Jamaica Post Tracking

Track your Jamaica Post delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

Jamaica Post tracking

Jamaica Post and other courier services offer tracking numbers so people can know where their package is and the expected delivery date.

While Jamaica Post offers tracking services, each courier company differs. Understanding Jamaica Post's policies on track can help ease your mind as you wait for your package to arrive. 

How to find your Jamaica Post tracking number

Once you complete the ordering process for your Jamaica Post package, your tracking number should come shortly. They won't send it to you until the label is created, so depending on how long that takes, you might get your tracking number in a few hours to a few days.

To find your tracking number, you need access to the email address you used to order the items. They'll send you the tracking number to this email address. When you receive an email, it should list the tracking number within it.

How to track your Jamaica Post location

After you have your tracking number for your Jamaica Post package, checking the status is simple. There are two ways to track your package. The first option is to go to Jamaica Post's website and use their tracking page. You'll enter the tracking number, and your status should appear shortly.

Another option is to use a third-party tracking service like Circuit package tracker. These are perfect if you have several packages coming via Jamaica Post, one from that courier, and one from another, since you can enter several tracking numbers simultaneously for different courier services. These are easy to use, too, and all you have to do is copy and paste the number into the tracker. 

Lost Jamaica Post tracking number

The easiest way to track your Jamaica Post package is with the tracking number. But things happen, and if you can't find it or they never sent the tracking number, you can still track your package.

How to track a Jamaica Post package without a tracking number

If you don't have the tracking number for your Jamaica Post package, you have a few options for tracking it. No matter which avenue you take, you'll have to try and find your tracking number.

The first option is to go to the company that you ordered your items from in the first place. If you have an account with the company you ordered items from, you can log into that account and see if there's a tracking number available when you click on the order.

If you don't, you can usually call or email their customer service to help you find the tracking number.

Alternatively, your best bet is to search through your email and make sure you didn't miss the tracking number or that it didn't go to the spam folder.

Solving Jamaica Post tracking issues

Most people don't have issues with tracking their Jamaica Post package, but that doesn't mean there aren't issues from time to time. Let's look at the most common tracking issues and what you can do about them.

Why you can't track your Jamaica Post package

One of the best parts about ordering things online is the ability to track your package and see where it is almost always. If you cannot track your Jamaica Post package, there's an explanation, but knowing why you can't track your package is the first step to figuring out why.

When you can't track your package, it's likely because your tracking number isn't available yet. Jamaica Post will send you a tracking number once a label is created for your package. Before that, you won't be able to track your package because it hasn't moved anywhere, and there's no need.

Now, if you've received your tracking number and still can't track your package, you may have entered the number wrong. If you can, copy and paste the tracking number from your email into their tracking system or a third-party courier tracker.

Another far less common option is that the company you ordered your items from forgot to include the tracking number. When this happens, you'll want to ensure you gave them the correct email address and then contact them to find a tracking number for your package.

Why your Jamaica Post package is not updating or moving

Anyone who's ever looked up their package via the tracking number only to see that it hasn't moved knows how frustrating it can be. It might show that it's been in the same city for a long time. There are a few potential reasons for this.

The most common and most straightforward reason is that it's literally not moving. Jamaica Post packages can stay in the same location for several days sometimes. They're usually stuck at the courier facility or stuck in customs.

The thing about whether your package isn't moving because it's stuck in customs or not is that your tracking status won't tell you. Customs has a duty to inform you if your package is stuck in customs via phone. If you see that your international package hasn't moved since arriving in your country, there's a strong possibility that it's stuck in customs.

If you see that your package isn't moving, you can best contact Jamaica Post directly to see if they have any insight on why. 

Jamaica Post tracking status explained

The best thing about tracking a package with Jamaica Post, or any other courier for that matter, is seeing where in the shipping process it is. Jamaica Post will provide you with tracking statuses that you can see when you check the tracking number. Most of them are pretty self-explanatory, but there are a few that could use some clarification.

In transit

When you see that your package is "in transit," it's a positive sign. In transit means your package has left its original destination on its way to you. Usually, when you see this tracking status, it's accompanied by a potential delivery date.

Remember that even if you see in transit as the tracking status, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's on a bus, boat, or plane to you. It might be, but it could be waiting at a middleman courier facility before getting on a form of transportation. 

Why your Jamaica Post package is still in transit

If you've been checking your Jamaica Post tracking status and keep seeing the status say it's in transit for a while, it just means it's on its way to you. When it stays in transit longer than expected, it's usually due to shipping delays, customs, or you didn't pay for a faster shipping option, so it's less of a priority. 

How long a Jamaica Post package can stay in transit

How long your Jamaica Post package will stay in transit depends on several factors. It depends on where it's coming from, how far the final destination is from that point, whether it spends time in customs, etc.

If you pay for overnight or expedited shipping, your package shouldn't stay in transit very long at all, but it varies from package to package. For international shipping, your package will remain in transit for weeks.


If you've opened your tracking page to see that your Jamaica Post package is "pending," you're probably confused about what this actually means. There are a few reasons why it might say this, so let's explore that. 

Why your Jamaica Post package may be pending

A pending tracking status usually means that the company has created a label for your package and even a tracking number, but it's not moving through the shipment process yet. So, this means it's most likely at its original location.

Jamaica Post and other courier companies use this tracking status to let customers know that they're working on their package but that it hasn't started moving yet.

Jamaica Post delivery times

All courier services tend to have different delivery times. While that's true, many of them are similar to one another. Here's a look at the delivery times you can expect when ordering something with Jamaican Post.

Jamaica Post delivery times: What time will your package arrive

What time your package from Jamaica Post will arrive isn't an exact science. Since they typically deliver on weekdays during business hours, your package will likely arrive sometime during the day.

In some cases, drivers get delayed, so your package will come in the evening and even later. If you order something with expedited shipping, the time you'll get your package can even be overnight, but that's less likely.

The best thing to do is to continue to check the tracking status of your Jamaica Post package to see when you can expect your delivery. 

How late Jamaica Post delivers

How late Jamaica Post can vary. Mostly, they always deliver Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Usually, it's pretty early in the morning until late in the evening, but this can change depending on the package and delivery driver.

If the driver is hitting a lot of traffic, their deliveries can go far later into the evening than intended, extending the delivery times. 

International Jamaica Post delivery times

The international delivery times with packages forming via Jamaica Post will depend on several factors. It generally depends on the country of origin and the arrival country. For standard international mail with Jamaica Post, it can take anywhere from six to eight weeks for a Jamaica Post package to arrive.

If you want your packages sooner than that, pending any shipping and customs delays, you can pay for Ordinary Air shipping, which will arrive within 14 days. It shouldn't take longer than that because all packages they ship with this service are treated as priority items. 

Lost and missed Jamaica Post deliveries

Nothing is worse than not being home when a courier tries to deliver a package you must be home for. As frustrating as it is, it happens to people more often than you might realize.

You'll want to try not to miss your delivery to save yourself the trouble. If you miss the delivery window for your Jamaica Post package, a few things can happen.

What happens if you miss a Jamaica Post delivery

Not all Jamaica Post packages require a signature or for you to be home during their arrival. If your package does and you miss it, don't panic. Sure, it's frustrating, but you can fix the issue with simple steps.

Most courier drivers will leave a note saying they missed you and try again the following day. If you know they're going to be by when you're not home, you can reach out to Jamaica Post and request a specific delivery window or that they hold it at a facility where you can go pick it up when you have the time.

Remember, just because you request a new delivery window doesn't mean they can 100% abide by it, so you'll need to make preparations to be home or have it sent to a warehouse.

How long Jamaica Post will hold a package

Most courier services, including Jamaica Post, will hold a package if it can't be delivered. How long they can hold your package will vary depending on the type of package and the specific situation you're in. In most cases, they'll hold a package at the office or facility for up to 15 days before returning it to the sender as "undeliverable."

If the package isn't being delivered due to customs, they will hold the package for longer if necessary. The best thing to do is contact Jamaica Post to learn more about their hold period and how to get your package once it's held. 

What to do if you haven't received your Jamaica Post package

It's frustrating when you haven't received your package from any postal service or courier company. If your Jamacia Post package hasn't arrived, there are things you can do about the situation.

First, you can ensure that you entered your address correctly. Many packages don't arrive because of a simple human error in entering the shipping address. If you entered the wrong address and it was delivered, you can contact customer service, but there's nothing you can do unless it's returned.

If the shipping address is correct, double-check the tracking status. As long as it doesn't say delivered, you'll just have to be a little more patient since it's on its way. If the package says delivered and the address is correct, you can contact Jamaica Post customer service.

Regardless of how you get in touch with them, as long as you can provide your information, including the tracking number, they can assist you in locating your package. 

Jamaica Post tracking FAQs

Do you still have questions about Jamaica Post and everything surrounding tracking a shipment from them? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions others are asking.

Is Jamaica Post delivery fast?

While how fast your Jamaica Post shipping depends on several factors, including the type of shipping you pay for, shipping delays, its start and end location, and customs, most people agree that this courier service has fast shipping. 

Can I track Jamaica Post packages by address?

Unfortunately, you cannot. You can only track Jamaica Post packages with the tracking number they provide. If you don't have the tracking number, contacting customer service can help you locate your package. Even if you give them the address where you're supposed to receive your package, they won't be able to help with that information.

How do I know if my Jamaica Post package is stuck in customs?

If you're ordering something that's coming from another country, it will pass through the customs of the said country before arriving at your door. For smaller packages, customs tend to be quick, but sometimes your Jamaica Post package gets stuck in customs.

Customs should notify you by mail if your package will be in customs for a prolonged period of time. If you haven't gotten anything in the mail about it being in customs, you can contact Jamaica Post customer service to find out its status.

About Jamaica Post 

Jamaica Post is the leading postal service in Jamaica. The national postal service provides packages and mail throughout Jamaica and to several international destinations. The service opened in 1986 thanks to the Postal Services Act.

They offer mail delivery, money transfer, bill payment, passport application services, and package shipping. Jamaica Post has several post offices and delivery facilities throughout Jamaica and an online portal for people to track packages.

Jamaica Post offers shipping services to people in Jamaica and 17 countries throughout Latin America, Europe, North America, and the Caribbean. 

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