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About IML

IML Commercial Express is a logistics service with delivery to more than 1000 cities in Russia.

With multiple warehouses, squads of couriers, and a fleet of vehicles, IML continues to expand pickup points and regional offices throughout the country.

The IML Commercial Express tracking system uses a familiar combination of barcodes and unique numbers to keep track of business packages and purchases. 

IML serves the community with courier service and package shipment to individuals and residences. They also give a network of business solutions for the workplace, including business rate post, scheduled deliveries, pick-ups, courier delivery, and fulfillment. 

Plus, IML partners with Chinese online stores to deliver packages to subscribers and online customers within 15 days.

Their delivery rate of 98 percent makes IML Commercial Express a perfect choice as a company courier.

IML package tracking

A package tracking number gets assigned to every package, box, and document IML delivers. You can use it to keep track of the delivery process and make sure your shipment gets safely to its destination.

How to find your IML package tracking number

Your IML Commercial Express tracking number is a 13-digit unique code generated by IML on the shipping label given to you by email or SMS.

Your email or text message will contain the tracking number, a link to the IML website, and the Status page for tracking your package. From the website Status page, you can find where your package is while it is being delivered.

You can also find your IML tracking number on your shipping and delivery receipts, submission forms, online labels if you bought an insurance package online, and your sales receipt if you bought insurance at the Post Office or designated drop-off location.

How to track your IML package location  

On the website status page, there will be a record of the initial drop-off to an IML drop-point for delivery or pick up for delivery from a business entity. Once the IML tracking number is assigned, your package is ready for transit.

IML scans your package as it moves from point to point to its destination. Circuit Package Tracker captures this information so both the sender and recipient can keep up-to-date on where your IML package is.

This information gets presented in real-time. It includes where your package is, where your package got scanned, your tracking number, and a version of the Proof of Delivery.

IML tracking is free and available 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

If your IML package is shipping from IML Express China, the website may display shipping information available before IML Commercial Express in Russia takes control of the delivery process.

If the shipment gets transferred from IML to the Russian Post, it will be assigned a new tracking number which can be verified from the Russian Post website.

You can also use a package tracking system to find your package in the delivery process.

Tracking technology uses the barcode and identification number assigned to your shipment to give instantaneous information.

Mobile apps like Circuit Package Tracker allow you to customize alerts for your phone and follow the delivery process with moment-to-moment information.

Lost IML tracking number 

If you do not have access to the IML tracking number assigned to your shipment, you may track the delivery status by using other information about your package.

How to track an IML package without a tracking number 

First, check your email and text resources to find a copy of the assigned tracking number. The sender gets information about the shipment as well as the recipient.

Other ways to find your tracking number include contacting the seller of the items and the store where you mailed your package.

To find information about your package without a tracking number, contact IML customer service by phone to find your package based on other shipping details. Such as the sender’s or recipient’s information and your package's size.

There will be a record of packages shipped by a sender that can give the location of the shipment in question.

If your package has not been delivered several days past the estimated delivery date, you can initiate a search for a lost package that will help you find your shipment.

Solving IML package tracking issues

Issues regarding the status of your shipment can sometimes be resolved by waiting a few days for automatic updating, and making sure all the information you gave was correct.

If tracking problems continue, contact the delivery company for the status of your packages.

Why you can't track your IML package 

Sometimes, the scanned data from your package has not had time to update the website Status page.

International shipments often take 3-10 days to update your tracking number and delivery status. You can check with the sender for information about the shipping date of your purchase.

Mistakes get made in the copying and typing the IML Commercial Express tracking number. You can check several places to make sure your tracking number is correct: find your email from IML, your insurance sales receipt, or your drop-off receipt from the shipping location.

Go to the Notifications section of your mobile phone settings and turn them on to get updated information about your package automatically sent to you.

Why Your IML Commercial Express Package is Not Updating or Moving 

If a package is in one place for a long time, it may be that something is wrong with your shipment or the tracking service.

Sometimes, a package can be stalled in customs inspection hubs or delayed at one point of the delivery relay by lousy weather.

Third-party sorting stations may lack updated systems and can take additional time to input scanned delivery information into the worldwide network.

IML commercial express package tracking status explained

Two important status messages to understand: "In Transit” and “Pending.”

IML Commercial Express package is in transit          

When the status of your delivery is “In Transit,” your package got picked up by IML and is in the process of delivery to the destination. Your package stays “In Transit” until it gets delivered.

Why your IML package is still in transit 

Once IML has picked up your package from a pickup point, many factors can affect the location and time of delivery. IML involves sorting, scanning, transporting, and dropping off your bundles and packages. These activities affect the timing of delivery.

A package stuck in transit might be held by the delivery company or waiting in customs. Contact IML Commercial Express customer service to find out if any documentation or other considerations need to be made to move your shipment through customs.

The most common reason a package cannot be delivered is that the address is wrong or incomplete. Contact IML Commercial Express as soon as you realize there is a mistake in addressing.

Forbidden item lists differ from country to country.

If your shipment contains prohibited or restricted items, your package can stop at any point in the delivery process. Depending on the inspection location, your goods might be destroyed or returned to the sender.

If the packaging of your package has been damaged and shows leakage, spilling, or sharp items, delivery will be stopped.

Large, bulky, or awkward-shaped packages must be sorted manually and often get loaded onto trucks with other special handling items.

How long an IML package can stay in transit 

Standard delivery time gets estimated by the level of delivery service bought and the distance that your package is shipped.

Transport issues, third-party handling, and inspections can change the estimated delivery to a later real-time drop-off.

IML commercial express package is pending          

The website Status of your package is “Pending” at different points of the delivery process.

There will be a time between scans when the tracking information has not been updated. This delay can happen when your package is waiting for shipping at the country of origin, queued for inspection at customs, or has arrived in Russia but is not yet scanned for arrival.

Why your IML package may be pending 

Your IML shipment status may read “Pending” because your package was not scanned individually. It was part of a bundle of packages in a truck or ship being bulk scanned.

When a large shipment is scanned this way, the whole shipment can progress to the sorting stage of delivery.

Plus, IML may scan your package in their sorting facility two to three days later.

This will delay your tracking status from being updated. If you do not find an update after five days, contact IML Commercial Express for help.

IML commercial express delivery times 

IML is known for fast delivery in major Russian cities and quick, reliable service to outlying and rural areas.

What time your IML package will arrive 

The amount of time it takes for delivery of your package can rely on several factors:

  • What level of delivery service you bought;
  • the distance from the pickup area to the delivery destination;
  • how long it takes for your packager or sender to prepare your package for delivery; and
  • and any disruptions in the service process (more on this below).

Depending on the travel logistics, delivery service for a package may be bought for same-day, overnight, or next-day delivery.

Media and book rates will be lower, and your package will take longer to be delivered. Any special shipping and handling requests will increase prices and might also add to the delivery time.

The farther a package or bundle has to go, the more it will cost and the longer it will take to get there. Crossing the ocean takes more time than crossing the city.

Circumstances that can affect the delivery time of your IML package include:

  • Bad weather, flooding, snow, and ice can delay delivery by truck and van.
  • An increase in holiday and weekend traffic will cause delays in deliveries made by land and air.
  • Sending packages during the busy holiday season will slow the delivery of your packages.
  • Local regulations, customs searches, and other inspections can slow delivery. 

How late IML delivers

The delivery time for IML courier service is Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm. Packages delivered within Moscow and St. Petersburg are delivered within one day. 

Saturday delivery can be arranged for a special handling fee.

Standard overnight delivery for IML courier service begins at 3 pm the following day, with delivery times extending to 4.30 pm for rural deliveries and 8 pm for standard overnight delivery.

Next-day air or priority Overnight IML shipping is set for delivery by 10.30 am the following day for locations within the immediate delivery area. Rural or remote delivery may extend through to 5 pm for some areas.

International IML delivery times 

International delivery can take from 5 to 20 or more days, depending on the customs clearing process in either the shipping country or the destination port.

The content of your shipment may be a factor in whether customs clear your items quickly or place restrictions or fees on your import or export.

IML intercepts your package when it arrives from outside Russia, and the delivery process begins in one to two weeks.

International package delivery may take up to 45 days, depending on the destination.

Lost and missed IML deliveries 

Packages from IML may be delivered by courier to your home or held at a convenient pickup location near you. If IML Commercial Express fails to deliver, the full cost of the delivery service will be refunded to the payer.

What happens if you miss an IML delivery 

If you are not at home to get your IML shipment, it may be left with a neighbor or at a local post office for pickup.

You should get an email confirmation that your package was delivered, what time, and where it was left.

If you think a package has been delivered to the wrong address, contact IML Commercial Express support.

How long will IML hold a package?

IML will make at least two attempts to deliver packages or packages to an address.

Undelivered shipments may be held at the IML warehousing or holding location for seven to ten days. Undelivered packages may be returned to the sender.

What to do if you haven't got your IML package    

If you have not got your package, but the tracking status says that your package has been “Sent,” it may be that your package was delivered to another person.

Check the website Status page carefully to find where and when your package was dropped off. 

IML Commercial Express FAQs

Here are some common questions regarding IML package tracking shipments and deliveries:

Is IML delivery fast? 

IML Commercial Express is a highly-rated and reliable company known for deliveries to Russia from Chinese online stores.

With more than 1000 delivery points, IML package tracking can deliver from Aliexpress quickly and safely. The company has signed on as a partner of Alibaba Group to give expedited delivery to their customers.

IML guarantees package tracking and delivery of goods within ten days of reaching Russia, though it may take as long as 15 days. 

Can I track an IML package by address? 

You can track an IML Commercial Express package without a tracking number by using the sender’s or recipient’s address. Contact IML Commercial Express and include all your information about the shipment, including the shipping and destination addresses. 

How do i know if my IML package is stuck in customs? 

If your IML shipment is stuck in customs, you will be contacted by the customs commission where your package is delayed.

Customs officials might ask you to give them documentation or updated information before processing your package. The necessary documentation may include specific descriptions of the items shipped, the value of the merchandise, original invoices, and commodity code.

Depending on the items shipped, you may need to pay additional customs taxes, fees, and duties.

If you think your package may be delayed in customs, contact IML Commercial Express to help fix the issue.

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