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What is GSO?

GSO was short for Golden State Overnight Delivery Service and was founded in 1995 to end high delivery rates for shipments coming into California. This West Coast package delivery company was bought by the international shipping group General Logistics Systems (GLS) in October 2016.

As a part of this, all GSO trucks were given an updated look and feel with blue-chip logos alongside other changes like updating the GSO Package Tracker.

With reduced transit times throughout Western America, GLS (GSO) offer a variety of delivery options, from Ground and Freight services to Priority Mail with significantly lower prices than national carriers.

Plus, when you're ready to get your package, they offer a variety of services. You'll have options such as scheduled pickup and drop-offs at one location or on an intermittent basis with the On-Call option for when it's most convenient for you.

Advanced Tracking (formerly GSO Package Tracker) is a great way to make sure your packages are being tracked. With the new filters, you can narrow down where they're going by ship-to company or city.

Frequently asked questions

Can I track a GLS (GSO) package without a tracking number?

No. All GLS packages are shipped with an express tracking number.

To track your package, you must enter this number into the "Track" box of the website, or download Circuit Package Tracker.

Does Circuit Package Tracker offer better tracking than GLS (GSO)?

Circuit Package Tracker is comparable to GLS Advanced Tracking. Either pop your express tracking number into the search box on the website or download the iOS or Android phone app. You will then know exactly where your GLS package is, and where it has been.

How late does GLS (GSO) deliver?

GLS delivers until 6 pm. However, it does not deliver to some postcodes, so you will need to check your address. If you are not home when your package arrives at the local depot, they will deliver it to another address or leave it in your mailbox.

Usually, GLS packages are delivered within 1 to 2 days. Once your package ships, you can use Circuit Package Tracker to know where it is until it reaches its final destination.

GLS deliver your packages Monday through Friday, with Saturday delivery on request. They do not do pick-up or delivery services on Saturdays, which are available at an additional cost (scanning fee).

Hours for making deliveries vary depending upon the time of year, but they're usually limited to business days from 8 am-5 pm local time zone standard unless otherwise noted when ordering online.

GSO are also committed to delivering all packages by your published or quoted delivery time. If your order is delivered more than 10 minutes past its scheduled arrival, they'll credit or refund you with traveling expenses and give you an explanatory letter for any remaining amount due.

How long does it usually take to deliver an international package with GLS (GSO)?

On average, GLS packages are delivered within 3 to 4 days on international orders. Once your package ships, you can use the website or app to track its transit until it reaches its final destination.

How long will GLS (GSO) hold a package? 

Typically, GLS will hold your package for no more than 30 days. If you want to verify whether or not they will hold your package, it is best to check with them directly.

How to sign for a GLS (GSO) package?

When your GLS package arrives, you must sign for it. If someone else signs for the package, they will need to present the original notification letter in paper form or with the mobile app. You can try to track down the recipient if they've already left before receiving your package.

If you cannot be present when GLS delivers your package, please check with the courier or driver to see if they have a special form for signing. In some cases, they will leave your package at a nearby store or another address.

What do I do if I haven't received my package from GLS (GSO)?

If you think your package may be lost, please contact GLS directly.

GLS will usually deliver it to a nearby store or leave your package in your mailbox if you are not home to collect your package.

You may have opted out of receiving notifications if you do not get any updates about the shipment of your package with an email or text message.

You can always check online with Circuit Package Tracker. You can also call GLS directly.

It's possible for your order to be lost or delayed somewhere along the way, even if you have used the GLS tracking number. Contact GLS customer services to see if they help.

What happens if GLS (GSO) loses my package?

GLS packages are usually delivered one to two days after shipping. If you have opted to get notifications about the shipment of your package, then you will be notified immediately that GLS has shipped your order.

If, however, an order does not show up after seven business days, contact GLS customer services with your tracking number so they can help you.

Issues include: 

  1. Your package was lost somewhere along its journey and not reached its final destination
  2. There was an issue at customs, and it wasn't cleared on time
  3. Your package was delivered to the wrong address or sent back to the sender

You must wait seven business days before contacting customer service about your order if you are sure that your package is still in transit.

Fortunately, GLS guarantees to refund you if your package is not delivered.

What happens if I miss my GLS (GSO) delivery?

If you miss a delivery attempt, GLS will leave a "you missed us" notice, and they may attempt to deliver your package again or schedule another date.

You can check with the courier to see if they have left it at the nearest store, as well as check online with GLS through their website or app to see if they've left an information note for the driver.

What time will my GLS (GSO) package arrive?

GLS packages are usually delivered within one to two days after shipping. If you have opted to get notifications about the shipment of your package, then you will be notified immediately that GLS has shipped your order.

After your package ships, you can use the website or app to track its transit until it reaches its final destination.

Where is my GLS (GSO) package?

If your package is delayed, check with the courier to see if they have left it at the nearest store. You can also track your order online with Circuit Package Trackeror contact GLS directly to see if they can help you to find your order.

Where is my GLS (GSO) tracking number? 

GLS will give you a tracking number after you place your order. You should have got a tracking number automatically after placing your order.

Why is my GLS package not moving?

If your package has not moved for two days, it may be held at a hub for sorting. If you do not see any updates on the tracking number within eight days after shipping.

Why is my GLS (GSO) package pending?

Typically, pending orders are held by the GLS hub for sorting. Check with GLS customer service to find out if this is what is occurring.

When your package leaves the warehouse, it can take up to 48 hours before it gets collected and sorted at the GLS hub. Once collected, packages usually get sorted in two to three days.

How to track a GLS (GSO) package with Circuit Package Tracker

While GLS packages are not shipped with Circuit Package Tracker, you can still track their progress, either using the online package tracker, or mobile application.

Simply put your tracking number in the search and Circuit Package Tracker will show you where your package is on its journey.

Find your GLS delivery, anywhere in the world. Follow your package from the store to your door and download Circuit Package Tracker for free now.

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