Hermes Germany Tracking

Track your Hermes Germany delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

Hermes Germany Tracking

Sometimes you experience problems during the package delivery process. It's essential to understand who to contact in these situations.

Hermes Germany is amongst the top five eCommerce delivery services in the country. The company began in West Germany in 1972, but it soon expanded to East Germany. They partner with over 35,000 merchants, specializing in logistics transport.

Hermes Germany tracking allows customers to track international and domestic packages with a unique tracking code.

Hermes is continually increasing their presence throughout Europe and worldwide. They are popular for using sustainable measures to deliver packages.

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Keep reading to learn more information about Hermes Germany tracking and how you can solve any problems you come up against.  

Hermes Germany package tracking

A Hermes Germany tracking number consists of 16 digits. For example, 6374891234508636.

You can also track your package through the Hermes website if you have the receipt number, which is eight digits.

How to find your Hermes Germany package tracking number

"How can I find the number to track my Hermes Germany package?"

If you're asking yourself this question because you don't know where to start when tracking your Hermes Germany order, we've got a few solutions.

Senders can find the tracking number on the printed receipt once they've sent the package. They can also use the receipt number near the barcode to track the package.

For the recipient, the seller must give you the tracking code so that you will have the necessary information to find your package, no matter where it is during the delivery process.

The sender will likely send you an email that contains the tracking code and the date that you should get the order. If you misplace it, contact the seller to get the tracking number again.

How to track your Hermes Germany package location

Hermes Germany package tracking starts when the package goes to one of the Hermes Germany package centers.

The company system generates a specific serial code for every package. This allows them to know every package they transport worldwide.

Whether the order travels by car, airplane, or truck, the tracking number gives you the real-time location when you visit their official website.

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Once you type in your Hermes Germany shipment tracking number, our database will determine the courier and present precise and pertinent details.

You don't have to create an account or furnish your personal information to get results, and if you use the same browser, you won't have to enter the tracking number every time you visit our site—we'll save it to the system.

However, if you create an account, you can sign up for automatic text and email updates to your phone anytime there's a movement with your package.

Lost Hermes Germany tracking number 

Finding your package is challenging if you don't have the tracking number. If you've misplaced the number, check your emails first, as that's where the merchant should have sent the tracking number.

After you get an order confirmation email, within a few days, you should get a notice that your package is on its way; this is the email that has the tracking number.

If you can't find the email in your primary or spam folder, contact Hermes Germany for help finding the tracking number.

The customer service team is available Monday to Friday by phone, 8:30 am to 4 pm.  On Saturdays, you can contact them between 8:30 am to 2 pm.

How to track a Hermes Germany package without a tracking number 

It's not impossible to track Hermes Germany shipments even if you've lost the tracking number.

While it's best to have the tracking number, and you'll certainly need it if you're the recipient, you can also use the receipt number.

If you do not have access to this code, you can contact the seller to ask them to give you the tracking number or the receipt number to find your order. 

Solving Hermes Germany package tracking issues

Since Hermes Germany delivers packages globally and locally, the problems a recipient can experience will vary.

For local deliveries, the problem is usually an incorrect address, poor weather conditions, a remote location, or the package is not in the system.

With international packages, the order might be between couriers, stuck with customs, or have various other problems.

We'll break down what to do in these scenarios so that you can get your package as efficiently as possible in case of problems within your control.

Or, you'll at least know what's happening and when you should contact customer service. 

Why you can't track your Hermes Germany package 

There are multiple reasons why you might not get any results when you try to track your package.

The most common reason you can't trace the package is that the courier didn't scan it into their system yet, even if they have the package in their possession.

It's also entirely possible that your package is between couriers (warehouses).

Lastly, if your package goes outside of Germany to a new courier, the tracking number may stop working until the last-mile courier is about to deliver it. 

Other reasons include:

  • The tracking number is invalid
  • The package got stuck in customs 

Why your Hermes Germany package is not updating or moving 

It's crucial to understand what's happening with your package if you're not getting the expected updates.

The reason can be as simple as the courier issuing the tracking number without picking up the package.

This happens when a seller prints the shopping label for a package before they drop it off or the worker comes to retrieve it.

As mentioned, the courier may have the package and just hasn't had the opportunity to scan it into the system yet.

That usually takes two days from when they get the package to their facility (unless it's a premium service such as same-day or next-day delivery).

Bad weather is always a factor that can make the delivery take longer than usual.

If you didn't get an update because the courier hasn't reached the next destination because of a storm or natural disaster, you'd get an update at their earliest convenience.

Contact Hermes Germany customer service if you don't get an update for a few days. 

Hermes Germany tracking status explained 

It's good to get familiar with two statuses that you'll come across frequently when you track a package. 

In transit

If your Hermes Germany package is "in transit," that's a good sign that everything is on schedule.

Why your Hermes Germany package is still in transit

If you feel the package has been in transit for longer than expected, it may not be the courier's fault in some cases.

Here are the primary reasons that your order is still in transit:

  • Remote area
  • Wrong address
  • Inclement weather
  • Lost
  • Damaged 

You could easily experience a delay lasting a few days or longer if these circumstances happen during the delivery journey, especially if it gets lost or damaged along the way.  

International tracking

With an international package, there are other problems besides difficulty reaching a remote area, an incorrect address, and the other common problems that local packages face.

While your package can also get lost or damaged, it can get stuck in customs, the delivery method might be slow, or the destination country may be exceedingly far away.

Contact Hermes Germany customer service for more information if you don't know exactly what's happening with your order and would like more details. 

How long a Hermes Germany package can stay in transit

Usually, domestic packages will be in transit for just a few days; if there's just a minor issue, such as inclement weather, it may take an additional day or so.

If you have concerns about your package, contact the local post office branch if it's been more than 72 hours since you got a notification.

Understandably it will take longer to get an international package. Additionally, couriers can't account for the holiday seasons, with a significant influx of packages delivered worldwide.

In such situations, drivers will make their rounds as fast as possible, so you'll have to be a bit more patient as your package is still making its way to you.

If you have issues with customs, contact their local office as soon as possible to find out if there's anything that you can do to get your package moving again.


There are a few reasons why your package status reads "pending." For starters, it might not have gotten registered in the system, or it may be with the last-mile delivery courier.

Why your Hermes Germany package may be pending

Perhaps the Hermes Germany employee hasn't had the opportunity to scan the details of your package into their database. The order may also be in between warehouses waiting to get sent to a different destination before making its way to you.

In this situation, the package will continue to read as pending until the new courier gets the package out for delivery. It often takes a few days for minor problems to resolve themselves.

If the sender or the recipient makes a mistake on the order form, this can also present a problem.

Common problems include incorrect or incomplete addresses, an error in the postal code of the municipality or street number, and so on. In such situations, the company will contact the customer and ask that they correct the address.

If the recipient responds promptly, situations like these usually get resolved quickly.

Hermes Germany delivery times 

Delivery times are not the same with every company, and it depends on the transportation options available, the weight and size of the package, the distance between the sender and the destination company, and more.

Also, it will depend on which service you choose to use. Hermes Germany offers services such as next-day, EMS, same-day, and overnight.

Hermes is responsible for delivering packages from 0 to 150 kilograms, mainly in Europe and internationally.

The Hermes company is in over 20 countries throughout Europe, where there are more than 40,000 Relay Points within these regions, including the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, and more.

Hermes delivers many packages, primarily across Europe; however, they deliver abroad with pick-up or drop-off relay points.

In a B2C, Hermes had a place for depositing and withdrawing local shops such as florists, tobacconists, and bakeries.

Hermes Germany delivery times: What time your package will arrive 

Your package's arrival time will depend on the option you choose and the kind of package, such as national or international.

Here are the two delivery services:

  • Standard: budget-friendly, but with no set delivery times
  • Express: a premium service with an established delivery time.

Standard delivery: you can send your package from the locker or hub using the service, and you can expect it within two and five days.

Next-Day delivery: With this premium service, if you drop a package off at a locker or hub, it'll get delivered the next day—including Saturdays and Sundays.

How late does Hermes Germany deliver

The company delivers from 8 am to 8 pm Monday through Friday and 8 am to 6 pm on Saturday.

Hermes does not transport packages any time after 8 PM, and all pick-up times rely on the relay point if you choose the option "withdrawal in relay point."

International Hermes Germany delivery times 

The company offers a dependable international delivery service for more than 190 countries globally, and they work together with local couriers to deliver your package to its final destination.

It takes three to seven business days for most internationally sent packages to reach their destinations. If you live in a remote destination, the time may increase by a couple of days.

Lost and missed Hermes Germany deliveries

It's not unheard of for a package to get lost while on its way to you or for the recipient to be unavailable during the delivery time.

For this reason, you should understand the solutions you have at your disposal to remedy these potential problems.

With that said, it's more likely for problems to arise with international packages since local packages are only handled for a few days, with not much room to make a mistake.

What happens if you miss a Hermes Germany delivery

If you know the scheduled time of your package's arrival, you should make sure you are available to accept it. If you have an unexpected situation, the courier may try to accommodate you.

Here are the services that Hermes offers for recipients who are not available for delivery:

  • Three delivery attempts for international orders with a note informing you of the following delivery attempt
  • The courier can give your package to a neighbor 
  • You can give new instructions, such as a change of address, or ask them to deposit it at the closest relay point
  • They'll store your package for up to ten days and 21 days during the holidays

If none of these strategies work, they'll send the package back to the sender.

If your package gets returned to the sender, Hermes will refund the sending costs. The sender will have 28 days after their initial order to ask for a refund which will process within 48 hours.

How long Hermes Germany will hold a package

Hermes Germany doesn't mention that they hold packages, but there are usually exceptions when a company will hold a package in particular circumstances.

Contact Hermes directly to ask if they can hold a package for you if you aren't available to accept it. 

What to do if you haven't gotten your Hermes Germany package 

If you never got your Hermes Germany shipment, contact customer service immediately to find out what happened and if they can help. 

Hermes Germany tracking frequently asked questions

Here are quick answers about Hermes Germany shipment tracking:

Is Hermes Germany delivery fast? 

Hermes Germany is a trustworthy courier with fast delivery to international and domestic customers.

Most deliveries, whether local or international, get delivered to the recipient within one week.

Can I track a Hermes Germany package by address? 

You can't track your Hermes Germany package with the address. You can use the receipt number if you're the seller, but the recipient will need the tracking number.

The tracking number is also on the receipt, so you can try contacting the merchant, checking your online account, or asking the seller to check the receipt to find the tracking number. 

How do I know if my Hermes Germany package is stuck in customs?

The tracking system you choose will send alerts if your package is stuck in customs. A package may be stuck in customs due to:

  • Unpaid customs fees
  • Illegal content
  • Incorrect address

You can contact your local customs office to ask what you must do to get the package released.  

Are there faster ways for Hermes Germany tracking?

If you have lost your Hermes Germany package, using a helpful tracking service can make all the difference. 

Follow your Hermes Germany tracking shipment details with consistent updates when you download Circuit Package Tracker for free.