Joying Box Tracking

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Joying Box Package Tracking

If you've placed an order and the merchant uses Joying Box as the sender, it's crucial to know what to expect regarding delivery times and other details relevant to their services.

While the transit process is usually smooth, sometimes issues may arise, such as packages getting lost, held up in customs, delayed, or experiencing a lack of updates.

Joying Box is a trusted company that offers reliable package, mail, and logistics services on a local and global level.

We'll guide you through the Joying Box tracking process and address common challenges that can happen, as well as offer tips on how to resolve them.

About Joying Box

Joying Box tracking is a way for you to follow your package from start to finish. It's helpful to know a bit about the company and how they operate, so you'll understand how to trace your order.

Joying Box is a global courier headquartered in Hangzhou, China, that offers international package, mail, and logistic services.

The company was founded to make global delivery easier and more accessible to customers worldwide. Joying Box delivers to various destinations, including North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

The company offers a variety of transport options to meet the specific needs of its customers, including express and economy services.

With its extensive network of partners and affiliates worldwide, Joying Box is well-positioned to offer fast and efficient delivery services to customers wherever they may be located.

Joying Box package tracking

While there doesn't appear to be any specific Joying Box package tracking number format on their website, tracking numbers generally consist of a combination of letters and numbers, 8-13 characters long.

They're specific to the courier and sometimes the package's destination. Here's an example:

  • GB5837502917

How to find your Joying Box package tracking number

Once you've bought something online, the merchant will take a few days to process the order and pass it on to Joying Box for delivery. Once Joying Box gets the package, they will give the retailer the tracking number.

The retailer will then notify you, the recipient, that your package has been sent, along with the tracking number and the courier's name. This information is also likely to be available on the store's website.

If you've lost your tracking number, don't worry. You can contact the online store's customer service department for help.

How to track your Joying Box package location

It's possible to use the Joying Box shipment tracking system to follow your package, but you may run into a few problems.

Since the company sends packages to many different locations, once they pass it off to the last-mile courier, the tracking number might not work until the package has been delivered.

Additionally, it isn't uncommon that the tracking number could change entirely at various points during transit.

Circuit Package Tracker is a tracking company that offers tracking services for various courier services across the globe. With its advanced tracking tool, CPT can easily detect and track any package in real-time.

To track your package, you must enter your tracking code into the search box on Circuit Package Tracker's website.

The tool will automatically scan through hundreds of courier services and thousands of stores to locate your package and give you the latest tracking information available.

Lost Joying Box tracking number 

Are you having difficulty finding your tracking number? Start by checking your recent emails and spam folder to see if it was sent to you. It's possible that you accidentally deleted it.

If you can't find it, try contacting Joying Box directly by email or phone.

Make sure to select the appropriate language option if necessary. Their customer service team is usually responsive and will reply within a few days.

How to track a Joying Box package without a tracking number 

Without the tracking number, it's nearly impossible to track a Joying Box shipment.

This number is vital for any system to identify and determine your package's location as it moves from one facility to another.

If you've lost or misplaced your tracking number, you can contact the company directly and offer them personal information such as your name and home/business address.

They can use this information to find the tracking number stored in their database and give it to you.

Solving Joying Box package tracking issues

When sending a package with Joying Box, it's critical to find out where the problem happened, as this will help determine the root cause of the issue.

On a local level, problems can arise for various reasons, like an incorrect delivery address, absence during delivery, or unfavorable weather conditions.

Joying Box acts as a middleman between retailers and couriers in countries worldwide when transporting global shipments.

That means there are several reasons why you may have problems when tracking your packages through their services.

Why you can't track your Joying Box package 

Common questions consumers ask on Google include, "Why can't I track my Joying Box package?"

Thankfully, a few answers are floating around out there.

If you're having trouble tracking your Joying Box package, it's likely due to a logistical issue, and it may take some time for your information to get entered into the system.

Other times, the package hasn't been registered with the courier yet, and the system can't trace the tracking number.

This delay could happen because the company has yet to enter the package details into its database after they get it from the merchant. 

Why your Joying Box package is not updating or moving 

If you were following your Joying Box tracking shipment without any issues but suddenly the updates stopped, it's possible that the tracking number reached its endpoint.

For instance, once the package gets handed over to your local courier, you may not get any further updates until the delivery day.

It's advisable to wait at least three business days from the last update before contacting Joying Box about your package.

Joying Box package tracking status explained 

Keep in mind that when you check the progress of your package by entering your tracking number, there are multiple statuses that you may come across.

Here are two common statuses that might be a cause for concern if they haven't changed after a few days:

In transit 

If you check your tracking number and notice it's marked as "In transit," there's no need to be concerned.

This status means that your package is in the process of getting delivered, and everything is going according to plan.

Assuming that your package is still within the expected delivery timeframe, you can be confident that it's on its way and will arrive soon.

Why your Joying Box package is still in transit

Opting for a less expensive transportation method usually means a longer transit time for your package.

Compared to faster options like next-day or same-day delivery, packages sent with cheaper options can take longer to reach their destination.

The actual transit time will depend on the distance between the origin and destination countries.

Also, weather, customs, the wrong address, and more could lead to a longer journey.

If you're worried about your package not arriving on time, contact Joying Box directly for help.

How long a Joying Box package can stay in transit

The transit time for a package can range from a few days to a few weeks or even longer, depending on the circumstances.

If the origin country is close to Asia, it probably won't take more than seven days for the recipient to get the package.

However, packages going to the United States and various parts of Europe can stay in transit for weeks. 


When your package shows "pending," it may mean that the last-mile courier is taking over after the package arrives at the airport for pick-up.

It could take some time for the new company to register your package in their system.

Why your Joying Box package may be pending

While your package is in transit with Joying Box, it should not go for more than a week without any updates, as their system is usually updated within three days.

There are a few common reasons why the status may still be pending, which include:

  • Loss
  • Busy season
  • Damage
  • Tracking system malfunction

Please contact Joying Box customer service in case of questions or concerns. 

Joying Box delivery times 

According to Joying Box's website, their average delivery times may vary based on factors such as the transport method selected, the destination country, and customs clearance processes.

They offer estimated delivery times for each transport option at checkout, which can help customers plan accordingly.

Joying Box delivery times: What time your package will arrive 

If your address is within the same country, your package should get delivered within one to three business days.

While it's not clear what the company's delivery hours are, most times a courier delivers during the hours of 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

For more information, contact Joying Box directly. 

How late Joying Box delivers 

This information is not currently available. Don't hesitate to get in touch with Joying Box customer service for an answer on how late they can deliver to your area. 

International Joying Box delivery times 

For international orders, it may take 5 to 14 working days due to the customs clearance process.

The time necessary for customs clearance can vary depending on several factors, including the destination country and the nature of the goods in your package.

Lost and missed Joying Box deliveries

In addition to the protocols mentioned below for missed deliveries, it's crucial to note that some couriers may offer alternative options for handling missed deliveries.

For example, they may offer the option to redirect the package to a different address or hold it for pick-up at a designated location.

It's also worth checking with the company to find out if there are any specific instructions or requirements for missed deliveries.

These criteria can vary depending on the courier, the transport method, and the destination country.

For example, some couriers may ask for a signature upon delivery or may only leave a package at a specific location or with a designated recipient.

To avoid missed deliveries altogether, it can be helpful to track your package closely and plan to be available during the expected delivery window.

What happens if you miss a Joying Box delivery?

There are different protocols for missed deliveries based on whether it's a domestic or international package.

For international orders, if you're unavailable when the courier tries to deliver, you need to contact them to arrange for pick-up or re-delivery.

It's essential to communicate clearly to avoid missing the package and having it transported back to the sender.

For domestic orders within Joying Box's coverage area, they will attempt to deliver a few times within a week from the expected delivery date.

If you're not available during these attempts, you'll need to make arrangements to pick up the package from the warehouse of origin.

How long Joying Box will hold a package

Joying Box doesn't hold international packages. Once the order arrives at its destination country, it gets transferred to the next delivery company responsible for delivering the package to you.

Regarding domestic packages, there is no clear policy on whether Joying Box will hold your package.

However, it is standard procedure for the courier to make several attempts to deliver the package to your address before returning it to the sender or taking it to the nearest depot.

If you miss the delivery, they usually offer a timeframe for you to collect the package from the depot or arrange for re-delivery. The specific timeframe may depend on your location and the courier's policies.

What to do if you haven't received your Joying Box package 

If you have any concerns about your Joying Box package delivery, it's best to contact their customer service directly.

For domestic deliveries, you can contact them to ask about the status of your package if it's been a few days beyond the expected delivery date.

The customer service team can give more information about the delay or any issues with the package.

For international deliveries, you must contact the courier that had your package once it arrived in the destination country.

It's essential to reach out to the company promptly to guarantee that your package isn't returned to the sender or lost.

Giving them your tracking number and any other relevant information will allow them to help you more efficiently.

Joying Box FAQs

Here are the responses to the most commonly asked questions about Joying Box tracking: 

Is Joying Box delivery fast? 

In general, Joying Box tried to deliver packages within five days domestically and two weeks internationally.

When sending packages from companies in China, the process can vary depending on the company and the transport method.

Some companies may offer free delivery, while others charge a fee. The method can also vary, with options such as ePacket, EMS, DHL, and more.

After placing an order, the company typically offers a tracking number that can be used to track the package's progress.

Packages usually take around 10-30 business days to arrive, but delivery times can be affected by various factors such as customs clearance, holidays, and weather conditions.

Also, communication can sometimes be challenging, as language barriers and time differences can make it challenging to get timely updates on the delivery status or resolve any issues that may arise.

Can I track a Joying Box package by address? 

You cannot track a package by the address alone. To track a package, you usually need the tracking number assigned to the package when it was sent out.

However, some companies may allow you to track a package using other information such as the order number, reference number, or recipient's name and phone number.

In some cases, you may also use the destination address to estimate the delivery time or get an idea of where the package is in transit, but this is not a reliable method of package tracking.

How do I know if my Joying Box package is stuck in customs?

If your package is being held in customs, you may see a status update on your tracking information that indicates "Customs clearance" or "Customs processing."

That means your package has been flagged for further inspection and may be delayed in the customs process.

If you notice that your package has been in customs for an extended period, you can contact the courier or customs office for more information.

They may offer additional details on why the package is being held and offer an estimated time for release.

Remember that customs processing times can vary greatly depending on the destination country and the contents of the package.


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