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Janco Express is a courier and freight service with four locations in Hong Kong; Yau Tong, Fung Kut Heung, and Lau Fau Shan. They deliver throughout Hong Kong and internationally.

The Janco Express global distribution and freight forwarding network has helped it to become a leading giver of last-mile delivery service for eCommerce packages.

They partner with major markets worldwide, including in China, where they work with online retailers and offer a package tracker service.

About Janco Express

Janco Express offers express shipping across America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. The company can ship any kind of package without limitations in weight or size. It has also expanded its focus to include business-to-business shipping services as well as groupage deliveries for large consignments.

Services available through the Janco Express shipping company include express delivery to Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, New Zealand, USA, Russia, France, Germany, Norway, South Korea, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Janco understands that all of its clients have different needs and therefore offers a wide range of package services. With the tools to help the ship, manage, or track your package with Janco Express (Janco Express package tracker), no matter what service you need - from Standard package Delivery up to Express package Services- Janco will find something for every client.

Frequently asked questions

Can I track a Janco Express package without a tracking number?

Yes. Not all their packages come with tracking numbers, so you must contact the sender directly if you want to be sure your package is on its way as expected.

If this is not possible, simply check your online purchase account on their website at any time to see the status of that order. Once your package has left their warehouse, it will usually take up to 7-10 days before you receive it.

Even without a tracking number, Janco Express gives you help most of the time.

When you buy something online, you usually get an email right away with the details of your purchase. If not, you can simply contact the seller or service giver to ask for it. When that is done, please send them a copy of this email – ideally from the account where you placed your order, by mail to [email protected]. They can then trace back your package and get an update about its current location.

How late does Janco Express deliver?

Customers can choose the fast delivery service they prefer according to their budget and need for speed by comparing prices between economy, priority, and expedited shipments.

Shipments are available through Air Cargo, Road Cargo, and Ocean Freight. The priority shipments are guaranteed within 48 hours while expedited deliveries reach the destination within 24 hours after departure from Janco's warehouse.

Priority service offers to track information every step of the way, notification on arrival date and time, insurance coverage per package, and compensation if the delivery date is missed.

You can also track your Janco Express delivery online. Most packages are insured against loss, damage, or theft with every shipment unless it has been requested otherwise at the time of purchase.

How long does it usually take to deliver an international package with Janco Express?

Janco Express promises to deliver any purchase made on its website in less than seven days at no extra cost.

Standard shipping takes between 3-5 business days within the USA or Canada, depending on your location.

Delivery is guaranteed only to the 48 states of the Union and Canada. Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico are excluded from this offer.

For more information about our international packages, please refer to their site for terms and conditions.

How long will Janco Express hold a package?

Janco Express can hold your package for ten days.

Please contact the sender to make arrangements if you cannot pick it up in time.

Once this period is over, they will return the shipment to the sender. Alternatively, Janco Express will hold a package for 20 days after they receive it. After 20 days, Janco Express will charge you storage fees.

How to sign for a Janco Express package?

Customers who are not in when the delivery person attempts to make the drop-off will be required to pick it up at their local branch.

You can also pick up your package at any of their physical locations; however, local restrictions may apply. Here’s more information about tracking packages with Janco Express.

How to track a Janco Express package with Circuit Package Tracker?

You can easily track your delivery with your Pilot Freight tracking number. Here’s how:

  1. Enter your tracking number into either the Circuit Package Tracker app, or in the search above.
  2. Pick your courier from the drop-down menu
  3. Click or tap ‘Track my package’

Circuit Package Tracker will show you information about your delivery. This includes where your package is, where it has been, and when to expect it to arrive.

What do I do if I haven't received my package from Janco Express?

If you think your package is late and hasn't arrived yet, please check the status of your shipment with Janco Express by using the tracking number given in your shipping confirmation email.

Contact Janco Express customer service if it's been more than five business days since you received this email and your package still has not arrived.

What happens if Janco Express loses my package?

Janco Express will help you replace or refund your order if it fails to get delivered within the estimated delivery date.

Contact Janco Express with these details, including package weight and size, the last known location where your package was seen, and the carrier who handled your shipment if known.

What happens if I miss my Janco Express delivery?

If you are not home at the time of delivery, you can pick up your package at any location of Janco Express.

Contact Janco Express with your name and order reference number to do so.

What time will my Janco Express package arrive?

Janco Express will make three separate attempts to deliver your package. After the third attempt, Janco Express will hold your package for up to 20 days.

Where is my Janco Express package?

The Janco Express tracking service makes it simple to find exactly where your package is. You can use the Tracking function on their website to find out the location of your package.

Where is my Janco Express tracking number?

The tracking number is located above the barcode on your shipping confirmation email.

Why is my Janco Express package not moving?

If you think your package is stuck in endless traffic or has been caught in a warehouse maze and still hasn't moved, please contact Janco Express customer services.

Why is my Janco Express package pending?

If your package is pending with Janco Express, it means that they have received your item but are currently unable to deliver it.

This may be because you ordered items at different times and gave them two separate addresses. If this is the case, please give just one address for shipment.

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