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Track your Intelcom delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

If you ever shop online in Canada, chances are the courier is Intelcom, Canada's leading eCommerce delivery company—offering same or next-day services seven days a week.

However, It’s critical to know where your Intelcom Express order is to avoid a missed delivery.

Below, we’ll define Intelcom tracking and cover the difference between status updates. Then we’ll explain how to find any issues and resolve them.

Intelcom Express tracking

Intelcom package tracking is easy. You can find a complete breakdown of how to determine your current status below.

How to find your Intelcom tracking number

When Intelcom collects your package, the sender should email you a confirmation along with your tracking number. So check both your inbox and junk folders.

If you can’t find your Intelcom tracking number, the fastest way is to contact the sender first and ask them for it.

You can also contact Intelcom support for help.

How to track your Intelcom location

The easiest way to use Intelcom tracking to find your package is Circuit Package Tracker.

Copy and paste your Intelcom tracking code from the seller’s confirmation email into the search above to find out where your package is and at what status.

Alternatively, you can use the tracking tool on the Intelcom website.

Lost Intelcom tracking number

Losing a tracking number does happen from time to time. Following the steps below, you can easily track your package without an Intelcom tracking number.

How to track an Intelcom package without a tracking number

Tracking numbers are essential to Intelcom orders, as you cannot track your order without one. Finding your confirmation email is the easiest recovery if you've lost your tracking number.

In any case, getting your tracking number is pretty easy! Just message the sender and let them know since that's probably your fastest option.

You can also contact Intelcom support if the sender cannot help.

Solving Intelcom tracking issues

There are several ways to fix Intelcom tracking issues. Learn why you might not track your package, why it is not updating or moving, and how to solve it.

Why you can't track your Intelcom package

Some common issues may keep you from tracking your Intelcom package. First, you may not have copied the tracking number precisely, so double-check this and try again. If this isn’t the tracking issue, other possible causes include:

Secondly, It can take time for sellers to tell Intelcom they have an order for pickup, so Intelcom may not have your package yet. 

For example, if you placed an order on Friday, the seller may not ship it until Monday. In this case, Intelcom tracking will not be immediately available.

If you think either reason is the case, wait a couple of business days and then check Circuit Package Tracker before contacting the sender and Intelcom support.

Why your Intelcom package is not updating or moving

Delays in transit happen. There could be several reasons your order is not editing or moving in Circuit Package Tracker. 

The most likely problem is poor weather or road traffic delaying the journey to the package destination.

Intelcom updates your package tracking status on arrival at and after leaving scheduled delivery hubs on its route. Sometimes you can experience a short delay between these points.

Rarely technical problems can also cause Intelcom tracking to show an error.

If your delivery experiences delays, wait 24 hours and contact Intelcom support for help.

Intelcom tracking status explained.

Intelcom packages go through many stages, from the starting address to your door. Each new step will show a different tracking status.

Learn the most common Intelcom tracking statuses and how to resolve any issues with this guide.

In transit

“In transit” means your package has left an Intelcom distribution center and is on its way. Your tracking status will say “in transit” until your package is out for delivery.

Your Intelcom package may pass through many centers on its journey and stay in transit on the tracking information page.  

Why your Intelcom package is still in transit

Like most courier companies, Intelcom determines between 'out for delivery and 'in transit.' Out for delivery means your Intelcom has scheduled your order on that day.

In transit means your order is on its way to its destination address.

Packages stuck in transit aren't usually stuck. This status indicates your order is moving along its scheduled route.

How long an Intelcom package can stay in transit

“In transit” is usually the longest amount of time Intelcom will label your order status as. 

A package might travel great distances using a combination of vehicles like sends airplanes, courier delivery vehicles, transport trucks, and railways. Each transport element can delay a package and keep it in transit longer.

Intelcom delivers orders within Canada in as fast as a few hours up to four days. They will usually make international delivery in 15 days

For international deliveries, poor weather, customs, or transport problems, can delay packages.

Delivery postponed

If your status is “Delivery postponed,” it means Intelcom tried to complete your delivery and could not for these reasons:

  • Intelcom couldn’t access your front door
  • The driver didn't complete their route
  • There wasn’t a safe place to leave your package
  • The delivery driver misplaced your package

Intelcom will make another attempt the following day if you miss the delivery between 8 am and 10 pm.

Intelcom delivery times

Intelcom delivers between 8 am and 10 pm daily, depending on your chosen service.

International Intelcom delivery times

Intelcom makes international deliveries in up to 15 days. As with any global delivery company, Intelcom works with an extensive network of courier partners worldwide. 

When a package leaves the hands of Intelcom, the new courier service takes control and becomes responsible for making sure your order arrives at the final destination.

However, in international orders, your package size, weight, and type of material might slow the process as each destination country has its own rules and customs regulations.

Lost and missed Intelcom deliveries

Courier services are busier than ever, and interruptions happen. Technology allows customers to track Intelcom shipments, but it doesn't prevent lost or missed Intelcom deliveries.

When the driver makes the delivery, Intelcom sends you an alert by phone or email. Intelcom will deliver if the driver finds a secure spot to hide your package.

You do not have to sign Intelcom deliveries as they use contactless options, meaning the delivery driver will leave the package in the most secure place they find.

Theft is a 2.4 billion dollar problem in the USA alone. So it's wise to have someone watch out for the package if you can't be there to collect the delivery.

What happens if you miss an Intelcom delivery

You missed the delivery window for your package. Now what?

Well, Intelcom will attempt redelivery up to four times. If you miss your Intelcom delivery after all four attempts, contact Intelcom support for help.

What to do if you haven't got your Intelcom package

If Intelcom sent you an alert that they delivered your package, but it never arrived at your home, contact the seller and make a claim.

If you suspect your package has been stolen or compromised after delivery, contact Intelcom support and the sender for help.

Intelcom tracking FAQs

This article has covered many topics about Intelcom's delivery network. Here is a quick overview of the top questions asked about Intelcom tracking.

Is Intelcom delivery fast?

Intelcom is dependable and delivers within two to four days. They have a 99.4% delivery success rate.

Can I track the Intelcom package by address?

You cannot track Intelcom just by using the destination address. You can use your Intelcom tracking number to track packages with Circuit Package Tracker.

How do I know if my Intelcom package is stuck in customs?

Depending on the situation, either Intelcom, the merchant, or a Customs official will notify you if they decide to hold your package for checks.

Products coming into the country from foreign destinations must meet strict criteria, and Customs may hold your package for many reasons. Including improper documentation, missing information, or unpaid tax.

Customs officers usually process cargo within a few days. However, this can take up to 45 days if your package fails to meet the conditions.

In this case, contact your local customs office for help.

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