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About Indonesia Post

Indonesia Post, also known as Pos Indonesia within the country, is the state-owned postal service that sends and receives packages to all residents and businesses within the country.

Pos Indonesia offers different services that can handle business and private customers’ unique needs, such as standard post, package post, express post, special post, and express mail service.

However, the tracking is limited. Customers who want to keep an eye on their package should use a third-party tracking system to know where their Indonesia Post package is at all times through the pick-up, transit, and delivery process.

Indonesia Post tracking

Indonesia Post is the central postal company in Indonesia. Understanding the basics of how to track your Indonesia Post package through pick-up, transit, and delivery can help senders and recipients know when they can expect the delivery.

The most critical items to keep in mind are the tracking number, recipient/sender’s information, and local post office locations. 

How to find your Indonesia Post tracking number

The tracking number is on the shipping label, e-mail provided to the courier, phone number, SMS message delivered to the courier, or receipt from an in-person or online purchase.

Customers must remember that not all packages are traceable through Indonesia Post. Consider using a third-party service if your package does not contain a barcode or tracking number.

Customers who use specific services can track their package, such as the following:

  • Parcel (C prefix)
  • App ePacket (LP prefix)
  • Registered (R prefix)
  • EMS (E prefix) 
  • Or Prime (LX prefix) 

The tracking number will have a 13-digit barcode that features 2-digit letters, 7-digit numbers, and a 4-digit code at the end. 

How to track your Indonesia Post location

The easiest way to track your Indonesia Post tracking number is through the EMS International website. Then, use the ‘Track your EMS item’ section. Enter the tracking number into the search bar. Then, enter the security code. Once you have done both, continue using the ‘Track’ button. 

Lost Indonesia Post tracking number

Mistakes happen. Sometimes, you may misplace your Indonesian Post tracking number. This can be due to losing your receipt or not getting one when you book a low-cost service. 

If this is the case, you can still figure out how to track your Indonesia Post package by using other verification information, such as sender name, sender address, recipient name, recipient address, and booking date. 

How to track an Indonesia Post package without a tracking number

One of the main ways to track your Indonesia Post package without a tracking number is by contacting customer care information. You can reach customer care by emailing Indonesia Post at [email protected] or calling the overseas line at +62 21 855 00 161 or the domestic line at 1500 161.

If you would prefer to speak with someone at the Indonesian Customs Call Center to check on the status of your international delivery, call +62 1500 225.

Another way to track your Indonesia Post tracking number is to visit an office in person to see if the worker has the tracking number for you. This is helpful if you need help finding your tracking number or have misplaced it. 

Solving Indonesia Post tracking issues

Being able to troubleshoot Indonesia Post tracking problems is a great way to figure out the status of your package, and here it is in the delivery process. 

Why you can’t track your Indonesia Post package

Customers won’t be able to track their Indonesia Post package for a few common reasons.

First, you won’t be able to use the online tracking system if the package is not yet collected. Although the package may be delayed and should have been collected, couriers can sometimes run into issues with the pick-up process that can lead to late schedules.

In addition, customers won’t be able to track their Indonesia Post package if they do not input the number correctly. If the customer does not type in the reference number correctly, it will not show up in the online system.

Lastly, customers cannot track their Indonesia Post package if the online system is down. If Indonesia Post’s track and trace system is experiencing a glitch, this makes it impossible for customers to keep track of their packages. 

Why your Indonesia Post package is not updating or moving

There are a few reasons why your Indonesia Post package is not updating or moving in the system.

Your Indonesia Post will only be updated in the system if the courier correctly inputs the package. This can be due to an error by the driver or because the package or barcode is damaged and unable to be scanned.

Furthermore, your package might be stuck in transit due to unforeseen circumstances, such as weather delays, political unrest, road closures, or accidents.

Indonesia Post tracking status explained

Understanding different Indonesia Post tracking statuses can help customers determine their package's location.

In transit

An ‘in transit’ package means that your shipment is en route to the final destination after being collected at the sender’s address. If the package is ‘in transit,’ it is moving along at the projected pace and on time for the scheduled delivery. 

Why your Indonesia Post package is still in transit

Your package may still be in transit if the courier has just collected the package. If the estimated delivery time frame is between 1-5 days for most domestic deliveries, this means your package will usually be ‘in transit’ for this time period.

Another reason your Indonesia Post package is still in transit is a delay on the route. Suppose the courier made a mistake in the directions, delivered the package to the wrong address, or the package is still in the courier’s possession. In that case, the package is ‘in transit.’

Lastly, your package may still be in transit for longer than expected if the sorting is taking longer at a regional distribution postal office. In this case, the package might take a few days longer than initially anticipated. 

How long an Indonesia Post package can stay in transit

The average time for an Indonesia Post package to be in transit for domestic deliveries is between 1 and 4 days.

An Indonesia Post package is usually in transit for 3-5 days for international deliveries. The Indonesia Post delivery time frame depends on the destination country’s local courier and the service chosen.

However, delays in customs can delay the transit time, with some packages not delivered for weeks after collection. 


A ‘pending’ package means your delivery is stuck en route to the final destination. 

Why your Indonesia Post package may be pending

One of the main reasons your Indonesia Post package is pending is due to a problem at customs. Customers must submit the correct documentation along with their packages, such as the proof of payment, payment invoice, Tax Identification Number, and a copy of the purchase.

If customers do not complete the necessary information or make the required payments and fees, they might receive a Nota Permintaan Dokumen, or NPD, in the mail. This document is a response from the Customs Department that states what documents are missing from the package.

The customer must then complete the necessary documents and submit them through the email included. Lastly, customers must return the NPD documents to Customs with the LPU code.

Lastly, customers who send or receive packages to the European Union must complete the EORI or the Economic Actor Registration and Identification Number document. This is the European Union number for those who import or export goods.

Indonesia Post delivery times

Understanding the average delivery times can help senders and recipients determine the estimated delivery date for their packages. This can help prevent missed deliveries and lost packages.

Indonesia Post delivery times: What time will your package arrive

The average delivery time for domestic letters and packages within a country is 2-3 days, depending on the service and the destination location.

There are different delivery times for Indonesia Post based on the service chosen:

  • SuratPos Biasa — Domestic mail service that delivers in 1-3 days.
  • PaketPos — Package postal with domestic and overseas delivery.
  • PosExpress — Same-day and next-day service to Nusa Tenggara, Kalimantan, Bali, Sumatra, Java, and Sulawesi.
  • PosKilat Khusus — Guaranteed two-day delivery to capitals and four-day delivery to regency capitals. 
  • Express Mail Service — Guaranteed international delivery of 3-5 days. 

How late Indonesia Post deliver

Indonesia Post usually operates at the same times as the local post offices. The usual operating hours for post offices are 7 am to 7 pm Monday to Friday, 7 am to 5 pm on Saturdays, and closed on Sundays and public holidays.

International Indonesia Post delivery times

Indonesia Post offers an Express Mail Service, also known as EMS. This postal service provides guaranteed delivery within 3-5 days for sending items abroad. Indonesia Post offers a tracking system that can work for sending packages to 230 countries.

Customers must keep in mind that if they receive an internet package from overseas by regular post, Pos Indonesia will give a letter slip to the recipient to alert them of the delivery. In this case, the customer will have to bring the slip to the local office to pick up the package.

The recipient must pay Rp10,000, which is approximately 0.67 USD, to collect the package. Suppose the recipient is not able to collect the package or visit the office in person. In that case, they can photocopy a government ID to the postal courier for collection.

Lastly, customers should remember that the international delivery fee for using Indonesia Post varies based on the destination location, the country’s import fees, and tax percentages. The average price for a letter or package outside the country is approximately $40 USD. 

Lost and missed Indonesia Post deliveries

There are many reasons why your package is lost in the system. Or, perhaps you were out of the home and missed the delivery. If so, there are some troubleshooting tips you can use to find the location of your package.

What happens if you miss an Indonesia Post delivery

If you miss an Indonesia Post delivery, the best thing to do is contact the postal service as soon as possible. Indonesia Post has in-person offices in the major cities, telephone numbers, and emails that you can use to find your package.

We recommend first contacting the company as a whole. Use the email and phone number provided on the website for the customer care center to speak with someone working for Indonesia Post.

If this does not work, the second option is to contact a regional post office to speak with another employee. Find the closest post office to your location (ex: Bali post office), and use the online information to call or email the branch.

You can also visit the branch in person to see where your package is currently being held. Usually, it is held at the nearest location to the package's destination.

Even if the package is not at the local post office, you can ask the postal worker if they have additional information as to the status of your package and the following delivery time slot. 

How long Indonesia Post will hold a package

There is no clear answer on how long Indonesia Post will hold a package. Usually, after a few delivery attempts, the package is returned to the sender.

If you have not received your package and the status says ‘delivery attempted,’ ‘pending,’ or ‘in transit’ for multiple days or weeks, we recommend contacting the company, sender, or regional post office. 

What to do if you haven’t received your Indonesia Post package

If you have yet to receive your package after the intended delivery date or previous attempts, we recommend contacting Indonesia Post via their contact number or email. If this does not work, visit one of the in-person regional post offices to ask an employee about the status of your package. 

Indonesia Post tracking FAQs

Let’s check out some of the most commonly asked questions about Indonesia Post to see if it is a reputable company for shipping domestic and international packages. 

Is Indonesia Post delivery fast?

Indonesia Post is not a fast domestic or international shipping company. There have been multiple negative reviews online about missing packages, lost packages, missed delivery attempts, and miscommunication.

The estimated delivery time for packages within Indonesia finds that 34% of packages are delivered between 12-17 days, 29% of packages are delivered in 6-11 days, 12% of packages are delivered in 0-5 days, 11% of packages are delivered in 30+ days, 8% of packages are delivered in 18-23 days, and 6% of packages are delivered in 24-29 days. 

Can I track Indonesia Post packages by address?

If you do not have your tracking number, the best thing to do is bring specific information to a local, or regional post office to see if the employee can help locate it.

The employee can find the package on the system through the online tracking tool, or they can provide you with the tracking number so you can do it yourself.

We recommend visiting a local post office and bringing the name and address of the sender, a copy of the payment made, proof of the goods you are shipping, and proof of address. If you can also bring proof of the recipient’s ID and address, that can add further verification. 

How do I know if my Indonesia Post package is stuck in customs?

One of the most common signs that your Indonesia Post package is stuck in customs is that you will have a ‘pending’ status on your package for multiple days or weeks.

If you did not properly put the items in the package, failed to include the documentation, or did not pay the customs fees, this can lead to long delays during international shipping and customs processes.

Customers shipping internationally should stay up to date with the prohibited items on the list when it comes to importing or exporting goods in/out of Indonesia.

Prohibited and restricted items vary between the import or destination country. Some of the most common things which can slow down the customs and border clearance process are:

  • Animals and animal products
  • Banknotes and coins
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Pure alcohol
  • Explosives
  • Poison
  • Plants
  • Weapons
  • Ammunition

Indonesia Post tracking conclusion

Do you want to know the status of your Indonesia Post package? You can use the Indonesia Post online package tracker to see where your shipment is. The online tracking tool provides customers with updates for domestic and international shipping.

However, most of the time, it is best to use a third-party app to receive real-time updates and safely keep an eye on your package. A third-party app can provide costumes with consistent information that can help avoid missed deliveries or lost packages. 

Follow your Indonesia Post package from the store to your door and download Circuit Package Tracker for free now.