GLS US Tracking

Track your GLS US delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

About GLS US tracking

GLS-US (formerly GSO) is a premier logistics company in the US and a subsidiary of GLS Corporation, owned by Royal Mail. GLS-US is the North American arm of GLS Group and a top-notch cross-border courier serving 41 countries.

One key factor that makes GLS-US exceptional is its focus on seamless, personal services and the best Customer Care in the industry. GLS-US partnered with DDC to improve the efficiency of freight billing and expanded its Customer Care which company executives find as one of the target principles of their company.

GLS-US tracking

GLS has a hub of 71 allocated trans-shipment points connected to over 1500 depots to meet the demands of their massive client base and vast territory for tracking shipment. GLS has over 31,000 last-mile delivery fleet vehicles and 4000 long-haul trucks.

To keep the operation running 24/7, GLS offers customer service around the clock for its global clients. They have multilingual staff that meets language level proficiency (B2 level) to meet the standard of their international clients.

The company promotes its customer service by encouraging its team-oriented staff with opportunities for career growth and keeping the team from the competition.

GLS-US revitalized its inactive clients and built new relationships to keep growing and expanding. Revamping its internal company policy allowed GLS-US to stay a leader in the industry and develop the best technology in shipment tracking and delivery.

How to find your GLS US Post tracking number

GLS-US package tracking is available online in several ways. You can use a convenient package tracker to track any company if you have the tracking numbers or codes for tracking shipment.

You can also track my GLS-US package around the clock with a package number from the  Track ID. The Track ID is on the notification card customers get with their orders. Delivery information for most global destinations is in real-time. 

GLS-US customers can also track GLS-US shipments for package tracking by entering their account number, reference, and approximate date to retrieve their information online at the GLS-US website.

GLS is a global courier that ships throughout the USA, Canada, the UK, and other destinations. GLS-US logs each order into the tracking shipment system with a tracking number that each customer gets.

Senders get a number when they activate the transaction, which they pass on to the recipient, who can track the package on its journey.

Find for your tracking number on the electronic statements when you finalize your order. Codes have a mix of numbers and capital letters, eleven and up to twenty digits, like:

  • 98A1B77C 
  • 0098765432
  • 1CJ6952095224Y95935Z

If you misplaced your code, recheck your email correspondence and junk file to find your missing GLS-US shipment tracking code.

How to track your GLS US package location

Tracking a GLS-US package for package tracking is super easy. Using a convenient tracking system with your package tracking number, you can enter the number sequence manually or copy and paste them into the blank tracking field.

A sound tracking system will also auto-recognize the courier by name. If you’re tracking several orders, separate them with a comma and press enter after each tracking number for route updates.

Lost GLS US tracking number

Emails, texts, invoices, and documents can easily get lost in the shuffle. GLS-US makes it easy for customers to retrieve information by offering them several service options to track shipment.

If you need help, you can always contact their online customer support team. GLS offers several options to do business.

  • Web invoicing by PDF in your Customer Portal Account
  • E-Billing uses a spreadsheet or text file sent by email
  • Consolidated E-billing is excellent for multiple orders, and you get a spreadsheet by email
  • Secure File Transfer for added email security
  • Mail paper invoices upon request

Having these options means your tracking order is logged electronically in the system. Check your emails and text messages for updates and all the details. If you ordered something, your sender or vendor will also have this tracking number attached to their order. It might take time for the information to catch up for you to track shipment.

Contact GLS-US by phone at 1-800-322-5555, Option 6.

How to track a GLS US package without a tracking number

Delivery logistics need tracking numbers and bar codes to monitor a package’s journey. This data is vital to the system, and modern couriers need those digits to trace the package.

What’s great about GLS-US is that you will have an account if you ship with them. Their highly advanced and integrated customer account will keep the information on file. It’s easy to access.

If you misplaced your tracking number, go to your Billing Profile. This dashboard tool stores all your orders and details about you.

Once you enter the Customer Portal and choose Billing Profile, you need your GLS account number, which differs from a tracking number. You’ll instantly have all your order history handy if you are the sender. If you still need help, contact GLS-US.

If you are the buyer awaiting a package, you can follow the same steps but log into the account where you made the buy. Like an Amazon account, all your order history is on file, and you should find your tracking number.

Vendors send a confirmation when you place the order and an update with the tracking number once they release the goods to the courier.

One of the best ways to keep track of your tracking numbers is to monitor them on Circuit Package Tracker. This app makes it easy to manage all your orders in one handy file.

Solving GLS US tracking issues

GLS-US is one of the best logistics service companies worldwide to track shipment. They rely on advanced modern technology to move goods and packages. Despite having the best staff in the industry and the logistics, they’re still susceptible to outside influences like weather conditions, traffic, long oversea delays, or other problems.

GLS-US strives to get your package to you on time, and using an app to monitor where your package is, makes staying in control easier.

However, if you’re experiencing a problem and your courier package is beyond the standard timeline, contact GLS-US or your vendor.

Why you can’t track your GLS Us package

One of the most common errors in tracking a package is when people mistakenly key the wrong sequence of the tracking numbers. Mistakes happen; if they do, the search field stays blank or prompts you with an error message. A copy-and-paste function is a great way to avoid keying errors.

When GLS-US does an internal update, the tracking system might not show any search info. If you don’t get a proper response, wait a few hours and try again.

If the problem persists, contact the customer service department at GLS-US or your vendor. If you recently placed an order, allow the vendor to catch up. They often send you a message when the package has left their building. Also, consider overseas time differences.

Why your GLS US package is not updating or moving

Aside from keying errors or mistakenly using the wrong tracking numbers, the problem is often simple, like a time difference delay or a system update. Companies like GLS move over 660 million packages annually, so the system is constantly working.

GLS-US ships goods internationally, and air and sea travel can affect delays. Bad weather, road conditions, traffic, and human factors can disrupt the process. Don’t overlook that the timeline for sending orders is different if you are ordering from overseas for bespoke goods.

Computer glitches, human error, or maintenance problems can also create a lag. However, the trained staff at GLS-US will do everything to get your package to you quickly.

GLS US tracking status explained

The courier industry uses industry terms that are easy to understand. Whenever a vendor or shipper releases a package to GLS-US, the order takes about 24 hours to enter the courier route and to update the system.

In transit

In transit is a sign that the package is moving, but it’s not the same as out for delivery. In transit could mean that your package is making the most significant portion of the journey either by ship overseas, on the train, or long distance truck. It means it’s moving from one distribution hub to the next.

In the courier industry, the term last mile of delivery means moving from the warehouse toward its final destination. Many couriers use third-party delivery companies to finish the journey of the package.

Why your GLS US package is still in transit

In transit is a good thing. It means the package has left the sender, and transit can be the longest part of the trip, depending on where it’s coming from or going.

Because it’s the longest part of the trip, the package and the method of travel can have many problems along the way.

Also, holiday seasons and other peak volume times of the year impact deliveries, so if necessary, plan additional time into the shipping.

Human error in the distribution cycle can also send a package in the wrong direction, though it’s not common since everything is automated and uses tracking codes. If you ship from international destinations, the goods must go through customs.

Goods coming into the country need documentation and paid duties and import taxes. Customs can delay the arrival by several weeks if you don’t declare goods beforehand.

How long a GLS US package can stay in transit

Depending on where a package ships from, it can be in transit for a few hours or up to many weeks. Again, if the courier vehicle runs into poor weather or road problems, it can delay the arrival by days or weeks.

Customs is a problem with long delays if you don’t fill out the customs declaration correctly, send false documents, ship illegal goods, and haven’t paid your duty and taxes.

Another reason a package stays in transit is if the goods have the wrong dimensions on the label and get flagged. Dangerous and inadequately packaged goods can also fall victim to delays.


Pending is another status that many couriers rely on to alert customers that their order is moving, but something must be fixed or managed before it moves ahead.

Pending is most commonly used to signal that the vendor is getting ready to ship but has to finalize the steps. Pending means that someone is working on getting the order into the system and the package moving at GLS-US.

Why your GLS US package may be pending

A pending flag means that the sender and courier are talking but are finalizing to get the order moving. If the order stays pending for several days, it could mean that something about the contents isn’t working right. It could be the packaging, illegal goods, or wrong dimensions.

GLS-US will contact the point of origin to get the problem fixed, but it can cause delays.

GLS US delivery times

Like most courier companies, GLS-US delivers on a standard weekday schedule from Monday to Friday.

Use their time in transit maps portal to better understand how long it takes. You can expect your delivery within those hours. You can use the GLS-US shipping rate and times calculator quote for an estimate.

Check your tracking system for an update on expected delivery times.

GLS US delivery times: What time will your package arrive

GLS-US uses many of its partner couriers to deliver packages, and you can expect delivery between regular business hours, Monday to Friday. These couriers will have their company schedule if they’re independent third-party couriers. 

How late US Post delivers

Although some couriers might deliver beyond regular business hours, expect your delivery to arrive Monday through Friday between 8 am and 6 pm.

Get an update on the tracking portal, check your GLS-US account, or check for an update from the vendor.

International GLS US delivery times

The courier industry works with independent partners to move packages. GLS-US has a massive network of resources to get international deliveries to their customers quickly. GLS uses its parent company GLS Group and smaller companies to direct and deliver packages.

A GLS courier representative will deliver a package within that country’s delivery rules and regulations. Some countries and couriers make weekend deliveries, but not all. Urban centers also benefit from more frequent deliveries.

Expect your international GLS-US delivery between Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm, and closed for bank holidays.

Lost and missed GLS US deliveries

Your courier will leave a door tag to reschedule your delivery. A great way to resolve a missed or lost delivery is to contact customer service at 800-322-5555, option 2.

Email [email protected].

Visit and fill out the online form with all the details like your name, email, and company and add delivery instructions. Have your tracking number handy if you contact a representative.

What happens if you miss a GLS US delivery

GLS-US allows customers to make several choices about delivery methods when ordering. You can choose to have an alternate signee if you can’t be available. They offer flexible, scheduled, or drop-box pickup options to make it easier.

If you missed a delivery, check the tag notification for instructions. You can also contact the customer service or go online. Only senders can authorize address changes.

How long will GLS US hold a package

A courier working with GLS-US will make every effort to deliver your package. Still, if you can’t be there to get it or make suitable arrangements, GLS-US might have to return the box to the original sender after seven working days.

The best way to avoid missing a delivery is to make alternate arrangements beforehand and work with the many GLS-US delivery options.

What to do if you haven’t received your GLS US package

POD or Proof of Delivery is an excellent method to keep your package safe. GLS-US holds a record of the delivery. This invaluable record and the signature of the signee keep package deliveries safer.

When the delivery hasn’t arrived, but you have a notice saying it was delivered, check with neighbors, family, and business colleagues if they put the package in a safe place. If the package is missing, contact the GLS-US customer service line and alert the vendor about the missing goods.

GLS US tracking FAQs

Tracking a package can be frustrating; here are more tips to help you better track your package.

Is GLS US delivery fast?

Yes, GLS-US is a reputable, fast, reliable courier. They have a 97% SLA rate. In most cases, GLS-US can deliver in 1 to 2 business days.

Can I track GLS US package by address?

Modern courier technology relies on tracking codes or bar codes to monitor packages. You can’t use the tracking portals to find your package without a tracking code. If you have a GLS-US account, all the information is stored so you can find your tracking number.

How do I know if my GLS US package is stuck in customs?

Most packages clear customs without any problems. If your package is stuck in customs, there’s a potential problem, and a customs official will contact you or the sender. All goods traveling through international borders must have the correct documents.

Check with the CBP information center to learn more about packages stuck in costumes.


With the right tool, tracking packages has never been easier. To help you stay organized, follow your GLS-US package from the store to your door and download Circuit Package Tracker for free now.