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Who is Lone Star Overnight (LSO)?

Lone Star Overnight (LSO) is a Texas-based carrier, serving the South since 1991. Lone Star Overnight handles overnight deliveries to ground shipments and is the premier regional package carrier in the southern region of the United States. They offer reliable overnight delivery with both air and ground transportation. Deliveries are guaranteed on time, or the cost of shipping is refunded.

There are hundreds of Lone Star Overnight drop boxes in the service area for customer convenience. Pick-up service is also offered, Monday through Friday.

They offer several different options for guaranteed delivery times, so customers can select which time slot they would like the package to be delivered. Lone Star Overnight even has priority Early Next Day delivery, delivering the package by 8:30 a.m. the morning following pick-up or drop-off.

Where do LSO deliver?

LSO offers delivery service to Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, and southeast New Mexico.

Delivery to Mexico is available, however, it’s on a very limited basis. The delivery may only consist of documents, less than two lbs. Document delivery to any city in Mexico is guaranteed in 2-3 business days.

Frequently asked questions

Many of the frequently asked questions about LSO Package Tracker and Lone Star Overnight are answered here. You should contact LSO customer services If you have package-specific questions.

What is LSO Package Tracker?

You can track the progress of your Lone Star Overnight deliveries with the LSO Package Tracker.

LSO will refund the cost of your shipment if the LSO Package Tracker cannot report the status of your package within 90 of your scheduled delivery time.

Can I track a Lone Star Overnight package without a tracking number?

You cannot track an LSO package without your tracking number.

You will be sent a tracking number by email on delivery confirmation. You can then use Circuit Package Tracker to show every stage of your package delivery from collection to the exact location of your package.

You must contact the sender if you do not have a tracking number so they can help.

Does Circuit Package Tracker offer better tracking than LSO Package Tracker?

Both online package trackers are similar in functionality and will tell you where your LSO package is along its route, and if it has got stuck along the way.

In contrast, you can set up notifications for the Circuit Package Tracker mobile app so that you know exactly when your package will arrive without having to keep checking.

How late does LSO deliver?

Lone Star Overnight has several delivery options to get your package to its destination on time. LSO Early Next Day delivers the package on the next business day by 8:30 am. This option is available for packages up to 150 pounds, and signature service is not available for this shipping option. 

LSO Priority Next Day

LSO Priority Next Day delivers the package on the next business day by 10:30 am. This service is for packages up to 150 pounds, and signature service isn’t an option for this shipping selection.

LSO Economy Next Day

LSO Economy Next Day delivers the package on the following business day by 3:00 p.m. Again, this option is for packages up to 150 pounds, and signature delivery service isn’t available with this type of delivery.

LSO Ground

LSO Ground is a 1-3 business day delivery option for packages up to 150 pound. LSO Mexico will deliver solely documents, up to 2 pounds, to any city in Mexico in 2-3 days.

How long does it usually take to deliver an international package with Lone Star Overnight?

Lone Star Overnight offers one international shipping option, which is document shipping to anywhere in Mexico in 2-3 days for a 2-pound package of documents.

How long will LSO hold a package?

Lone Star Overnight will reschedule delivery for the following business day if you miss your delivery.

After three failed attempts at delivery, LSO will leave you notice of the delivery attempt, and the package will be dropped at the nearest LSO facility. LSO will contact you to arrange a new delivery date.

How do I sign for an LSO package?

You do not need to sign for LSO package deliveries to residential areas.

If you are due an alcohol or tobacco delivery, you will need a signature and proof of age. So make sure you have a valid government identification at the time of the delivery.

How do I track an LSO package with Circuit Package Tracker?

Just enter the LSO tracking number into the search and select ‘Lone Star Overnight’ in the carrier drop-down menu. You will then have information on the location of the package and the estimated delivery date.

What should I do if I haven’t received my package from LSO?

If your package hasn’t been delivered, and it is outside of the delivery window set by Lone Star Overnight, you must contact the vendor you purchased from.

Only the account holder may file a claim on a package with Lone Star Overnight, so the claim must come from the merchant. Claims on missing or late packages must be made through the LSO website within 30 days of the scheduled date of delivery. Supporting documentation must be submitted at the time of the claim.

What happens if LSO loses my package?

If Lone Star Overnight fails to deliver the package as promised, they will fully refund the cost of shipping.

In addition, the shipper must claim for the price of the merchandise using the website within 30 days of the scheduled delivery. Supporting documentation must accompany the claim at the time it is sent.

If the delivery is late, Lone Star Overnight will refund you the cost of shipping.

What happens if I miss my LSO delivery?

If your package is being delivered to a residential neighborhood, it isn’t a problem if there is nobody at home at the time of delivery. Lone Star Overnight doesn’t need a signature for package delivery in residential neighborhoods.

If your package does need a signature and nobody is there to sign, the package will be rescheduled for delivery on the next business day.

After the third failed delivery attempt, your package will be sent to the closest LSO facility and you will be contacted to schedule delivery, with the charges billed to the shipper.

What time will my LSO package arrive?

The latest information on your package and its location are available on Circuit Package Tracker. Simply type in the tracking number, and the package information, including its status and current location, will be on the screen immediately. Circuit Package Tracker shows every stage of the delivery process, from collection to recipient signature.

Where is my LSO package?

All of the information on your package should be able on Circuit Package Tracker by simply inputting the tracking number. If there isn’t any data, or there seems to be a logistics-related issue with the delivery, the shipper must contact Lone Star Overnight.

Only the account holder can submit a claim on the package. You must contact the merchant you purchased from and advise them of the delivery issue, and let them know they need to visit the LSO website to start the process of filing a claim for your missing package.

Where is my LSO tracking number?

Your LSO tracking number is issued to the shipper at the time of shipment confirmation. They should send it to you. However, if this does not happen, you should contact the merchant and ask for it.

Why is my LSO package not moving?

As all of LSO shipping options have guaranteed delivery dates, your package shouldn’t be sitting still for any length of time. If this is what is being reflected on Circuit Package Tracker, and the delivery window has passed, have the merchant contact Lone Star Overnight customer service.

Why is my LSO package pending?

Packages are shown as “pending” before they have any tracking data loaded into the shipping and tracking platform. This shouldn’t be the case after the first few hours. Try Circuit  Package Tracker again in a couple of hours. If the problem persists, have the merchant contact LSO customer service.

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