Kerry Express Tracking

Track your Kerry Express delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

Kerry Express is a package delivery company run by Kerry Logistics. With offices across Asia, Kerry Express works to deliver packages internationally and throughout various countries. 

If you have ordered a package from another country, you might wonder how well Kerry Express performs. 

Regarding package tracking, it's crucial to know where your package is and how soon it will get to you. 

Here is a complete guide to Kerry Express package tracking and how well it works, plus how to track your Kerry Express package. 

Kerry Express package tracking

Kerry Express mainly services Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Many Kerry Express packages shipped in those countries will arrive at their location in under two days if headed for a nearby country. 

However, it takes longer to get to European or American countries. 

If you have ordered or shipped a package through Kerry Express and want to know when it will arrive, the easiest way to do that is with tracking numbers. 

Every Kerry Express package has a tracking number that will let you know precisely where the box is. 

How to find your Kerry Express package tracking number

However, before you can use the tracking number, you have to find it. There are several ways of doing this. 

If you shipped your Kerry Express package at a post office or shipping store, you might be able to find your tracking number on the receipt. 

However, if the package is getting shipped, you'll have to ask for a tracking number from the company. 

Check your email for the shipping notification, as it generally has the Kerry Express tracking number. If it's not, you can request one from the company you ordered the item from. 

How to track your Kerry Express package location

Once you have your tracking number, you must find the correct website to enter it. 

Because the Kerry Express package did not get shipped through regular postal service, the best place to track it is through the Kerry Express website or another international tracking site. 

If you have the tracking number, you must put it on the correct website. 

Circuit Package Tracker is an excellent choice for an international tracking site because it can track your package and give you real-time updates. 

Lost Kerry Express tracking number

However, tracking a package without a tracking number is much more challenging. 

Following your package can be a little more complicated if you lose your receipt or don't get an email. You'll need to find the tracking number somewhere to be able to track the package. 

The easiest way to replace a tracking number is to contact the company. Without a number, you won't be able to find where your package is. 

However, the original shipping company will likely have the tracking number and can send you the information. 

How to track a Kerry Express package without a tracking number

Keeping track of your Kerry Express package becomes more challenging if you weren't given a tracking number or lost it on your postal service receipt. 

The first step is to find and locate a tracking number. If you can't do that, you'll likely not get updates on your package. 

If you have your order number, it's possible to track a package with it. However, you will have to go directly to the Kerry Express website for this. 

It might take longer and not be as effective as a tracking number. 

Solving Kerry Express package tracking issues

Of course, package shipment and tracking don't always go smoothly. Multiple issues can happen when trying to track a package. 

Kerry Express is a global company and delivers many packages a day. It may be challenging to get a hold of customer service or get a prompt, satisfactory answer from them. 

Here are the two most common Kerry Express packaging issues and how to fix them. 

Of course, the first step is always to go to the source and contact the company you ordered your package from. 

Why you can't track Your Kerry Express package

Although Kerry Express issues tracking numbers on almost all of its packages, some packages arrive without monitoring. 

If you have ordered an item and did not receive a tracking number, it might not have one. However, you can still contact the company to see whether it was a mistake. 

Sometimes the number you received was wrong and didn't track properly. Again, contacting the company before calling Kerry Express is the best plan. 

Unless it's already in transit, you should contact the company you bought things from before attempting to reach Kerry Express. 

Why your Kerry Express Package is not updating or moving

However, if you've entered a tracking number and it works, you should be able to keep tabs on your package as it makes its way to you. 

Sometimes, packages get stalled by customs, shipping delays, and international travel issues. 

There are a few possible explanations if your Kerry Express package isn't moving or has not gotten updated in a while. The first is that it's delayed, either by customs or by human error. 

Sometimes packages get left behind and need to wait until the next truck. 

Alternatively, your package could be moving, but the worker neglected to scan the tracking number. This common mistake leads to a package not getting updated until further in the shipment process. 

In the worst-case scenario, your package may have gotten lost. However, this is rare and not something you should worry about. 

Unless your package has not had any updates for at least a week and you haven't received it, patience is the key to international shipping. 

Kerry Express package tracking status explained

Every packing company offers tracking numbers that come with a status update. For Kerry Express, the two main shipping terms are "pending" and "in transit." 

Here are the definitions of the various tracking statuses and how to tell where your package truly is. 

In transit

When a Kerry Express package is in transit, that means it's on the move. 

Packages only get scanned when they switch vehicles or move through a large processing city, so if your package is in transit, it is likely between two places that don't have tracking updates available. 

Why your Kerry Express package is still in transit

Kerry Express has a default setting for shipped packages. Once they create your package's shipping label, Kerry Express will label your package as "in transit." 

This status could mean that it hasn't reached a destination yet or is on a long flight or the road. 

If your package is still in transit and doesn't receive updates, it's essential to check with the company. 

However, if it has not recently gotten updated and shows as "in transit" for a while, it's likely because they have not scanned the package yet. 

How long a Kerry Express package can stay in transit

A Kerry Express package generally stays in transit for most of the journey. The length of time from your order to the arrival, the box will be labeled as "in transit" for most of the time it is on its way. 

The time your package will be in transit depends on how far away your home is from the origin. 

If you ordered a Kerry Express package from one state over, it will likely not be in transit for long. However, a package from another country or across the ocean could take much longer. 


Your Kerry Express package might get labeled as pending when it isn't in transit. 

If you haven't completed payment or the shipping company hasn't picked up the package yet, it might have a label that says "pending." 

This label should disappear within a few days, but it does mean a slight delay in shipping. 

Why your Kerry Express package might be pending

The main reason a package is pending is because of delays at the border, such as customs delays and a delay between the creation of the shipping label and the actual shipping. 

Once the label gets created, Kerry Express should give you a tracking number. However, if it hasn't sent the package yet, it will likely get labeled as pending. 

While there are other situations that the Kerry Express package might be pending, these are the most common. 

It's always best to contact the company and request more information if your package is stuck with a pending tag for more than a few days. 

Kerry Express delivery times

Kerry Express uses different delivery services in other countries. For example, in Western Asia, Kerry Express has its own trucks and delivers packages. 

However, it might be the local express delivery company or another courier in different countries. For example, Kerry Express might use UPS drivers or FedEx to deliver their packages in America. 

Kerry Express delivery times: What time will your package arrive?

When your package is near the end of its journey, it might not use the same courier service to arrive at your home. 

Kerry Express doesn't have delivery trucks in America, but the company might use a local courier to complete the delivery. 

However, using many local couriers means that Kerry Express might not completely control the delivery times. 

Most local couriers, such as DHL or UPS, will deliver until early evening. Your delivery times might vary, but you will undoubtedly get your package sometime between morning and early evening. 

How late Kerry Express delivers

Kerry Express delivers as late as the local couriers will allow. Generally, this can extend until 8 PM or 9 PM, depending on the route and the deadline. 

If you've paid for priority shipping, a courier might make an express delivery to make the shipping deadline. However, Kerry Express likely won't deliver past 9 PM in your area. 

International Kerry Express delivery times

Internationally, Kerry Express has different delivery times. These varying times occur because they own a courier company in some countries, while they rely on local couriers in others. 

However, the delivery times are generally within working hours of the day. 

While different countries have various laws, deliveries that do not get delivered by the end of the day get postponed until the next day. 

If your package says "out for delivery" and hasn't come by the evening, it will likely come early the next day!

Lost and missed Kerry Express deliveries

If your package gets delivered in the middle of the day and you aren't there to receive it, you might have missed the package. There is a distinct difference between missing a box and losing the package. 

Usually, the courier will leave a note on your door telling you you missed it. 

Here's what to do if you miss a Kerry Express delivery or if the delivery never arrives. You should be able to solve the problem with a little bit of work. 

You might need to contact the company or a local courier to find out where your package is. 

What happens if you miss a Kerry Express delivery

If you miss a Kerry Express delivery, the courier will likely leave a note on your door or send you an email. The online tracking will update. There are usually two methods for missing a package. 

The company will either hold the package until you pick it up or attempt delivery again. 

Some local couriers only try home delivery once, while others will test every day for a week. Each courier has a different system, but after a few tries of at-home delivery, the courier might choose to hold the package until you pick it up. 

How long will Kerry Express hold a package?

Kerry Express generally tries to deliver a package two to three times, depending on the courier they employ. After that, you will have to pick up your package at the courier's office. 

When they notify you that your package needs to get picked up, the company will generally give you several days before they discard the package. 

However, if you can't get your package by the time specified, you can call and ask them to hold it longer. Kerry Express will allow for vacation, emergencies, or other situations. 

All you need to do is ask them to keep it a bit longer before getting rid of it. 

What to do if you haven't received your Kerry Express package

If your tracking notifications tell you that they have delivered your package, but you don't see it, there are a few steps to take to find out where it is. 

First, call the courier company. They might have left it on your doorstep or left a note that got blown away. 

If the courier company has no record of your package, you should contact Kerry Express. However, packages can get stolen, and if that is the case, you'll be able to report it and get a replacement or get your money back. 

Look carefully over your agreement for details on this. 

Kerry Express FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Kerry Express and their answers. Hopefully, they will help you to make the right decision when choosing a shipping company. 

Is Kerry Express delivery fast?

Kerry Express has speedy delivery in more local countries. For example, ordering from Thailand or India will likely mean quick delivery, but other countries might take a bit longer to receive the information and process it through customs. 

If you live in America, you aren't likely to get a Kerry Express delivery any faster than another express courier. The company has mixed reviews, especially regarding customer service and getting a response about packages. 

But as long as your package isn't lost, it will arrive to you someday. 

Can I track Kerry Express packages by address?

Unfortunately, Kerry Express does not offer package tracking by address. While you can request a new shipping number with your address or order number, you'll need the tracking number to keep tabs on your package and where it is worldwide. 

An address isn't enough information to properly track the package. 

How do I know if my Kerry Express Package is stuck in customs?

Kerry Express doesn't inform you directly if your package is stuck in customs or at the border. However, they might change your tracking location from "in transit" to "pending" if it gets stuck. 

If you see that your package has not shown movement for a while, you can contact the company for more information. 

Kerry Expres: Final thoughts

Kerry Express is an international package company. Although it has a website and offers tracking numbers, it is not always the most reliable company for global tracking. 

Once you order something, you'll have to find a tracking number to monitor how your package makes it from its location to your home. 

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