JS Express Tracking

Track your JS Express delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

JS Express Tracking 

JS Express is a package delivery company headquartered in Hong Kong. The company has delivered packages locally and internationally since its inception in 2010.

If you order goods from eCommerce sites and want to receive them through JS Express, you should learn how it operates.

Whether you are making local or international deliveries or just want to know where your package is, monitoring your parcel’s movement and status is crucial. This helps you know how safe your package is and when to collect it.

Explore JS Express' working mechanism and how to track your package until it reaches you.

About JS Express Tracking 

JS Express specializes in same-day deliveries for local residents and day-after deliveries for those across the border.

JS Express offers its services in Asia, Europe, and the UK. There are delivery schedule options for its overseas customers.

You should have a tracking number if you have a package from online stores or friends abroad and would like to receive it through JS Express.

How to Find Your JS Express Tracking Number 

You need the JS Express tracking number before you can use it to monitor package movement. So, how do you get the number?

How you get your tracking number varies depending on how you ordered your package.

You can get the number from your branch if you order and would like to receive the package through a post office.

However, many purchases happen online, where your client ships the package to you. In this case, you should request that the online shop send you the tracking number after shipping your package.

After shipping, the online shop sends you an email notification. The information email contains your package tracking number.

How to Track Your JS Express Order Location 

Having your package tracking number is the first step to monitoring your package’s movement. But how do you use the JS Express tracking number?

You should enter the number on the JS Express website.

After receiving your tracking number, visit JS Express and create an account. You can enter the number to view your package status.

A better and more efficient way is to use a tracking site. For example, Circuit Package Tracker is a global tracker that helps with package tracking for different carriers.

To use Circuit Tracker, download its app and enter your package number.

Lost JS Express Tracking Number 

Tracking your item with a number is easier. But you can lose your number if you delete your notification email or misplace your receipt. This makes tracking and follow-up challenging.

You should contact the package sender to retrieve the number from their records when this happens. However, the process may take time, especially for large companies dealing with many customers.

Alternatively, you can recover your notification email if your device.

Whichever method you choose, make sure you recover your tracking number. This helps you avoid extra costs when the package returns to the sender.

How to Track a JS Express Package Without a Tracking Number 

Tracking your JS Express package without a number is difficult, but it is possible.

You need the tracking details listed on your receipt, such as the reference number. In addition, giving your package details helps the company or post office retrieve your tracking number.

That said, always keep your package information secure to avoid the hassle of tracking without a number.

Solving JS Express Tracking Issues 

JS Express is an established and reliable courier. However, the company can experience a few hitches along the way.

Such issues include:

  • Failure to update.
  • A “pending status” on your package for too long
  • Failure to track packages

Here are ways to solve these issues:

Why You Can’t Track Your JS Express Package 

JS Express issues tracking numbers for all its packages. However, you can fail to track your package due to the following:

  • The company may delay your package’s track number update on its website. This happens when JS Express has many packages to deliver
  • The company crew forgot to scan your product’s barcode. This means you won’t be able to access your product status when you enter the tracking number on the JS Express website
  • Damaged label on your package. If your product’s label tears partially but the address remains, the company can deliver it to you.

However, the JS Express crew won’t scan your package’s barcode. This leads to difficulty tracking its location because there are no updates.

If the label gets damaged entirely, your package stops moving because the crew lacks a destination address. You should follow up with the shipping company for help.

Why Your JS Express Package is Not Updating or Moving 

JS Express tries to offer on-time deliveries to different destinations. While your package is on the move, you should observe status updates using its tracking number.

However, your package may need to be updated or show the same destination for a long time.

Your package is not moving because the customs authorities are stalling. If your shipping company has yet to clear with the authorities, your package will remain at the port until they do.

Checking its status before the next track leaves the current destination will relay no new update.

Sometimes the JS Express staff may need help scanning your package before leaving for another destination. You will observe your product moving once it reaches the next stop and gets scanned.

The other cause of your item not moving is loss. Although this hardly happens, misreading your address may result in the loss of your package.

When your product fails to update past the delivery date, contact the sender for help.

JS Express Tracking Status Explained 

Different logistics companies use specific terms to describe package updates. For example, in JS Express, the two common terms are “in transit” and “pending.” 

In Transit 

If your package status shows “in transit,” it is on the move. This status appears when the package is on a flight, ship, or truck to the next stop, where the crew will scan it.

Why Your JS Express Package is Still in Transit 

If your JS Express package is still in transit, it has yet to reach the next stop. This status is common when your package is on a flight, on the road, or on the train to the next stop.

Like most logistics companies, JS Express scans items when leaving one stop for another.

Therefore, it remains in transit until the next destination.

How Long Can a JS Express Package Stay in Transit? 

The JS Express package remains in transit for as long as it is on the move. The package remains “in transit” for less than a day for domestic deliveries.

However, with international deliveries, the status remains for longer. Your package is on the move most of the time and will relay the status until the next stop.


If your JS Express package is not on the move, the status on their website or Circuit Package Tracker is “pending.” This implies your item has stayed on the current station for a long time.

Many reasons may lead to pending deliveries, including delays and incomplete payments.

Why Your JS Express Package May be Pending 

The primary reason for the pending JS Express status is a delay at the ports and customs offices. Also, the delay applies when the shipping label is ready but your package has yet to start moving.

Another cause of delays at the border is failing to settle customs charges in time. As a result, your package will be delayed until cleared. 

JS Express Delivery Times 

JS has different delivery times for packages to different destinations. It has same-day deliveries for domestic clients.

Deliveries within neighboring countries take a day or two.

The delivery time to Europe and America can be 6–12 days, depending on the package size and local couriers.

JS Express has partnered with DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, EMS, SDV, and Yamato, among other couriers, for deliveries.

The delivery time depends on the working schedule of the courier and how far your destination is from the airport.

For example, FedEx offers ground delivery services in more than 50 American states. Their delivery takes 1–5 days.

If your package comes from China and takes five days to arrive in America, you have to wait another 1–5 days to receive it from FedEx.

Note that the delivery times lie within the working hours of the day. Therefore, you can get your package in the evening before offices close or early the following day.

JS Express Delivery Times: What Time Will Your Package Arrive?

The time it takes you to receive your package depends on the distance between you and its origin. The company delivers domestic packages within 24 hours.

For an in-country delivery, expect your package within 6–12 hours.

If you expect a package from across the border, you should wait for 2–3 days to receive it. After that, the company uses flights to deliver the goods to different destinations within your country.

Remember, the local trucks operate within the official working hours. Therefore, you should expect your package within the duration.

If your item arrives at your local courier late in the evening, you will receive it when the following working day starts.

How Late JS Express Delivers 

How late in the day JS Express delivers your package depends on your local trucks. Whereas some operate within the 9–5 working hours, others deliver up to 8 p.m.

If your package contains time-sensitive products, the company can deliver up to 9 p.m.

You can receive packages registered under priority shipping late in the evening. However, JS Express hardly operates after 9 p.m.

International JS Express Delivery Times 

Overseas deliveries take up to 12 days to arrive at their destination. Then, however, you have to wait for the local trucks to bring your package to your address, which may take another 1–5 days.

If you are in the US or Europe, you can expect your package in about 17–20 days.

The ground delivery services work within varying schedules. This will also determine your package’s delivery time.

You can pay for a special international line to have your package within a few working days. For example, Yodel and DPD deliver packages in the UK within 4–7 working days.

Lost and Missed JS Express Deliveries 

You may be away from home when JS Express delivers your package. Whether at work or attending to an emergency, you will miss your package when the company delivers it in your absence.

JS leaves you a note when you miss a delivery. They can also text or email you about the missed delivery.

To solve this issue, visit your local courier to check if they have your item. Call them and ask about your delivery if you are far from your destination address.

Depending on their schedule, the local courier may arrange for another delivery or hold your item until you pick it up.

A lost package is one that never reaches your address. For example, your package can get lost when delivered to another address or remain in a truck while others are being transferred.

If your item needs to be recovered, contact the company that sent it. You need to provide all the information and transaction evidence to help them replace your item or compensate you.

What Happens When You Miss a JS Express Delivery?

You may be away from home when JS staff delivers your package. The courier will leave you a note on your door to collect your item from the nearest office.

If you track your item and realize the company has delivered it, you should check your nearby office for delivery.

Your local courier may attempt to reach you for another delivery or hold your item until you pick it up. If you fail to go for it after one month, the courier sends it back to its origin.

How Long Will JS Express Hold a Package? 

The length of time that JS Express holds a package differs. After the first delivery attempt, the courier will contact you for another delivery time.

If the staff missed you, but you are within the destination address, the holding time is short. 

Generally, JS Express tries three deliveries before returning the item to its origin. However, you can call the courier staff and request a longer holding time if you are traveling.

The company doesn’t hold packages bearing the wrong address for long. Instead, they return them to the sender for reshipping.

If the company contacts you unsuccessfully three times, they hold the package for 30 days before discarding it.

What to Do if You Haven’t Received Your JS Express Package 

If you track your package and its status shows it has been delivered, you should have it at your address. However, this only sometimes happens.

You should do the following to get your package:

Contact the courier company to find out if they brought the item but missed you. For example, they might have handed it to a family member or left you a note to collect it from the office.

If the courier has no information about your item, contact the sender for help. For example, the JS Express staff may have delivered your package to the wrong address, or you may have changed residence recently.

Packages can get lost during the transfer from one truck to another. If you observe your package moving but don’t receive it, contact the origin office for help.

Before claiming compensation or replacement, you must provide the necessary information, such as payment proof.

JS Express Tracking FAQs 

Here are some questions that JS Express clients frequently ask. 

Is JS Express Delivery Fast?

Yes. JS Express delivery is fast. For domestic or in-country deliveries, you get your item the same day, while for neighboring countries, you get it the day after. Overseas deliveries take longer, but the company makes them within the scheduled time.

Can I track the JS Express Package by Address?

No. You cannot track your JS Express package by address. However, you can use the address to get the tracking number for your item. The address can also help you get tracking information.

How do I know if my JS Express package is stuck in customs?

You can know when your JS Express package is stuck in customs by checking their website. If you see the package in ‘pending’ status, it could be stuck in customs. 

Follow your JS Express package from the store to your door and download Circuit Package Tracker for free now.