course, a package can be labeled as "in transit" and get caught in customs or stuck somewhere. If you're worried about your package's delivery time or how long it's been in transit, keep reading for troubleshooting help.

​​​Why your Magyar Posta package is still in transit

In transit is the most common package status for Magyar Posta. However, if it hasn't moved for a long time or hasn't changed, there could be an issue with your package  Occasionally, this happens because the delivery person forgets to scan a package.

For example, you could have already got your package, but the delivery person didn't scan it at your door.

However, it's more likely that your package is moving, but it's between scans. Some legs of the journey might be longer than others, and an especially long flight or truck ride won't usually involve a scan. Once your package gets to the next post office, you'll find an update.

At times, packages can get lost or stuck in the sending process. If this is the case, your package might stay in transit for much longer than expected. You can always contact Magyar Posta or the company you bought from to make sure that your package is moving toward you.

​​​How long a Magyar Posta package can stay in transit

Although Hungary isn't an enormous country, the postal system can take longer than expected to deliver a package.

As a result, your package will likely stay "in transit" the entire time it's on its way to you unless it gets caught at customs or stuck in the system somehow.

Of course, the length of time it stays in transit depends on where you live in relation to the point of origin.

If you live outside of Hungary, the odds are greater that your package will take longer to deliver. Because of customs, international delays, and travel time, your package could take days or weeks to get to you.


Another common status update is "pending." If your package is pending, it is not currently moving toward you. Instead, something has happened to stop its movement and cause it to sit in place for a while.

This delay could be because of customs, airport laws, or package damage. Occasionally, a package will get damaged in transit, and the post office must repackage it before sending it on its way. A "pending" label could also mean that your package is missing and the post office is trying to find it.

​​Why your Magyar Posta package may be pending

There are several reasons why a Magyar Posta package might be pending. While none of these are ideal, some are more worrying than others.

However, pending often means your package is temporarily stopped and will soon be on its way again. So if you find this label, wait a day or two before contacting the postal service.

The common reasons a package is labeled as pending include a stop at customs or an international border, a lost or damaged package, and several days of no Magyar Posta order tracking updates. Some mail services will automatically update the tracking status to "pending" if there have been no updates for a while.

Magyar Posta tracking delivery times

Once your package has made it to your town, there's only one step left: it needs to be delivered to your home.

At this point, your Magyar Posta tracking status will update to "out for delivery," meaning that your package is on a truck en route to your home. However, you might wonder what time of day Magyar Posta will deliver it. ​

​Magyar Posta delivery times: What time will your package arrive​

If you live in Hungary, you can expect your package to arrive with the rest of your daily mail. The postal worker will bring your package as part of their daily route, which involves your house. The timing of this depends on where you are on their route.

Usually, a postal service starts a route early in the morning and will deliver until the end of the work day. You can expect your package between regular working hours if you aren't sure when your mail will come or live outside of Hungary. Some services have extra evening hours for priority packages.

​How late does Magyar Posta deliver?​

Magyar Posta delivers within working hours. Keep this in mind if you won't be at home and need to sign for your package  You can also contact your local postal service to make sure they deliver when you are available. Usually, Magyar Posta doesn't deliver past 6 or 7 pm in the evening.

If you ordered a priority delivery, you might get your package as late as eight in the evening. However, postal services don't deliver any later than this to preserve workers' schedules and your privacy.

No one wants to get a package in the middle of the night, and postal workers must also get home and sleep.

​International Magyar Posta delivery times​

If you live outside of Hungary, the delivery times are much the same. However, they might vary a bit depending on who your local courier is.

Once your package leaves Hungary, Magyar Posta will entrust it to one of its many postal partners. For non-Hungarians, this means that the actual delivery time may vary.

Even though you aren't likely to get your package from a Magyar Posta delivery person, you are still collecting a Magyar Posta package. The delivery times depend on your local postal service and how late they are willing to deliver. Usually, these hours are still within regular working hours.

​Lost and missed Magyar Posta deliveries​​

If you weren't at home when your Magyar Posta package got delivered, they might have left you a note that they attempted the delivery. You can easily pick up your package at the local post office or wait until the delivery driver tries again.

However, there are also situations where your package gets lost. For customers experiencing this, it doesn't mean you won't ever get your items. Instead, you might need to contact the company for a refund or a replacement. Here is a guide on what to do with a lost or missed package.

​What happens if you miss a Magyar Posta delivery​

Missing a delivery is not a big deal - it often happens, as deliveries happen in the middle of the day, and many people work throughout the day. You might get home from work and find a note on your door or get an email about your package.

If you've missed the delivery, this note or email will tell you the next step to take. Often, a delivery driver will try the next day again. Then, you can get your package or go to the local Magyar Post office to pick it up.

​​How long will Magyar Posta hold a package​?

If you missed delivery or are out of town, Magyar Posta will hold your items until you are ready to pick them up. However, the company will discard or recycle your package after a few weeks. So you should pick up your package as soon as possible to avoid this.

You can contact your local post office and ask them for an extension. Often, as long as they know that you plan on coming for your package, Magyar Posta is willing to hold on to it for a while longer.

​What to do if you haven't got your Magyar Posta package​

Like many delivery services, Magyar Posta might upload a picture of where they delivered your package. If you get home and your package is gone, you might be the victim of package thieves. Report this to the local police and the store for a possible refund.

Another possibility is that your package got lost in the mail. If this is the case, you can contact Magyar Posta and the store you bought it from to discuss a replacement or a refund. Often, online stores offer a money-back guarantee if you don't get your package by a specific date.

​Magyar Posta tracking FAQs​​

Here are some frequently asked questions about Magyar Posta and their answers. Hopefully, they will answer your questions and allow you to easily track Magyar Posta shipments!

​Is Magyar Posta delivery fast?​

Magyar Posta is the standard delivery method for all Hungarian mail. If you live in Hungary, you will likely get your package within a few days to a week. However, international delivery can take significantly longer and is one of the major complaints that Magyar Posta gets.

​​Can I track the Magyar Posta package by address?​

 Magyar Posta doesn't offer address-based tracking. Tracking numbers are ideal for customer privacy protection and ease of tracking, and your address is personal information.

So although it's written on your package, you won't track your Magyar Posta package using just your address.

​​How do I know if my Magyar Posta package is stuck in customs?

If you are ordering internationally, you might be worried about your Magyar Posta package getting stuck in customs, which is rare, but it does happen sometimes. Usually, your package will be updated to "pending" status, and they might contact you if something goes wrong.

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