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About Kuehne Nagel

Kuehne Nagel is an old company with a long history in shipping and supply chain solutions. 

Kuehne Nagel began in Germany as an international freight forwarding company. It didn't take long for them to become one of the world's leaders in freight forwarding. 

Now, with over 100 years of experience in the business, Kuehne Nagel works in multiple shipping lanes and focuses on IT-based solutions. They work with several industries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Tech
  • Industrial 
  • Healthcare
  • Oil and gas
  • Retail 

They are a worldwide company with offices in more than 100 countries and offer sea and air freight forwarding services, contract logistics, and overland businesses. 

You can track your packages with Kuehne Nagel through services like Circuit Package Tracker.

How to find your Kuehne Nagel tracking number

Most shipping organizations give you a tracking number to keep an eye on your package as it traverses from one place to the next.

You will typically find a tracking number in an email confirmation. It may be sent to you through text if texting notifications are allowed through your shipping service.

When you ship with the successful Kuehne Nagel, you will have several options for finding your package tracking number. You will either have:

  • A Kuehne Nagel tracking shipment number
  • A package reference number
  • Your customer reference number
  • A shipping number for the package 

As long as you have one of these numbers or references, you can use the Circuit Package Tracker to mark where your package is along the route. 

How to track your Kuehne Nagel tracking location

With Circuit Package Tracker, you can easily track your Kuehne Nagel package tracking location. It takes only a few seconds. 

No matter where your package is, you can find it easily. As long as you have your tracking, box, or reference number, you can use the database to track it. 

Once you input your tracking number, the location of your package should appear on the website. You'll have no issues tracking it from there. 

Lost Kuehne Nagel tracking number

No one wants the unpleasant experience of losing their tracking number. The tracking number is essential information, even with changing technology, no matter what shipping organization you use. 

You should always keep careful track of the number that you're given when you sign up for a shipment.

If you lose your tracking number, you can do several things. First, try contacting the team at Kuehne Nagel. 

With the correct information, they can retrieve your lost tracking number.

There's also the option to use Circuit Package Tracker to find your package without a tracking number. 

How to track a Kuehne Nagel package without a tracking number

There are always more numbers associated with your package than only the tracking number. The first place to look is your purchase order number. 

If you have your purchase order number, you can use that to find your tracking number. 

You can also track packages with your order reference number. The order reference number is associated with your order instead of shipping, but it can still work. 

These are the best ways to find your package or your tracking number if you have lost it. There are other order details that you can take directly to Kuehne Nagel to relocate your number. 

Solving Kuehne Nagel package tracking issues

Whenever you ship items or have them shipped to you, there is the possibility that you'll experience shipping or tracking issues of some kind. 

Dealing with package tracking issues is frustrating, but everyone has had to deal with package tracking problems at some point. 

Once you have to solve an issue or two, it won't feel like such a big deal the next time a problem arises with one of your packages.  

Why you can't track your Kuehne Nagel package

It takes a little bit of problem-solving to deal with package tracking issues. You can't assume something is wrong or delayed with the package itself. That may end up being the case, but there are other possibilities. 

If you can't track your Kuehne Nagel shipment, the tracking number you were given might be a problem. You can contact Kuehne Nagel to get that fixed. 

There's also a possible issue with the Kuehne Nagel package tracker. If you think this might explain your problem, try using the Circuit Package Tracker instead. 

But beware of tracking number scams if you don't have access to your original number.

why your Kuehne Nagel package is not updating or moving

If your package is not updating or moving, several explanations exist. 

There may be a system problem if your package is not updating or moving. Again, you can try using the system at Circuit Package Tracker instead.

If your package continues not to move or update, it could be a problem with your package. You can call Kuehne Nagel to inquire. 

Kuehne Nagel package tracking status explained

When you check the status of your Kuehne Nagel package, you may notice different notes meant to explain what stage of the process your package is in. 

Understanding the different stages of your package's shipment journey will help you better grasp what to expect the next time you use Kuehne Nagel. 

It will also help free you from anxiety while waiting for your package to arrive if you know what the different shipment stages mean. 

In transit

When you see "in transit" on your Kuehne Nagel shipment tracking status, your order has shipped and is on the way to its final destination. 

When a package is "in transit," it does not explicitly indicate that it's in a truck and almost at your doorstep. Nor does it mean it is necessarily in a moving vehicle of any kind. 

"In transit" means that the package is on its way. There are different stages of "in transit" in the life of a box. 

A package can stay "in transit" for a significant portion of its traveling lifespan. It could be "in transit" for more than two weeks, depending on where the package is shipping from. 

Why your Kuehne Nagel package is still in transit

If your Kuehne Nagel package is still in transit, there are a couple of different explanations possible:

  • Your package could be on its way to the final destination
  • Your package could be on a moving truck, plane, or ship 
  • Your package could still be at the shipping facility or the last shipping facility 
  • Your package could be in between shipping destinations

If you are concerned about why your package is still in transit, it might be worthwhile to call Kuehne Nagel or the shipping service to get answers. 

How long a Kuehne Nagel package can stay in transit

A Kuehne Nagel package may remain in transit for an extended period, depending on the shipping option you choose when you use their services. 

A package shipping internationally can stay in transit anywhere from six to 15 days, especially if you choose the optimum economic shipping option the Kuehne Nagel offers. 

Shipping nationally, such as within the United States, will likely mean your package won't stay in transit as long. Shipping nationally or locally takes an average of eight to nine days. 

Depending on the shipping option that you choose (and pay for), you might be able to get your package delivered faster.


Another package tracking status to be aware of is "pending." When a package is pending, it is still in the courier facility. 

So when a Kuehne Nagel package is pending, the order is being processed, and the box is still at the shipping facility. 

A pending status on your package does not mean a delay has happened. Especially when you first schedule your shipment, pending is a standard package tracking status. 

Why your Kuehne Nagel package may be pending

There are not very many reasons why your package may be pending. If you see a pending status on your Kuehne Nagel package tracking number, it's most likely because the order is still being processed and has yet to leave the shipping facility. 

A pending status may result if there was a delay or a change made to your shipment. You will typically see other notes about a delay or change alongside the pending status. 

Kuehne Nagel delivery times

There's a range of Kuehne Nagel delivery times based on the shipping options you choose when you first schedule your shipment. There are three basic delivery options that you can pick from initially:

  • K+N Express: the fastest delivery option, which takes about one to three business days from door-to-door.
  • K+N Expert: the delivery option is still door-to-door; however, it usually takes up to five days to reach its final destination.
  • K+N Extend: the least expensive option, the door-to-door delivery time could take up to 15 business days. 

Kuehne Nagel delivery times: what time will your package arrive?

Kuehne Nagel delivery times will vary depending on what you're having shipped, where you are shipping it, and when you ordered it. 

You will get the estimated delivery times from your shipping carriers when you track your package.

The estimated delivery time may not be the exact time your package will be delivered. However, it will likely be a very close estimation. 

If your package is shipped internationally, there may not be a delivery time available until the package has crossed time zones. 

How Late Kuehne Nagel delivers

Kuehne Nagel will typically deliver packages any time throughout the business day. It is more uncommon to receive deliveries after five in the evening, but sometimes it might happen.

The specific times during which Kuehne Nagel delivers are not listed anywhere on their website. They may give you an estimated or exact time when they expect to have your package. 

However, based on other shipping companies, it's safe to assume that Kuehne Nagel does not deliver packages very late in the day. 

International Kuehne Nagel delivery times

Kuehne Nagel is based in Germany, but it ships internationally. It has over a thousand warehouses worldwide and offices that span different countries. 

Depending on where you are located, your delivery time may be subject to international standards. 

Regardless of your location, you can use the tracking number or the reference number on your order to find out where your package is and when it's supposed to arrive at your doorstep. 

Lost and missed Kuehne Nagel deliveries

If you've ever had a package go missing in the mail, you know how irritating the whole process can be. There's no doubt that losing a box, especially when it's essential, is one of life's more frustrating inconveniences. 

Missing a delivery can be equally irritating. If you're expected to sign for the item you're receiving, it's helpful to have an exact delivery time. Otherwise, it's possible to miss the shipment.

Kuehne Nagel has been an expert in the shipping industry for over 100 years. That means they have processes for dealing with lost or missed deliveries. 

What happens if you miss a Kuehne Nagel delivery?

It's usually not a big deal if you miss a delivery from Kuehne Nagel. They will attempt to contact you to reschedule the delivery. 

Using your tracking or reference number, you may be able to see these updates to your shipment. You could check your tracking number if you missed delivery from Kuehne Nagel. 

If you are expected to sign for your delivery, then make sure you call ahead and schedule it for a time when you know you will be available, which will save you the trouble of rescheduling or picking up the package yourself. 

How long Kuehne Nagel will hold a package

Kuehne Nagel does not offer much information on their website about what they will do if you miss their package delivery.

Other shipping companies will hold your package for a certain number of days and attempt to contact you to arrange a new delivery date. 

Although Kuehne Nagel doesn't give you the exact information, it's safe to assume that they will hold onto your package for at least a week or two and try to contact you. 

What to do if you haven't received your Kuehne Nagel package

If you haven't received your Kuehne Nagel package and are concerned about where it might be, you should contact Kuehne Nagel customer service as soon as possible. 

You could also try checking the tracking status online if you haven't received your package and you're growing concerned.

If you check your tracking information and don't get any critical information that can help you determine where your package is, then you should call Kuehne Nagel. 

Kuehne Nagel FAQs

You've learned a lot of new information about Kuehne Nagel. Regarding international shipping, Kuehne Nagel is one of the oldest in the business. 

The team at Kuehne Nagel is highly experienced at shipping and delivering packages. They work all over the world, satisfying clients. 

Kuehne Nagel is a worldwide company with offices in more than 100 countries. They offer sea and air freight forwarding services, contract logistics, and overland businesses. 

There are understandably a lot of common questions that get asked when it comes to Kuehne Nagel. So let's look at some of those frequently asked questions. 

Is Kuehne Nagel delivery fast?

Depending on your delivery option, you can get fast shipping services or standards when you work with Kuehne Nagel. 

Kuehne Nagel's fastest delivery is between one to three business days. Selecting this option is more expensive, but it is the quickest delivery time. 

Can I track the Kuehne Nagel package by address?

The easiest ways to track my Kuehne Nagel package are by reference number, tracking number, or the email address you used with your order. 

You might not be able to track packages by address. Since this would potentially release sensitive information to the public, it's best to use the order-specific numbers you receive. 

How do I know if my Kuehne Nagel package is stuck in customs?

If you're concerned that your international package is stuck in customs, the easiest way to find it is to call customer service. They can check the status for you. 

Kuehne Nagel final thoughts

If you use the Kuehne Nagel delivery service, you will want a reliable way to track your package along its destination. 

When the host website gives you problems, consider using the Circuit Package Tracker for a more accurate estimation of when your package will arrive. 

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