Italy Post Tracking

Track your Italy Post delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

When we order packages, it's essential to trace them from start to finish. Sometimes you can find delivery issues—like when your package gets stuck in transit, is lost, or hasn't been updated for a while...

In these cases, your only way of knowing that is to use your tracking number to keep up with what's happening daily. 

Italy Post, also known as Poste Italiane, is the largest postal service giver in Italy. This group also offers logistics and transportation services throughout the country. Keep reading to learn how to track Italy Post orders. 

About Italy Post

Italy Post tracking occurs when you place an online order and get a tracking number from this carrier. This number is your unique ticket to understanding where your package is from point A to point B. 

The company delivers standard and registered mail and packages domestically and internationally. 

Founded by the Italian government in 1862, Italy Post has over 130,000 employees and nearly 13,000 post offices around the country. 

Italy Post offers standard and express delivery for both businesses and individuals. They take pride in fast sending, innovative delivery solutions, and customer satisfaction. 

Italy Post tracking

Italy offers a tracking number of 13 to 17 numbers and letters. You'll get this code within a few days after you make an online purchase. Be sure to write this number down so you don't lose track since you'll need it to follow your package once it gets sent. 

How to find your Italy Post tracking number

Once you make a purchase online, it'll take a few days for the merchant to process the order and get it delivered to a courier. 

At that point, you'll get an email once the courier, in this case, Italy Post, sends the retailer a tracking number. 

The online merchant will then notify you that your order was sent. You should also review this information through the eCommerce website.

If you have difficulty locating your tracking number, you can call the customer service department of the online retailer for help.

How to track your Italy Post package location

You can easily track your Italy Post order by entering the unique tracking code you got into our system. The process is quick and easy, and you'll have access to critical information about your package within seconds. 

You can also use the website's tracking system to display the same information. You'll get specific details about whether your order has passed through customs, its current location, the estimated delivery date, and more.

Lost Italy Post tracking number 

Can't find your Italy Post tracking number? Try looking through your recent emails and checking your spam folder to find out if they landed there. It's possible you could have deleted it mistakenly after you got it. 

If you still don't find it, consider contacting Italy Post, selecting the option to speak to someone in English, or sending an email. You can email the customer service team, and they'll get back to you usually within two to three days. 

How to track an Italy Post package without a tracking number 

Generally, you won't track an Italy Post package without your tracking number. This unique code identifies your order amongst billions of others in the world. Each one is different and directly linked to the recipient. 

For this reason, your tracking number keeps you informed as your package gets transferred from place to place. Without it, you won't know where your package is or when it will arrive. 

If you want to figure out your tracking number, give details like your address, email, and name to the online merchant to find if they can find the email they sent with the number and give it to you. 

Solving Italy Post tracking issues

Since Italy Post ships package internationally and locally, local problems will be easier to determine. Problems that occur with international tracking can arise in many location points.

Italy Post has relationships with other delivery givers, which means they aren't always responsible for delivering packages to your door. 

Live outside of the European Union? The local carrier who has taken possession of your package will be responsible for delivering it in a reasonable time frame. 

There are many reasons that you might be experiencing difficulty. When it comes to tracking issues, always start with trying to contact the agency that has or last had your order. 

Why you can't track your Italy Post package 

You've checked each day there haven't been any changes. You might ask yourself, "Why is it so hard to track my Italy Post package with your tracking number?"

Usually, there's some logistics problem holding up the forward progression of your package to your door. It's easy to get frustrated because the current carrier hasn't entered your package into their system. So, that means you aren't getting updates until they do so. 

Sometimes, in the beginning, the merchant will hand off your package to Italy Post and mark it as sent. 

At that point, your package was not sent, but the seller gave it to the delivery company and marked it as such to keep the sales process moving. 

Italy Post might take time to process, organize, and transport all their packages to the next destination. Therefore, you should always wait up to four days for your tracking information to become active. 

Why your Italy Post package is not updating or moving 

If your package was seemingly fine and stopped updating out of nowhere, it may be because your tracking number stopped at a certain point. Once Italy Post gives your package to the delivery carrier for the final mile, you might not get any more updates until the day of delivery. 

A general rule of thumb is to wait around three business days from the day you last saw movement before contacting the company that has your package to ask if there are any problems with the delivery process. 

Italy Post tracking status explained 

There are many common statuses that you'll find when you use Circuit Package Tracker to stay updated about your order. 

In transit 

If you use your tracking number to check the status and find it says "In transit," that's a good thing. It indicates that your package is traveling to your business or home, and there aren't any apparent problems. 

It depends on which sending method you’ve chosen, but overall, as long as you're within your delivery window, your package in transit is no reason to worry. 

Why your Italy Post package is still in transit

If you choose a more economical sending option, it'll take longer for your package to reach you. That means it'll stay in transit for more days than express sending or next day, same day, and so on. 

The distance between the origin and destination countries dictates the transit time. 

Once you check our website to find where the order is, you can contact Italy Post directly if it seems your package won't arrive in time. 

How long an Italy Post package can stay in transit

Packages usually don't stay in transit for over 30 to 35 days. At this point, you can consider your package lost; however, you have some options at your disposal. 

If it's a large package that still says in transit, there's a chance that your package isn't necessarily lost but stuck somewhere and hasn't gotten updated.

Contact Italy Post for more information. Smaller packages are easier to lose; after one month beyond the expected delivery date, they likely got lost along the way. 

In this case, a refund is an option if you file the claim through the postal company. 


If your package's status is "Pending," it has not arrived at its destination for delivery or has reached a new location and hasn't gotten scanned into their system yet.

Why your Italy Post package may be pending

If your package has been in transit for some days and still is pending, many reasons can account for this. 

For instance, there could be missing vital information that you must account for before your package can move on in the process.

Alternatively, maybe it's gotten transferred, but the company that has it in its possession has not cleared it for delivery. 

However, contact the local postal delivery company to get more details if your package is in your country or ask an Italian Post representative for help. 

Italy Post delivery times 

Delivery times depend on several factors, such as your package's destination and whether you use an EMS or standard order. 

When dealing with Italian or international territory, the post-delivery time largely depends on the above factors.

Within four days after your package, the company authorizes the issuing office they'll ship it.

Remember that this is an estimation and that certain areas may take longer, and customs procedures don't factor into the estimation.

For non-EU countries: Norway, Switzerland, Great Britain, and Iceland, contact online customs help to get details for transit times. 

Additionally, bank holidays and weekends don't factor into estimated delivery times. For a delivery time to be adhered to as closely as possible, the order needs to be accepted before the cut-off for accepting packages, as disclosed by the post offices.

Italy Post delivery times: What time will your package arrive?

The sending service you choose will determine the day you get your package. Generally, it can arrive on Monday through Friday, anywhere between 9 am and 4 pm—depending on the city, it can arrive a bit later.

The Italian postal service currently performs domestic weekend deliveries through their International Express service, but this service is only available on weekends for particular routes.

How late Italy Post delivers 

Post offices in Italy open at 8.30 am and close at 2 pm; however, in bigger cities, offices close at 6 pm. Post delivery time in Italy can take place anywhere between 9 am and 8 pm, from Monday to Friday.

International Italy Post delivery times

Poste Italiane uses Poste Delivery International Standard sending as their courier service. This service is typical in Europe and some other countries, and they ship up to 20-kilogram packages.

Packages with European destinations' delivery times may vary from 10 to 15 days, and for other destinations worldwide, 10 to 25 days. 

Posted Delivery International Standard offers an additional feature where you can produce a payment on delivery, a welcomed option for online marketplaces and stores.

Shipping to the United States

Currently, Italy does not have any post-delivery agencies in the United States. 

However, they do enjoy a business partnership with USPS, which will take cargo from Italy and deliver it to its intended destination. Just use that Italy Post tracking to the USA service to keep up on your package updates.

The cost of the courier covers expenses such as the VAT, which means Value Added Tax but no additional fees such as export/import rights and travel insurance. Remember to review the United States Import Treaty.

Lost and missed Italy Post deliveries

Suppose your package gets lost or delayed in transit from the Italy Post warehouse; there are a few things you can try to get to the bottom.

What happens if you miss an Italy Post delivery?

Italy Post uses the following protocol in the event of a missed delivery:

Two delivery attempts

After you miss the first attempt, they notify the recipient that a second attempt will happen the following working day.

If the second attempt fails, the carrier will take your package to Punto Poste, and the recipient will have ten days to retrieve your package before returning it to the sender with a surcharge.

How long will Italy Post hold your package?

According to the sending service you pick, Italy Post will store your package in the nearest depot for 3 to 15 business days. Your Italy Post tracking number will come in handy to tell you where your package is stored.

What to do if you haven't got your Italy Post package 

The first step for Italy Post order tracking that has failed to update is determining its last location. If your package stays in the same status for more than three to four working days, there may be a problem.

If you suspect your package is lost—send a claim to the local post office, or call them and ask if they have any information concerning your package and why it is late.

In a situation like this, you can use your tracking number and give it to the post office, and they may give you information listed on the site when you try and check the status of your package for yourself.

Italy Post FAQs

Below are the responses to some common questions regarding Italy Post tracking:

Is Italy Post delivery fast? 

Italy Post has a long history and an excellent reputation; they offer timely deliveries and have prices compared to other courier services.

Packages with European destinations' delivery times may vary from 10 to 15 days, and for other destinations worldwide, 10 to 25 days. Posted Delivery International Standard offers an additional feature where you can produce a payment on delivery, a welcomed option for online marketplaces and stores.

Can I track an Italy Post package by address? 

You cannot determine your Italy Post tracking order location with just your address. The tracking number is essential because it identifies your package and relays its location to you no matter where it's in the world.

The courier generates this number that is unique to your package, and it is the only way to track your package. 

Although you may contact the company and find the number using your address, your tracking number is the only way to get continual updates about your package.

How do I know if my Italy Post package is stuck in customs?

usually, you'll get a notification that your package is in customs. You can then use your tracking number to verify that your package is in customs.

If there are other complications with your package, your tracking service should reflect this by disclosing the reason for the holdup.

If your package seems delayed with no end in sight, contact the customs office to make sure there are no taxes you must pay.

If you discover tax issues, pay them, and customs will give your package to the delivery company. However, if this is not the reason for the delay, contact the sender and find if they give information that may keep your package from moving further in the delivery process.

Italy Post tracking conclusion

Italy Post offers an online tracking service that can tell you where your package is anywhere in the world. Using your tracking number, their system can pick up all information entered for your package.

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