Georgian Post Tracking

Track your Georgian Post delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

Georgian Post is one of the leading postal services in Georgia, and they're known for their reliability and speedy deliveries.

Offering a wide range of services, including EMS, freight transportation, and AVIA Express mail, you can trust Georgian Mail to deliver your packages without fuss.

They have over 80 centers and warehouses around the world, and are a part of the global postal network, plus Euro Post and Universal Postal Union. This way, Georgian Post can reach 200 countries with equally great delivery service.

Georgian post is operated by the Ministry of Transport and Communication and postal services are mainly handled by the office in Tbilisi. But, their excellence means that tracking is always available to make sure you never have to wait for your package.

Georgian Post tracking

Georgian Post tracking is simple as long as you have the correct identification code. The company's tracking numbers consist of 8 to 15 characters. 

This code is generally a mixture of letters and numerical digits. However, there is no standard pattern to your tracking number  as it depends on which one of their services you choose. Each one has a unique format. 

When you get this tracking number, you must keep it in a safe place so that you can reference it when you want to perform Georgian Post order tracking.

How to find your Georgian Post tracking number

So, how do I track my Georgian Post package?

If you make a buy online, as soon as the merchant confirms your order, you'll get an email with all the order details. Don't get worried if your tracking number does not yet appear in this email.

Depending on the processing time for the eCommerce website, once they're ready to ship your package, they'll send you another email to let you know your package is on the way. 

The email contains your tracking number, which is the only way you can know the order s exact location. 

Suppose you don't find your tracking number in the email. Log in to your online store account, which should also reflect that the merchant sent your package  

There should be a link with your tracking number on the website so that you can trace your item(s). 

How to track your Georgian Post package location

Georgian Post will immediately assign a tracking number once they get your package from the seller. 

You'll need to register with an online tracking service to get notifications whenever your package moves from one location to the next. 

Georgian Post has a website if you want to follow your package until it reaches the destination country. At this point, you may have difficulties with tracing your order  

Once it leaves their possession and a local courier takes over, the Georgian Post tracking system might not function properly. 

The easiest way to track a Georgian Post order is through the Circuit Package Tracker app. This universal system only needs you to tap your tracking number into the search bar. 

This service is available in multiple languages, and you don't have to sign in or create an account on our site. 

However, you can sign up for an account if you want to get automatic texts or emails about your package without visiting the website. 

Lost Georgian Post tracking number 

If you can't find your Georgian Post tracking number, it could prove challenging to figure out what's happening with your package. 

It's an essential identifier that tells you when your package should arrive and if there are any problems along the way.

How to track a Georgian Post package without a tracking number 

Since various companies can have your package from one day to the next, you might find it challenging to track your Georgian Post package without a tracking number.

Although it may seem as if it's only a sequence of numbers, your tracking number contains all the information companies need to deliver a package.

You may contact the company that has had your package most recently to ask if they have the number on file. 

Once you verify your identity, they may or may not be permitted to disclose your tracking number over the phone.

If that doesn't work, contact the merchant directly to ask them to reissue your tracking number because you can't find the original email. 

Since they'll have a record of you making the buy  they might be more willing to give you the number. 

Solving Georgian Post tracking issues

When waiting for a package, it’s normal to hope that everything goes smoothly, but some common problems could still arise during transit. 

Most often, these circumstances are outside your control, and the postal company usually doesn't directly cause the issues. 

The best thing to do will always be to wait a few days to give the postal company a chance to update its system. 

In case the days pass, and you haven't heard anything or seen any changes, contact the company that has your package in their possession, according to the last update. 

Why you can't track your Georgian Post package 

When the online retailer initially gives your package to thecourier  it will take some time for Georgian Post to enter your package details into their system. 

Often, if they're transporting many packages to the same area, they'll wait until collecting all of them before they start formally processing everything. 

Typically, the emails that you get from the merchant consider this and tell you to wait two to three days before trying to use your tracking number  

Generally, you can't track your package because your tracking number isn't in the database. Wait a few days before contacting Georgian Post to ask when your package will become traceable. 

Why your Georgian Post package is not updating or moving 

There are several reasons why your Georgian Post package may seem stuck. 

If it hasn't moved in a few days and you're worried there's a problem, consider that it could be a minor issue that takes a couple of business days to resolve. 

Something as simple as harsh weather conditions could take a bit longer to reach your home or business. 

It could also be customs processes, an incorrect address, or a high volume of packages.

If the workers haven't had a chance to update your package  it will seem like it isn't traveling when it is moving along.

This lack of movement usually doesn'thappen with local deliveries but is common with international deliveries. 

Georgian Post tracking status explained 

When using any tracking service, you'll find multiple statuses that tell you where your package is and what's happening. 

Sometimes it can be challenging to determine where a package is when you try tracking it, and it keeps saying the same status for a few days. 

Two statuses elicit questions about whether your package will arrive on time. Learn more about what it means when your package is still in transit and when you should become worried that something may have gone wrong. 

In transit 

It is a great sign to get an "in transit" status. It means that your package is on its way to you and there aren't any problems now. 

Why your Georgian Post package is still in transit

If your Georgian Post package is still in transit and stops moving while you're already expecting it to arrive, it could indicate a problematic delay. 

However, there are many reasons why your package may stay in one place longer than intended.

If you've waited several days and your package still reflects as "in transit" and thecourier should have delivered it already, contact the local post office and ask for their help.

How long a Georgian Post package can stay in transit

Georgian Post organized its delivery services to allow the recipient to choose when they'd like the delivery attempt tohappen  or they can elect to pick your package up from the facility themselves.

If thecourier notifies you that your package has arrived and you fail to pick it up, after 15 days, they'll return your package to the sender. 

If this happens, you can expect your package to be in for an extended period.


When the status of your package states "pending," thisshows that your package is either on the verge or has recently entered the destination country. 

After your package goes out for delivery within a couple of days, you should find an update to notify you that this happened.

Why your Georgian Post package may be pending

Carriers such as US FedEx, Royal Mail, Poste Italiane, and others may have difficulty processing the large number of packages they get during particular times of the year. 

If your package shows that it's still pending, thecourier company is likely catching up and trying to scan all your package labels into their system. 

However, this process should take no longer than one or two days. 

There's a chance that you could wait for up to ten days during peak sending seasons and hours, such as around Christmas and other major holidays. 

If you suspect your package got lost, contact the postal office to file a claim.

Georgian Post delivery times 

Depending on the kind of product that gets sent  the estimated delivery time can vary. 

Aspects such as your package s weight, destination, and selected sending method determine the speed of delivery.

Also, other factors to consider are entirely outside of thecourier s control, such as public holidays, poor weather, customs delays, and more. 

All of the variables can delay the delivery time of your package.

Generally, Georgian Post will get your package to you within 1-3 business days if your package originates in the same country.

Georgian Post delivery times: What time your package will arrive 

Your Georgian Post package can arrive to you on any day between Monday to Saturday. Georgian Post does not deliver on Sundays. 

Their working hours are Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm  On Saturdays, your package can get delivered anywhere between 9 am to 2 pm 

How late Georgian Post delivers 

Your Georgian Post tracking order will likely arrive by 5 pm on a given day. This timeframe applies to local deliveries only. 

Conversely, Georgian Post is not responsible for international deliveries—your city's packages get delivered by local carriers.

International Georgian Post delivery times 

In most cases, international packages will take approximately 5 to 10 business days to ship to most places worldwide. 

Remember to consider the time it takes for your item to clear customs. Depending on the circumstances, clearing customs can take days to weeks.

Lost and missed Georgian Post deliveries

Dealing with missing or lost Georgian Post deliveries can be a frustrating situation.

Maybe you've checked your Georgian Post tracking all day long only to conclude that your package isn't moving, although it should have arrived already.

If the delay is abnormally long, your package may be lost. this is something that recipients all have to deal with at one time or another.

If you miss your package when it's out for delivery because you're unavailable, you can retrieve it the next day. Contact the post office and ask them to hold it for you. 

If you don't do this, there will be another delivery attempt.

What happens if you miss a Georgian Post delivery?

Georgian Post couriers will deliver your package to your front door. If no one is home to meet the courier at the address, they will leave a note behind informing you of the first delivery attempt.

If the company continues to try and deliver your package and they are unsuccessful, it will get sent back to the sender.

The package will take about one month before it reaches the merchant. You'll then have to contact the merchant and ask for that they ship your package again.

It's easier to make sure that you are home during delivery, or you may have to spend quite some time trying to arrange for your package to get delivered again. 

How long Georgian Post will hold a package

Georgian Post is inclined to keep your package for 15 days maximum at their local warehouses. After that expires, Georgian Post will send your package back to the merchant.

On the other hand, if they were making a home delivery and you missed them, they would leave your package at the local office.

What to do if you haven't got your Georgian Post package 

Contact Georgian Post directly if you have not got your package, and you can determine what happened to it. 

They'll work together with your localcourier to launch an investigation to find your package.

Georgian Post tracking FAQs

Do you have more questions that can help you with Georgian Post tracking shipments? Here are some pertinent responses to some common questions others ask.

Is Georgian Post delivery fast? 

Georgian Post delivers both domestically and internationally. Through their express services, you can expect your package to get delivered within one to three business days.

Conversely, it's possible to get an international order in one month in the event of a delay. However, you should get your international package within two weeks.

Can I track a Georgian Post package by address? 

It is virtually impossible to find your Georgian Post order using your address. Tracking is essential for identifying, locating, and tracking your package worldwide. 

The company responsible for delivering your package generates a unique number specifically for your package, and it's the only way to track it.

There is a chance that you can retrieve your tracking number by using your address. However, tracking your package needs your tracking number 

How do I know if my Georgian Post package is stuck in customs?

You will get a notification usually when your package is in customs. Afterward, you can use your tracking number to determine when your package reached customs.

When your package clears customs, a notification will get sent informing you of this.

If there are any complications, your tracking service may reflect these developments and will tell you of the reason for the delay. 

Contact the customs office if your package seems delayed indefinitely—make sure there aren't any tax issues.

Pay them if you discover a tax issue, and customs will likely release your package. 

If this does not seem to be why your package remains stuck at customs, contact your shipper and ask them if they can give information that may prevent your package from getting delivered.

Georgian Post tracking final thoughts

Georgian Post makes sending packages to consumers affordable and convenient, even internationally.

Keep in mind that delays are a part of sending services, so wait a few days before contacting your local courier or Georgian Post. Also, remember that scanning your packages into the system takes some time.

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