Latvia Post Tracking

Track your Latvia Post delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

About Latvia Post

Latvia Post is a state-owned postal provider in the country of Latvia in Europe. Latvia Post offers tracking services for customers sending packages domestically and internationally.

Although the company offers online tracking and helpful services, it is sometimes best to use a third-party tracker to put your mind at ease. 

Latvia Post Tracking

Understanding the basics of Latvia Post tracking can help customers determine where their package is in the delivery process, the estimated delivery time frame, and what to do with a missing package. 

How to find your Latvia Post tracking number

Your tracking number for your Latvia Post package is on the receipt of statements after booking or paying for your package.

If you can’t find your tracking number, contact one of the information lines or email the postal service at [email protected]. The phone numbers are 27008001 or 67008001. 

How to track your Latvia Post location

The quickest way to track your Latvia Post location is to go to the website’s home page. Then, use the ‘Ford Individuals’ button at the top of the page. After using this button, you will find the ‘Tracked postal items’ bar.

Then, use the ‘Tracking of Postal Items’ button to find the location of your package. You can enter the number of the postal item into the search box and use the ‘Track’ or ‘Find’ button to find out where your package is in transit within Latvia.

You will have to use the international tracking button on the webpage for international deliveries. 

Lost Latvia Post Tracking Number

You may have lost the receipt, tracking information, or email with the correspondence between the sender and the post office. Suppose you can’t find your Latvia Post tracking information. In that case, there are a few problem-solving methods you can use to figure out the location of your package. 

How to track a Latvia Post package without a tracking number

Not all hope is lost if you don’t have your tracking number. You can still figure out how to track your Latvia Post package without a tracking number using one of the following methods.

First, you can visit an in-person post office in Latvia to ask one of the employees if they can check on your package status for you. You must bring a government-verified I.D. and any other helpful information to verify your identity.

Second, consider contacting the company online to avoid going to a post office in person. You can use the phone number for the ‘informative phone’ line at 27008001 or email Latvia Post at [email protected].

Last, consider asking the sender or recipient if they can give information about the package’s status. If you are receiving a package, ask the sender for the tracking number, when the package was collected, or any status updates. 

Solving Latvia Post Tracking Issues

Do you need help tracking your Latvia Post package? If so, don’t worry – there are a few telltale reasons why your package is currently untraceable online and solutions to solve the issue. 

Why you can't track your Latvia Post package

One of the main reasons why you can’t track your package online is that the package is not collected yet from the sender’s address. If you assume the package is collected on a certain date, but the courier is late, it will not appear on the online tracking system.

Second, you can only track your package if you put the tracking number correctly. Even if you are one number off or missing a letter, this will render the number unusable in the online track & trace system.

Furthermore, customers can only track their Latvia Post packages if the courier enters the package in the online system. In some cases, the courier collects a package and does not scan the label or enter the number for tracing.

Lastly, if the barcode or label on the package is rubbed off or illegible, the driver will be unable to scan the barcode and add it to the online system.

Why your Latvia Post package is not updating or moving

If you can track your Latvia Post package, but it has yet to be updated or moved in a few hours, days, or weeks, this may cause customer concern. There are a few reasons why your package is at a standstill.

One of the most common reasons for this delay is courier error. If the courier does not put the item in the system, gets stuck in traffic, gets lost in the transit process, or does not leave the package at the correct distribution center, this can lead to a ‘stuck’ package.

Another cause for why your package is at a standstill is the online system is down. In some instances, the online tracking service may have a glitch or a site-wide error. Customers will have to wait until Latvia Post fixes this problem before they can trace their package.

Finally, your package might not be moving if there is an unforeseen circumstance that delays the delivery. Sometimes, weather delays or traffic incidents can cause your package to be immobile at a specific step in the delivery process. 

Latvia Post Tracking Status Explained

Understanding the different tracking statuses for Latvia Post can help customers understand where their package is in the tracking process.

In transit

A package ‘in transit’ means it is collected from the sender's address and is currently en route to the final destination. 

Why your Latvia Post package is still in transit

You may find that your Latvia Post package is in transit longer than initially intended. There are usually a few reasons for a delay in the delivery process.

Customers often find that there is a delay if customs are taking longer than anticipated. Customs officials and border procedures can often delay a package, mainly if the package contains prohibited items or is not packaged correctly.

Customers must make sure they give the correct documentation and pay the respective import and export fees for any international deliveries to avoid customs delays.

Another reason why your package is still in transit is due to a driver error. Couriers can sometimes go to the wrong address or make a mistake during the pick-up or drop-off. This can cause longer delivery times, sometimes a few hours or 1-2 days late.

Lastly, your package might still be in transit if there are holidays, weekends, or special occasions. 

How long a Latvia Post package can stay in transit

Latvia Post usually delivers packages within 2-3 working days for within-country deliveries. The maximum number of delivery days for domestic packages is four days. 

For international packages, delivery times usually fluctuate between 12-15 working days. 


A ‘pending’ package means your package is stuck en route. 

Why your Latvia Post package may be pending

The most common reason your package is pending is due to delays at the border. If you are sending an international package, customs officials and border rules can delay packages for an indefinite amount of time.

Check your mail or email to find out if there are any necessary import or export fees for the package. You (or the recipient) must pay the fees before the package can continue to the final destination. 

Latvia Post Delivery Times

Knowing the average delivery times can help give customers an idea of when their package should arrive at the final destination.

Latvia Post delivery times: What time will your package arrive

Latvia Post usually delivers domestic packages and letters within 2-3 working days. If customers use EMS postal express services, customers can expect same-day or 24-hour delivery. 

If customers within Latvia send packages or letters to countries within the Balkans, delivery will take 1-2 days. 

How late Latvia Post deliver

The pick-up time on working days is 8 am to 3 pm within Zone 1, 8 am to 12 pm within Zone 2, and 8 am to 10 am within Zone 3. The delivery time in the entire country is one working day.

Standard delivery takes 1-2 business days for bulky and oversized items. Latvia Post can deliver in the evening between 6 pm and 10 pm in Riga. 

International Latvia Post delivery times

The fastest way to make sure your package gets through the international border is to do the following for customs:

  1. Check your SMS for a postal item text message or if you have a printed invitation
  2. Do the customs clearance yourself at OR redirect this to 
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen
  4. Make the necessary payment
  5. Collect the item as a recipient 

Customers must pay the customs fees for packages to cross over the country lines. There is a price list for items sent that must clear customs services:

  • Postal item value up to $150 — $5.99 fee
  • Postal item value $150 to $1,000 — $5.99 fee with customs brokerage support if necessary
  • Postal item value above $1,000 — $30.25 fee with customs brokerage support 

Lost and Missed Latvia Post Deliveries

Did your delivery never show up? Maybe you were out during the intended delivery slot. What now? 

Although your package may seem lost in the system, customers can use a few methods to find their package. 

What happens if you miss a Latvia Post delivery

Suppose you miss a delivery from Latvia Post. In that case, there are a few troubleshooting tips you can use to retrieve your package safely.

Firstly, if you know you will not be home during the delivery time, you can choose to have your package delivered to a package locker. Latvijas Pasts package lockers can collect and send items by using the package locker or post office.

Customers can electronically register the package they sent online or through the locker by using this link. The price of receiving a package through a package locker ranges from $2.82 for a small package locker to $4.49 for a larger courier locker.

The locker fits packages between 38 x 38 x 58 cm and weighs upwards of 32 kilograms. Customers can find package lockers nearby by using the Latvijas Pasts locker finder or the post office finder

Secondly, customers can fill out a Redirection of Correspondence if they know they will not be home during delivery. This redirection allows Latvijas Pasts to redirect the package to another address of the customer’s choosing, including a P.O. Box.

Customers can redirect their package to another address, including domestic mail, international mail, domestic packages, and international packages.

The quickest way to fill out a Reduction of Correspondence is to fill in the redirection application, bring an I.D., and pay for the service.

Thirdly, customers can have their packages redirected to a P.O. Box if they plan on receiving smaller items. A P.O. Box allows customers to get letters and newspapers while they are out of town.

Customers can subscribe for a P.O. Box by bringing an I.D., Application PS50, and payment method to an in-person post office.

Lastly, if customers know they may miss their delivery, they should redirect their postal item to an address of choice, post office, Circle K gas station with postal item delivery, or package machine in Latvia.

However, sometimes, customers may inadvertently miss their package and not plan ahead of time. In this case, customers should contact the customer service representative to find out where the package is in the delivery process.

Most of the time, the package is still held at the distribution center and will try a re-delivery. If the courier attempts the delivery multiple times and fails, the package may return to the sender.

Suppose the item does not fit in a mailbox or package locker due to the dimensions or weight. In that case, Latvia Post will leave a notification slip to the recipient so they can pick up the package at the nearest post office.

If the recipient does not collect the package, Latvia Post will resend the notification to the address after five days. If the recipient does not collect the package within 30 days after the first notice, the item is returned to the sender’s specific address. 

How long Latvia Post will hold a package

If you were not at home during the delivery of your package, you could arrange for a postal item redirection. This redirection service is additional and guarantees the delivery of a traceable and registered item to your chosen address or Latvia Post delivery place.

The package or letter can be redirected to one of the following locations within Latvia:

  • One of the Circle K gas stations that accept Latvia Post items
  • Specific home address in Latvia
  • Latvia Post package machine in Latvia
  • Post office in Latvia 

What to do if you haven't received your Latvia Post package

If you have yet to get your Latvia Post package, there are a few methods you can use to get a hold of customer service representatives who can help find where your package is in the transit process.

First, customers can send a written complaint about the service or payment by one of the following:

  • Send a written complaint to the local post office or postman
  • Send the written complaint to VAS “Latvijas Pasts”, 10 Ziemeļu Street, Marupe Municipality, LV-1000;
  • Send the written complaint to [email protected] 

Latvia Post will then respond within two weeks of receiving the complaint from the customer.

Second, customers can also use the informative phone line to determine where their package might be in transit.

Lastly, customers can visit one of the in-person locations to ask a customer service representative about the package's status. Customers will have to give verification data (ex: sender’s name, recipient’s name, addresses, and so on) to gain the tracking information. 

Latvia Post Tracking Faqs

Let’s check out some of customers' most commonly asked questions using Latvia Post.

Is Latvia Post delivery fast?

Latvia Post offers competitive delivery times compared to other postal service companies in Europe and worldwide. Latvia Post usually has 1-4 day delivery within the country and 12-15 days internationally. 

Can I track Latvia Post packages by address?

If you lost your tracking number, you could use a government I.D., sender’s address, recipient's address, and any other pertinent information to speak with an employee at a local Latvia Post postal office to track your package. 

How do I know if my Latvia Post package is stuck in customs?

If your package is stuck in customs, the sender will usually get a notice that their package is ‘pending’ in the delivery process. In some cases, you may get a message that fees are overdue for the package. 

Latvia Post Tracking conclusion

Are you worried about the status of your package? With Latvia Post tracking, you can watch your package throughout delivery.

However, to get better peace of mind, it is sometimes better to use third-party package trackers, so you know where your order is during the pick-up, transit, and delivery process. 

Follow your Latvia Post package from the store to your door and download Circuit Package Tracker for free now.